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The Media Needs To Be Held Accountable
Silence Over 9/11 Should Warrant 'Accessory' Charges
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 110211

It's been ten years now since the attacks of 9/11. The truth movement has made many inroads, most specifically borne out in a 2006 CBS/New York Times poll that showed 81% of Americans feel the U.S. government is hiding the real truth when it comes to 9/11.

  • Telling the truth 16%

  • Hiding something 53%

  • Mostly lying 28%

  • Not sure 3%"

With numbers that large, it's quite frustrating for those participating in the 9/11 truth movement to not yet have any arrests or indictments of government officials.

So what is the hold up to reaching the critical mass of awareness?

That's a very simple answer. In two words, "the media." ... (Read More)

Black 9/11:
Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability

Over 11 years later, people are finally beginning to connect the dots with 9/11 and the bogus War On Terror.

This is a must see production for those that don't entirely understand the 9/11 event. The video is very well produced and will only take a mere :40 minutes of your time, a small investment that will yield a full return when it comes to understanding the high crimes taking place in front of us.

Interview with Osama bin Laden. Denies his Involvement in 9/11
Full text of Pakistani paper's Sept 01 "exclusive" interview
Global Research, May 09, 2011
Daily Ummat in Urdu (Translation into English by BBC Worldwide Monitoring September 29, 2001

Global Research Editor’s Note

We bring to the attention of our readers the following text of Osama bin Laden’s interview with Ummat, a Pakistani daily, published in Karachi on September 28, 2001. It was translated into English by the BBC World Monitoring Service and made public on September 29, 2001.

The authenticity of this interview, which is available in recognized electronic news archives, is confirmed.

Osama bin Laden categorically denies his involvement in the 9/11 attacks. ... Read more

The 9/11 Van With The Mural of The WTC Attack Painted On It

This is a story that should have received far more attention than it did.

Conspiracy Chronicles Tackles 9/11

Orion Talk Radio's Joe Joseph and Tim Watts discuss the attacks of 9/11.

Click here to learn more on how we are deceived by a complicit, sold out media.

Everything Happening Now Was Planned Before 9/11
WashingtonsBlog -

Special preface to my friends in the military, law enforcement and intelligence and other government servants: You are sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution, and the facts below may help you do so.

We’ve been told that “9/11 changed everything” and that we’re living in “a post-911 world”.

We’ve been told that what our government is doing now has been rendered necessary by the urgent post-9/11 threat from terrorists.

In reality, however, virtually everything happening now was planned before 9/11. Please see for yourself: ... (Read More)

See Also:  The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11

V For Vendetta 9/11

Bush On Media Campaign To Explain His 9/11 Inaction



Why I Just Looked Blank When Told of 9/11 Attacks, by Oliver Poole - 072911

George Bush today insisted he had deliberately appeared blank when told of the 9/11 attacks while visiting a Florida primary school in order to "project a sense of calm" because he "didn't want to rattle the kids".

His emotionless expression on being told a second plane had struck the World Trade Center in New York has long been used to ridicule his alleged indecisive response to the attacks. ... (Read More)

Bush Explains Slow Reaction To September 11 Attacks
Reuters, 073011

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former President George W. Bush says his apparent lack of reaction to the first news of the September 11, 2001 attacks was a conscious decision to project an aura of calm in a crisis.

In a rare interview with the National Geographic Channel, Bush reflects on what was going through his mind at the most dramatic moment of his presidency when he was informed that a second passenger jet had hit New York's World Trade Center.

Bush was visiting a Florida classroom and the incident, which was caught on TV film, and has often been used by critics to ridicule his apparently blank face.

"My first reaction was anger. Who the hell would do that to America? Then I immediately focused on the children, and the contrast between the attack and the innocence of children," Bush says in an excerpt of the interview shown to television writers on Thursday.

Bush said he could see the news media at the back of the classroom getting the news on their own cell phones "and it was like watching a silent movie."

Bush said he quickly realized that a lot of people beyond the classroom would be watching for his reaction.

"So I made the decision not to jump up immediately and leave the classroom. I didn't want to rattle the kids. I wanted to project a sense of calm," he said of his decision to remain seated and silent.

"I had been in enough crises to know that the first thing a leader has to do is to project calm," he added. ... (Read More)

NewsFocus Op/Ed: The article above is pure insanity. Those that buy this line of public relations BS are falling for a lame-ass, very feeble excuse with no merit of logic or intelligence. Bush was the Commander in Chief of the United States. When he stole the Presidency, he stole that title as well. His sole job in that capacity was to help coordinate a national defense of the U.S. By his illogic, he admits to having no clue as to how to be a grown up and simply excuse himself from a classroom of children that knew nothing about what Andy Card had just told him. So how is it that those poor little kids would have been scared when the President of the United States had to get up and leave to "go to work?" They see their daddy and mommy do it every single day. How on earth was that going to traumatize the kids?  

Oooh, that would have been sooo scary.

By his own ridiculous admission, he actually deferred to sitting with children, rather than doing his job and protecting the United States of America. He truly wants us to believe that he cared more about not scaring a small classroom of little kids, rather than protecting over 310-million Americans. Asinine priorities for a president to have, let alone the Commander in Chief. He expects us to believe that by appearing calm and doing nothing, his inaction would make Americans feel safer.


And while on that sorry, pitiful excuse, it should be noted that there was no live national feed of his Florida classroom visit, so how does he think that sitting there shows calm or strength to the U.S. public? No one could see him except for the press corps who would be reporting after the fact once he finally left the classroom and his precious photo-op.

There is clearly no tenable reason, nor any viable excuse, for why he deliberately shirked his responsibilities during a direct attack on the United States of America. He was either inept in his sworn duties as Commander in Chief, or was being complicit in the attacks. You decide.

Bush Dereliction of Duty on 9/11
With America Under Attack, He Chose To Read a Children's Book Instead!!

With the US under attack, Bush chose to go AWOL once again.

Click here for information that every person needs to know about 9/11

The FreedomLink Program Talks About The Incongruities of 9/11

Joe Joseph and Tim Watts discuss the improbabilities of the 9/11 attacks.
(One error correction: The Madrid bombings took place before the Windsor fire.)

Fourth Attack Made Against 9/11 Website
Website Information Apparently Threatens Someone
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 102811

There's an old saying that "the truth will set you free," but in the case of 9/11, the truth itself is having a hard time getting set free. With many great 9/11 websites available on the internet, one particular site seems to have drawn the ire of those wishing to keep the truth from getting out, A September Coup.

For the fourth time in its five year history this website has been attacked by hackers with exceptional skills at circumventing the security of both the host server, as well as the domain name registrar. This site is one of many owned and maintained by this author, including and, but it is my main research site that seems to have drawn the most interest. A September Coup contains the bulk of my work regarding my personal investigation of 9/11 for the last ten years. It apparently has become a thorn for someone.

On Thursday, October 27th, at 1:08 Pacific time, a caller to the domain naming site holding the registration for A September Coup perpetrated a cyber crime by first hacking the registrar site to glean the credit card info, seven-digit member number, and the four-digit personal pin number, then impersonating this webmaster and asking for the domain name be cancelled. ... (Read More)

'9/11 was an inside job': Full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN
Iran's president sparked a mass walk-out by US delegates yesterday after telling a UN summit that most people believe the American government was behind the 9/11 attacks.


A Rat In The Wood Pile
Maintaining Hijackers And Box-Cutters As The Official Story
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 091511

Conspiracy theory: Did 19 Saudi hijackers with box-cutters defeat the entire U.S. air defense system?

As the old saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for." The 9/11 Truth movement has been calling for a new investigation of 9/11 for a decade now. If the John F Kennedy assassination case is any indicator, the movement will more than likely get its wish, albeit maybe not the real investigation that they have been calling for.

Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat and former chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence during 9/11, who also helped co-chair the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the attacks, said the FBI never shared key pertinent details of the investigation with him, nor with other members of the Congressional Committee. Graham alleges that he knew nothing of a wealthy young Saudi couple who were said to have fled their home in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida, shortly before 9/11, leaving behind all of their possessions. He claims that his Congressional commission was not privy to specific knowledge of Saudi involvement.

Seriously? Even when the hijackers were alleged to be Saudis?

So much for being the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

This is the same Bob Graham who just happened to be meeting with Pakistani ISI director General Ahmed on the morning of 9/11, the man who reportedly had wired $100,000 in alleged operation money to Mohamed Atta before 9/11. (Porter Goss was also in attendance during that meeting on 9/11.)

Much to the delight of the 9/11 Truth movement, Graham is now calling on President Obama to open a new 9/11 investigation, however, when all is said and done, this could very well be to the dismay of the truth movement. ... (Read More)

Pentagon Airplane Video Is A Poor Fake
Someone Is Playing Games With The 9/11 Truth Movement
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 101511 Update from 091911

The video the 9/11 truth movement has been waiting for, but it's a fake.

A video on YouTube has resurfaced with the 9/11 truth movement and is causing a stir. It alleges to show an airplane, flight 77, striking the Pentagon, however, if you study the video closely, you will realize that it is a fake. Many have interpreted it to be the alleged missile strike, rather than flight 77, however, neither version is correct.

The key to studying this video is examining the fireball. In the CCTV shots released from the Pentagon the fireball is nearly twice the height of the building, yet in this video, it barely reaches the rooftop of the building. Also, from this angle, you should be able to see the corkscrew maneuver that was alleged to have been made by the object, yet it is not apparent. To top it all off, the alleged attacking object does not even hit the right spot on the Pentagon! It strikes the building far to the left of where the actual damage was.

This alleged 9/11 video is an obvious fake. Shades of the right-handed Osama video.

Click on the picture for a larger image.

The Doubletree hotel video from next door to the Pentagon appears to corroborate an enormous fireball, one that is not depicted in this 2006 airplane/missile video. The only logical conclusion, based on the glaring points noted above, is that the airplane video is a fake and the CCTV still shot below is the accurate depiction of the explosion and fireball.

There are other glaring discrepancies in this poorly made video, such as bushes that do not exist in the post attack photo. Other discrepancies include the lack of light cast by the fireball on the Pentagon wall, the lack of a shadow by the object, or just the overall bad animation effort.

A very good friend of mine and film producer in Los Angeles, Dutch Merrick, laughed at the amateur quality and said he could spot the fake in just the animation alone, without even taking into account the fireball or the missing corkscrew maneuver. Merrick, the founder of Another Way Films, had this to say about the attempt at deception...

"I work in video professionally. This video was altered un-professionally. Note that the "explosion" lurches at a different rate than the pentagon in the frame. Note that at frame :25 for example, there is not illumination on the building from this 'blinding explosion'. This is an extremely piss-poor attempt to derail the actual nine eleven truth movement. This is a bad joke."

Why would someone fake this video? Three reasons come to mind... A) to perpetuate the false official line that flight 77 did hit the Pentagon, B) to possibly help the 9/11 truth movement by providing a video to strengthen the missile theory, or C) to hinder the 9/11 movement by taking control of the message, so that it could easily be torn apart at a later date and exposed for the fake that it truly is.

Someone else seemed to find even more substantial proof that this is a fake by finding the actual video without the object. (See the download link below.) I noted this in my first update, however I had to make a second update after discovering that YouTube pulled the evidence of fakery. Fortunately I made a download of the video before it was pulled and have provided a link to the video which is now posted on this website.

Take a look for yourself. You be the judge.

The NewsFocus take is that the alleged plane/missile video is a very poor fake.

Update1: Someone else made the same conclusion as I did, but from a totally different observation. Here is a video showing the same video, however, with no plane/missile.
YouTube: Missile Hitting Pentagon Footage Is Fake (now pulled by YouTube)

Update2: YouTube has conveniently removed the above video that exposes the fake. NewsFocus suspected this might happen and downloaded a copy before it was pulled. You can download the censored video from this link.

Note: Whenever you see a worthwhile video posted on YouTube that threatens the accepted official story, hence a video that YouTube will later pull, always download the video while you have the opportunity to do so. Services such as KeepVid allow you to download the video in mp4, mp3, or flv format. In this day and age of blatant GooTube censorship, you will be glad you have the downloaded copy.

In Search of Truth: The Pros and Cons of The Toronto Hearings, by Joshua Blakeney - 092011

I spent September 8th to 12th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada attending The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, an event sponsored primarily by James Gourley’s International Centre for 9/11 Studies, which appears to be a mostly virtual entity based in the United States with a web site at International Center for 9/11 Studies

The International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, also referred to as the “Toronto Hearings”, set the following objectives for the hearings:

(1) To present evidence that the U.S. government’s official investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, as pursued by various government and government-appointed agencies, is seriously flawed and has failed to describe and account for the 9/11 events.

(2) To single out the most weighty evidence of the inadequacy of the U.S. government’s investigation; to organize and classify that evidence; to preserve that evidence; to make that evidence widely known to the public and to governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations.

(3) To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, groups and international agencies with the request that a full and impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 2001, which have been used to initiate military invasions and to restrict the rights of citizens.

(4) To engage the attention of the public, the international community and the media through witness testimony as well as through media events broadcasted via the Internet during the four day event. ... (Read More)

David Ray Griffin Speaks At The 9/11 Toronto Hearings

Griffin is a true champion for 9/11 truth.

Why 9/11 Truthers Should Pick Fights Carefully, by Kevin Barrett

A PR Primer

I learned quite a bit about Public Relations for my BA in Journalism. I also learned something about rhetoric and persuasion for my three M.A.s and one Ph.D. in various languages and literatures. And since I traded in the academy for the public perception battle over 9/11, I have learned even more. ("University people do not go plunging out into the world unless there are great events at stake. They huddle in their safety and are scared of shadows..." --Clifford D. Simak)   

So I consider myself qualified to dispense PR advice to my colleagues in the 9/11 truth movement, some of whom wouldn't know a good PR strategy from a hole at Ground Zero, others of whom are doing well but could always do better. 

"If you want an audience, start a fight." -Gaelic proverb. 

More than seven and a half years after the fact, the 9/11 truth movement has not yet achieved its objectives. Our progress has been steady but slow.   

To arrive at our goal (exposure of truth, implementation of justice) we need to win the battle of public opinion. It really is that simple. Once public opinion has swung far enough to our side, the rest will come automatically. 

What does "winning the battle of public opinion" mean? Here is a simplified diagram to help clarify things: a vertical axis with pro-truth at the top, and anti-truth at the bottom. 

(Red More)

The Pawz Bears Discuss The 9/11 Story - Part I

See parts II & III here

Is the call for a new 9/11 investigation an effort to reinforce the official government 9/11 storyline?

Don Henley - Inside Job


The "Critics" of 9/11 Truth. Do They Have a Case?, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - 091311

The short answer to the question in the title is no.

The 9/11 truth critics have nothing but ad hominem arguments.

Let’s examine the case against "the truthers" presented by Ted Rall, Ann Barnhardt, and Alexander Cockburn.

But first let’s define who "the truthers" are.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to have a web site and to rant and speculate to their heart’s content. There are a large number of "9/11 conspiracy theorists".

Many on both sides of the issue are equally ignorant. Neither side has any shame about demonstrating ignorance.

Both sides of the issue have conspiracy theories.

9/11 was a conspiracy whether a person believes that it was an inside job or that a handful of Arabs outwitted the entire intelligence apparatus of the Western world and the operational response of NORAD and the US Air Force.

For one side to call the other conspiracy theorists is the pot calling the kettle black.

The question turns not on name-calling but on evidence.

The 9/11 Truth movement was not created by bloggers ranting on their web sites. It was created by professional architects and engineers some of whom are known for having designed steel high rise buildings.

It was created by distinguished scientists, such as University of Copenhagen nano-Chemist Niels Harrit who has 60 scientific papers to his credit and physicist Steven Jones.

It was created by US Air Force pilots and commercial airline pilots who are expert at flying airplanes.

It was created by firefighters who were in the twin towers and who personally heard and experienced numerous explosions including explosions in the sub-basements. It was created by members of 9/11 families who desire to know how such an improbable event as 9/11 could possibly occur.

The professionals and the scientists are speaking from the basis of years of experience and expert knowledge. Moreover, the scientists are speaking from the basis of careful research into the evidence that exists.

When an international research team of scientists spends 18 months studying the components in the dust from the towers and the fused pieces of concrete and steel, they know what they are doing. When they announce that they have definite evidence of incendiaries and explosives, you can bet your life that that have the evidence.

When a physicist proves that Building 7 (the stories not obscured by other buildings) fell at free fall speed and NIST has to acknowledge that he is correct, you can bet your life that the physicist is correct.

When fire department captains and clean-up teams report molten steel--and their testimony is backed up with photographs--in the debris of the ruins weeks and months after the buildings’ destruction, you can bet your life the molten steel was there.

When the same authorities report pumping fire suppressants and huge quantities of water with no effect on the molten steel, you can bet your life that the temperature long after the buildings’ destruction remained extremely high, far higher than any building fire can reach.

When the architects, engineers, and scientists speak, they offer no theory of who is responsible for 9/11. They state that the known evidence supports neither the NIST reports nor the 9/11 Commission Report. They say that the explanation that the government has provided is demonstrably wrong and that an investigation is required if we are to discover the truth about the event.

It is not a conspiracy theory to examine the evidence and to state that the evidence does not support the explanation that has been given.

That is the position of the 9/11 Truth movement.

What is the position of the movement’s critics? Ted Rall says: “Everything I’ve read and watched on Truther sites is easily dismissed by anyone with a basic knowledge of physics and architecture. (I spent three years in engineering school.)  

Wow! What powerful credentials. Has Rall ever designed a high rise steel building? Could Rall engage in a debate with a professor of nano-chemistry? Could he refute Newton’s laws in a debate with university physicists? Does Rall know anything about maneuvering airplanes? Does he have an explanation why 100 firefighters, janitors, and police report hearing and experiencing explosions that they did not hear or experience?

Clearly, Ted Rall has no qualifications whatsoever to make any judgment about the judgments of experts whose knowledge exceeds his meager understanding by a large amount. ... (Read More)

Scootle Royale: 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Click here for information that every person needs to know about 9/11

Why I Became A September 11 Truther
The Punch, by Hereward Fenton - 091211

On this sad anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in post-war history I am reminded of the prophetic words spoken by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his farewell address to the nation in 1961: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist”.

Eisenhower was the supreme commander in western Europe who had led America to victory against one of the most evil regimes in history, a man who had witnessed the depths of human depravity, and wanted finally to warn us that the war machine which had been created to defend freedom in WWII could equally be used for the opposite purpose, and that it was up to the American people to guard against this possibility.

Eisenhower coined the phrase “military industrial complex” which became the catch-cry of the anti-war movement of the 1960s, describing an economic and political fusion of power involving armaments manufacturers, construction companies, banks, democratic governments and puppet dictatorships.

As Marine Major General Smedley Butler put it, “War is a Racket”. In his seminal book on the subject Butler declares, “I spent 33 years in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints.”

These and other observations about the racketeering, lying and theft that is the essence of war have informed many of us around the world who today call ourselves “9/11 truthers”.

The central argument of the movement is that 9/11 was a staged, false flag operation designed to propel the US and its allies into war for the sake of profit, oil and empire. False flags are defined in Wikipedia as “covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities”. ... (Read More)

Click here for information that every person needs to know about 9/11

Everything You Wanted To Know About 9/11 In Under Five Minutes
From The Corbett Report

 Click here for information that every person needs to know about 9/11

Ron Paul Supports 9/11 Families Calling for New 9/11 Probe - 090111

Ron Paul supports 9/11 families calling for new 9/11 probe.

When asked by WeAreChange (see video) if he would support the 9/11 victim’s family members whose questions were never answered by the 9/11 Commission Report, in their demand for a new independent 9/11 investigation, Ron Paul, R-Tex., replied “Yes, I support more investigation, because, I think the ineptness was probably hidden, because there was a tremendous amount of ineptness. That’s generally what government investigations do, they hide the inefficiencies and ineptness of government officials.”  ... (Read More)

Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth Present New 9/11 Film

This is the new video presentation titled, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

WTC Building #7, a 47-story high-rise not hit by an airplane, exhibited all the characteristics of classic controlled demolition with explosives:

1. Rapid onset of collapse

2. Sounds of explosions at ground floor – a second before the building's destruction

3. Symmetrical "structural failure" – through the path of greatest resistance – at free-fall acceleration

4. Imploded, collapsing completely, and landed in its own footprint

5. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds

6. Expert corroboration from the top European controlled demolition professional

7. Foreknowledge of "collapse" by media, NYPD, FDNY

In the the aftermath of WTC7's destruction, strong evidence of demolition using incendiary devices was discovered:

8. FEMA finds rapid oxidation and intergranular melting on structural steel samples

9. Several tons of molten metal reported by numerous highly qualified witnesses

10. Chemical signature of the incendiary thermite found in solidified molten metal, and dust samples

WTC7 exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire:

1. Slow onset with large visible deformations

2. Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, to the side most damaged by the fires)

3. Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel

4. High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer lasting fires have never collapsed.

For more information see Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth:

The Experts Speak Out (Full Version)

See also: Blueprint For Truth

Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots, by Jim Fetzer

One of the primary means of immobilizing the American people politically today is to hold them in a state of confusion in which anything can be believed and nothing can be known… nothing of significance, that is.– E. Martin Schotz, HISTORY WILL NOT ABSOLVE US (1996)

9/11 appears to have been a classic “false flag” operation in which an attack is planned by one source but blamed upon another.  In this case, the evidence suggests neo-cons in the Department of Defense and their allies in the Mossad were actually responsible for the execution of the atrocities of 9/11.  That story was buried, however, in a surfeit of alternative explanations for which the evidence was far more tenuous but which were of much greater political utility.  And in each case, qualified experts uncovered evidence that induced sincere but false beliefs that they were “the real deal”. ... (Read More)

Other 9/11 articles from Jim Fetzer...

Nanothermite: If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit!
20 Reasons the “Official Account” of 9/11 is Wrong
Confessions of a 9/11 Truth Activist
The Debate over 9/11 Truth: Kevin Ryan vs. Jim Fetzer
9/11: An Open Letter to Anthony Lawson about “Absurdities”
Is “9/11 Truth” Based Upon a False Theory?
Inside Job: More Proof of 9/11 Duplicity
Inside Job: Seven Questions About 9/11

Luke Rudkowski Nails Larry Silverstein, Again!

Nice job Luke. Sick 'em boy! Got get 'em!

Click here for information that every person needs to know about 9/11

The 9/11 TV News Archive: 3,000 Hours of Video News Coverage of 2001 Attacks Posted Online - 082411

As the nation prepares to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, a pair of leading internet archivists are launching an ambitious project called "Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive," which catalogs 3,000 hours of domestic and international TV news footage from 20 channels from the week around September 11, 2001. Television news coverage of the September 11 attacks and their aftermath not only documented one of the most important events in mass memory but also influenced public perception. We feature excerpts of coverage from the global archive and speak with its organizers, Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger. Kahle is an internet entrepreneur, activist, digital librarian and founder of the Internet Archive and the Open Content Alliance, a group of organizations committed to making a permanent, publicly accessible archive of digitized texts. Prelinger is an archivist, writer, filmmaker and founder of the Prelinger Archives, a collection of 60,000 advertising, educational, industrial and amateur films acquired by the Library of Congress in 2002 after 20 years’ operation. "[9/11] was a major event that was really a television event. People really understood this through television," says Kahle. He adds that seeing "how people are starting to come to grips with it really shaped how we saw the whole event." (See video)


By Susan Lindauer, 080111

Note: Susan Lindauer Is A Former U.S. Intelligence Asset And A 9/11 Whistleblower

Late on the night of August 23, 2001, at about 3 a.m. security cameras in the parking garage of the World Trade Center captured the arrival of two or three truck vans.

Visual examination determined the vans were separate and unique from trucks used by janitorial services, including different colors and devoid of markings. More curious, all the janitorial trucks had pulled out of the Towers by about 2:30 a.m—about half an hour before the second set of vans arrived.

According to my high level State Department source with a top security clearance, who disclosed the unusual nightly activity, no vans matching that description had entered the World Trade Center at such an hour in any of the weeks or months prior to that date. It was a unique event.

(Read More)

9/11 Commission Chair Lee Hamilton Says Report Not The Final Truth

Another great piece from Luke Rudkowski.

9/11 Lawsuit Thrown Out By Judge Who Is Bush Cousin
Gallop Suit Named US Officials, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers
NewsFocus, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 050111

The outrageous conduct of the Bush family regarding the hindrance of a proper 9/11 investigation has now continued into the U.S. court system. A lawsuit filed by former Pentagon employee April Gallop was cavalierly tossed out of court, with the reasoning that the suit was “not plausible” and was the “the product of cynical delusion and fantasy.” To add insult to injury, a legal admonishment was made to the prosecuting attorney for bringing forth such a suit. One of the three sitting judges just coincidentally happened to be John Mercer Walker, Jr., the first cousin of former President George H.W. Bush and the first cousin once removed of George W. Bush. How convenient.

Gallop filed her original first lawsuit on December 15th, 2008, but a New York District Court threw the case out. She then appealed to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

From the legal brief:

"Gallop, represented by counsel in the District Court and on appeal, alleged that defendants, former senior government officials, caused the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States in order to (a) create a political atmosphere in which they could pursue domestic and international policy objectives and (b) conceal the misallocation of $2.3 trillion in congressional appropriations to the Department of Defense. The District Court concluded that Gallop's claims were frivolous, and dismissed her complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6)."

"...the Complaint hypothesizes a fantastical alternative history to the widely accepted account of the "explosion" that injured Gallop and killed hundreds of other men and women inside the Pentagon. Among other things, Gallop's complaint alleges that American Airlines Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon—indeed, that no plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Complaint 4 ("[T]he official story, that a hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon and exploded ... is false."). Instead, the Complaint alleges that the United States" most senior military and civilian leaders Acause[d] and arrange[d] for high explosive charges to be detonated inside the Pentagon, and/or a missile of some sort to be fired at the building ... to give the false impression that hijackers had crashed the plane into the building, as had apparently happened in New York."

Complaint 3. Gallop further contends that these officials knew of the September 11 attacks in advance, facilitated their execution, and attempted to cover up their involvement in order to "generate a political atmosphere of acceptance in which [the government] could enact and implement radical changes in the policy and practice of constitutional government in [the United States]."

Complaint 2. In addition, Gallop alleges that the attacks were intended to conceal the revelation on September 10, 2001 that $2.3 trillion in congressional appropriations "could not be accounted for" in a recent Department of Defense audit.

On May 6, 2009, defendants moved to dismiss Gallop's complaint on the following bases: (1) that defendants are entitled to qualified immunity; (2) that the Antiterrorism Act fails to provide a cause of action against U.S. government officials; (3) that Gallop's constitutional claim is untimely, and, in any event, fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted; (4) that all of her claims are barred under the doctrine of judicial estoppel; and (5) that all of her claims are frivolous. The District Court agreed that the Complaint was frivolous and could not survive a motion to dismiss. See Gallop v. Cheney, No. 08 Civ. 10881, 2010 WL 909203, at *3 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 15, 2010). Accordingly, without reaching any of the government's other arguments, the District Court dismissed the complaint with prejudice.

[End of legal brief]

It is interesting that of all the legal terms one can put forth, they chose the word frivolous, rather than "innocent" or "not guilty."

If anything was frivolous, it was the motion pled by the defense. The case from the prosecution had extreme merit, with much evidential weight to support it.

If left to stand, the outcome would set a legal precedent, from which other lawsuits could easily be dismissed. We can only hope that Miss Gallop is able to pursue her appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, although it is another stacked judicial body against her.

Even still, the case needs to proceed to the highest court in the land, if for nothing else, the publicity it might obtain, although the U.S. corporate media has done a good job of burying this story to begin with. A search of Google News reveals only seven web hits, with most all being op/ed pieces. Normally a story such as this will draw hundreds of Google hits, but the lack of search depth appears to prove that Google is also in on the news blackout. Not surprising for an organization accused of being an intelligence and data-mining arm of the CIA.

The prejudiced court failed to observe solid evidence of complicity, as well as dereliction of duty by top government officials. Please not the following facts that the courts have so far felt too frivolous for them to entertain:

1) Then Vice President Cheney tracked the incoming object which struck the Pentagon, from over 80 miles out, without having it shot down. This fact was testified to by former DOT head Norman Mineta before the 9/11 Commission. Naval Aide Douglas Cochrane briefed Cheney on the object's impending impact, at numerous points in its attack, yet it was not intercepted or shot down. We do not know if Mineta or Cochrane were ever called to testify.

2) Then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was absent without due cause from his assigned duties at the Pentagon, protecting and defending the United States, despite two domestic attacks in New York City. His assigned duties do not include running out onto the lawn to help the injured. There were plenty of people to do that, but Rumsfeld voluntarily chose to disregard his duties. How did he know the attacks were over at that point?

3) At least four defensive war games were being carried out on 9/11, to prevent just such an attack, yet no fighter planes were scrambled in time to avert any of the attacks, despite records showing that a minimum of 67 such defensive scrambles were deployed from September 2000 to June 2001. When planes were scrambled they were sent out to sea, despite the previous knowledge that the attacks from coming from commercial aircraft launched from inside the country. Myers should have known better.

This is but the tip of the iceberg for incompetence, if not clear complicity in the attacks, yet both courts also failed to do their duty in addressing facts that are undeniable and well documented. The claim of frivolous is in itself ridiculous. The only thing without merit is the defense motion and the ruling of the judges.

For a direct Bush cousin to be placed on the court panel is an egregious appointment with obvious conflicts of interest that should have kept him from consideration, let alone actually hearing the case.

All in all, it is par for the course in the 9/11 deception and the takeover of the U.S. through the Patriot Act and Military Commissions act, as well as the establishment of the "Hitler-esque" Homeland Security. Considering that George W. Bush's brother Marvin Bush, along with another cousin, Wirt D. Walker III, were part of the security for not only the World Trade Center, but also Dulles National Airport, where terrorists were alleged to have boarded, plus the security for United Airlines, one of the hijacked airliners involved, it is suspect for many that the fix has been in right from the start.

NewsFocus hopes that April Gallop, along with the citizens of the U.S. and the world, will indeed someday get a fair hearing in court, rather than the abortion of justice handed to us to date.

You can help. Don't be silent! Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers the real truth, while we're still able to. Soon it will be a crime to speak out. If you don't think so, keep all of this to yourself and see where that gets us. One day they will come for me, and maybe even you, but I choose to heed the wisdom of Reverend Niemoller and speak out now, while I still have the voice.

May God help us all.

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Bush court dismisses 9/11 suit against Bush officials, orders sanctions

Bush Cousin Presides Over 9/11 Suit Against Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers
Global Research, by Craig McKee - April 12, 2011

Note: April Gallop's lawsuit went ahead this week with George Bush's cousin sitting in judgment. He'll play a major part in deciding whether the case goes forward or dies. (

No, it’s not a joke.

A 9/11 lawsuit against former high officials in the Bush White House is being presided over by a cousin of former president George W. Bush – a shocking and blatant conflict of interest that should embarrass even believers in the official story.

George W. Bush’s cousin, Judge John M. Walker of the 2nd Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, is part of a three-judge panel hearing the case of April Gallop vs. former vice-president Dick Cheney, former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers.

The case has been ignored by the mainstream media in the weeks leading up to it going to court April 5. And most media have ignored the developments concerning the involvement of Judge Walker. One exception is CNBC, which carried an online story with the headline: “Extraordinary Conflict of Interest: Bush Cousin Presides Over Federal Court Case Against Former Bush Administration Officials.” Good for them, but this is an all-too isolated exception. That the story is being kept almost entirely out of the media further reveals that the idea of a free and vigorous press is largely a fantasy.

TV News Producer Says Bombs In The Subway

Rumsfeld Denies Knowing Anything About Building 7
Former Defense Secretary On 9/11 Feigns Ignorance of WTC7 Collapse
NewsFocus - 022311

Chicago talk-radio host Mancow Muller had former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on his popular radio program and Rumsfeld stunned many listeners by feigning total ignorance in the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11.

Muller asked Rumsfeld, "Building seven... I often hear about no plane hit building 7. Why did building seven come down? What do you tell people?"

Rumsfeld responded, "What is building seven?"

After clarifying that it was the building not hit by the plane, Rumsfeld continues to play dumb and says, "I have no idea. I've never heard that."

From that incredible reply it is seemingly apparent that Rumsfeld thinks the greater populace is ignorant, but few are buying the notion that the former Defense Secretary could possibly expect anyone to believe that he was unaware of the destruction of this building on 9/11, especially since there were many government agencies recognized as tenants of the building, including the CIA.

It is absolutely inconceivable that he would not know, let alone not be briefed by the Defense Department on the destruction of World Trade Center building 7 on 9/11.

Alex Jones Interviews Mancow Muller On Rumsfeld Building 7 Remark

For Rumsfeld to say that he had noooo knowledge of WTC building 7 is unbelievable.

WTC7 Expert Witness Danny Jowenko Dies In Car Crash
911Blogger - 072211

Dutch demolition expert Danny Jowenko was killed a car accident Saturday in the Netherlands. He was reportedly driving from church when he collided head-on with a tree. There was also a dog in the car who survived. Jowenko is best known in the 9/11 truth community for his analysis of Building 7, which he concluded was a professionally-engineered controlled demolition. ...

9/11 Experts Who Have Mysteriously Died

  • John O'Neil - FBI agent who was tracking possible terrorists up to 9/11. Discharged and given job with WTC security. Killed on 9/11.

  • Kenny Johannemann - North tower janitor spoke of large explosions.
    Alleged suicide.

  • Barry Jennings - Housing Authority worker spoke of explosions and stepping over dead bodies in WTC 7 before towers even fell. Cause still unknown .

  • Danny Jowenko - Dutch demolition expert who said building 7 was controlled demolition. Car crashed into a tree.

Daily Shows Raises Questions Over 9/11

Is Jon Stewart finally beginning to get it? Hey Jon, give Bill Maher a nudge too.

Automatic Autopilot Override of Pilot Control of Boeing Aircraft Available Circa 2001, by Aidan Monaghan - 020311

The capability of an aircraft Flight Management Computer (FMC) to take control of an aircraft away from a pilot and turn over control to its autopilot system apparently existed circa September 11, 2001. In a 2003 "Aviation Week" report, Honeywell describes an already existing "secret" disabling FMC code that can allow a GPS-guided aircraft autopilot system to take away control of an aircraft from a pilot during emergencies. Honeywell state-of-the-art Flight Management Systems (FMS) were used by the four aircraft reportedly hijacked on September 11, 2001.

"Assisted recovery builds on existing enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS), autopilot or fly-by-wire technologies to prevent an aircraft from crashing into terrain or buildings ... If pilots don't respond to warnings within a certain amount of time, assisted recovery directs autopilot or fly-by-wire control systems to steer aircraft away from a crash ... A Honeywell spokesman said an override option does exist in its assisted recovery system through a secret disabling code." ... (Read More)

9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of "Conspiracy Theory"
Global Research, by Paul Craig Roberts - 061911

While we were not watching, conspiracy theory has undergone Orwellian redefinition.

A “conspiracy theory” no longer means an event explained by a conspiracy.  Instead, it now means any explanation, or even a fact, that is out of step with the government’s explanation and that of its media pimps.  

For example, online news broadcasts of RT have been equated with conspiracy theories by the New York Times simply because RT reports news and opinions that the New York Times does not report and the US government does not endorse.

In other words, as truth becomes uncomfortable for government and its Ministry of Propaganda, truth is redefined as conspiracy theory, by which is meant an absurd and laughable explanation that we should ignore.

When piles of carefully researched books, released government documents, and testimony of eye witnesses made it clear that Oswald was not President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, the voluminous research, government documents, and verified testimony was dismissed as “conspiracy theory.”

In other words, the truth of the event was unacceptable to the authorities and to the Ministry of Propaganda that represents the interests of authorities.

The purest example of how Americans are shielded from truth is the media’s (including many Internet sites’) response to the large number of professionals who find the official explanation of September 11, 2001, inconsistent with everything they, as experts, know about physics, chemistry, structural engineering, architecture, fires, structural damage, the piloting of airplanes, the security procedures of the United States, NORAD’s capabilities, air traffic control, airport security, and other matters.  These experts, numbering in the thousands, have been shouted down by know-nothings in the media  who brand the experts as “conspiracy theorists.”

This despite the fact that the official explanation endorsed by the official media is the most extravagant conspiracy theory in human history.

(Read more)

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When Facts And Reality Give Way To Cover-ups And Lies
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When Does An Investigator of A Large Crime Become A “Conspiracy Theorist?”
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 121109

The Truth About "Conspiracy Theory"
How One Simple Phrase Is Pushed Upon Us, Over And Over Again... Just Like Brainwashing
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 013110

(Official) Arguments Regarding the Collapse of the World Trade Center Evaporate Upon Inspection
Washington's Blog - 052411

Preface: Now that Bin Laden has been confirmed to be dead, it has been established that Saddam Hussein was not behind 9/11 (one of the main reasons for the Iraq war), and Iran has been accused of having a hand in 9/11 - potentially forming the basis for a war against Iran - it is time to revisit some important, unanswered questions.

This essay does not argue that bombs brought down the Twin Towers or World Trade Building 7, even though many top structural engineers believe that is what happened, and people could easily have planted bombs in the trade centers without anyone noticing and without the conspiracy being discovered.

It simply addresses the frequent argument that fires caused the metal to sag, which brought down the 3 buildings, and that the case is closed.

The Fires at the World Trade Centers Were NOT Very Hot

The government agency in charge of the investigation of why three buildings collapsed on 9/11 - the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - says that paint tests indicated low steel temperatures -- 480 Fahrenheit -- "despite pre-collapse exposure to fire". NIST also said that microstructure tests showed no steel reached critical (half-strength) values of 600 Celsius (1112 degrees Fahrenheit) for any significant time.

Numerous top fire protection engineers have said that the fires in the World Trade Centers were not that hot. For example: (Read more...)

People Could Have Planted Bombs In the World Trade Center Without Anyone Noticing
Washington's Blog - 052311

Preface: This essay does not argue that bombs brought down the Twin Towers or World Trade Building 7. It simply addresses the often-made argument that no one could have planted explosives without people noticing.

Tightrope walker Philippe Petit snuck into the World Trade Center with a friend in 1974 with massive amounts of equipment, smuggled the equipment to the top floor and rigged up a highwire for his tightrope walking stunt without being detected.

In 1978, the 59-story story Citicorp building was secretly retrofitted at night over the course of several months without the knowledge of tenants, the general public, or the media: (Read more...)

Engineers Request Permission to Speak Freely Regarding World Trade Building 7
Washington's Blog - 051911

Preface: This essay does not question whether Bin Laden and Al Qaeda attacked us on September 11, 2001, or whether Iran, Saudi Arabia or another nation-state had a hand in the attacks. It focuses solely on a peripheral issue regarding the third building which fell on that terrible day.

Former commander-in-chief President Bush said:

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories."

Indeed, the 9/11 Commission was warned not to probe too deeply. For example, ACLU, FireDogLake's Marcy Wheeler and RawStory reported (quoting RawStory):

Senior Bush administration officials sternly cautioned the 9/11 Commission against probing too deeply into the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, according to a document recently obtained by the ACLU.

The current commander-in-chief, Barack Obama, has also warned against questioning 9/11: (Read more...)

Why the Planes Were Not Intercepted on 9/11: The Wall Street Lawyer and the Special Ops Hijack Coordinator
9/11 Blogger - Kevin Ryan - 042611

Of the many unanswered questions about the attacks of September 11, one of the most important is: Why were none of the four planes intercepted?  A rough answer is that the failure of the US air defenses can be traced to a number of factors and people.  There were policy changes, facility changes, and personnel changes that had recently been made, and there were highly coincidental military exercises that were occurring on that day.  But some of the most startling facts about the air defense failures have to do with the utter failure of communications between the agencies responsible for protecting the nation.  At the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), two people stood out in this failed chain of communications.  One was a lawyer on his first day at the job, and another was a Special Operations Commander who was never held responsible for his critical role, or even questioned about it. ... (Read More)

The Dentist Who Was Poisoned To Death Before Testifying Against 9/11 Highjackers, Submitted by Hsaive on Mon, 02/21/2011

The mysterious case of Dr. David Graham, a dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana. Graham said that he had met three of the 9/11 hijackers a year before the attacks at a home in Shreveport. He became suspicious of them (he thought they were planning attacks on nearby Barksdale AFB) and contacted the FBI.

The man who hosted the hijackers in Shreveport was a Pakistani named Jamal Khan. In 2004, Khan pled guilty to hiding cash transfers to Pakistan, and in an unusual plea deal the government stated that nothing in this deal would absolve Khan from any future prosecution regarding the attacks of September 11. ... (Read More)

Still uninvestigated to this day. Demand answers and justice.

We Might Be Wrong About 9/11
911TruthNews - 022311
During my recent debate with 9/11 “debunker” Pat Curley, in his closing statement – after listing a plethora of different theories from a whole spectrum of individuals, including many I do not endorse – he asked, “would anybody in the 9/11 Truth Movement say, “well, OK, we were wrong?” if, in fact, a new investigation found that we were. He then answered his own question by saying, “and the answer is “of course not,” so stop pretending that all you want is another investigation – you want another investigation that comes to the conclusions that you believe.” ... (Read More)

NewsFocus: This article is not what you might think. Researcher Jon Gold rips up 9/11 debunker Pat Curley. An excellent rebuttal from Gold. As always, very nice work Jon.

APNewsBreak: NYC museum creates 9/11 timeline
The Associated Press - ‎022311
NEW YORK (AP) — Graphic video of the World Trade Center towers collapsing and recordings of victims and survivors are among elements being used in a new online timeline of the events of Sept. 11. The timeline is being launched Wednesday by the National ...

NewsFocus: Watch this one. They've already been caught posting pictures of WTC 5 while it was in flames, claiming that it was building 7. A disinformation campaign in the works?

WeAreChange Confronts Dick Cheney - 15 February 2011

Luke Rudkowski and James Lane of We Are Change confront former Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington D.C. at CPAC on February 10th.

Great stuff from the folks at We Are Change. Congrats to Luke Rudkowski.

9/11 Family Members Demand Answers from the 9/11 Commission: The Censored Testimony of FBI’s Behrooz Sarshar
FBI Informant's Testimony On “Kamikaze Pilots” Held Out of 9/11 Report
BoilingFrogs - 013111

In a public statement issued today (see below), members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee demanded a prompt response from the former Chairman and Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission regarding Former FBI Language Specialist Behrooz Sarshar’s censored testimony to the Commission. The press release was prompted by recently released documents related to the interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission published at, in particular the “Memorandum for the Record” containing the Commission’s interview with Mr. Sarshar. The memorandum, after establishing Mr. Sarshar’s credibility and  vaguely referring to his documented and witnessed testimony regarding specific tip(s) provided to the FBI in April and June 2001 regarding planned imminent “Kamikaze Pilots” attacks targeting major cities in the United States, leaves out the entire testimony. This testimony was also entirely left out of the Commission’s final report released in July 2004.

Behrooz Sarshar worked as a GS 12 language specialist with Top Secret Clearance at the FBI Washington Field Office. ...

NewsFocus: The alleged hijackers were more than likely patsies in this plan. It is the opinion of NF that those planes were more than likely remotely controlled, as the task of steering a 500 MPH jetliner into any of the 9/11 targets was simply impossible for a non-pilot to pull off perfectly, with pinpoint precision... three times in one day.

This Webpage Is Meant To Be A Repository For 9/11 News
Older Stories Are Purposefully Kept On This Page Longer
So That It Is Easier To See The Whole Event In One Viewing

The page load time sucks, but it is well worth it once you get here.
This news page contains some of the best information available on 9/11.
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They Say That A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

It would take an extreme force to propel this steel laterally, hundreds of feet.

9/11 - Foreknowledge and Lack of Air Defense
Informational essay & audio file, by Shure - 021111


Now thanks to recent research by “jimd3100″ we know that a one Douglas F. Cochrane was the naval aide Mineta was referring to. When 9/11 researcher Jeff Hill followed up and phoned Cochrane, asking him what the orders were, Cohrane replied that he was “really not prepared to talk about this subject at all.” Jeff then pleaded with Cohrane to ease his mind about whether the orders were stand-down orders, to which Cohrane replied that he had “nothing further to add” to the information already publicly available. Hill then asked Cohrane if he thought answering his questions would get Cheney in trouble, Cohrane paused, and then stated that “The 9/11 Commission Report is the authoritative narrative on the events surrounding 9/11.”

As it turns out, it is against the law for Cohrane to say anything else because his interview with the 9/11 Commission has been classified. ...

Do the Orders Still Stand?" Who Was He?

And lest anyone forgets Mineta's testimony:

During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, 'The plane is 50 miles out.' 'The plane is 30 miles out.' And when it got down to 'The plane is 10 miles out' the young man said to the Vice President, 'Do the orders still stand.' And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, 'Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?' --Norm Mineta, Secretary of Transportation

NewsFocus: Cochran is the young officer referred to by Mineta in his 9/11 Commission testimony. Mineta told of a young man who kept updating Cheney on the incoming status of the Pentagon attack object, and then asked him if "the order still stands?" The Obama administration may not have been involved in the attacks, but they are as guilty as Bush-Cheney, because they have been complicit in the cover-up, and thus are now associated accomplices for not bringing the real criminals to justice.

So much for "change" we can believe in. <sigh>

The USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11
Truthout, by Jennifer Van Bergen - 052002

Many people do not know that the USA PATRIOT Act was already written and ready to go long before September 11th. Recent criticism of Bush's admission that he had received warnings only weeks before September 11th has made it more important to understand the origins of the USAPA.

The USA PATRIOT Act -- the so-called "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001," a.k.a. the USAPA -- was enacted in the immediate wake of 9/11, riding a wave of fear that spread over the nation. This Act has caused much concern amongst civil rights advocates. The Administration, however, responded to such concerns by calling critics unpatriotic. Now, the White House has had a similar response to critics of Bush's recent admission of early warnings. ... (Read More)

WikiLeaks: FBI Hunts The 9/11 Gang That Got Away
The FBI has launched a manhunt for a previously unknown team of men suspected to be part of the 9/11 attacks, the Daily Telegraph can disclose
- 020111

Secret documents reveal that the three Qatari men conducted surveillance on the targets, provided “support” to the plotters and had tickets for a flight to Washington on the eve of the atrocities.

The suspected terrorists flew from London to New York on a British Airways flight three weeks before the attacks.

They allegedly carried out surveillance at the World Trade Centre, the White House and in Virginia, the US state where the Pentagon and CIA headquarters are located.

Ten days later they flew to Los Angeles, where they stationed themselves in a hotel near the airport which the FBI has now established was paid for by a “convicted terrorist”, who also paid for their airline tickets. ...

NewsFocus: So here we go with my biggest fear of all... that WikiLeaks could be an intel operation, leaking just enough to gain our trust, then slamming home the big lie regarding 9/11 with false documents to support the official story. We will see how true WikiLeaks is to the actual truth. At this point, after ten years of investigation, it would be pretty tough to contradict already standing 9/11 research. If WikiLeaks tries to give  out disinformation, we'll know. Too many have already put in the time and the enormous research effort. We know where the evidence trail leads to. For WikiLeaks to contradict the evidence now would be like suddenly coming up with alleged government documents proving that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman. No one would believe it. So we're watching and waiting on WikiLeaks. We've done our research for nearly ten years now. Let's see what WikiLeaks reveals for us, truth or disinformation.

The American Truth Network (Click for more info)

Explosive Revelations From 9/11: Susan Lindauer Interview
9/11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer on Pre 9/11 Warnings and the Iraq War
ScoopNews, by Alex Thomas 

"Above all, you must realize that if you go ahead with this invasion, Osama bin Laden will triumph, rising from his grave or seclusion. His network will be swollen with fresh recruits, and other charismatic individuals will seek to build upon his model, multiplying those networks. And the United States will have delivered the death blow to itself. Using your own act of war, Osama and his cohort will irrevocably divide the hearts and minds of the Arab Street from moderate governments in Islamic countries that have been holding back the tide. Power to the people, what we call “democracy,” will secure the rise of fundamentalists." Susan Lindauer’s last letter to Andrew Card, January 6, 2003 in American Cassandra: Susan Lindauer’s Story, Oct 17, 2007
Today on The Intel Hub Radio, Shepard interviewed former U.S. asset Susan Lindauer. Susan worked primary in the Libyan and Iraqi embassies and warned of the 9/11 attacks months before they happened.

Susan was eventually arrested and charged under the Patriot Act as an Iraqi Agent. Essentially, the United States government turned its back on one of its most trusted assets and locked her in a Texas military prison.

Susan revealed, for the first time, Iraq’s immediate reaction to the 9/11 attacks and what they promised to do for the United States. This is explosive information that confirms our worst suspicions. ...

A Review of Susan Lindauer's Extreme Prejudice

Backup Communications System Was 'Miraculously' Switched on for 'Exercise Mode' and Ready for Use on 9/11 - 011011
A special backup network that allows communications between government and military agencies to continue during emergencies was "miraculously" switched on the day before 9/11, and so was already operational when the terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon took place. The Special Routing Arrangement Service (SRAS) was, for reasons unknown, turned on for "exercise mode" on September 10, 2001, and was therefore ready to be utilized the following day, when there was a national emergency like that for which it was intended. ...

Update! Neutered First Responders Bill Approved - $3.1B Cut!
A Slap In The Face: Gutless, Spineless Senate Cuts Settlement For 9/11 Rescuers
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 122210

This has got to be one of the largest national embarrassments for any civilized society. Just pathetic.

After much Republican heel dragging, the Zadroga Bill for 9/11 first responders has finally passed. People can rejoice if they want, but when you cut the bill by 1/3rd, how does that accomplish all that the legislation was originally intended for? This Senate vote is shameful, particularly because of a Republican-led effort to block the bill, holding it hostage as a political pawn for increased tax cuts for the super-wealthy, and then for reneging on their promise once they got their tax cuts for the ultra-rich. Apparently the only way Republican Senators would vote for the bill is if they cut it nearly in half!  Instead of the $7.4-billion that was approved by the House in the original bill, the final payout will now be only $4.3-billion, a difference of $3.1-billion that Republican Senators felt the sick and dying 9/11 first responders just didn't need. This despite the fact that our own government said the air was perfectly fit to breathe immediately after 9/11. (EPA head Christie Todd Whitman stated the air was fit to breathe, when in fact it was the equivalent of micro-fine Draino.) Read More...

Senate Republicans Turn Backs On 9/11 First Responders
Let's Make Sure The Rich Get Tax Breaks, But @#%! The Dying 9/11 Rescuers
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 121410

That anyone can turn their back on those who volunteered to save other's lives on 9/11 is unconscionable.

Update! Jon Stewart Uses Last Show of 2010 For 9/11 First Responders
(See details and video below this story.)

Just when you thought politics couldn't get more partisan or any uglier, the US Senate, led by the Republican party, voted against the 9/11 First Responders Bill, the Zadroga 9/11 First Responders Act, legislation that would provide those heroic first responders with desperately needed medical benefits and services. Too many are sick and dying, and now they need our help America. In case you don't understand the immoral cruelty being played out on Capitol Hill, let me sum it up for you.

This is about political blackmail, not to mention an extreme moral perversity. You see, the Republicans refuse to vote "yes" on the bill until the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans are extended. How's that for political bargaining? You deny impoverished, sick and dying 9/11 heroes medical help, just so the filthy rich can get a tax break and make more money. And this is the party that willfully and shamelessly echoes 9/11, any chance it can get, for their own political gain, all the while they claim to be a fundamentalist "Christian-based" party, chock full of "family values." (Read More)

9/11 False Flag

Another solid foreign perspective on 9/11, this time it's the Germans.

This Is A Very Good Website With Good Info To Look Over
NewsFocus - 122310

I've been visiting this site for awhile, MediaRoots, and it is well done with a sensible look at politics and the world. The creation of political science major Abby Martin, there are some well written articles and op/eds to look through on the site, plus you can also go through their media archives and listen to the various radio programs that they have produced. They also have an excellent YouTube Website with some great videos to watch. Here is a program where they discussed the truth about the 9/11 attacks.


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The Calculated War On American Freedom
An Orchestrated Assault On The US Constitution
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 122010

Everything that has happened has coincidentally and conveniently mirrored the PNAC plan for the US.

An American Coup

Ever since the United States Supreme Court overruled the Florida Supreme Court and stopped the 2000 Florida election recount, appointing President George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States, things haven't gone so well for our once great nation. True, there were many other politicians before him who did some bad things to affect our freedoms, Richard Nixon and George HW Bush immediately come to mind, however, no other American president has so adversely affected our rights and weakened our democracy so profoundly. Not since Woodrow Wilson's allowance of the Federal Reserve, or Harry Truman's watch over the birth of the CIA, has one president waged so much harm against our Republic and the democracy for which it stands.

At least Wilson and Truman both had extreme remorse for the horrific and egregious mistakes they had made while in office, but not George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Not for one minute. They will defend to their dying day that the evil perpetrated on their watch was justified, such as the Iraq War and the grand lie that Saddam had something to do with 9/11; or how about the WMD lie, the alleged "weapons of mass destruction" that were not there?

Well please excuse those of us who might have a hard time accepting any excuse or explanation as credible from anyone in that "integrity challenged" administration. Once you've been lied to over and over again, by the same source, it is human nature (and common sense) to question that source, if not to never trust that source ever again. ... (Read More)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Wraps Season With 9/11
TruTV Hit Program Revisits 9/11 With A Look At The Pentagon Attack - 111410

The hit TruTV program, "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" has apparently wrapped up its 2010 season with a revisit of 9/11, this time focusing on the Washington DC Pentagon attacks. The program brought up many critical points and facts regarding the event, focusing on a possible missile attack. The show also featured a Pentagon eyewitness survivor, US Army Specialist (ret) Amy Gallop, who actually crawled out of the building hole after the crash, and saw no trace of an airplane on her way out. The program finished with a confrontation between Ventura and the Special Council for the 9/11 Commission.

You can view the entire program on our special Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura webpage: Watch Full Episodes Here

Longtime Naysayer Geraldo Rivera Does An About Face On 9/11
FOX TV Host Gives Airtime To 9/11 Truth Movement After NY TV Ad Campaign - 111410

UPDATE: Damage Control - The Left And Right Attack Rivera And Napolitano

UPDATE: FOX Host Judge Napolitano Agrees With Rivera (see 2nd video below)

FOX TV host and longtime 9/11 truth belittler Geraldo Rivera has had a recent epiphany regarding his stance on the September 2001 attacks, thanks largely due to the efforts of a New York TV ad campaign for 9/11 Truth called, "Building What?" The campaign features surviving 9/11 family members who cite the destruction of WTC 7, the third building to fall that day, albeit one that was never hit by an airliner, yet fell like buildings one and two, at freefall speed. Rivera has openly mocked the 9/11 Truth movement previously on-air, so for the longtime TV host to publicly acknowledge that he might have been wrong is a tribute to the success of the New York 9/11 Truth movement. It will be interesting to see how many other new public conversions will come about as a result of the New York TV ads. Imagine if we had that ad campaign running nationally.

Geraldo Has A 9/11 Change of Heart

FOX TV host Geraldo Rivera finally comes around to 9/11 Truth.

UPDATE: Judge Napolitano agrees with Geraldo. In a recent interview with Alex Jones, the FOX News host admitted, "It's hard for me to believe that it (building 7) came down by itself. ...I think 20 years from now, people will look at 9/11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today, it couldn't possibly have been done the way the government told us." Napolitano is also the author of a recent book entitled, "It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong: The Case For Personal Freedom ." (see video below)

Judge Napolitano Has A Hard Time With The Official 9/11 Explanation

This is another remarkable statement from a FOX News host. Watch at 4:00 mark.

What Happened To Building 7?
Many do not know that a third WTC building, not hit by an airplane, fell on 9/11.

Large Airliner Crashes Don’t Necessarily Generate Recordable Seismic Data (Like The Tremors We Had On 9/11), by Aidan Monaghan - 121310
Freedom of Information Act data from the U.S. Geological Survey for seismic data generated by the crash of U.S. Air Flight 427 in southwestern Pennsylvania on September 8, 1994 suggests that even when a Boeing 737, a smaller but comparable aircraft to the Boeing 757, nose dives into the ground at 300 miles per hour [1], it will not necessarily generate recordable seismic data. Southwestern Pennsylvania is also the same general location of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, which also reportedly nose dived into the ground at over 500 miles per hour on September 11, 2001. UA 93’s impact apparently did generate weak seismic signals. The reported crash of American Airlines Flight 77 also on September 11, 2001, a Boeing 757, apparently did not generate a discernable seismic signal. ...

Kevin Ryan Makes Connections In 9/11 Investigation

This really has nothing to do with WikiLeaks, but is excellent on 9/11 background.

Demolition Access To The WTC Towers: Part One - Tenants

Good Riddance to the Big Lie: Kevin Ryan's 'Demolition Access' Lights the Shadows

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory 'Police State' Program Showing FEMA US Internment Camps Is Pulled From Airwaves
Government Censorship Suspected Against TruTV
NewsFocus - 120310

Apparently word is out on the street that Jesse Ventura's hit television show "Conspiracy Theory" has possibly been censored by government sources. A recent episode entitled "Police State" revealed secret U.S. fusion centers and FEMA internment camps, among many other alarming steps that the U.S. is currently making secret preparations for. The TruTV program normally should have replayed the following week, as previously aired programs from the week before are scheduled to do, however the show mysteriously did not play again. No formal word has come yet from former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who is apparently talking to TruTV officials and looking into the alleged censorship. The program has been the most popular ever for the young upstart channel, garnering the highest ratings and audience that TruTV has ever seen. The program is in its second season and is featured on TruTV (DirecTV 246) on Friday nights at 8pm and 9pm (CST).

The video of the program has been pulled from the TruTV website, however, you can still watch this Conspiracy Theory show via replay through YouTube. (That may change at any moment.) NewsFocus has put together a separate  CTJV webpage compiling all of the programs in one spot for public viewing. The recent Police State show can be viewed here. We suggest that interested viewers download the program off YouTube, while it is still available. You can use the website to download the program for your archives.

More news can be found on

Improbable Collapse : The Demolition of our Republic

The Department of Homeland Security Wants You To Call
Special Line Open For Those With Any Terrorist Information: 877-428-5324 - 120710

The Department of Homeland Security has started a campaign to encourage public spying on other citizens, going so far as to implement message screens in Wal-Mart stores that now flash messages telling people to speak up if they see anything at all that looks suspicious. A message that purports to convey already understood common sense is being viewed by many as nothing more than a renewed attempt to maintain an environment of fear and mistrust among the public. DHS has now set up a special "tattle-line" for people to call regarding possible terrorist activity. Radio broadcaster Alex Jones has countered by inviting listeners to call and report what the press won't publish regarding 9/11. NewsFocus thinks this is a worthwhile effort to utilize the system to the advantage of the 9/11 truth movement, to educate officials at DHS who have blindly accepted the official explanation, rather than examining the actual facts of the disaster.

The number to call is 877-428-5324. (This is an FBI number)

An operator will assist you. Please be respectful and polite.

Points missed by the 9/11 Commission worth mentioning:

  • Military grade thermate found by scientists in four separate WTC dust samples.
  • Do the math! The buildings could not have fallen that fast without explosives.
    WTC1 110 floors of concrete & steel dropped in :09 sec / 12 floors per second!
    WTC2 110 floors of concrete & steel dropped in :10 sec / 11 floors per second!
    WTC7 47 floors of concrete & steel dropped in :06 sec / 8 floors per second!
  • Dick Cheney tracked the object that hit the Pentagon from well over 50 miles and did not have it shot down. A subordinate openly questioned his standing orders.
  • Marvin Bush & cousin Wirt D. Walker III were involved in security for not only the WTC, but also Dulles International Airport and United Airlines.
  • Larry Silverstein leased the WTC just weeks before 9/11 and immediately heavily insured the facility against terrorist attacks. He then later admitted that he had building 7 pulled and subsequently made billions in profit off the insurance policy.
  • NYC Housing Authority employee Barry Jennings reported stepping over dead bodies in WTC 7, after it was already evacuated and long before it imploded.
  • While NORAD and the Air Force were not scrambling as they normally would, Donald Rumsfeld left his post and was derelict in his duty in directing a defense.
  • The New York 9/11 emergency dispatch tapes were mysteriously classified, until FOIA requests revealed firefighters documenting no fire in the lower 78 floors.
  • Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani told ABC's Peter Jennings that he was forewarned that the WTC was going to collapse, but now publicly denies that.
  • Flight 93 was blown up in the air, proven by a 6-8 mile circular debris pattern.
  • The NSA, CIA, and FBI all accepted a blatantly fake Osama confession video and then the government and media sold it to the American public as real.
  • George W. Bush sat on his butt during the 9/11 attacks, then drug his feet for 441 days before allowing a 9/11 investigation. He and Cheney refused to testify to the 9/11 Commission under oath. He then started the Iraq War on 9/11 lies.
  • Why are the numerous Washington DC Pentagon and DOT videos still secret when they would clearly and unequivocally show what hit the Pentagon?
  • The DC strike coincidentally hit a section of the Pentagon that had supposedly been reinforced. Reinforced for what? The reinforcement was apparently not even enough to withstand a normal airliner (allegedly), let alone a military-type threat.
  • Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11 that the Pentagon was missing trillions of dollars. Another coincidence of the Pentagon location that was hit was that it housed the records and accountants that could track the missing trillions.
  • Over 1,300 professionally licensed architects and engineers are publicly challenging the official account regarding the first ever free-fall collapse of three high-rise (WTC) buildings on 9/11, allegedly due to fire, for the first time ever in modern history.

These are but just a few documented points of evidence that all relate to the single biggest terrorist attack on the people of the United States. If DHS is indeed sincere regarding the collection of potential terrorist information, then the list outlined above would be an incredibly great place to start a real 9/11 investigation.

Again, should you call, please be polite and respectful.

NYC Department of Buildings: No Copies of City Issued Permits for Construction Within WTC 7 Found For Years 1999, 2000 and 2001, by Aidan Monaghan - 123010

A Freedom of Information reply from the New York City Department of Buildings reports that copies of city permits for routine or major construction work within World Trade Center building 7 during the years 1999, 2000 and 2001 could not be located. Records for the “ALT 2” category were requested.

“DOB divides construction work into two main categories: New Buildings (NB) and Alterations (ALT). Alterations are further divided into three types—ALT1s, ALT2s and ALT3s—depending upon the scope of work. An ALT1 is a major alteration in which the use or occupancy of an existing property changes. An ALT2 is an alteration in which the use or occupancy of a facility does not change, but includes multiple work types, i.e., plumbing and construction. ALT1s and ALT2s must be filed by a registered architect or licensed engineer."

Expert Architects And Engineers Disagree On WTC Collapse
From the forthcoming documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

Architect Robert McCoy - Pt 1 Architect Robert McCoy - Pt 2

The March to War: Was September 11 2001 the Start of World War III?
Global Research, by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya - 121110

The tragic attacks of September 11, 2001 have resulted in almost ten years of perpetual war. September 11, 2001 was the first drum beats, or the opening salvos, of a much wider conflict. The  deployment of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan has secured a bridgehead into the Eurasian Heartland, which is geographically positioned on or near the borders of Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia.

Was Afghanistan the starting battle of a global war? The invasion of Afghanistan can be compared to the landing of the Western Allies, specifically the Americans, in North Africa as a bridgehead into Italy and Europe. At the same time NATO has been pushing from Europe towards the Eurasian Heartland, like the landing of the invading forces of the Western Allies in France.    

Was September 11th, 2001 the start of the Third World War?

Historically speaking, it should be noted that distinctions between times of war and peace are not always clear-cut and conflicts do not always correspond to the dates set and standardized by historians. War was not even declared in the cases of many past conflicts, such as in the early 1700s when Augustus II of Saxony-Poland invaded Livonia or when Frederick IV of Denmark invaded Holstein-Gottorp. Also, in the cases of many conflicts, attempts were always made to cloak or hide the nature of the conflict as being a war or an act of aggression. The Romans and other imperial powers regularly engaged in this type of conduct. ...

Physicist Steven Jones On The WTC Collapse
From the forthcoming documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

Physicist Steven Jones - Pt 1 Physicist Steven Jones - Pt 2

Myth Busters Ducks The 9/11 Debate
Program Will No Longer Allow 9/11 To Be Debated In Their Website Forum - 111510

The folks from the Discovery Channel TV program "Myth Busters" appear to be recoiling from the 9/11 debate with a recent announcement that it will no longer allow 9/11 posts, censuring any that attempt to discuss the topic. For a show that professes to specialize in busting myths, why is it they are so afraid to openly debate 9/11?

Click on the picture below for a webpage snapshot of their new 9/11 announcement.

Click on the picture above for a larger screenshot of their website announcement.

The notice on the Myth Busters website reads as follows:

The events of 9/11 will not be allowed to be debated and discussed and if they are they will be removed.

The subject is sensitive and painful for us all and is inappropriate for the Mythbusters forums.

We appreciate you complying with these guidelines.


MythBusters forum announcement regarding 9/11

Scientists Speak Out On The WTC Collapse
From the forthcoming documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Chemist Niels Harrit

Physicist Jeff Farrer On The WTC Collapse
From the forthcoming documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

Jeff Farrer - Part 1
Jeff Farrer - Part 2 Jeff Farrer - Part 3

The Most Telling Feature Of All At Ground Zero: The Debris
The Undeniable And Overwhelming Evidence For Controlled Demolition

9/11 Debris: An Investigation of Ground Zero - Part I

9/11 Debris: An Investigation of Ground Zero - Part II

More from 9/11 Blogger: 9/11 Debris: Investigation of Ground Zero, Parts 1&2 CTV911

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

-John F. Kennedy 1961      

Do the Orders Still Stand?" Who Was He?
9/ - 072810

He seems to be Naval Aide Douglas Cochrane. I'll get to how he is identified in a moment. First.....

The 9-11 commission has this scenario in the PEOC, instead of the one described by Norman Mineta.....

"At some time between 10:10 and 10:15, a military aide told the Vice President and others that the aircraft was 80 miles out. Vice President Cheney was asked for authority to engage the aircraft. His reaction was described by Scooter Libby as quick and decisive, "In about the time it takes a batter to decide to swing. The Vice President authorized fighter aircraft to engage the inbound plane. He told us he based this authorization on his earlier conversation with the President. The military aide returned a few minutes later, probably between 10:12 and 10:18, and said the aircraft was 60 miles out. He again asked for authorization to engage. The Vice President again said yes." ...


DOT Head Norm Mineta Testifies To The 9/11 Commission On Cheney

This is very damning testimony. The plane could easily have been shot down.

New Study Of Seismic Signals On 9/11 Reveals Explosives Used
Seismic Signals Reveal Explosives Were Used at the WTC On 9/11, According To Geophysicist André Rousseau, by André Rousseau - 060410

Doctor André Rousseau, former researcher in geophysics at CNRS and specialist in sound waves, presents us with the results of his analysis of the seismic signals recorded on September 11, 2001 in New York and gives his point of view as a specialist on the question of the destruction of the three towers at the World Trade Center. ...

What else but an explosion could be the origin for this seismic wave in the absence of an earthquake?

It is impossible to get such a magnitude only from the falling of the debris, more especially over a duration of ten seconds!! Even if the entire tower had been compacted into a tight ball, it would have necessitated the speed of a meteorite, in any case, more than that caused by the Earth's gravity, to even approach such a magnitude!!

...these waves undeniably have an explosive origin. Even if the planes' impact and the fall of the debris from the Towers onto the ground could have generated seismic waves, their magnitude was insufficient to be recorded 34 km away, and they should have been similar.

We can only conclude that in reality, the (explosive) source was manually detonated, thus accounting for the variable shift for each origin in relation to the videos. (Read More)

Translated to English from

Scientific Analysis of 9/11 Event Draws Contrary Conclusion To Government

Nice to see people using their brains and not buying unsubstantiated bullshit.

NIST WTC 7 FAQ Alterations Revealed
911Blogger - by Snowcrash - 120210
Initial discovery

On NIST’s current WTC 7 FAQ page, the headline reads: (emphasis mine)

Questions and Answers about the NIST WTC 7 Investigation (Updated 09/17/2010) [1]

In order to preempt further alterations, I cached this version.[2] When I noticed the date of the update, I first tried to look for previous versions of the FAQ in the Wayback Machine.[3]

I was in for a disappointment: previous versions of the page had curiously vanished from the archive. Normally this means game over: there are no cached versions. To my knowledge, there is no alternative for the Wayback Machine. I tried to look for alternatives nonetheless.

Thankfully, I found one: Jim Hoffman had apparently cached an older version of NIST’s FAQ on his website.[4] Apparently this version dates August 21, 2008. At the top, it shows the original source link of the cached version.[5]

The wildcard search in the Wayback Machine should have matched this page, but it didn’t. Either it was never stored, there was an error in the database or somebody made a request to for removal. ...

New York Times / CBS Poll: 81% of Americans Think US Untruthful Over 9/11
Only 16% Believe The US Government Is Telling The Truth Over Alleged Attacks - 101406

A New York Times/CBS News poll shows that 81% believe that the United States government is not telling us the truth or is lying about the 9/11 attacks. Only 16% of Americans think the government is telling the truth about 9/11 while 3% are uncertain. The actual poll can be found here.

"Do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the truth, are mostly telling the truth but hiding something, or are they mostly lying?

Telling the truth 16%

Hiding something 53%

Mostly lying 28%

Not sure 3%"

The NYCCAN 'Building What?' Ad

The Great And Powerful Oz Forbids You, Do Not Look Behind The Curtain!
Why Did New York Make It Illegal To Take Pictures of Ground Zero?
NewsFocus - 120210

One of the more peculiar oddities of the 9/11 attacks is that the city of New York banned all cameras from ground zero, barring photography of any kind, unless given permission by the city of New York. The argument was that "this was a crime scene," however, the order prohibiting photos did not go up until much later after 9/11, only once suspicious looking girders and debris started showing up. Officials even took it so far as to ban photography at the Fresh Kills landfill, offshore from New York City, where much of the debris was shipped to. There are lots of pictures of the Murrah Building. Did they ban cameras in Oklahoma City too? A great many have cried cover-up and censorship in regards to 9/11. The late ban on photography was a curious move by Giuliani / NYC.

How does taking pictures of a debris pile hinder a criminal investigation in any way?

Don't Believe It? There Were Explosions Reported In WTC

Why don't we listen to the eyewitnesses who were there, instead of those who weren't.

Whistleblower Reveals "Backdoor" 757 Remote Control And Flight Crew "Lockout" Technology Available Prior To 9/11 - Friday, 21 May 2010 09:02

Wayne Anderson, an Avionics Technician is interviewed by Rob Balsamo, Co-Founder, Pilots For 9/11 Truth. Wayne reveals his observations of a remote guidance test on a Boeing 757 in which technology was used to control the aircraft remotely, while also being able to "Lockout" the Flight Crew from overriding the autopilot system in order to regain control of the airplane. The following interview discusses the details of this test which was performed prior to September 11, 2001, the violations of FAA regulations and the possibilities using such technology. ... (Read more)


The Destruction of Building 7 (Looping Video)

Clearly a controlled demolition. Watch the right side vertical detonation squibs.

The WTC Leaseholder and His Associates That Cheated Death on 9/11: Was it Coincidence or Foreknowledge?
9/ - 052810
New York real estate developer Larry Silverstein and several key individuals associated with his firm, Silverstein Properties, appear to have had remarkable luck on September 11, 2001, when changes in their schedule or coincidental circumstances saved them from being high up in the World Trade Center when it was attacked.

Silverstein Properties took over the lease of the World Trade Center seven weeks before 9/11, the only time the complex had gone under private control [1], and after 9/11 Larry Silverstein sought damages of over $7 billion from his insurers for the destruction of the Twin Towers. [2] On September 11, the firm had temporary offices on the 88th floor of the North Tower. (American Airlines Flight 11 impacted that tower between its 93rd and 99th floors.) Of its 160 employees, 54 were working in those offices at the time of the attacks and four of them died. [3] ... (Read More)

9/11: Press For Truth

Probably the most straight forward documentary, with just the facts.

In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11 Families

The one-on-one interviews with the 9/11 families.

Do We Know the Truth About 9/11?, by Abby Martin - March 2010

The upcoming 9th anniversary of September 11th brings little solace for the millions of citizens worldwide who have serious questions concerning the official account of what happened that day.

Usually when there is a monumental failure in our government’s ability to protect our nation, a complete investigation immediately ensues. Yet in the case of the 9/11 tragedy, Bush opposed any probe into the attacks for well over a year until mounting pressure from the victim’s family members forced him to address the issue.

Once the 9/11 Commission was finally formed, Philip Zelikow was put on as its executive director. Zelikow also penned the controversial Bush Doctrine, a policy which allowed preemptive invasion of any country in the world if potential for a future threat existed.

Chairman of the commission, Thomas Keane, later charged in a book that the commission was “set up to fail.” Furthermore, Bush and Cheney refused to testify to the Commission separately and under oath. Crucial witness testimony and evidence was also deliberately withheld from most of the commission members. ... (Read More)

Senator Mark Dayton Rakes The 9/11 Commission

Dayton is the only one to do this. He was allegedly threatened and left the Senate.

The Collapse Of WTC 7 Created An Extraordinary Problem
Building What? How SCADs Can Be Hidden in Plain Sight
David Ray Griffin

The collapse of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7) thereby challenges the official account of the destruction of the World Trade Center, according to which it was accomplished by al-Qaeda hijackers.
(Read More)

9/11 Commission Was Warned About ‘Line It Should Not Cross’
Bush Administration Cautioned Members Against Probing Too Deeply, by Sahil Kapur - Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

The infamous 9/11 Report, along with the 9/11 Commission responsible for its content.

Senior Bush administration officials sternly cautioned the 9/11 Commission against probing too deeply into the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, according to a document recently obtained by the ACLU.

The notification came in a letter dated January 6, 2004, addressed by Attorney General John Ashcroft, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and CIA Director George J. Tenet. The ACLU described it as a fax sent by David Addington, then-counsel to former vice president Dick Cheney. ...

Download the ACLU document:

NewsFocus: How can you have a thorough investigation if you're told not to entertain one potential aspect of the crime, the possible influence of state sponsored assistance. The fact that the 9/11 Commission was told not to go down that road means... hey, there must be something down that road.

Call, write, or email your Congressman. It is time for a real 9/11 investigation.

This boy will not let you down. -George Bush Sr.

George W. Bush "Inaction" On 9/11
A Compilation of Bush News Clips From September 11th

New Video Montage Paints Damning Picture Of Commander In Chief On 9/11
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 050110

One thing the internet is not short of is 9/11 videos. Along with these videos are numerous news clips detailing George W. Bush's reaction to the horrible 9/11 event. This well documented footage of the former Commander in Chief has raised many eyebrows the world over, yet few, if any, in the mainstream press have questioned the totality of these remarkable videos.

The Booker Elementary classroom video has clearly been the most scrutinized of these Bush news clips from 9/11. A great many in the U.S. and around the world consider former President Bush to be highly negligent in his duty on 9/11, not only as President, but also as the U.S. Commander in Chief.

Over 51% of Americans are asking for a new 9/11 investigation, yet to this date the former Bush administration, as well as the present Obama administration, have both been recalcitrant in acknowledging the wishes of the American people. Zogby has conducted many polls regarding 9/11, all showing dissatisfaction with the 9/11 Commission and the U.S. government's official explanation, yet a new investigation has so far not been taken seriously by those elected politicians sent to Washington to serve the will and interests of its citizenry.

NewsFocus has collected many of these videos and has produced a short production of news clips detailing George W. Bush's 9/11 reaction and his noted inaction, including his post-attack foot dragging on establishing an independent investigation into the worst attack ever on United States soil. The video received over 6,000 viewings in the first week and was picked up by many 9/11 websites, including 9/11Blogger and 9/11Truth, as well as noted activist Alex Jones'

According to the polls, many consider Bush's inaction on its own to be reason enough to re-open the 9/11 investigation. Many also cite the fact that Donald Rumsfeld was not at his post directing a proper defense for this country, and that Dick Cheney tracked the Pentagon attack "vehicle" from over 50 miles out and still did not shoot the object down. This to many has been deemed as negligence and dereliction of duty at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

The 9/11 debate rages onward to this day, with many Americans who are new to the 9/11 discrepancies joining the majority call for a new investigation.

Only time will tell if the U.S. government responds favorably and responsibly to this call.

The video can be viewed on Vimeo, or directly below this article.

Bush Dereliction of Duty on 9/11
With America Under Attack, He Chose To Read a Children's Book Instead!!

With the US "under attack," WHY did Bush choose to do this??
Reason enough for a new 9/11 investigation.

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.
-Haile Selassie

Who Benefited From 9/11?
As The Old Saying Goes, 'Follow The Money'
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 010110

[ Excerpt from "A September Coup" ]

The most common principle of all in the investigation of large crimes is to ask, who benefited? As Watergate informant "Deep Throat" once told Washington Post investigative reporter Bob Woodward, "follow the money." That reasoning is most always still valid when it comes to high crimes, but not all nefarious endeavors are so easily tracked, especially in cases of state sponsored activity. Power and control are also an integral part of the equation.

So with these thoughts in mind, who truly benefited from 9/11?

  • The United States (new strategic middle east foothold, with oil & gas)

  • The military industrial complex (hundreds of billions in war profits)

  • Department of Defense (budgets greatly increased)

  • U.S. intelligence services (budgets greatly increased)

  • PNAC (policies for U.S. world dominance furthered)

  • Larry Silverstein (received $4-billion in insurance money)

  • Bush family (Carlyle Group war profits)

  • Dick Cheney (Halliburton war profits)

  • Put Option Investors (made a fortune off 9/11)

  • Israel (U.S. fights its enemies for them)

And who were the biggest losers from 9/11?

  • Afghanistan people (citizens murdered, country ravaged)

  • Iraqi people (citizens murdered, country ravaged)

  • U.S. people (Constitutional rights taken with Patriot Act)

Those involved in the profit clearly have no moral scruples, nor any human integrity. Their avarice will eventually one day be their undoing.

How Could The Secret Be Kept?

Many opponents of the 9/11 truth movement say that thousands of people had to be involved for the 9/11 event to be an inside job. How could they all keep an inside job a secret?

First off, the 9/11 naysayers are the group claiming thousands were involved, not the 9/11 researchers. To be quite honest, you don't need a fraction of that number to pull off the 9/11 event. All you need is a small number of people to initiate the main event, allowing that to be the misguided catalyst for the rest to blindly follow in an act of defense and patriotism. All you need would be a small crew with enough time to set up the three affected WTC buildings, some people on the inside in air traffic control, as well as a few major figures in government and the military.

The key is to have top officials in the loop who possess the power to have people obey and follow them without question.

Larger events have been kept secret for far longer than 9/11.

The Manhattan Project employed thousands, but strict military compartmentalization kept everyone in the dark, allowing information on a need to know basis for each particular aspect of the project. Even Truman didn't know until the death of FDR.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened, but it was the impetus for scaling up U.S. efforts in the Viet Nam war. Many had to know of the ruse, yet we have only learned recently that it was now fake.

The F-117 and B-2 stealth plane projects were kept secret for nearly twenty years, giving rise to countless UFO sightings that had nothing to do with extraterrestrial activity.

The Federal Reserve System has been kept from many Americans since 1913. Many are indeed aware that it is not owned by the U.S. government, but most people have no clue whatsoever.

Operation Mockingbird was a CIA endeavor for the sole purpose of controlling and manipulating the U.S. and world media. Very few, if any, know of its existence even now.

These are but just a few of the known instances where secrets were kept by many for a very long time. How many national secrets do you suppose still exist today that we know nothing about?

Many people in general only care about themselves and their own immediate needs. As a species, we are quite gullible and often far too trusting when it comes to our politicians and the government that we allow them to run on our behalf.

Those in positions of high power and our military surely laugh at the notion that secrets and clandestine events cannot be withheld from the greater public.

Secrets can be kept and are being kept to this very day.

(Read more at: A September Coup)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke

Succession of Clips Showing 2nd Tower Attack

In Case You Don't Understand Why 9/11 Was Allowed To Happen
Event Meant To Be A Springboard, A Catalyst To Push People To Accept NWO - 041710

Investigative producer Jason Bermas, creator of the film "Fabled Enemies" and also one of the talents who helped Dylan Avery with the "Loose Change" series, has a new film out dealing with the secretive New World Order agenda. While the behind the scenes machinations of duplicity have been kept from the public's view, the general idea has been propagated by numerous U.S. and world leaders over the years, but is the New World Order a good thing for mankind?

Many are fearful of world domination and a global system of enslavement for the common man. If evil and avarice could somehow be pulled from the heart and soul of mankind, then perhaps a New World Order might be possible, but sadly enough, most understand that is not possible at this point in time. Our politicians have lied to us and deceived us over and over again, all for the sake of profit and empire. How will that change under a New World Order? Will we kick out the bums and let truly honest and moral people govern, or will it just be the same old show, but on a grander world scale?

While the idea is being touted and sold as a benevolent plan, one has to question, why all the behind the scenes secrecy? If you have not educated yourself on this world quest for total control, you should take the time to look and understand the dangers that will be prevalent with such a system. The potential for oppression of the people on a mass scale is exponentially much greater. Corporate hegemony is the real goal. Rule by the rich has been the downfall of man through the ages. Their misuse of power and resulting abuse of the people is well documented.

Ask yourself this... if the NWO plan is truly one of peace and goodwill, why are the people of the world being kept out of the decision making process? Who gave our elected officials the right to do away with our sovereign nation and our Constitution? When has a vote of the people ever been called for on the New World Order?

Wake up and start asking questions. Demand answers from the politicians that we elected to serve us. We do not serve them. They are given a seat in our government by  us in order to serve "we the people." Period.

Those that have researched and investigated the 9/11 and 7/7 events understand that we have been deceived on a grand scale. It is apparent to many that some within the Bush administration were complicit on 9/11 in order to push us into the New World Order. Sadly, the Obama administration seems to be following this same dark path, proof that the U.S. Presidency is merely a puppet for the "powers that be," and they call the real shots in this world.

Read more on this plan for global control, before it's too late.

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Order the full DVD at

"The interests behind the Bush Administration, such as the CFR, The Trilateral Commission - founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller - and the Bilderberger Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years. They are not fighting against terrorists. They are fighting against citizens." --Dr. Johannes B. Koeppl, Ph.D., former German defense ministry official and advisor to former NATO Secretary General Manfred Werne  

“Some even believe we (Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” -David Rockefeller

“We shall have one world government whether or not we like it. The only question is, whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” -Paul Warburg – Council on Foreign Relations / Architect of the Federal Reserve, 1950 before U.S. Senate.

More documentaries on the New World Order:

Wake Up Call   |   The New World Order

The Project For A New American Empire
Who are these guys? And why do they think they can rule the world?, by Duane Shank
A British magazine called them "the weird men behind George W. Bush's war." Their Project has led to countless conspiracy theories. Their principles are now the governing foreign and military policy of the Bush administration—a plan combining U.S. military forces based around the world with a doctrine of pre-emptive war and the development of new nuclear weapons. ...

The New American Century

A New Italian Film On America And 9/11
A Must See For Those Trying To Reconcile The Brutality of September 11th, 2001
NewsFocus, 062109
Filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco shares an interesting take on the inconsistencies in the official 9/11 story. The New American Century deals with the people and the narrow minded viewpoint of the PNAC, as well as the neo-cons who support its flawed thinking, however, it goes out of its way to exonerate George W. Bush. It points an accusing finger at top officials in the Bush administration, yet fails to see the connection with George W. Bush, nor Bush's dad, former President George HW Bush. This is, to this writer, a theory fraught with a most naive myopia. The film seems to be very accurate in regards to the PNAC and the neo-con ideology, but the lack of understanding on where the Bush family falls into this movement is disappointing and a most significant and disturbing shortcoming in this production. (IMHO) From the director responsible for the production "Inganno Globale" (coming soon in English as "Global Deceit"). Please take the time to watch this powerful film on the 9/11 event and make up your own mind.

I like evidence, and regarding 9/11 what has been provided by the mainstream media seems to be questionable, doubtful, difficult to believe, highly suspect, clearly invented, or contrary to physical laws. The lack of transparency in the presumed investigation, the many aspects of an obvious official cover up and the way in which 9/11 was used as an excuse, contrary to the rule of national and international law, to invade Afghanistan, and then Iraq; all of these lead me to question official stories in general, and stories concerning 9/11 in particular.
-Dr. Brian Stross, Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Time For A Real 9/11 Investigation
If You Think We Already Had A Thorough Investigation, Think Again
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 020810

This article isn't intended for the 9/11 truth movement as much as it is for those who still accept the official story. Addressing those who already believe is simply preaching to the choir. It's time for all Americans to come together and finally demand a new 9/11 investigation. This segment of America doesn't realize there are numerous outlandish incongruities and coincidences to 9/11 that beg for more investigation. Those that are not part of the 9/11 truth movement naively think that the 9/11 Commission thoroughly investigated the worst attack ever on American soil. They couldn't be more mistaken. ...

NewsFocus has put together a useful webpage of some important things you need to know about 9//11. If you've been wondering what all the fuss is about, but never took the time to look, here's a webpage to get you going on the inside scoop. Don't think for a minute that the corporate media has told you the truth when it comes to 9/11, and the ensuing trillion dollar wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 50% of Americans are uncomfortable with the official explanation of 9/11 and are calling for a new investigation.

All Americans need to be united together in this endeavor, because no truer statement has ever been made about our country, "united we stand, or divided we fall." Make no mistake about it, this was an attack on the United States as we used to know it, with our Constitution set squarely in the target sight. We are all going to have to fight together in order to save the democracy that we so proudly cherished.

Educate yourself on the facts and evidence of 9/11. Once you realize that there is a concerted effort to cover-up the whole event, you will understand why you've been misled from the start. Learn who was responsible for 9/11 and recognize the changes that have been forced upon us all. Most of all, become vocal and educate others. (Read more)

From Freedom To Fascism

Film producer Aaron Russo also had it "right on the money."

Aaron Russo interview by Alex Jones
Interview with Film Producer Aaron Russo
Aaron Russo, "Mad As Hell"

It Is Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong. -Voltaire

According To The FBI, The Calls Were Fake And Never Came From Airplane
Global Research, by David Ray Griffin - April 1, 2008

Late in the day on 9/11, CNN put out a story that began: “Barbara Olson, a conservative commentator and attorney, alerted her husband, Solicitor General Ted Olson, that the plane she was on was being hijacked Tuesday morning, Ted Olson told CNN.” According to this story, Olson reported that his wife had “called him twice on a cell phone from American Airlines Flight 77,” saying that “all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers. The only weapons she mentioned were knives and cardboard cutters.”2

Ted Olson’s report was very important. It provided the only evidence that American 77, which was said to have struck the Pentagon, had still been aloft after it had disappeared from FAA radar around 9:00 AM (there had been reports, after this disappearance, that an airliner had crashed on the Ohio-Kentucky border). Also, Barbara Olson had been a very well-known commentator on CNN. The report that she died in a plane that had been hijacked by Arab Muslims was an important factor in getting the nation’s support for the Bush administration’s “war on terror.” Ted Olson’s report was important in still another way, being the sole source of the widely accepted idea that the hijackers had box cutters.3

However, although Ted Olson’s report of phone calls from his wife has been a central pillar of the official account of 9/11, this report has been completely undermined. ...

ZOGBY POLL: 51% Want Congressional Probe into 9/11
Zogby Poll: 51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush/Cheney Regarding 9/11 ... appear significantly more critical of the 9/11 Commission than Whites, ...

The Patriot Act

Americans need to wake up to the horrible ramifications of this act.

See more videos like this on the NewsFocus American Assault page.

If I Could Ask A Question Or Two From Those Involved In 9/11
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 020910

If I could give truth serum to those involved in 9/11, this is what I would ask:

Dick Cheney: What was the order the young man questioned and why wasn't the plane shot at, nor shot down?

George W Bush: Why did you sit in that classroom when you knew the country was being attacked and you presumably had no idea how many cities or attacks were involved?

Donald Rumsfeld: Why did you leave your office and neglect your duty while America was under attack?

Larry Silverstein: Building seven was evacuated early that morning and there were no firemen allowed inside to fight any fires. Why did you recant your infamous "pull it" comment from the PBS TV special on 9/11? What is the name of the fire department commander you spoke with that day?

George HW Bush: What were you doing in the White House the night before 9/11, even though your son was in Florida?

Unnamed FAA Manager: What was on those audio interview tapes with the New York air traffic controllers that you had to destroy the tapes completely and sprinkle the remaining pieces in separate garbage cans?

Rudy Giuliani: Who was in the Mayor's Emergency Command bunker in WTC 7 on the morning of 9/11? Who told you the World Trade Center was going to collapse?

These are but just a few questions that beg to be asked and need to be answered. With many notable points overlooked by the 9/11 Commission how can we say that we have the whole truth? That is not only a preposterous thing to say, it is quite arrogant and just plain ludicrous. Alarmingly enough, there are too many 9/11 incongruities that still need to be examined closer with more objective scrutiny. You can't find the truth if you don't look.

Don't just demand a new 9/11 investigation, demand a real 9/11 investigation.

Giuliani Discrepancy In 9/11 Warning Of WTC Collapse

These are two totally different accounts from Giuliani on being forewarned on 9/11.

What You Need To Understand About 9/11
Over 60 Points To Reconcile From The September 11th Event
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 082809

Click on image for a larger version

  • Supreme Court appointed President George W. Bush was neglect in his duties on 9/11. He said he already knew that a plane had hit the World Trade Center before he went into the Florida classroom (Booker Elementary), yet he said and did nothing when Chief of Staff Andrew Card told him in certain words, "The second tower has been hit. America is under attack." He decided to stay seated in the classroom and kept reading "My Pet Goat" instead.

  • The WTC fires were small and isolated and did not consume the buildings from top to bottom. They were reported as isolated and capable of being put out with only one or two hoses.

  • The FDNY dispatch tapes were classified after 9/11 to hide firefighter accounts of no top to bottom burning in the WTC towers. The tapes prove there was no widespread top to bottom burning of either building.

  • The first time ever that a steel high-rise building was alleged to collapse was on 9/11. Not only did we have the first ever steel high-rise destruction from fire, but three steel-high rise buildings all coincidentally fell for the first time ever. What are the odds?

  • Over 1000 accredited architects & engineers openly refute the official story of the World Trade Center destruction. They claim that only explosives can explain it.

  • Active Nano-thermite (thermate), an extremely high military-grade explosive, was found in many of the samples of the WTC dust and debris.

  • Liquid steel was found in the WTC basement, still molten and red hot for five to six weeks after September 11th. ["As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running." -Leslie Robertson, Chief Structural Engineer, WTC.]

  • WTC 1 (hit at 8:46) burned for 102 minutes, yet WTC 2 (hit later at 9:02) burned only :56 minutes, but somehow WTC 2 fell first. How does this happen, especially when the fuel burned off immediately in the fireball and there was no top to bottom burning, of either building? 

  • The Spain Windsor building burned hotter and for 21 hours straight (21 times longer than WTC 2), yet it did not collapse.

  • The China CCTV tower also burned far hotter and also much longer than either WTC 1 or 2, nearly four hours, and yet, like the Madrid Windsor tower, it also did not collapse.

  • No molten steel was ever found in either the Windsor tower, nor in the Beijing CCTV building, despite much longer burning and intensely hotter fires.

  • All three WTC buildings dropped at near free fall speed, with very little or no resistance at all, as they passed directly through their own core structure.

  • WTC 7 dropped symmetrically, just like WTC 1 and WTC 2, yet no plane hit it. There were never any reports of the emergency generator tanks exploding.

  • Dead bodies were reported in building 7, even though it was evacuated before any of the other building collapses. (Testimony of Barry Jennings, emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority.)

  • The 9/11 Commission made no mention of the WTC 7 destruction in their final report. Why omit details of a third building that fell like towers one and two?

  • Debris and body parts were found on high-rise rooftops, hundreds of feet from the World Trade Center. If the buildings fell downward, how did the debris and body parts blow upwards and out, away from towers one and two?

  • Officials mysteriously made it illegal for the public to photograph the WTC ground zero destruction after many questionable photos began to arise. The camera ban came by order of then mayor Rudy Giuliani. Taking pictures was no disrespect to the families who lost loved ones, as claimed by Giuliani.

  • WTC crime scene material building evidence was shipped away to China and destroyed before any forensic investigation could take place, especially when the steel capitol of the world was next door in Pittsburgh. So why ship so far away? No real crime investigation gets rid of the forensic evidence, ever.

  • Insiders placed stock 'put options' on American and United Airlines due to the 9/11 attacks. The FBI still won't divulge who made the stock calls or how they knew that these particular stocks (United Airlines and American Airlines) would be affected. Who were the investors who made these put options?

  • Fake Osama tape released to the media and the public claiming responsibility for 9/11. Tape was sanctioned by US intelligence, even though the figure in the video looked nothing like Osama and was clearly right-handed. (FBI says he is left-handed on his wanted poster. They also do not implicate him for 9/11.) Who found the video? Why did US intelligence claim it was Osama when it was an obvious phony tape?

  • None of the alleged hijacker names were on any of the airline passenger lists. United Passenger List  |  American Airlines Passenger List

  • Many of the alleged 9/11 hijackers are still alive, calling into question who was actually involved in the attacks. How could some within the government falsely accuse these individuals? If their names weren't on the passenger lists, how did the FBI immediately come up with the names and the photos so quickly? How were the terrorist cars found so quickly if their names weren't on the airplane manifests? Nine of the alleged hijackers are said to be still alive.

  • Newsweek published a report with an interview of Mohamed Atta's dad who said that he was called by his son the day after 9/11. He claims that his son was later killed by the Israeli Mossad.

  • What about the reports that the alleged hijackers had purchased tickets for flights scheduled after September 11?

  • No black boxes were ever produced from the 9/11 rubble, despite being nearly indestructible, made of titanium, fireproofed and all having electronic locators. (Some news accounts claim they were found, but those reports were then quickly refuted.)

  • An airplane jet engine was found in the WTC debris that does not match the airliners that were alleged to have struck the buildings.

  • An airplane wheel hub was found in the Pentagon debris that does not match the alleged airliner to strike the building.

  • Pentagon officials described the distinct odor of "cordite" lingering in the air. Cordite is a military explosive.

  • Like Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was derelict in his duty on 9/11. Rather than carrying out his explicit duty to coordinate a strategic defense during an attack on American soil, he went outside to assist on the lawn. This was clearly not his duty in a national defense emergency.

  • The Washington, DC emergency dispatch tapes are still being withheld from the public. Why?

  • Washington, DC DOT video and numerous Pentagon CCTV videos are still being withheld. Why?

  • Why were no wing marks left on the Pentagon front wall? No wing debris was found on the lawn, nor any wing markings on the face of the building. How did the windows stay intact around the impact hole?

  • How does a hollow aluminum skinned aircraft, traveling at far less than mach speed, puncture three rings of the Pentagon, busting through five very thick steel reinforced concrete walls?

  • Eyewitnesses, including two off-duty Pentagon Police officers, claim that the object that hit the Pentagon came from the left of the CitGo gas station, not the right, where the light poles were knocked over. Did two objects strike the Pentagon, possibly a smaller plane and also a missile?

  • Numerous war game exercises (at least four) were coincidentally scheduled for 9/11, all of which served to confuse air traffic controllers. What are the odds?

  • Military aircraft jets were not scrambled until after the attacks (9:35am) even though they had been launched at least 67 times, within :20 minutes or less, during scrambles from the last year.

  • NORAD was defeated three times on 9/11. Suspiciously, NORAD missed defending the Pentagon also, after already knowing for quite some time of the two prior New York WTC attacks. Our air defenses are much better than this.

  • What a coincidence that pilot guns were banned from the cockpit in July of 2001, a little over one month prior to the 9/11 event.

  • What a coincidence that the commercial aircraft shoot down orders were changed in June of 2001.

  • What a coincidence that the New York Port Authority sold the lease for the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein just a little over one month prior to 9/11 (July 2001).

  • What fire captain spoke with Larry Silverstein and made the decision to pull WTC building 7? Was this FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro? Was it Frank Fellini?

  • Who told Mayor Rudy Giulliani that the buildings were going to collapse?

  • FEMA employee Tom Kenney told Dan Rather that the agency arrived in New York City on Monday evening, the day before the 9/11 attacks, specifically for that event. How did they know?

  • Why was the Washington attack plane not shot down when Dick Cheney was tracking it for well over 50 miles out from the Pentagon? (DOT head Norman Mineta testified to this before the 9/11 Commission.) What were the orders that Cheney referred to?

  • 184 people died at the Pentagon. Why didn't Cheney order an evacuation when he was tracking the attack object from over 50 miles out?

  • Why were no large plane parts found anywhere at the Pennsylvania crash site?

  • Why was the flight 93 debris scattered up to 6 to 8 miles in a circular pattern in Pennsylvania? How could clothing, luggage and body parts bounce that far?

  • Why did an FAA investigator destroy all of the air traffic controller audio interview tapes from 9/11, going out of his way to deposit the recorded tapes into numerous garbage cans so that they couldn't be pieced together again?

  • Why did Bush not want to have an official 9/11 investigation into the worst crime ever perpetrated on American soil, resisting for well over a year? (Waited 441 days)

  • Why on earth did Bush ask Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle to limit any investigations into 9/11?

  • Why did Bush and Cheney refuse to testify individually before the 9/11 Commission, even though they were specifically asked to do so?

  • Why did Bush put enormous restrictions on the 9/11 Commission, such as how many Commissioners could be present and length of questioning?

  • Why did Bush demand that he and Cheney not be put under oath when they testified before the 9/11 Commission?

  • Why did Bush ignore over 50 warnings from foreign countries of an impending attack on the US, including the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) titled “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike Inside US."

  • Why did Bush sit in a Florida elementary classroom when the United States was clearly under attack? Why didn't the Secret Service remove Bush from the classroom, as they were supposed to do?

  • Who gave the order to evacuate the White House if the Secret Service came to take Cheney away and Bush was still in a Florida classroom? Why would the Secret Service take Cheney and not take Bush? Who gave these orders?

  • How much of a coincidence was it that George HW Bush spent the night before 9/11 in the White House?

  • Who was flying in the E4B Presidential flying command post over Washington on 9/11?

  • What a coincidence that Senator Bob Graham and Representative Porter Goss (part of the Congressional delegation to Pakistan two weeks prior) were having breakfast on Capitol Hill with Pakistani General Mahmood Ahmed, the alleged "money-man" for 9/11 who wired Mohamed Atta $100,000 just before 9/11. Were these men being set-up, or just foolish and careless to be seen together with Ahmad the morning of 9/11?

  • Why were the bin Ladens allowed to fly out of the U.S. on private jets the day after the 9/11, especially when all other air traffic was grounded? Why the hurry? If Osama bin Laden was being blamed, why not ask questions, as happens with all investigations? They could have been protected well enough in Federal custody.

  • Why was the Bin Laden Task Force dismissed months before 9/11? Why did Bush stop investigations into terrorist connections?

  • Who was it that told FBI agent John O'Neill to stop investigating Al-Qaeda?

  • How could our Echelon system possibly miss the communications needed to organize such a major foreign attack? The US denied having such a system in place for years, until the EU caught them red handed and exposed the entire operation. (see also: Executive Order 12333)

  • What role did Able Danger play in 9/11? Is it a disinformation campaign to cover-up that Atta and others were our guys all along? Why was it dismissed? Did some capitalize on the convenience of terrorists ready to strike the US?

This is only a short list of oddities and strange coincidences regarding the 9/11 event.


WTC 2 (South tower) 9:59am
It fell in less than 10 seconds (110 / 10 = 11 floors per second)

WTC 1 (North tower) 10:28am
It fell in 9 seconds (110 / 9 = 12 floors per second)

WTC 7 - (Salomon Bldg) 5:20pm
It fell in 6.6 seconds (47 / 6.6 = 7 floors per second)

A Real 9/11 Investigation?

Bush refused to hold a full investigation of the 9/11 attacks for over a year, 441 days. (Sept 12, 2001 to Nov 26, 2002) The Pearl Harbor investigation took only 11 days to begin.

  • Shuttle Challenger Investigation - $75-million (LA Times)
  • Reagan-Bush Sr. Iran-Contra investigation - $47.4-million. (CNN)
  • Clinton Investigation - $80-million+ (CNN)
  • Shuttle Columbia Investigation - $120-million (RedOrbit)

Initial 9/11 Investigation was set at a paltry $600-thousand.

9/11 Commission investigation eventually spent a meager $15-million for the worst crime ever committed on American soil.

The Experts Said...

Fire Engineering Magazine... "No steel building has ever been destroyed by fire. The (World Trade Center) investigation was a half baked farce."

Underwriters Laboratories... I think we can all agree that even un-fireproofed steel will not melt until reaching red-hot temperatures of nearly 3000F (2). Why Dr. Brown would imply that 2000F would melt the high-grade steel used in those buildings makes no sense at all. ...This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I’m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone the briefly burning fires in those towers. That fact should be of great concern to all Americans. --Kevin Ryan,

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) admitted... “the specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown at this time.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... admitted that due to “the tremendous energy released by the falling building mass, the building section came down essentially in free fall.”

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... asked by a reporter (Jennifer Abel of the Hartford Advocate) why they did not look for evidence of explosives. NIST stated: “If you’re looking for something that isn’t there, you’re wasting your time … and the taxpayer’s money.”

Notable Quotes:

Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty. --George W. Bush, US President

And I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ya know, we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is.. is pull it. And they made that decision to pull, and then we watched the building collapse.
Larry Silverstein, WTC Leaseholder

During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, 'The plane is 50 miles out.' 'The plane is 30 miles out.' And when it got down to 'The plane is 10 miles out' the young man said to the Vice President, 'Do the orders still stand.' And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, 'Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?'
--Norm Mineta, Secretary of Transportation

I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. ... The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States.  --Osama bin Laden

Of Course President Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama. --Colonel Steven Butler, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA, May 26, 2002  (BBC article)

Bush Had Plenty of Warning  (including the Aug 6th PDB)
White House had at least 28 Advanced Intelligence Warnings Prior to 9/11
(Total warnings said to number over 50.)

It is said that the United States had over 50 warnings of impending terrorist attacks, yet the Bush administration sat idly by and did nothing to prevent them. Ask yourself, why?

Many now say the Bush administration did do something, they positioned themselves to manipulate and use the event to bring about more Federal power over the people and to neuter the Constitution through the use of...

  • Patriot Act
  • Patriot Act II
  • Homeland Security
  • Military Commissions Act

Out of these attacks they gained...

  • More Federal and Presidential power
  • War in Afghanistan
  • War in Iraq
  • Never ending nebulous War on Terror
  • Trillion$ for the defense industry

And yet there are still the naive and ignorant who ask the foolish question, "Why would anyone or any group within our government possibly do this? What could they possibly have to gain from the 9/11 attacks?"

9/11 Documentaries Americans Really Need To See
(More movie links at the bottom of this page)

9/11: An American Coup

The latest from Dylan Avery and the crew at Loose Change

The Core of Corruption

First full film of five part series released
[ larger version  |

The Final Installment in the Loose Change Series

The 9/11 documentary that woke the world up.

The Movie That Pushed the World to Take a 2nd Look MUST SEE!

LOOSE CHANGE II (An Investigative Look Into 9/11)
9/11: Loose Change III Final Cut | Flight 93 Extra | Misc footage

Zero - The Italian 9/11 Documentary That Putin Allowed On Russian TV

9/11 Mysteries (Re-Cut)

Arizona Group Promotes 9/11 Truth On Interstate 40

Check out the video which shows the billboard construction


National Security Alert: 9/11 Pentagon Attack

The PentaCon

There is no greater form of patriotism than questioning your government.


FOX News Goes After Jesse Ventura With Some Remarkable New Assertions Regarding 9/11
Op/Ed Claims WTC Leaseholder Silverstein Was Seeking Approval For Building 7 Controlled Demolition, Op/Ed by Tim Watts - 042210

FOX News has taken a big swipe at former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, and in the process opened up a new can of worms for WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro of FOX News has written a 9/11 hit piece called Shame On You Jesse Ventura. He opens his op/ed by claiming, "Jesse Ventura should be ashamed of himself and embarrassed. The former Minnesota governor recently lent his political credentials to the discredited 9/11 'Truther' movement by alleging that the Sept. 11 attacks were either planned or permitted by the United States government."

FOX recently had Ventura on its broadcast to discuss his new book, “American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies and More Lies the Government Tells Us,” whereupon he was told that he could talk about any conspiracy he wanted, except for 9/11. That in itself was a very telling position for FOX to take. Not surprising in the least, but still quite telling. The fact that FOX has seen fit to publish the op/ed is also telling for another reason, Ventura is making believers out of those who listen to him, and FOX doesn't like it. As Gandhi used to say, "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

Apparently Ventura is starting to rattle someone. ... (Read More)

Bush Struggles With Excuse For Testifying To 9/11 Commission
Bush and Cheney were expressly asked to testify separately, but they refused.

“Some even believe we (Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” -David Rockefeller

Larry Silverstein Talks About WTC Building 7 Being 'Pulled'

Silverstein now says he meant pull the firefighters, but none were in WTC 7.

What Made Them Think Early On That Building 7 Would Implode?

Building Was Never Hit By An Airplane And Fire Had Never Dropped A Building Before

Couple the destruction of World Trade Center 7 with the comments from one firefighter who claim they were told earlier that day that the building would fall, or else they would have to bring it down.

FDNY lieutenant David Restuccio... "We had heard report that the building was unstable, and that eventually it would come down on its own or it would be taken down."

How would anyone possibly entertain bringing down a building so tall that quickly?

What was so threatening about the building at that time that someone would make such a rash comment?

Watch the video below and listen at the end to the firefighter talking with Brian Williams from NBC about building 7.

Firefighter Discusses WTC 7 Destruction

NBC's Brian Williams questions firefighter on building 7

“I was there when 7/7 took place. It was quite dreadful. But it must be said that people in general seem to understand. It is the media that pushes and pushes. The average English person is more aware, unlike the average American. There is a great deal of ignorance. You can live in Ohio, for example, and not know anything about the rest of the world. It is a sad state of misinformation that makes you act in a certain way.”
-Egyptian author
Ahdaf Soueif

The FBI's Initial Theory: Bombs In The Basement

USA Today reports on the FBI theory of bombs in the building.

All 9/11 Airports Serviced By One Israeli Owned Company?
SodaHead, 091109
It's one of those times when an innocuous comment in an unrelated news report triggers a revelation. In the article at there is the following paragraph:

"To make the situation worse, a private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and registered in the Netherlands, was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston's Logan airport" ...

Former General of American Intelligence Does Not Believe Official 9/11 Story

This retired officer is an expert in intelligence and doubts the official story.

A 21st Century Flat Earth
How 9/11-Truth Adversaries Miss The Obvious Reality In Our World

NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 061109

Not so long ago, many once believed our earth was flat and that if you sailed too far on the oceans you would literally fall off the face of the planet. The flat earth theory was eventually shown for what it was, a wrong assumption propagated by the powers that be of the time. In the same vein, just over 400 years ago, not really that long ago, many intellectuals and scientists of the day actually believed that the earth was the center of the universe. They thought that the sun revolved around the earth. This bankrupt intellect was sadly enough perpetuated well into the 17th century. ...

(read more here)

Pilot Russ Wittenberg On 9/11 Impossible Airplane Maneuvers
Having previously flown two of the affected 9/11planes, he knows their ability.

Career Army Officer Sues Rumsfeld & Cheney, Says No Evacuation Order Was Given At Pentagon On 9/11
Stephen C. Webster, Published: Wednesday December 17, 2008

A career Army officer who survived the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, claims that no evacuation was ordered inside the Pentagon, despite flight controllers calling in warnings of approaching hijacked aircraft nearly 20 minutes before the building was struck.
( Continue reading )

9/11 And Uncle Sam

Someone gets it at SuperNews. Thanks guys.

Many Questionable Facts From The WTC Crime Scene Bring About Curiosity
The Following Is A Must Read Explosive Interview!

Kurt Sonnenfeld : Exclusive Interview
9/11 FEMA Videographer At Ground Zero Goes Public, June 22, 2009

As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent one month filming 29 tapes: "What I saw at certain moments and in certain places ... is very disturbing!" He never handed them over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since. Kurt Sonnenfeld lives in exile in Argentina, where he wrote "El Perseguido" (the persecuted). His recently-published book tells the story of his unending nightmare and drives another nail into the coffin of the government’s account of the 9/11 events. Below is an exclusive interview by The Voltaire Network. .... (read more)

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. - Gandhi

When Is The Major Media Going To Cover This Story?
Scientific Proof: How The Towers Came Down At Free Fall Speed In A Pile Of Dust

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe (Military-Grade Cutting Charge Found)
The Open Chemical Physics Journal - Volume 2 ISSN: 1874-4125

'Oh Lucy, You Got Some 'Splainin' To Do'

Back-scattered electron (BSE) photo from the newly released scientific study.

The 9/11 truth movement received a huge corroborating boost from a scientific paper published in the Open Physics Journal, a peer reviewed publication from Bentham Open Access. A team of nine prominent scientists and noted investigators has definitively identified a specialized grade of thermite within World Trade Center dust, analyzed in four different samples from separate fallout sites.

The team members, identified as Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley, Bradley R. Larsen, wrote in their collaborative work, 'We have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in all the samples we have studied of the dust produced by the destruction of the World Trade Center. Examination of four of these samples, collected from separate sites, is reported in this paper.'

The paper goes on to note:

'The iron oxide and aluminum are intimately mixed in the red material. When ignited in a DSC device the chips exhibit large but narrow exotherms occurring at approximately 430 °C, far below the normal ignition temperature for conventional thermite. Numerous iron-rich spheres are clearly observed in the residue following the ignition of these peculiar red/gray chips. The red portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic.'

The new scientific study strongly refutes the official story that there is no evidence for explosive-pyrotechnic materials in the World Trade Center 9/11 debris. The new contrary findings will undoubtedly bring about renewed pressure to re-open the 9/11 investigation.

Read the complete report yourself here: Thermite Identified In 9/11 Dust

See larger photographic evidence   |  The Open Chemical Physic Journal

Scientists find active 'super-thermite' in WTC dust

An Explanation of the Super-thermite Found in the WTC Dust

Danish Report On Dutch Television News

At least some news organizations have the guts to broadcast the truth.
Subtitles Included

What Happened To The WTC Tower Rubble Pile?

The rubble was never as tall as it should have been for a natural implosion.

Who Put Thermite In The World Trade Center?
White Dust Lacks Any Visible Evidence of Burning Kerosene - Christopher Bollyn 020107
When a former worker from the World Trade Center came forward with crucial and verifiable information about what was really on the 81st floor of the South Tower, he broke up a logjam of unanswered questions about the source of the molten metal seen falling from the tower before its demolition on 9/11. ...

Richard Gage talks about 9/111 explosives on KMPH TV Fresno

Kudos to this FOX affiliate for conducting this interview.

Ed Note: To be specific... what was actually found was a substance known as "thermate," a military grade of thermite which has a far lower combustion point and burns at a much higher temperature. A very peculiar substance to find. Remember the anthrax attacks after 9/11? Those reports mysteriously went away immediately when it was found to be a special military grade anthrax that was traced back to a U.S. Army base, Fort Detrick. And now we have military grade thermate found in the WTC debris. Funny how the swine flu story suddenly came out just as the 9/11 thermate story was building some interest. It essentially eclipsed and buried the thermate story in the media. What a coincidence.

Now that the smoking gun has been found, will there be another event to bring about martial law and stifle a new 9/11 investigation? It's a horrible thought to consider, but ask yourself this... what would you do to cover-up 9/11 if you were involved in the murder of thousands of innocent people? We can only hope that the rats start jumping off the NWO ship and start turning on each other. At some point, some of the groups involved have to say enough is enough already.

Google News is clearly suppressing this story. As of April 11th, a search of their news section with the keywords "9/11 thermite dust found" will provide only seven stories, yet a full Google web search exposes over 97,000 links. So much for Google News.

Vide President Caught Off Guard With Direct Question of Explosives Used On 9/11
by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Bruno Bruhwiler, WeAreChangeLA
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Bruno Bruhwiler of WACLA Media sat among other members of the local press in the glaring sun in wait for the press conference scheduled to begin after the Vice President and the Mayor toured one of the buildings renovated by the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation. Secret Service officers were present in abundance in the 10' wide corridor where we were crammed behind residents of the renovated apartment complex. ...

[ read more and see press conference here ]

Former FBI Translator: Bin Laden Worked for U.S. Right Up To 9/11
Washington's - Friday, July 31, 2009
Before you hear what Sibel Edmonds has to say, you should know a little about her background. Edmonds is a former FBI translator, who the Department of Justice's Inspector General and several senators have called extremely credible (free subscription required). And some of Edmonds allegations' have already been confirmed by the British press.

Now, Edmonds is saying that Osama Bin Laden worked for the U.S. right up until 9/11, and that that fact is being covered up because the US outsourced terror operations to al Qaeda and the Taliban for many years. ...

Sibel Edmonds Interview - Pt 1

Sibel Edmonds Interview - Pt 2

Bombshell: Bin Laden Worked for US Until 9/11 Global Research
Edmonds: Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11 Raw Story

Read the Hustler article on Sibel Edmonds: The Traitors Among Us

US, Osama had close ties till 9/11
Times of India - ‎Aug 2, 2009‎
A former FBI translator has claimed that the US was on 'intimate' terms with the Taliban and al-Qaida and used the militants to further certain goals in ...

Exclusive: Upcoming Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; Alleges State Dept. Mole at NYTimes; MUCH MORE...

Who's Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?
American Conservative
Explosive interview details
how Turkish intelligence infiltrated national secrets, compromised U.S. government officials, and blackmailed Congress. ...

The Most Gagged Person In America, Sibel Edmonds

The Sibel Edmonds story is one that Americans need to understand.

U.S. BTS: Last Known Flights Of 9/11 Planes Took Place Nine Months Before 9/11; None For AA 77
What Were They Doing With These Planes For The Year Prior To 9/11?

According to a Freedom of Information Act reply from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the last known pre-9/11 flights for three of the four aircraft involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place in December, 2000, nine months before the attacks. No pre-9/11 flight information is available for these planes during 2001.

No pre-9/11 final flight information was provided for American Airlines flight 77 (N644AA).

(read more...)

Loose Change: The Airplanes

A Little Known Fact About the 9/11 Planes, by Anthony Lawson - 031910
It is not a theory but a fact — one that is well known within the 9/11 truth movement — that the 9/11 Commission failed to ensure that at least one of the appropriate government agencies: the NTSB, the FBI or the FAA was commissioned to positively identify the aircraft which were allegedly involved in the murders of nearly 3,000 people, on September 11, 2001. ...

The 9-11 Passenger List Oddity
Reporter Alleges That Social Security Death Records Do Not Add Up For 9/11, by Vincent Sammartino
As everyone who is involved in exposing the 9-11 cover-up knows, nothing concerning 9-11 is as it seems. Whether it's the magic jet that our government told us crashed into the Pentagon, the obvious missing jet at Shanksville (Flight 93), the three perfect demolitions of the World Trade Center towers, or the fact that Arab hijackers are still alive and their supposed ring leader Osama bin Laden has the ability to change his facial features at will. Nothing, I repeat, nothing about the government/controlled media version of 9-11 makes any sense.  ...

Ed note: I'm not sure what to make of this story. There is a sea of disinformation out there so I hate to publish just anything on 9/11. This piece bears further investigation. If indeed all is true as Mr. Sammartino reports, this would be a huge discrepancy in the official story.

Newly decoded data provided by an independent researcher and computer programmer from Australia exposes alarming evidence that the reported hijacking aboard American Airlines Flight 77 was impossible to have existed. A data parameter labeled "FLT DECK DOOR," cross checks with previously decoded data obtained by Pilots For 9/11 Truth from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) through the Freedom Of Information Act. ...

The Outright Lie About Bush & Cheney Keeping America Safe
Undisputable Facts Keep Getting In The Way Of Reality And A Patently False Claim
NewsFocus, Op/Ed - 083109

One of the biggest lies from those at FOX and other media talking heads is that Bush and Cheney kept America safe while they were in office. For lack of a better term, that is a bald-faced lie. (See: 9/11 and also the anthrax attacks, both under their watch.)

These mistaken talking heads then try to justify the abhorrent and inhumane use of torture by claiming it yielded a litany of information to protect us from the "evil-doers." Unfortunately for their twisted argument, many CIA and military officials have since come forward to now claim that we gleaned no useful information that helped prevent more attacks. If anything, these officials claim that our own terrorism of foreigners has provided a deeper hatred for the United States and made it much easier to recruit those willing to pay us back for the horror and suffering that we inflicted upon them through the use of torture and the killing of innocent people. (See: Abu Ghraib, the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War)

Per their false charge that Bush and Cheney kept us safe, let's set the record straight.

Fact # 1: It was under the Bush-Cheney watch that we suffered the worst attack ever on American soil on 9/11. After receiving over 50 warnings (and the August 6th, 2001 PDB, Presidential Daily Briefing) alerting us to an impending attack, the Bush-Cheney team literally took no action whatsoever. This is important to note because they terrorized us over and over again after 9/11 (with no tangible threat) through their Homeland Security color coded terror warnings, but the one time that they had a real threat and literally 50+ warnings, they did absolutely nothing to warn or prepare the country. Again, they did absolutely nothing.

Fact # 2: We were attacked a second time with deadly anthrax, a crime for which no one was caught or officially indicted. Cheney likes to claim that because of their ever watchful vigilance we had no more terrorism after 9/11, but he conveniently likes to forget about the anthrax attacks. Once again, the Bush-Cheney team did nothing to alert the nation about a possible threat, but for some reason known only to them, the White House staff was given the anthrax antidote, Cipro, one month prior to the attacks. It would appear that they obviously decided to keep themselves safe instead of us.

Fact # 3: Over 1,500 people in New Orleans drowned due to Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. government knew the levees had been breached and somehow failed to warn the city. With FEMA standing watch, the people of New Orleans were left to drown with no warning. Bush cared so much that he decided to take one of his numerous Presidential record setting vacations. Just like 9/11, he did not react nor show his face in a time of national duress until the damage was done and the disaster was complete. He then insulted the people of New Orleans with his careless and ignorant historic statement to FEMA head Michael Brown, "You're doing a heckuva job Brownie." 

For anyone to say that Bush and Cheney protected the American people is undeniably disingenuous at best and a politically motivated lie in the least. Such a grossly ignorant comment is beyond sane reasoning and most insulting to those with real intelligence to know better.

While we're at it, let's also not forget that under the Bush-Cheney regime we had many of our cherished constitutional rights neutered and taken away for the first time in our nation's history under the heinous Patriot Act. Under the Bush logic, the terrorists hated us for our freedom, so he and Cheney apparently did their best to take as much of that away as they possibly could, so that the terrorists wouldn't have to hate us so much. As they say on the Guinness beer commercials, "brilliant!"

Cheney and Republican political leaders now say that if the Obama administration tries to investigate the doings of the Bush administration, we'll open ourselves up to another terrorist attack. How some on the right can justify such twisted political rhetoric is quite puzzling to many. What is becoming ever more apparent is that the right has a warped sense of responsibility in regards to governing.

Say what you will about the Iran hostage situation in the late 70s. At least Jimmy Carter did not make a treasonous secret deal to keep the hostages captive longer, just to swing a covert arms deal and also make himself look good to win an election.

Complain all you want about a sexual affair in the White House during the 90s. At least Bill Clinton didn't have family members working for the security firm which handled the World Trade Center up to 9/11, nor did he have his Vice President watch and track an attacking aircraft from over 50 miles out while it was on a collision course with the Pentagon.

So long as we keep these disturbing points of fact somewhere in the forefront of our cognitive reasoning, the right may now continue on with the outrageous fallacy / fantasy that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney kept America safe during their eight year reign of inept governance. After all, it's allegedly a free democracy, so people are allowed to think whatever they want. Just please don't try to force a very poor understanding of reality on those that do follow politics closely and have a better grasp of the actual truth.

We all love America, but let's at least remember the immortal words of Sergeant Joe Friday, "Just the facts maam."

To coin a spin from the Southwest Airlines commercial, "You are now free to roam about your delusions." (Just don't bother the rest of us with them.)

If Bush and Cheney Kept America Safe, Then Why 9/11?
US News & World Report, Op/Ed by Bonnie Erbe - May 14, 2009
There is one question that needs to be asked and, to my satisfaction, has still not been answered by the Bush administration nor by military experts, nor by the 9/11 Commission. That question is why did 9/11 take place on Bush's watch? Did bin Laden believe he was less likely to be caught or deterred by Bush's folks than he would have been by Clinton's underlings? We all remember that then National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice delivered a memo to then President Bush about "suspicious activity" reported by the FBI that domestic terrorists might be considering a hijacking. This was one month before 9/11 occurred. ...

CNN Report: No Plane Hitting Pentagon
No significant large debris was present, even though all crashes leave wreckage.

Dick Cheney Only Had to Delay Things a Couple of Minutes to Reach his Long-Sought Goals
George Washington's Blog, Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CIA director Leon Panetta told the New Yorker: "When you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point." ... (read more)

An emotionless Dick Cheney watches as WTC south tower falls.

NORAD Stand Down On 9/11

You have to question why we couldn't scramble jets in time.

9/11 Commission Notes Validate Claims By 9/11 Custodian
NewsFocus February 23, 2009
New testimony has come forth that corroborates a former World Trade Center janitor who claims that he heard three very large explosions in WTC building 1 on 9/11. William Rodriguez has testified that on September 11, 2001 he was in the basement (B1 sublevel ABM office) when the plane struck the North Tower (WTC 1). According to Rodriguez, he thought the explosion was caused by a generator. Not long after the first explosion a second explosion rocked the building, causing the office ceiling to collapse. Rodriguez said that after the explosions a man came running into the office (Felipe David) severely burned, with his skin hanging from his arms like sleeves. Rodriguez has said there was a third explosion and that he then thought the explosions were caused by an earthquake. Read the investigator notes here:
 PDF file 1  |  PDF file 2

New Information on the Death of 911 Eyewitness Barry Jennings
The Daily Ed, By Jack Blood - April 17, 2009
Barry Jennings, a key 9/11 eyewitness who was an emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, passed away last August 2008 at age 53 from undisclosed circumstances. Mr. Jennings was an eyewitness to the devastation of the World Trade center towers on September 11th 2001.

Yesterday, April 15th 2009 I was contacted by “Loose Change” director, and narrator Dylan Avery who said that he had recently begun investigating the death of Barry Jennings, and had found some new information relating to his death.

It seems that Dylan had hired a private investigator to look into Jennings death which remains shrouded in mystery. His motive was simply to bring some closure to the life of Barry Jennings, and in doing so to honor the memory of this brave American. The Investigator ended up referring the case to Law enforcement before refunding his pay, and told Dylan never to contact him again. Very unusual to say the least. Dylan also paid a visit to the Jennings home. He found it vacant and for sale. ... (Read more)

Barry Jennings Eyewitness To WTC 7 Explosions  
This NY Housing Authority employee talks about dead bodies in WTC 7

Barry Jennings On 9/11 WTC 7

Raw News Footage of Jennings Interview

Why  Is NIST Refusing FOIA Request On Barry Jennings/Michael Hess? 911Blogger

The person who knows better, yet keeps it to their self, is no better than the ignorant or deceptive among us. -NewsFocus

An outline in simple to understand talking points.

Debunking the '9/11 Debunkers' With Stewart Bradley
Tearing apart the insidious lies that hide the real truth.

The Hidden Hand Of The CIA, 911 And Popular Mechanics
A brutal purge of the senior staff at Popular Mechanics preceded the publication of last month's scandalous propaganda piece about 9/11. ...

Popular Mechanics Fails To Defend Their False 9/11 Accusations
PM Researcher Davin Coburn Speaks In Absolutes, But With No Factual Backing

Interview with Davin Coburn - Pt 1 Interview with Davin Coburn - Pt 2

Flashback: 9/11 Commission Stonewalled by the CIA
An Op/Ed From 9/11 Commission Members Kean And Hamilton

New York Times - Op/Ed, By THOMAS H. KEAN and LEE H. HAMILTON - January 2, 2008
MORE than five years ago, Congress and President Bush created the 9/11 commission. The goal was to provide the American people with the fullest possible account of the “facts and circumstances relating to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001” — and to offer recommendations to prevent future attacks. Soon after its creation, the president’s chief of staff directed all executive branch agencies to cooperate with the commission.
9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon Washington Post (2006)

Thomas Kean: 9/11 Commission Set Up To Fail
Both Commissioners, Lee Hamilton and Kean have publicly said this.

The Truth About "Conspiracy Theory"
How One Simple Phrase Is Pushed Upon Us, Over And Over Again
...Just Like Brainwashing

NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 013110

The Societal Brainwash Trigger That Tells Us All To Look Away

One thing can generally be said about conspiracy theories, there are two sides of unequal education debating the investigation of choice, with the "uneducated side" resisting relevant new information because it’s contrary to what they believe.

The question to the outsider, which group is which?

Arguably, the "uneducated side" is essentially those who are unwilling to look at all of the information. These people have seldom ever attempted the exhaustive years of research to get the full grasp of the story, instead spending only a few weeks or months at best, to find shaky evidence or questionable testimony to support and prop up their own preconception of the issue. Those who have diligently researched the issue know both sides of the coin, while the debunker with less research knows only one side. ...

The Nature Of A Conspiracy Theory
When Does An Investigator of A Large Crime Become A “Conspiracy Theorist?”
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 121109

Osama bin Laden immediately denied involvement in 9/11. The FBI readily admits that it has no evidence at all linking bin Laden to the event, even though the Bush-Cheney regime immediately laid the blame on him within minutes of the event.

So what separates the baseless accusations of the U.S. Government from the well researched claims of 9/11 investigators? Why is it that those with tangible evidence in the 9/11 truth movement are labeled as the “conspiracy theorists,” rather than those in the government who perpetuate a very far fetched baseless claim that cannot be proven?

Please consider the following...

Investigators in the 9/11 truth movement have uncovered military grade explosives residue, complete with nano-thermite evidence from the WTC ground zero debris; very suggestive that an orchestrated demolition was the cause of the buildings' destruction.

Researchers have also recovered the previously classified FDNY 9/11 dispatch tapes through FOIA requests. The reason these tapes were classified is because the FDNY firefighters that are heard on the tapes claim there was no fire whatsoever from floor one, all the way up to the 78th floor! Even then, only two small fires were present on the 78th floor, both capable of being put out with one fire hose.

At least 7 to 9 of the “alleged” hijackers have been found to still be alive to this very day, never having anything to do with 9/11. How did authorities come up with their names when 1) they had no direct evidence against them, and 2) they were never in the country to begin with.

Investigators discovered that the U.S. Government purposefully released a tape of a fake Osama, claiming it to be the real thing, even though U.S. intel wasn’t sharp enough to notice that the “alleged” Osama in the video wrote, gestured, ate, and drank with the wrong hand, contrary to what the FBI has documented on him.

There are many problems with the official U.S. version of how 9/11 happened, yet no one accuses the government of pushing its own conspiracy theory, even though that’s exactly what their argument rests upon.

Why is it that conspiracy theory is reserved only for those that accuse the government of foul play?

Who is pushing the real conspiracy theory when it comes to 9/11?

The U.S. government accuses bin Laden and his men of…

  • Sneaking past U.S. Customs
  • Eluding the CIA, FBI and U.S. law enforcement while in the U.S.
  • Outsmarting the security of Dulles, Logan and Newark international airports
  • Coordinating a timed takeover of four major U.S. airliners
  • Overpowering all four airliners with mere box-cutters, while grossly outnumbered
  • Performing miraculous flying maneuvers with little or no piloting skills
  • Circumventing all major U.S. air defenses
  • Destroying three steel framed skyscrapers with low burning jet fuel
  • Planning such an attack without the NSA,CIA, FBI or Echelon from catching it
  • Discovering and exploiting multiple secret U.S. air defense exercises for 9/11

Whether some like it or not, the above list is as hard to accept as perhaps many scenarios proposed by 9/11 researchers. The undeniable fact is, the government version is as much a conspiracy theory as any other explanation offered to date. Those who have actually spent the last eight plus years studying the 9/11 conspiracy find it harder to accept the official version because they cannot reconcile the actual facts of the event with the myriad incongruities of the official story.

A conspiracy is when two or more individuals come together to commit a criminal act in collusion. Most major crimes in the U.S. and the world involve more than one person, so why the denigration of a legitimate dictionary definition that simply denotes the nature of a criminal cabal or alliance? Are those that like to equate conspiracy theory with lunacy trying to say that conspiracies do not exist in this world?

Watergate was a conspiracy that originated from the office of President Nixon.

Operation Northwoods was a planned U.S. Government conspiracy, albeit one that was curtailed by President Kennedy before it was executed.

The point is, conspiracy is real, especially so within the halls of government power. To claim that conspiracies can only come from foreign enemies is contrary to reality. To believe that there are no political groups with nefarious, grandiose agendas is extremely naďve. (see the PNAC)

So enough with the “conspiracy theory” belittlement. Those that have an issue with 9/11 truthers, try refuting the facts for once, rather than those who try to investigate and understand them.

Conspiracy theory is real. Two publications will enlighten you, the dictionary and a history book.

Just look it up.

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True  [updated link]
What Every Person Should Know...
CampaignForLiberty, Jonathan Elinoff - January 6, 2010
After reading the article released by, I decided to update and revise their sloppy work.  Their article had only seven.  I can name 33 (true conspiracies) and I am planning on releasing a revised list soon with up to 50. 

The article I was insulted to read by the lack of information can be viewed here, but don't waste your time, all of that is in this article and more. ...

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.
-Haile Selassie

There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! -Mario Savio Dec 2, 1964

Excerpt From A 1964 Speech By Mario Savio Is Still Very Viable Today

Americans don't want a new world order of greed for the uber-rich.

Believe It Or Not, MAD Magazine Was Right All Along
It Has Been 'Spy Versus Spy' In This Country (And The World) For Generations
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 123009

An Open Call For Help To The Real Good Guys
In The U.S. Intelligence Community


The United States has been involved in sponsoring "false flag" terrorism for years now, and that fact has already been proven by just about every major war we ever fought since the late 1800s. One undeniable event was the escalation of U.S. involvement in the Viet Nam War, allegedly provoked by the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident," now openly admitted as never happening by former DoD head Robert McNamara. Many suspect "false flag terrorism" on domestic soil as well, ranging from the first World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 event. What is undeniable in the latter domestic attacks, is that a high degree of intelligence and funding were required to pull these events off. Who exactly sponsored and orchestrated them is the big question.

It is also an undeniable fact that most Americans and the world do not trust the CIA, because of the terror that they have perpetrated on behalf of weak politicians and immoral ideology of the ruling elite. These rogue factions will argue that sometimes we need to do unpopular acts to maintain our superiority in the world. This concept in itself is an extreme oxymoron, for we have no "superiority" if we have to stoop to illegal and treacherous activities to sustain what is supposed to be the greatest superpower the world has ever known.

Intelligent and reasonable Americans have every right to be suspicious of such a clandestine organization that has perpetrated the overthrow of many legitimate democracies, while assassinating or deposing democratically elected leaders, all in the name of 'U.S. interests.'  ... (Read More)

Saving America: The Necessary Steps To Reclaim Our Democracy
"We the people" Need To Insist Upon Restoring The Vision Of Our Forefathers
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 122609

  • Election Reform - Get rid of Political Action Committees (PACs) and corporate donations.
  • Media Reform Break up media monopolies and encourage diversity of news and opinion.
  • Take over the Federal Reserve Return power to print money to U.S. Government.
  • Balance the Courts We should not lean left or right, but strike a fair balance in our courts.
  • Tax Reform Make the rich pay their share accordingly, as we do, with no more loopholes.
  • PATRIOT Act Reform Re-establish the Constitution & Bill of Rights for "We the People."

If we don't act soon, it may be too late to reclaim the country we once knew. Those that have all the power are counting on you to be complacent, unmotivated and ignorant.

No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government. -Thomas Jefferson

When Government Goes Evil: False Flag Terrorism
Most people haven't a clue because they are simply too trusting of government..

Defense Motion: False-Flag Terror Bomb-Plot Was Feds Idea
Just Like The Original World Trade Center Bombing Was Planned By The FBI, by Jim Fitzgerald - Friday, March 19, 2010; 1:49 PM The Associated Press

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Four men accused of trying to bomb synagogues and shoot down planes in New York last spring did little more than go along with a fake plot proposed, directed and funded by the federal government, defense lawyers claim in asking the court to dismiss the case.

A federal informant chose the targets, offered payment, provided maps and bought the only real weapon involved, a handgun, the attorneys said in a dismissal motion filed this week in federal court.

They alleged the defendants were not inclined toward any crime until the informant began recruiting them.

"The government well knew that their case had been a government-inspired creation from day one and that the defendants had not been independently seeking weapons or targets," the motion said. ...

NewsFocus: For those that let the media sweep the original story away from them, this is exactly like the Yamzi Yousef story, where the FBI initiated the bomb plot and then reportedly provided the actual explosives for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The New York Times reported on Emad Salem, an undercover agent who testified that the FBI knew about the attack beforehand and told him they would thwart it by substituting a harmless powder for the explosives. However, an FBI supervisor called off this plan, and the bombing was not stopped.  [New York Times, 10/28/93]

Fire Didn’t Cause Buildings’ Collapse
CedarRapidsGazette (, Op/Ed by Crockett Grabbe - 041110

The March 26 Gazette reported that an agreement between government agencies controlling the World Trade Center site was finally reached for starting to rebuild at ground zero, locked from the public for more than eight years since the 9/11 attacks murdered nearly 3,000 people.

This followed news revealing a $637 million deal, to cover the medical costs for roughly 10,000 workers involved in the rescue and cleanup after the 9/11 disaster. The workers’ illnesses for these years, typically respiratory in nature, resulted from the toxic brew of contaminants at ground zero.

Both of these news reports directly challenge the government reports that ordinary fires produced this disaster. ... (Read More)

Talk of Delaying WTC Towers For Decades
What Happened To All The Multi-Billions In Insurance Money For Silverstein?
Associated Press, by Amy Westfeldt - 041609
NEW YORK – Construction of several ground zero office towers could be put off for decades because of the failing real estate market, the site's owners said Thursday, citing an analysis that projected one skyscraper might not be built and occupied until 35 years after Sept. 11. Developer Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have been talking on and off for months about rewriting a 3-year-old agreement that gives the developer rights to build three out of five towers planned at the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attack site. Silverstein, unable to obtain financing for all the towers and with only about $1 billion left in insurance money to pay for them, asked the Port Authority last fall to guarantee financing for two of his towers, officials familiar with the negotiations say. ...

Plan To Rebuild The Twin Towers
New Twin Towers? It may not be too late.
Nicole Gelinas, 070608
Since al-Qaida demolished the World Trade Center nearly seven years ago, New York’s naked emperors—Governors George Pataki and Eliot Spitzer and architect Daniel Libeskind—have viewed an historic rebuilding challenge as an opportunity to invent a square wheel and then deny for years that it can’t roll.

WTC2011 - The New Twin Towers

Silverstein Now Targets Airlines, Sues For More Billions From 9/11
NYC ruling limits airlines' liability for 9/11
Judge limits liability of aviation defendants to replacement costs of WTC towers
December 12, 2008: 11:27 AM ET

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - A judge says developer Larry Silverstein cannot recover more from the aviation industry than the $2.8 billion value of the World Trade Center if his lawsuits succeed.

Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein made the determination in a ruling filed Thursday. The decision carried Wednesday's date.

Hellerstein rejected Silverstein's claims that his company would be entitled to as much as $16.2 billion from American Airlines, United Airlines and other aviation defendants.

A lawsuit on behalf of Silverstein's companies claimed that negligence by the airlines allowed the terrorists to hijack planes that struck the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

The aviation defendants denied liability.

A call to Silverstein's lawyer wasn't immediately returned.

(Ed note: When is enough enough? How much profit do you need from 9/11 when you paid so little?)

What Americans Actually Know About 9/11
It Is Arguably Pathetic What Many People Do Not Know
Sadly enough, most people around the world know more about 9/11 than most Americans. While more than 42% of Americans believe the U.S. government may have had foreknowledge of the event, few really know the actual details as well as our foreign friends.

Very few know there were three skyscrapers dropped in free-fall fashion that day, with the third building never being hit by an airplane.

When people don't understand the basics facts of the event, it's easy to see how the other irregularities of the attacks go unnoticed.

Survey: How many buildings fell on 9/11? Pt 1

Survey: How many buildings fell on 9/11? Pt 2

The Facts Speak For Themselves
50 Facts That People Need To Know About 9/11, Jon Gold 9/25/2008 | UPDATE 1/1/2009
Before I begin, I would like to say that theorizing about what happened on 9/11, when you're not being given answers to your questions about that day by the people who SHOULD be able to do so, is PERFECTLY normal. As is suspecting that the reason these answers aren't being given is "sinister" in nature. As Ray McGovern said, "for people to dismiss these questioners as "conspiratorial advocates," or "conspiratorial theorists.." . that's completely out of line because the... The questions remain because the President who should be able to answer them, WILL NOT." ... [ Read more ]

Flashback: The Day The Earth Stood Still
9/11 images were war pornography, something watched over and over as we stroked ourselves into wargasm,

My grown son was staying with me while he looked for a job and was sleeping on the couch when I came home. I flipped on the TV and it woke him up. We watched as they showed the planes crashing into the building, again and again and again.

"Turn it off," he said after an hour or so. "This is pornography, war pornography. Turn it off."

So I did.

When we have our limbic brain punched over and over again by horrific images, and those images are then used to justify more horror, there is only one solution: Turn off your TV.

My son was right: The 9/11 images were war pornography, something watched over and over as we stroked ourselves into wargasm. ...

Former MN Governor Jesse Ventura On 9/11

Jesse questions the official story on 9/11.

See more here on Jesse Ventura and his views on 9/11 and the secret government

Italy Ex-President - CIA And Mossad Ran 9-11
It could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel. -Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga 2007
Auburn Journal, by Americans4Truth 091809
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy's oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:  "All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part in Iraq [and] Afghanistan."

"The mastermind of the attack must have been a sophisticated mind, provided with ample means not only to recruit fanatic kamikazes, but also highly specialized personnel. I add one thing: it could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel."... (Read More)

More Foreign Leaders Question The Official US Story:
Former Top German Minister Rejects Official Story of 9/11 Attacks
Japanese Parliament Member Fujita Questions Official 9/11 Story

The 9/11 War Games
Part 1 Part 2

Capitol Hill Eyes CIA Moonlighting Policy, By KASIE HUNT & JOSH GERSTEIN - 020210
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein says she wants answers about a Central Intelligence Agency policy that allows the agency’s employees to moonlight for private companies. ...

NewsFocus: Could this have been the problem all along with 9/11 and JFK, etc, or is this just the new solution we're being prepared for? With all the evidence pointing to a high degree of intelligence involved in 9/11, is this the innocent "out" the U.S. is looking for, or a well orchestrated ruse to cover the tracks of the guilty?

How FOX Sells Fear In A Post 9/11 World
Why anyone watches this propaganda network for news is baffling.

A SEPTEMBER COUP  (Introduction)

How Did The WTC Towers Fall So Easily?
Melting 110-Stories of Concrete and Steel in just 57 Minutes
How did three huge skyscrapers topple, each within :10 seconds or less?

WTC 7 Destruction, Madrid Fire Are The Keys To Unraveling 9/11
By Tim Watts

A Basic Understanding

Despite the differing opinions and countless theories which have been discussed and argued about concerning 9/11, one thing is painfully clear, this event was very well planned, with skilled military precision and strategic execution. This was a daring conspiracy of monolithic proportions, outrageous in its temerity. Whoever was behind the planning was certainly no rookie. Clearly there was big money behind the operation, but more importantly, there was quite obviously a very high degree of skilled intelligence involved.

Whether that intel was foreign military or state sponsored, it was indeed a valuable key in the success of the 9/11 attacks, an event which has become the catalyst of constitutional change, not only for the people of the United States, but also the middle-east. The sad, perverse irony in all of this is that the United States claims to be bringing constitutional democracy to Iraq and the middle-east, all the while it's being taken from us here at home.

The epic horror and cold brutality of this disaster, brought immediate public outcry, as well as a united grief and outflow of compassion that did briefly unify the people momentarily, however, in just a short amount of time this infamous event has now become a contentious boiling point for many in the international community, while at the same time forming an indisputable divide among Americans. ... (read more)

9/11 Questions

Just a few things for doubters to consider regarding 9/11

A September Coup

An interesting compilation of 9/11 related news video.

Blaze Thoroughly Burns Beijing Hotel Tower
And Guess What? The Building Didn't Collapse, Despite A Unique 'Top Heavy' Angular Configuration
By Barbara Demick  Boston Globe, United States - 3 hours ago 020909
BEIJING - A nearly completed Beijing skyscraper was destroyed last night in a spectacular fire believed to have been ignited by a ...
Fireworks Turn Hotel Into Massive Towering Inferno The Standard, Hong Kong
Massive fire consumes luxury hotel in Beijing USA Today 
Fireworks Blamed For Huge Fire Guardian UK 
See pictures of the Chinese towering inferno

The Chinese CCTV fire rages far hotter than any WTC building.

Just Another Blazing Building That Does Not Fall

China CCTV fire burns out of control for nearly 4 hours.


Madrid Fire Heats up to 1500 Degrees Celsius
Sophia News Agency, Feb 13, 2005

The Madrid fire was originally reported at its peak to be a scorching 1500 Celsius! That is 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit and is very close to the 2,800 degrees that the scientific community claims is necessary to melt a steel alloy. It burned 21 straight hours, 21 times longer that WTC 2 which fell first on 9/11.

This building was an absolute roaring inferno, way hotter than the WTC.

The fire described as the worst in Madrid's history has reportedly broke out because of a short circuit.

Firefighters, battling a skyscraper office block blaze, have estimated that the temperature in the 106m-high Windsor skyscraper reaches 1500 Degrees Celsius.

The tower, located in the heart of the capital's financial district, had been undergoing renovation since mid-2003. It is one of the most familiar buildings on the modern Madrid skyline, with the area having undergone major renovation over the past 30 years.

The Windsor Fire In Madrid Spain

This fire was arson, but BBC TV errantly reports early on it's a short circuit.

Windsore Fire Gallery

Madrid Fire Re-opens 9/11 Questions

Free-Falling Bodies
Simple Physics Reveals The Big Lie - Collapse Theory Fails Reality Check
On September 11, 2001, most of the world watched in horror as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) collapsed. People did not have to be tuned in at the time in order to have seen it; it was repeated ad nauseam on television for days. ...

See also...

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Explode?
By Steven E. Jones
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University

9/11 Experiments: The Arbitrator of Competing Hypotheses



9:59am WTC 2 (South tower) - fell in 10 seconds (110 / 10 = 11 floors per second)

10:28am WTC 1 (North tower) - fell in 8.5 seconds (110 / 8.5 = 12.94 floors per second)

5:20pm WTC 7 - (Salomon Bldg) - fell in 6.6 seconds (47 / 6.6 = 7.12 floors per second)

New Video of WTC 7 Destruction Shows Possible Detonation Lines
Daily News Caster 11:09 AM - EST November 3rd, 2008
Astounding new video footage of WTC building 7 and the North World Trade Center tower has been posted on the net by an anonymous user as of November 1st, 2008.
Watch carefully. The video of Building 7 shows a series of windows being blown out in a perfectly vertical line, several floors below, just prior to its free fall destruction.

Details Emerge on new World Trade Center Destruction Videos
By James Corbett - 2008-11-22

WTC 7 Destruction Video
Why does the rooftop shed drop first, in two increments, before the lower structure gives way. If the destruction is truly initiated from the ground floor, this is indeed odd...

Video: WTC 7 Rooftop Destruction  (Download and watch the entire implosion sequence)

New Video of Building 7 Destruction

WTC building 7 clearly showing vertical rows of windows blowing out.

And how do you suppose they accomplished this miraculous feat?
Since a great many of the alleged hijackers are still alive, it makes you wonder.

FORENSIC investigators have recovered the charred remains of most of the 9/11 hijackers - to honor a pledge that they would never be buried with the victims. The Ł30million CSI-style probe has taken seven years.

Flesh or bone from 13 of the 19 Al Qaeda terrorists who flew passenger jets into the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington have now been identified. ...

Empathetic Judge in 9/11 Suits Seen by Some as Interfering
New York City Files Appeal Challenging His Authority, Wants City To Accept Smaller 9/11 Settlement For Victims Families And Sick Rescue Workers, by Mireya Navarro
Over nearly three decades as a litigator at a downtown law firm, Alvin K. Hellerstein shared a view of the World Trade Center towers with dozens of other colleagues in an office building on Maiden Lane.

Yet as a United States District Court judge in Manhattan, he has had a singular perspective on the towers — specifically, the suffering that has lingered long after the terrorist attacks that leveled them in 2001.

Judge: Ground Zero Workers Settlement Unfair, by Agence France-Presse - Friday, March 19th, 2010 -- 6:11 pm

NEW YORK (AFP) – A proposed 657-million-dollar health settlement for some 10,000 people who worked at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks was too low and must be renegotiated, a judge ruled Friday.

"In my judgment, this settlement is not enough," federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein said in New York after hearing two hours of testimony from plaintiffs in the huge case.

"There are some questions that have to be addressed," he added, calling for "additional negotiations to come up with a fair deal." ...

September 11 Attacks Top Yahoo! Searches
9/11 Is The Number One Most Searched Topic In The World On Yahoo! - 030510
An explosion rips through the South Tower of the World Trade Towers after the hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into it.  Photo: AP

The September 11 terrorist attacks, cloning and the Iraq war top a list of online news searches in the last 15 years, a new study by Yahoo! shows.

Saddam Hussein, Harry Potter and the deaths of Michael Jackson and Australian conservationist Steve Irwin were also hot topics, according to the list released by the company to mark its 15th birthday. ...

9/11 is the top web search in the past 15 years

NewsFocus: This fact is quite telling regarding the worldwide interest on just what actually happened on 9/11. These are people who smell a rat and want the real truth.

Jesse Ventura Has New Book Out On Conspiracies
Former MN Governor Explains Government Involvement In High-Crimes

Jesse Ventura On The View
Ventura banned from Huffington Post for conspiracy mongering Minneapolis City Pages

See more book interviews with Jesse here


ABC Shirks Responsible Journalism At 'Treason In America' Conference, Aims For Attack Piece Rather Than Explore Message
Watch The Interviews From Chris Bury And See Our Intrepid Media 'Inaction', Op/Ed by Tim Watts - 031010

The Treason In America conference drew the interest of ABC News, but perhaps not for reasons of journalistic integrity. Reporter Chris Bury's interview is very telling if you note the substance of his questioning. Everything you need to know about the journalistic ethics of Chris Bury and ABC regarding 9/11 is starkly apparent as Bury interviews FBI whistleblower Colleen Rowley and 9/11 film producers Dylan Avery and Kory Rowe.

Please note the questions you don't hear coming from this perversion of journalism. How about... "Please tell us the outstanding evidence that was left out of the 9/11 report" ... or perhaps, "What critical evidence brought you to the conclusions in your films?"

It is sadly apparent that Bury and ABC are disinterested in the truth. If he was a truly honest reporter with a serious investigative interest, he would look into all of the allegations made by these people, rather than sitting smugly and fishing for explosive sound bites that can be used out of context.

ABC has no obvious interest in the message. Their piece is all about painting the 9/11 truth movement as part of a radical fringe movement, trying to connect them with the Pentagon shooter in an attempt to sully the movement and associate it with violence. Mr. Bury's piece is all about discrediting the messenger, not exploring the message.

See the interviews from the conference here: ABC Treason Conference Interviews

Colleen Rowley: Treason In America

TV Media Info Wars Strikes At Valley Forge ‘9/11 Truth’ Conference, by Nate Graham - Mar 9th, 2010

VALLEY FORGE, USA– Perhaps, there truly is no such thing as ‘objective journalism’ anymore– TV news media organizations have their own slant on every televised story. Unbeknownst to myself at the time, two separate TV news organizations, Russia Today (RT) and ABC News, arrived to cover the same 9/11 Truth conference here in suburban Philadelphia, but with different agendas. ...

The Washington Post on ‘Lunatic’ 9/11 ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, by
Jeremy R. Hammond - 030910
An editorial in the Washington Post yesterday slammed Japanese member of parliament Yukihisa Fujita because he "seems to think that America's rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax." His "ideas" about the terrorist attacks "are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion." ...

A leading Japanese politician espouses a 9/11 fantasy

Yukihisa Fujita Response To Washington Post Editorial

HuffPost’s absurd stand on “conspiracy theories”, by David Ray Griffin - 031010


It’s good to have the Huffington Post’s policy on “conspiracy theories” in black and white.

So now someone needs to inform them that they cannot accept any posts that state, or imply, that al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, for that is a conspiracy theory.

That has been acknowledged by Cass Sunstein, the Chicago-and-then-Harvard professor of law who was tapped by President Obama to direct OIRA, the executive branch’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (which is under the Office of Management and Budget).

In a 2009 article entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” he and his Harvard co-author wrote:

“The theory that Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 is a conspiracy theory.” ...

See also:
Ventura banned from Huffington Post for conspiracy mongering Minneapolis City Pages

RT News Reports On Jesse Censorship


RT News Devotes Much Coverage For 9/11 Truth
If Only The U.S. Media Had As Much Integrity As The Foreign Press, by Tim Watts - 030610

Instead of constantly touting the official government line, it would be refreshing if the spineless U.S. media would accept the challenge and present the issues surrounding 9/11. It is quite telling when the world media is suspicious of the official 9/11 story, but the U.S. media refuses to investigate. Americans would understand much better if they only realized how the crooks that run this country own and control our media. There is far too much blind trust in a crooked American media. If the majority of the public could only realize this sad, ugly fact, we would be much better off in this country. Money is power. Too many Americans naively discount the effect of big money corporate ownership on our broadcast and print media. Thankfully 51% of of the U.S. public wants another investigation of 9/11. For the other 49%, we're waiting on you.

New Hampshire Residents Suspicious

Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth


Entire February 2010 Issue of the American Behavioral Scientist Devoted to State Crimes Against Democracy
— Elizabeth Woodworth, Professional Librarian - Mar 5, 2010  

For 50 years the American Behavioral Scientist has been a leading source of behavioral research for the academic world. Its influence is shown by the fact that it is indexed by an extraordinary 67 major database services, causing its papers to be widely exposed on the international scene.

The publisher, Sage, is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in London, New Delhi, Singapore, and Washington DC.

Each issue offers comprehensive analysis of a single topic.

The six papers in the February 2010 issue are devoted to the recent concept of "State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD's)," with emphasis on 9/11 and on how human behavior has failed to recognize its reality. [Ref.] ...

Cynthia McKinney Takes 9/11 Message Across The Pond
Euro Audiences Much More Captive And Educated On 9/11, Versus U.S. - 031410

On the 8th of March 2010 Cynthia Mckinney (a former US Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party Presidential nominee) and Dr Nafeez Ahmed (best selling author and political scientist) address a meeting of Members of Parliament on the subject of the need for an independent investigation into the events of September 11th 2001.

Cynthia McKinney

Dr Nafeez Ahmed

Cynthia McKinney and Dr Nafeez Ahmed talk in UK Parliament - Part 1
Part 2 Part 3
Cynthia McKinney & Dr Nafeez Ahmed Cynthia McKinney & Dr Nafeez Ahmed

Building Demolition Costs Can Be Slashed By Use of Kerosene
Advocates For 9/11-Style Demolition Claim Technique Will Revolutionize Industry, by Tim Watts - 030610

The history of high-rise construction has always presented a challenge for contractors and engineers. The cost to construct such mammoth structures is understandably quite staggering, but conversely, the cost to demolish them can be just as daunting, often requiring millions of dollars for most large skyscrapers.

A more cost effective approach has recently been proposed, based on the destruction of the World Trade Center, and is being touted by many, including Dean DeHarpporte of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The new method would greatly diminish expensive demolition costs to a paltry fraction of the current price. The technique forgoes the previous use of costly explosives and the inherent dangers involved in their deployment, utilizing natural methods of demolition, such as fire.

Taking a cue from the U.S. government's official explanation of 9/11, DeHarpporte and others are proposing the use of a kerosene-based incendiary to ignite and undermine the steel infrastructure of large buildings and skyscrapers that are scheduled for demolition. According to the official government record from 9/11, a building can quite easily be brought down within its own footprint in literally ten seconds or less from the initiation of the collapse, which is caused by a fire burning for as little as one hour. The two towers of the World Trade Center are a perfect example of the use of such a demolition system. 

DeHarpporte and others claim that any building can be brought down at a rate of ten to 12 floors per second, in a perfectly symmetrical fashion, merely by starting a few isolated fires on the upper floors, preferably the top 1/4th of the building. Not all floors are said to require fire. It only takes two or three upper floors with just a few small isolated fires, burning less than 15 to 20 minutes, to completely undermine the entire structure of the building.

When reminded that both WTC towers one and two had also been hit by an airplane, proponents of the new technique are quick to remind that World Trade Center 7, the Salomon Building, was never hit by an airplane, yet it was able drop in a mere six and a half seconds due to fire alone.

Said DeHarpporte, "The days of spending for big dollar explosive cutting charges are soon to be long gone. When you can employ a cost effective alternative at only a few dollars per gallon, it's safe to say that one day all controlled demolitions will eventually be kerosene based."

Richard Edwards of Fresno notes that while a great many might find the new demolition proposal to be quite unbelievable, the precedent has already been set with 9/11. "You can't allow mere physics to stand in the way when the United States government and NIST have already said on record that demolition of steel buildings by fire is a normal thing. After all, who are you going to believe, over 1,000 architects and engineers, or the U.S. government?"

Okay, so are you getting the point in this?

To some, the Socratic irony here is obvious, while to others it will quite sadly be lost.

Debunkers of 9/11 truth may find this slant to be most preposterous, but perhaps now they might also see the other side of the argument. Steel structures have never, ever collapsed due to fire, until three buildings all mysteriously dropped in less than :10 seconds each on 9/11.

The obvious point being made here is that if fire alone could bring down steel high-rise buildings, with such little effort, the demolition industry would be racing to increase its profit margins by dumping costly (dangerous) explosives for the much cheaper (safer) $3-dollars per gallon kerosene method. Since this isn't the case, that ought to tell you a little something about how valid the official government position is regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center.

If we ever expect to resolve the myriad questions that linger from 9/11, then we need to once and for all formally address the evidence and valid questions that were undeniably  ignored out of hand by the original 9/11 Commission.

We need a real 9/11 investigation now.

A Guide to the 9/11 Whistleblowers
Courageous insiders, gagged, hounded and ignored, by James Corbett - 5 March, 2010

When losing a discussion on the facts of 9/11, a so-called 9/11 "debunker" will often rely on an old canard to "prove" that 9/11 could not have been an inside job: "So many people want their quarter hour of fame that even the Men in Black couldn't squelch the squealers from spilling the beans," write self-satisfied defenders of the government story. According to the logic of this argument, if there are no 9/11 whistleblowers then 9/11 was not an inside job.

So what if there are 9/11 whistleblowers? What if these whistleblowers come from every level of government and private industry, individuals who have even had their cases vindicated by internal government reports? As you are about to see, there are numerous such whistleblowers and each one is a thorn in the side of those who want to pretend that the 9/11 Commission represents the sum total of knowledge on the 9/11 attacks. ...

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 Attacks A 'Big Lie'
The Associated Press - Ali Akbar Dareini - ‎Mar 6, 2010‎
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday called the official version of the Sept. 11 attacks a "big lie" used by the US as ...

Don't Become What You Are Fighting

Luke Rudkowski speaks at the Treason In America Conference.

Pentagon Drops Charges Against 9/11 Plotters, Clearing Way For Civilian Trials, McClatchy Newspapers - 02/26/10

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Friday officially dropped military charges against the accused mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and four other alleged conspirators, a development that likely foreshadows their transfer to New York City to face charges in a civilian federal court.

The Pentagon said the dismissal of the charges "without prejudice" against alleged plot leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the others, Walid Bin Attash, Ramzi Bin al Shibh, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa Ahmed Adam al Hawsawi, was a procedural step to clear the way for their civilian trials.

There was no word on when indictments would be issued in New York against the men or when they would be transferred from Guantanamo to the United States.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Nov. 13 that the five men would be tried in federal court for the 9/11 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people. Criticism quickly followed by Republicans and others who said trying the men inside the United States would create security risks and allow the defendants legal protections that they shouldn't have. ...

NewsFocus: This is a most interesting twist.

The Movement Behind 9/11, by Gabriel Sukenik - March 4, 2010
The most interesting thing about being a journalist is being able to watch the stories you cover develop and grow. The fall semester of my junior year, I took a semester off from school to cover a story that I could not afford to miss. I had been researching the events of September 11, 2001 and felt compelled to take the time to interview eye witnesses, emergency first responders, firefighters, the families of the victims and professionals in various fields to discover for myself the true nature of events that unfolded that day. ...

FOIA Request: Barry Jennings And Michael Hess Info (Request Refused By NIST)

In response to FOIA request, NIST has refused to provide copies of transcripts and tapes of interviews with the first responders about Michael Hess and Barry Jennings trapped in WTC7.

Excerpt from NIST NCSTAR 1-8: proof of existence and classification of the interviews with explicit references to the two men trapped in the WTC 7:

Below there are links to documents we exchanged with NIST:

NYPD, FDNY 9/11 Photos Released After ABC News FOIA
New Photos Show Pyroclastic Cloud As It Envelopes Downtown, by Tim Watts - 021310
The U.S. government has released 2,700 NYPD and FDNY photos from 9/11 that previously had been unavailable to the public. ABC News received the photos after filing a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA). The newly released 9/11 pictures spread like wildfire on the Internet after ABC posted them on their website on Wednesday. Some pictures can be viewed on the ABC website.

New aerial NYPD photos of 9/11 attack released Finally Post Chronicle
Ground Zero on 9/11: Breathtaking New Photos by FDNY ABC News

 AP News: New Aerial Photos Released From 9/11

RT News Talks About New 9/11 Photos And What They Mean

American media could learn much from the foreign press on covering 9/11.

At the same time NewsWeek is running a conspiracies article which mixes clearly bogus accusations with true conspiracy evidence. They refute 9/11 conspiracy out of hand without a second thought or ever addressing the still outstanding evidence, proof that they are truly not interested in investigating the event. Like many media outlets and publications, they have proven themselves once again to be nothing more than paid shills, a mouthpiece for the powers that be. Questions clearly remain regarding 9/11, yet the so-called hard news reporters are threatened or held at bay by their corporate ownership. Few have had the guts or integrity to stand up for the real truth of 9/11.

CBS 60 Minutes: Why No WTC Rebuilding?

The biggest screw-up or the biggest pile of bullshit?

NewsFocus: Many believe rebuilding was stalled by the Bush administration so as to leave the scar of 9/11 as a visible reminder of the war on terror, to qualify the U.S. wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. The WTC site is an open wound that is meant to justify U.S. military aggression and the global war on terror.

The Road to Armageddon: The Insane Drive for American Hegemony Threatens Life on Earth
Global Research, by Paul Craig Roberts - February 26, 2010

The Washington Times is a newspaper that looks with favor upon the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neocon wars of aggression in the Middle East and favors making terrorists pay for 9/11. Therefore, I was surprised to learn on February 24 that the most popular story on the paper’s website for the past three days was the “Inside the Beltway” report, “Explosive News,” about the 31 press conferences in cities in the US and abroad on February 19 held by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization of professionals which now has 1,000 members.


I was even more surprised that the news report treated the press conference seriously. 

How did three World Trade Center skyscrapers suddenly disintegrate into fine dust? How did massive steel beams in three skyscrapers suddenly fail as a result of short-lived, isolated, and low temperature fires? “A thousand architects and engineers want to know, and are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7,” reports the Washington Times. ...

‘Misprision of Treason,’ U.S. Code 18 (Sec. 2382), is a serious federal offense, which requires those with evidence of treason to act.  -Richard Gage, AE911Truth

Architects & Engineers Get Media Time

Washington Times Actually Runs A&E 9/11 Truth Piece Without An Attack

A lingering technical question about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks still haunts some, and it has political implications: How did 200,000 tons of steel disintegrate and drop in 11 seconds? A thousand architects and engineers want to know, and are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center. ...

AE Truth On Canadian News

A report
from A-Channel news in Victoria British Columbia, Feb 19/2010.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Press Conference
Illinois, US - press statement and petition - Feb. 19th, 2010
Full Press statement in front of US Rep. Hon. Judy Biggert's office in Willowbrook, Illinois.



Official website:

9/11: The Tip Of The Iceberg
What You Need To Know About 9/11 In Just Twenty Minutes
You have to be in complete denial to ignore criminal evidence that implicates national treason and mass murder, just because "it sounds so hard to believe." This ignorant, closed mindset is what has enabled the largest crime of our time to be perpetrated in broad daylight and to later be swept under a rug of deception and media brainwashing.

Tip of the Iceberg - Pt 1

Tip of the Iceberg - Pt 2


US wouldn’t kill our own citizens, blame Iran, and start a war! Oh? FBI allowed ’93 WTC bombing 022210
We know that the US “leadership” and corporate media are lying for war with Iran with their two principle reasons: ...

9/11: Clear Evidence of Demolition Explosions

See evidence and judge for yourself. Be honest. These are not simple collapses.

Pentagon Video Used In Terror Trial
Video Shows Distinct White Vapor Trail Just Before Explosion (Was It A Missile?)
NewsFocus - 021910

In this compilation we get to see more than just the original "four frames" from the Pentagon strike, although, we get to see the same four still capture clips, we get to see the before and after clips as well. This is a collection of footage used in the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, now alleged to be mastermind of the 9/11 terrorism attacks. What happened to scapegoat Osama?

9/11 Pentagon Footage From Security Camera

Here we get to see more than just four frames. Note the white "vapor" trail.

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9 /11 Truth Movement
Part I: Reflections on a Recent Evaluation of Dr. David Ray Griffin, by Elizabeth Woodworth - 2009-12-12
The cover story of the September 24, 2009, issue of The New Statesman, the venerable left-leaning British magazine, was entitled “The 50 People who Matter Today.”(1) Any such list, necessarily reflecting the bias and limited awareness of the editors, would surely contain choices that readers would find surprising.


That is true of this list – which includes families as well as individuals. A good number of names are, to be sure, ones that would be contained in most such lists created by British, Canadian, or American political commentators, such as the Obamas, the Murdochs, Vladimir Putin, Osama bin Laden, Angela Merkel, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Pope Benedict XVI, and Gordon Brown. But about half of the names reflected choices that I, and probably most other readers, found surprising. One of these choices, however, is beyond surprising - it is astounding. ...

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement
Part II: A Survey of Attitude Change in 2009-2010, by Elizabeth Woodworth - 2010-02-15


In the past year, in response to emerging independent science on the 9/11 attacks, nine corporate, seven public, and two independent media outlets aired analytic programs investigating the official account. 


Increasingly, the issue is treated as a scientific controversy worthy of debate, rather than as a "conspiracy theory" ignoring science and common sense.


This essay presents these media analyses in the form of 18 case studies.


Eight countries – Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Russia – have allowed their publicly-owned broadcasting stations to air the full spectrum of evidence challenging the truth of the official account of 9/11. ...

Olbermann Points Out That 9/11 Happened under Bush-Cheney Watch

Setting the record straight on who didn't heed a terrorist threat.

Disconnecting The Dots: How 9/11 Was Allowed To Happen
New 9/11 Book Names Specific People, Fingers CIA And NSA In Cover-Up
NewsFocus - 010510

Questioning actions taken by American intelligence agencies prior to 9/11, this investigation charges that the CIA and NSA repeatedly and deliberately withheld information from the FBI, thereby allowing hijackers to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Pinpointing a CIA deputy unit chief, Tom Wilshire, and his manager, Richard Blee, as being primarily responsible for many of the intelligence failures, this account analyzes the circumstances in which critical intelligence information was kept from FBI investigators in the wider context of the CIA’s operations against al-Qaeda, concluding that the information was intentionally omitted in order to allow an al-Qaeda attack to go forward against the United States. The book also looks at the findings of the four main 9/11 investigations, claiming they omitted key facts and were blind to the purposefulness of the wrongdoing they investigated. Additionally, it asserts that Blee was involved in key post-9/11 events and further intelligence failures, including the failure to capture Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora and the CIA's rendition and torture program. Order from

Jesse Ventura Takes the Soaring Interest in Conspiracy Theory to TV -- And Viewers Are Flocking to It
Bringing formerly taboo issues to TV, the former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler's show has caught on. Conspiracy theorists probably aren't surprised.
Alternet, by Daniela Perdomo - 013110
Jesse Ventura has worn many hats over his lifetime. In addition to being a body-slamming professional wrestler and one-term governor of Minnesota, he was a Navy SEAL in Vietnam and a bodyguard for the Rolling Stones. In his latest career move, he is a conspiracy theory investigator.

His television show, "Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura" premiered on TruTV in early December delivering the 17-year-old channel's largest-ever premiere audience -- 1.6 million people -- and maintaining it during subsequent episodes. It held onto high Nielsen ratings despite being panned by critics because the masses love it.
... (more)

View Programs: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Bush, The CIA And 9/11

A clip from an Alex Jones film on 9/11.

9/11:  NATIONAL TRAGEDY, CIRCUS OR BLATANT TREASON?, by Gordon Duff Writer/Senior Editor- January 21, 2010
What do you have to do to get arrested in the United States or Great Britain?  We are watching the cover-up of the rigged invasion of Iraq for profit falling apart in Britain.  Tony Blair, who is being proven to be war criminal closer to Hitler than Noriega, is absolutely certain he will go scot free despite being totally “busted.”  Even an attorney like John Ashcroft could get him in front of a firing squad.  If we began down the same path here in the US, Bush and his whole gang would be, either doing time, or waiting for the needle.  No new laws, just one honest cop dragging the gang in front of a US Magistrate as our laws demand, laws we all seem to have forgotten. ...

Something Wrong With This Picture?
It's the little things that you don't always notice.

Mahathir On 9/11: Evidence That The Attacks Were Staged, by Joshua Foong and Shamini Ann
(KUALA LUMPUR) There is strong evidence that the Sept 11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 could have been 'staged' as an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

'I am not sure now that Muslim terrorists carried out these attacks. There is evidence that the attacks were staged.' ...

Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth Reaches 1000 Strong
Over 6,000 Supporters Sign Petition As Well
NewsFocus - 011910
Congratulations to Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, as the truth advocacy group has now topped over 1,000 petition signatures, all qualified industry professionals who know enough about building design and engineering to not believe the official story regarding the destruction of three World Trade Center high-rise buildings on September 11, 2001. The group is calling for a new 9/11 investigation.

60 Aerospace Engineers Call for New 9/11 Investigation, by Dwain Deets - 011710
As the number of verified architect and engineer petitioners at AE911Truth passes 1,000, the number describing themselves as aerospace engineers, or as engineers who have contributed professionally to the aerospace field, exceed sixty. These sixty-plus engineers were motivated to place their names on the public record as a matter of professional and social responsibility. While the skills necessary to conduct professional forensic analysis of destroyed buildings is largely distinct from those experienced in aerospace engineering, the basic physical laws involved in an analysis of the speed, symmetry, and energy input/output balance of the World Trade Center's destruction involve only high school physics and chemistry, some lookups regarding the energy necessary to crush concrete, and basic arithmetic. (read more...)

 We've Been Had

A compilation of footage from the WTC building 7 collapse.

"We do not believe you!"
German Business Journal Questions 9/11,
Jan. 8, 2010

NewsFocus: This is understandably in German and I have been anxiously awaiting an English translation.

The magazine FOCUS Money questions the official version of 9/11 with "more and more doubts."

The new issue of the German business magazine Focus Money (Nr. 2/2010) carries a detailed story on 9/11.

FOCUS Money,  is presenting most of the crucial arguments and contradictions on five glossy pages. Among other questions the article suggests that the collapse of the World Trade Center could have been a controlled demolition.

In addition, the article suggests serious doubts about the "madness" of the critics, which are usually called "conspiracy theorists".

The magazine states, that it is "not only serious politicians who do not want to believe the official version any more ", but also, "there are also thousands of scientists, who question 9/11". ...

German TV Magazine - 9/11 Mysteries
The Secret Files
TV Horen Und Sehen - 091109
9/11 is officially the largest criminal case in history- but classified documents and witness account surface, that speak against the official versions of the CIA and Pentagon. ... (see the article here)

How Far Would You Go To Keep From Getting Caught For 9/11?
With Suspicions Of The Global Elite's Involvement, What Would They Possibly Do To Keep From Getting Caught For Mass Murder And Treason?
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts 010510

(I will say this up front, please bear with me on this. Sometimes the outlandish can be the answer that makes the most sense. This is pure speculation, but it is altogether possible.)

If you're a 9/11 naysayer and debunker, then this piece holds no interest for you, nor does it hold any relevance for the ostrich community of debunkers who have their heads buried deep in the sand, or wedged firmly up their collective butts, however, for those that do believe in U.S. government 9/11 complicity, this is an article that you seriously need to consider, and prepare for.

The Powers That Be

First off, to this author, immoral covert factions of the U.S. government were not alone in this heinous assault on humanity. Much evidence points to advance foreknowledge from Israel and their intelligence services as well, but let me go a step further. With a large amount of undeniable accounting of a worldwide global conspiracy, one has to assume that the national leaders of these covert operations are merely the puppets who answer to a much higher authority, hidden from view of public scrutiny, yet pulling all the strings.

Those capable of organizing such a nefarious cabal most certainly have three things going for them: 1) unfathomable wealth, 2) access to highly skilled intelligence, and 3) omnipotent power over world governments as a result.

This group is so powerful that they are able to successfully assassinate world leaders at will, such as JFK, RFK, Anwar Sadat, Yitzhak Rabin, Indira Gandhi, Princess Diana and most recently Benazir Bhutto, to name but just a few.

All of them and more, executed with a calculated political purpose, and sadly enough, with complete anonymity.  ...  (Read More)

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. -George Orwell

NOTICE: There may come a day when these pages might be pulled down due to the Patriot Act and a new perverse defining of the term sedition. If you want to preserve these, or any other news articles of interest, make yourself a news folder and save the web pages there using the save function of your browser. The internet is the last true media we have where we can find the truth. Granted there are false and misleading postings as well, so you need to be intelligent on your own and perform due diligence in seeking out the truth. Movies can be saved as well. Google Video provides a save video feature for most videos. YouTube videos can also be saved using KeepVid.
French TV To Broadcast 9/11 Show With Info On Put Options
Program Follows The Money Trail And Investigates Who Profited

NewsFocus - 010510

The French have been great allies in the fight for 9/11 truth. They have run programs in the past exploring 9/11 and are now about to broadcast a new program investigating the insider trade and Put Options that were made to benefit some immoral greedy profiteers from the event. The official website is Hopefully a translation will be forthcoming upon the program's broadcast.

Guardian and Telegraph Newspapers Both Name Fahrenheit 9/11 As Decade's Big Hit (#1 And #10 Rankings Out of Top 100 Films)

Best films of the noughties # 10: Farenheit 9/11
It's Michael Moore's most significant film, and one whose effects are still being felt today, by Andrew Pulver - 122109

It seems strange to reflect that, drowning as we are these days in campaigning documentary films, when he started out, Michael Moore was one of a kind. Ever since his 1989 film Roger & Me, in which he harassed the CEO of General Motors over the closure of car plants employing some 30,000 people in his home town of Flint, Michigan, Moore has pioneered a new kind of cinema: activist, articulate, passionate, funny – but above all, engaging. Plenty of documentarists knew more history, or were more politically committed, but Moore's special abilities lay in putting a human face on hot-potato issues. Moore pulled off the same trick with Bowling for Columbine, his 2002 film which sought to excoriate America's gun culture and place on it considerable responsibility for the high-school massacre.

But it was his decision to explore the links between the Bush and Bin Laden families that put Moore on the path to making what remains his most significant film, and one whose effects are still being felt today. It can be argued that Moore is a very American firebrand, succumbing to a certain intellectual isolationism as he focuses on primarily domestic issues. But that isn't the case with Fahrenheit 9/11. With the invasion of Iraq fresh in everybody's minds, Moore's film had an instantly global reach, a torpedo against the incompetencies of the Bush administration that had brought in the Patriot Act in the wake of the World Trade Centre attacks.

The films that defined the noughties
This decade has given rise to a fragmented, pick’n’mix cinematic culture - but what are the 100 defining films of the last ten years?, by By David Gritten, Tim Robey and Sukhdev Sandhu - 110609

Moore Documentary Is Named #1 Out Of The Top 100 Films

#1 Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore, 2004, Ł8.80: It may not have been the best film of the decade. It may not have been the best film Moore has made (that honour still belongs to 1989’s Roger and Me). Nevertheless, it’s hard to overstate the importance of this film, a modestly funded political documentary that was shunned by its Disney backers but went on to win the Palme d’Or at Cannes, coin more than $220 million around the world, and boost the emergence of politically liberal, agenda-driven multiplex fare such as Supersize Me and An Inconvenient Truth.

A speculation: might the accessible and populist fashion in which it marshalled its denunciation of George Bush’s 2000 “electoral theft”, to say nothing of the scorn it poured on American neo-conservative support for the “War on Terror”, have helped create or at least re-identify a large chunk of the non-traditional constituencies who were later tapped successfully by the Obama campaign team?

Criticism that Moore played fast and loose with his facts misses the point. He’s an old-fashioned circus barker. He trades in passion not science. But these days, when Tony Blair gets dubbed a “war criminal” and when the US economy is still ailing after the trillions squandered in the Middle East, the questions he asks look like patriotism rather than treachery. ...

TorontoStar: 10 most important works of the decade - Fahrenheit 9/11 Is # 7 on the list
We asked our critics and our readers to vote for the 10 Most Important Works of the Decade. We count down to No. 1 as we approach Dec. 31., By Linda Barnard - 12409

If Sept. 11, 2001 was the defining event of the decade in America, then it can be argued director Michael Moore's 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 was the defining film.

As the United States struggled to heal in the following months, people started asking questions about the true reason for the invasion of Iraq. ...

Senator acts to revive 9/11 suits
Specter looks to revive 9/11 suits against Saudis, b
y Chris Mondics
In a sign that the bitter litigation between victims of the 9/11 attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia is far from over, Sen. Arlen Specter yesterday introduced legislation that would overturn court rulings barring lawsuits that contend the desert kingdom helped cause the terrorism.

Specter (D., Pa.) said the legislation would clarify that lawsuits by U.S. citizens could go forward without a sign-off from the State Department. ...

'Conspiracy Files' Program: Hijackers In Cockpit At Takeoff
Program Delivers Startling Accusation (Witness Bellone Needs Vetting), By Tim Watts 120909

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is a believer in the 9/11 event, but not of the official government explanation. Ventura, a former Governor, mayor, professional wrestler and a Navy Seal, is a staunch advocate for a new 9/11 investigation. He now hosts a weekly program on Tru TV called 'Conspiracy Files' where he and his team of investigative reporters look into unexplained mysteries such as HAARP, Big Brother, Secret Societies, and even 9/11. Ventura dropped a bombshell that this reporter had not heard before, that the hijackers were in the cockpit while still on the runway before takeoff.

Ventura spoke with 9/11 family members, including Bob McIlvaine, on the loss of loved ones. He also spoke with noted physics professor Steven Jones on the presence of super-thermite residue at ground-zero, as well as former WTC custodian William Rodriguez who told of bombs going off before the planes hit the buildings.

The program also featured a segment with ground zero rescue worker Mike Bellone who told Ventura that the FBI had recovered three of the four black boxes. Bellone said that he saw one of the four recovered black boxes. He claims he was told by the FBI to keep quiet about what he saw. Investigative reporter Dave Lindorff went one further, saying that he was told off the record by an NTSA employee that all four black boxes were recovered. Ventura went straight to the FBI in New York for answers. He was met by counter terrorism agent Jack Cloonan who admitted the government sometimes does things in the night that it does not want to admit. "That's what I'm here to tell you," stated Cloonan.

The show also went to JFK Airport, after being refused admittance, sneaking into a secure area around hangar 17 where debris from 9/11 is said to still be housed. Ventura was excited to actually see 9/11 metal girders through a small door window, however the door was securely locked.

The :60-minute program could easily have been two or three hours in length as it touched on only a handful of the myriad incongruities from the 9/11 event. Hopefully Ventura will decide to do a follow-up program on the subject in upcoming episodes. Tru TV can be found on DirecTV on channel 246. (Check listings for local cable channels.)

Watch Program Online Here: Conspiracy Theory: 9/11

TRU TV Presents: Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura
Program To Focus On Exposing Government Cover-ups And Hidden Truths, by Tim Watts 120109

The new program from TRU TV, Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura has become the network's biggest hit since debuting July 25th, 2008.

The program is a Turner Broadcasting / Time Warner production and is broadcast on DirecTV channel 246. Check your local TV listings for a cable channel in your area.

For those unable to view the program, you can view the programs at the following links:

 > > WATCH: Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura < <

You can also search YouTube for latest episodes:
You Tube - Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura

CBS News Anchor Dan Rather Says Black Box Was Found

Interesting that they suddenly had technical problems.

Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton: A 9/11 Convergence, by Kevin Ryan - December 12, 2009
Careful investigation leads one to notice that a number of intriguing groups of people and organizations converged on the events of September 11th, 2001. An example is the group of men who were members of Cornell University’s Quill & Dagger society. This included Paul Wolfowitz, National Security Advisors Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley, Marsh & McLennan executive Stephen Friedman, and the founder of Kroll Associates, Jules Kroll. Another interconnected group of organizations is linked to these Cornell comrades, and is even more interesting in terms of its members being integral to the events of 9/11, and having benefited from those events.

After the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC), a company called Stratesec (or Securacom) was responsible for the overall integration of the new security system designed by Kroll Associates. Stratesec had a small board of directors that included retired Air Force General James Abrahamson, Marvin Bush (the brother of George W. Bush) and Wirt Walker III, a cousin of the Bush brothers. Other directors included Charles Archer, former Assistant Director in charge of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division, and Yousef Saud Al Sabah, a member of the Kuwaiti royal family. ...

The Mysterious White Plane Over DC On 9/11 (Who Was In It?)

W. Bush was in Florida and Cheney in the PEOC, but HW Bush was in DC.

Press File Footage: Here Is What The E-4B Looks Like

This is very clearly the same type of airplane spotted over DC on 9/11.

Architects & Engineers For 9/11Truth Investigate
The Work of David Chandler

Cutter Charges In The North Tower

(See more of David Chandlers scientific investigation here)

9/11 Families Press Judges on Sifting at Landfill
New York Times - 121709
In an effort that has stretched nearly a decade, some families of 9/11 victims have fought to have the remains of their relatives identified and put to rest. In 2002, they organized as the WTC Families for Proper Burial Inc. They sued the…

David Ray Griffin On The Credibility of Cell Phone Calls On 9/11
From CBC program, The Fifth Estate

The Military Technology Does Exist To Fake Voices And Phone Calls

Asia Digest Article Questions The Official Story About 9/11
Around The World, People Get What Happened, Despite U.S. Media Ignorance, by Tim Watts 120709

Many in the United States already realize that our media has been as complicit in the 9/11 event as the U.S. Government. When foreign media addresses the issue, things start to get interesting.

In their September 2009 issue, Asia Digest has done what most in the U.S. media have refused to do so far, their investigative duty. In a well researched article looking into the event of 9/11, two reporters ask very pointed questions regarding the facts of 9/11, examining the disparity with the official Bush Administration story.

Investigative reporter Johnny Christy wrote an article titled, "September 11, 2001 — Was America Under Attack or Was the World Being Hoodwinked?" There is also a companion piece by Nivac Nhajal called, "Demolition and Deception: The Destruction of WTC 7 on 9/11." Both articles are excellent reads on the 9/11 event and can be found at the following link...

9/11 – Has America Been Told The Truth? (

Interestingly enough, on December 7th, both articles were suddenly missing from the internet, despite having been publicly published for over three months. Other articles on the website were not affected and were still available, but not the 9/11 piece. One can only wonder if the authors have hit a nerve with their articles. It is ironic that both articles regarding the biggest false flag operation in history would go missing on the date of the second biggest false flag operation, Pearl Harbor.

NewsFocus has contacted Asia Times regarding the incident and is currently awaiting a reply. More to come. Stay tuned.

9/11 Missing Links
Before you scream anti-Semitism, please watch the film with an open mind.

PUT Cheney & Bush On Trial For The 9/11 Attacks
OP/Ed News, By Gene Cappa - 111209
Bush put Cheney in charge on 9/11 by Executive Order months in advance, and Cheney put our NORAD air defenses on "stand down" over the target areas at the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers resulting in the orchestrated 9/11 attacks.

On the morning of 9/11 a Military Aide informs the Vice President in the White House Bunker that an "unauthorized" aircraft is just ten miles out from the Pentagon, and asks, sir, "do the orders (stand down orders) still stand?", and Richard B. Cheney whips his neck around and replies, "of course the order still stands-have you heard anything to the contrary?", and then, in just moments, the Pentagon gets hit ...

9/11 False Flag
A German production on the 9/11 event.

To The Rich Oligarchs of This World: We are not your slaves, nor are we servants to your institutions. We are not beneath the upper class. As humans, we are your equal. You are nothing without us, for it is from us that you have labor and markets. You have no wealth without us. We tire of dying in manufactured wars for your prosperity. Your crimes against mankind, instigated for the sake of your own personal wealth, will be exposed and will no longer be tolerated. The people out number you by the hundreds of millions. Make no mistake about it, the people will rise up against your tyranny and you will bow down to 'we the people.' You have overstepped the decency of humanity and for that you will surely pay as you are brought to justice in an inevitable day of reckoning. Whether it is in 10 years or 50 years from now, it will happen. -NewsFocus

Federal Judge in Germany: Numerous 9/11 Theories Screaming For Investigation, 121609

Federal Judge Dieter Deiseroth: It is very unfortunate that the media is not prepared to face the issue of 9/11 and ask the unanswered questions

Question: Do you think the proposal of an independent 9/11 investigation to be realistic?

Judge Dieter Deiseroth:: I think the suggestion is reasonable and necessary. Because the official investigation is the central justification for the war ( "Operation Enduring Freedom") and for serious alterations of the U.S. legal system under the so-called homeland security legislation.

Question: This should be difficult because neither politics nor the big media, dare to question the official version of 9/11 critically.

A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal. -Martin Luther King

The Facts Speak For Themselves
This is dedicated to the 9/11 Truth Movement, by Jon Gold - 9/25/2008 (Updated 101609)
Before I begin, I would like to say that theorizing about what happened on 9/11, when you're not being given answers to your questions about that day by the people who SHOULD be able to do so, is PERFECTLY normal. As is suspecting that the reason these answers aren't being given is "sinister" in nature. As Ray McGovern said, "for people to dismiss these questioners as "conspiratorial advocates", or "conspiratorial theorists"... that's completely out of line because the... The questions remain because the President who should be able to answer them, WILL NOT." When you think about everything the previous Administration did in 8 years, the idea that they might not be giving us the answers we seek because of something "sinister" is not crazy. In fact, it's the most logical conclusion one can come to at this point. After seven plus years of obfuscation, spin, lies, and cover-ups regarding the 9/11 attacks, it is unavoidable to think that criminal complicity is the reason why. ... (Read the facts)

Congressman: Bush Let Osama bin Laden Get Away!
Rep. Hinchey: Bush Administration 'Intentionally Let bin Laden Get Away' In Order To Justify Iraq War,  120109
On Monday afternoon, Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-New York) told MSNBC host David Shuster that the Bush administration "intentionally let bin Laden get away" in order to justify the Iraq war.  -  "Look what happened. Look what happened with regard to our invasion into Afghanistan. How we apparently intentionally let bin Laden get away. How we intentionally did not follow the Taliban and al Qaeda."

Hinchey alleged that bin Laden was let go because "the previous administration... knew very well that if they would capture al Qaeda there would be no justification for an invasion in Iraq." ...


"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller, 1991 Bilderberg speech.

Perino Shocker: We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term,
November 24, 2009
They want to do all of their investigations. I don’t know. All of the thinking that goes into it. But we did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term. I hope they’re not looking at this politically. I do think we ought it to the American people to call it what it is."
-Dana Perino

NewsFocus: Is she really that stupid or is she that corrupt to lie so Blatantly? Let's refresh her memory... 1) 9/11 and 2) the anthrax attacks. Way to go Dana!

CBC - The Unofficial Story of 9/11
See the rest of this program here


The Facts Speak For Themselves, by Jon Gold - 101609
Before I begin, I would like to say that theorizing about what happened on 9/11, when you're not being given answers to your questions about that day by the people who SHOULD be able to do so, is PERFECTLY normal. As is suspecting that the reason these answers aren't being given is "sinister" in nature. As Ray McGovern said, "for people to dismiss these questioners as "conspiratorial advocates", or "conspiratorial theorists"... that's completely out of line because the... The questions remain because the President who should be able to answer them, WILL NOT." When you think about everything the previous Administration did in 8 years, the idea that they might not be giving us the answers we seek because of something "sinister" is not crazy. In fact, it's the most logical conclusion one can come to at this point. After seven plus years of obfuscation, spin, lies, and cover-ups regarding the 9/11 attacks, it is unavoidable to think that criminal complicity is the reason why. ...

No Historical Evidence For Collapse of WTC Towers
Buildings were award winning for engineering, built extra strong.

Counsel For  9/11 Commission: Official Report Based On Lies
How long have we watered the Tree of Deceit with the blood of patriots?, by Gordon Duff
(CINCINNATI, Ohio) - In John Farmer’s book: “The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11″, the author builds the inescapably convincing case that the official version... is almost entirely untrue...

The 9/11 Commission now tells us that the official version of 9/11 was based on false testimony and documents and is almost entirely untrue. The details of this massive cover-up are carefully outlined in a book by John Farmer, who was the Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission. ...

Howard Zinn Speaks About The 9/11 Event

Exclusive: Kerik's "Lying" Email To The White House
MSNBC, 121909
NBCNew has obtained the email disgraced former police commissioner Bernard Kerik sent to the Bush White House while trying to become Homeland Security Secretary. Kerik has already pleaded guilty and admitted he lied in this email…

Judge: There Will Be No 9/11 Mention At Ex-Commissioner Trial
Government Requests Defense Not Be Allowed To Bring Up 9/11
Are They Really Afraid of Favorable Juror Prejudice Or Is This About A Closed Door That They Don't Want Open?
The Associated Press - Jim Fitzgerald - ‎Sep 29, 2009‎
He said the attack was irrelevant to allegations that former Commissioner Bernard Kerik accepted apartment renovations from a construction company in ...
Bernard Kerik Trial Is A World Without 9/11 Gothamist
Bye bye, Bernie, bye, bye: Kerik goes to jail, directly to jail - where he belongs
New York Daily News

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik Jailed - Kay Mathews - ‎102109‎
Kerik's attorney plans to appeal. Former crime fighter, now criminal, Bernie Kerik was jailed yesterday by Westchester Federal Judge Stephen Robinson, ...
Ex-NY police chief Kerik in jail BBC
Remember Bernie Kerik Guardian UK

An Interesting New York Alliance Formed After 9/11
What's The Old Saying? "Birds of a Feather...", 102309
With the news on the indictment of former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, it is notable that not many, if any, have ever mentioned the interesting liaison between former New York City officials after 9/11. What may be surprising to some is that an alliance was formed between the major NYC security heads involved during the 9/11 attacks. The group, known as Giuliani partners, includes a cadre of NYC officials who all played major roles in the September 11th event. This in itself does not necessarily imply anything nefarious. It is, however, most noteworthy and should not be discounted out of hand. ... (Read More)

Film Producer Aaron Russo Said 9/11 Was A Fraud

He allegedly became ill and died soon after.

911 Reasons Why 9/11 Was (Probably) An Inside Job
RT News, by Robert Bridge - 090909
9/11 was the day steel-framed buildings fell like sandcastles, the law of physics worked in reverse and the United States Air Force went missing in action. So what is the real story? ... A Four Part Series ... (Read More)

9/11 Eyewitnesses Talk of Sub-Level Explosions

Why do skeptics think they know better than eyewitnesses who were there?

Gone but not forgotten - the bin Laden Revival Tour, by Michael Collins 120209
"I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason he is a ... kidney patient," Gen. Pervez Musharraf said on Friday in an interview with CNN.

Musharraf said Pakistan knew bin Laden took two dialysis machines into Afghanistan. "One was specifically for his own personal use," he said.

"I don't know if he has been getting all that treatment in Afghanistan now. And the photographs that have been shown of him on television show him extremely weak. ... I would give the first priority that he is dead and the second priority that he is alive somewhere in Afghanistan." CNN Jan 18, 2002

Years Of Deceit:
US Openly Accepts Bin Laden Long Dead, By Gordon Duff
Since we spent 200 million dollars on "special ops" looking for someone we knew was dead, who is going to jail for that? Since Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney continually talked about a man they knew was dead, now known to be for reasons of POLITICAL nature, who is going to jail for that?

Benazir Bhutto Says Osama Was Murdered

She warns here of her own impending assassination.

Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years – and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?, by Sue Reid - 101109
What if everything we have seen or heard of him on video and audio tapes since the early days after 9/11 is a fake – and that he is being kept ‘alive’ by the Western allies to stir up support for the war on terror?
Incredibly, this is the breathtaking theory that is gaining credence among political commentators, respected academics and even terror experts…..

Years Of Deceit:
US Openly Accepts Bin Laden Long Dead, by Gordon Duff
Since we spent 200 million dollars on "special ops" looking for someone we knew was dead, who is going to jail for that? Since Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney continually talked about a man they knew was dead, now known to be for reasons of POLITICAL nature, who is going to jail for that?

Pakistani President Says Osama Is Dead

His quote is somewhat muddled, but he says, "I don't think he is alive."

Pakistan's Musharraf: Bin Laden probably dead
Pakistan's President says Osama bin Laden could be dead
Senator Harry Reid Told Osama bin Laden Killed in Pakistan Earthquake
Osama Bin Laden is dead since December 26, 2001
Australian Expert Says Bin Laden Could Be Dead
Iranians Believe bin Laden Is Dead
Karzai: Bin Laden is Probably Dead
FBI Counter-Terrorism Chief Thinks bin Laden Probably Dead
Bin Laden Dead? A Chinese Report Says So
Blogger The Peking Duck: "Osama bin Laden Is Dead"
Osama bin Laden - A Dead Nemesis Perpetuated by the US Government

Once Again, The Will of the Voters Is Denied
Judge Denies Legal Petition of 80,000 New Yorkers (Even Though Only 30,000 Signatures Were Needed), October 9, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, Justice Edward Lehner of the State Supreme Court rubberstamped Referee Louis Crespo’s recommendation that the decision to establish a local commission to investigate the events of September 11th not be put before the voters on November 3rd.

After showing interest in weighing both sides’ arguments in the hearing, the Judge’s short decision gives no indication of having considered the arguments put forth in the Petitioners’ memorandum of law, nor any acknowledgement of the need for a new investigation, which the City of New York callously dismissed as “irrelevant”.

On a dark day for democracy, the patriotic call for answers by hundreds of 9/11 families, first responders and survivors has been stifled, and the will of the people of New York City once again denied. ...

Decision On NYCCAN Petition’s Legality Expected By End of Week
NYC CAN - 9/29/09
Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner has begun consideration of NYC CAN’s motion to reject Referee’s Louis Crespo’s recommendation that the NYC CAN 9/11 petition not be submitted to the voters on November 3. The petition would ask whether or not there should be an independent New York City investigation into 9/11. Responding to a motion brought by NYC CAN attorney Dennis McMahon, a hearing was held Tuesday September 29 at the New York State Supreme Court, and concluded with the understanding that the Court will likely render a decision on the petition’s legality by Friday, October 2. ... (Read More)

Still Awaiting Decision On Petition’s Legality
NYCCAN October 3, 2009
Four days after NYC CAN’s hearing at the State Supreme Court, Justice Edward Lehner is still considering our motion to reject Referee’s Louis Crespo’s recommendation that the petition not be submitted to the voters on November 3. On Friday October 2, our attorney, Dennis McMahon, contacted Judge Lehner’s office and was told that a decision had not yet been issued, but that he would be notified when a ruling has been reached. ...

9/11 Whistleblower LTC Anthony Shaffer Endorses NYCCAN Ballot

28 September 2009
Springfield, VA

I endorse the NYC CAN campaign and support the need for a new, independent, investigation of the events and failures that lead up to the 9/11 attacks.

The original 9/11 Commission inquiry became an exercise in bureaucratic ass-covering and obfuscation of accountability.

I had no intention of joining the ranks of “whistle blowers”. In 2003, when I made my disclosure to the 9/11 commission regarding the existence of a pre 9/11 offensive counter-terrorism operation that had discovered several of the 9/11 terrorists a full year before the 9/11 attacks my intention was to simply tell the truth, and fulfill my oath of office.

Unfortunately, this was a minority view.

Instead of supporting the search for the truth, members of the Bush/Rumsfeld Department of Defense did everything within their power to destroy my 20 year career as a clandestine intelligence operative simply to try to discredit me and my disclosure.

In 2006 I testified before Congress on the pre-9/11 issues regarding the systemic failures I was personally aware of – in both open and closed sessions – and yet nothing was ever done to correct these problems.

The families and victims of the 9/11 attacks are owed a real accounting of why their government failed them. We all deserve answers.

The full accounting has never been made. This accounting is long overdue. I hope the NYC CAN effort will result in a real, detailed, independent investigation that will reveal the full truth – whatever that truth may be.

Tony Shaffer

Patriots In Our Military And Government Officials Questioning 9/11

Read more about Able Danger

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

-- George Orwell     

FBI Whistleblower Colleen Rowley Speaking About 9/11

The RealNews Network spends some time with American Patriot, Colleen Rowley.

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. --President John F. Kennedy 4/27/61


More People In America Are Waking Up To The Truth

We need a
real investigation of 9/11

Musharraf: Pakistan And US Lost Track of Osama Five Years Ago

WASHINGTON: Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has said that the US and Pakistan both lost track of al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden five years ago, The Dawn reports. Musharraf, who is on a lecture tour of the US currently, told students and delegates at a college in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that both Pakistani and US intelligence have failed to collect any details regarding Laden's whereabouts, and now they are even unable to ascertain whether he was dead or alive.

Lee Hamilton On C-SPAN Book TV
The reaction of Hamilton to this very well put question is interesting.

Charlie Sheen Makes Plea To President Obama
Open Up A Real 9/11 Investigation
NewsFocus 091109
Actor turned activist Charlie Sheen has been quite vocal about the unexplained oddities of the 9/11 event. This week he made a public plea to President Obama to conduct a real investigation of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
(Read Sheen's piece below)

Twenty Minutes With The President
Charlie Sheen Goes Toe-To-Toe With Barack Obama Over 9/11 (Fiction), Reported by Charlie Sheen - Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, while he was out promoting his health care reform initiative. I requested 30 minutes given the scope and detail of my inquiry; they said I could have 20. Twenty minutes, 1200 seconds, not a lot of time to question the President about one of the most important events in our nation’s history. ...

(Read the full interview here)  |  (PDF download here)

Charlie Sheen urges Barack Obama to reopen 9/11 investigation in video message
Actor Charlie Sheen has sent a video message urging President Barack Obama to reopen the investigation into the 9/11 attacks, by Subhajit Banerjee - Published: 12:34AM BST 12 Sep 2009
Sheen had earlier written an open letter to the President in which he claimed that there was cover-up by the Bush administration over the 2001 attacks that claimed the lives of several thousand people. The six-and-a-half minute video - released on the eighth anniversary of the disaster - opens with news reports and footage of the incident with Sheen's voiceover: "The questions Mr President, the questions."  .

The Outright Lies From Many Who Deny A 9/11 Scenario Was Ever Envisioned

Excerpt from the film: The Core of Corruption

From the film maker:
This is a cut chapter from Core of Corruption: In the Shadows. Core of Corruption is a film series with multiple parts, part 1 is the only one out as of right now. Go to to learn more and get on the newsletter to receive information on the sequel.

Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act. --Albert Einstein

Obama and 9/11: Part 1
Online Journal, by Michael Hasty - Jan 27, 2009
Although I was as happy as most Americans that Barack Obama took the oath of office last week, rather than his Republican alternative, there is a major reason that he did not get my vote in November, which went instead to Cynthia McKinney: Obama is unlikely to reopen an investigation into what really happened on September 11, 2001 -- an investigation that needs to happen.

According to polls, about four in 10 Americans are suspicious that the Bush administration was complicit in the 9/11 attacks -- either by deliberately ignoring intelligence that warned an attack was coming and allowing the terrorists to strike, to gain public support for the neoconservative foreign policy agenda of increasing American military power in the Middle East or by actively coordinating the attacks themselves, for the same reason. As Time magazine, in a rare acknowledgement of the 9/11 truth movement, said, “This is not a fringe phenomenon. It is a mainstream political reality.” ...

Obama and 9/11: Part 2
Online Journal, by Michael Hasty - Feb 2, 2009
Imagine yourself within the mind of Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States of America. You are a man who knows how “the system” works. ...

Brainwashing and 911
DailyCensored, September 7, 2009 by admin

Terry Morrone, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Adelphi University

Propaganda has been with us since ancient times. All empire-builders have to justify what they do – to themselves, to their own people, and to those they dominate.

A massive propaganda apparatus, including domination of the major TV networks, pervades this country. It was in place long before the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01. Was the official version of the events of September 11, 2001 sold to us by means of a propaganda campaign? I will explore this question in this essay.

On 9/11 we were subjected to hours of propaganda. The TV shows all said over and over again: This was an “Attack on America.” ... (Read More)

For Those That Dispute World Trade Center Bomb Explosions
Eyewitness Testimony Says Differently, There Were Bombs Going Off
Eyewitnesses Talk of Bomb Explosions - Pt 1 Eyewitnesses Talk of Bomb Explosions - Pt 2

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

--Albert Einstein           

9/11 The Ultimate Con

29 Structural & Civil Engineers Cite Evidence For Controlled Explosive Demolition In Destruction of WTC High-Rises on 9/11
9/11 World Trade Center Destruction Can Only Be Explained With Explosives

More than 1000 architects and engineers have joined call for new investigation.

For Some, the Doubts Began Early

“Something is wrong with this picture,” thought Nathan Lomba, as he watched replays of the Twin Towers destruction on television on September 11, 2001. A licensed structural engineer trained in buildings’ response to stress, Lomba saw more on the screen than you or I. He puzzled, “How did the structures explode in near-symmetrical fashion when the damage was clearly not symmetrical?”

Lomba was hardly alone in his discomfort. Most structural engineers were surprised when the towers fell. They mainly kept their misgivings to themselves, though, as Scientific American and the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, BBC, the History Channel and government agencies such as FEMA and NIST offered varying and often imaginative theories to explain how fires brought the towers down.

Read more at the following link:

Is flight 93 information and/or evidence stored in Iron Mountain? If so, why?

What is Iron mountain? CIA/FBI/Flight 93/Secrets

Russia Today Broadcasts Reports On 9/11 Questions
Just One More Nation With Doubts Regarding The Official Story
Russia Today Questions 9/11 Questions US Gov Group Tries To Hide 9/11 Involvement

It is disappointing that the new administration is accepting the alleged crimes of the previous administration, with no apparent investigation forthcoming. This is not what America stands for. It is a grim harbinger of a new way of unconstitutional thinking which is contrarian in view and recalcitrant towards those who put our elected officials in power to specifically serve "we the people."

Excerpt From The Underlying Politics of 9/11

Millions of Americans are asking for a new investigation
Watch the full film production here

Polls: Broad skepticism among Americans of official 9/11 narrative
Below is a summary of opinion polls querying the American public on the viability of the official government narrative for 9/11. Polls have been conducted by such pollsters as Zogby, Scripps Howard, Reuters and Angus Reid and cable news channels such as CNN and MSNBC. Apparently, the official conspiracy theory isn't doing very well. In fact, the numbers are scaring the bejesus out of some of the pollsters, who are left looking for ways to trivialize such large numbers of their fellow citizens as "fringe elements". Tactics include suggesting the respondents are misguided because of ethnocentric bias, inability to cope with events of large magnitude, lack of intelligence, factual ignorance, one-sidedness, the internet or deeply embedded distrust of government. The last suggestion appears to have a chicken-or-egg problem. (Read more...)

Matthews: 61 % of Dems Say Bush Knew In Advance of 9/11 Attacks

Chris Matthews does a flashback report on a 2007 Rassmussen poll on
Bush's advanced knowledge of 9/11.

Remote In-Flight Course Changes Facilitated By 9/11 Model Aircraft Circa 2001, by Aidan Monaghan - August 25, 2009
The capability to remotely transmit altered aircraft flight plan data via remote data link transmissions directly into Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft Flight Management Computers (FMCs) for use by aircraft auto-pilot functions, was technologically available circa 2001.  ...

2nd Plane Hitting (Close-Up)

Whit House Advisor Resigns Over 9/11 Controversy Spearheaded By FOX And The Right
Good Luck Getting A Real 9/11 Investigation Under Obama  :o(

Van Jones recants 9/11 Truth statement as WH stands by 040909
The White House on Friday sought to deflect criticism of a special adviser who reportedly holds controversial views on the role of the George W. Bush administration in the attacks of September 11, 2001.
Fox News reported that Jones signed a 2004 petition urging an investigation into "evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur."
"As for the petition... I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever," Jones said.

White House Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy
Washington Post - Garance Franke-Ruta, Anne E. Kornblut - 060909
White House environmental adviser Van Jones resigned Saturday after weeks of controversy stemming from his past activism. "On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform ...

Unspun Newz Story:  Real Time Problems With Bill Maher?
Why Does Bill Maher Ridicule 9/11 Truth Activists When He Clearly Knows Very Little About The Undisputable Facts Of The Event?

Part 1

Part 2

Why is Bill Maher afraid to examine the facts? Why is he so scared to debate?

Ignorance is indeed true bliss, as well as a safe spot for the naive and gullible.

Ex-FBI Agent: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation
By Coleen Rowley
In the absence of my being there in New York City to stand with the 9/11 families, first responders and survivors, I offer the following statement in support of your goal of a new investigation into the attacks of September 11th and the NYC CAN campaign to place it on the ballot for November. ...

Let me therefore simply repeat the request I made to the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2002: “Foremost, we owe it to the public, especially the victims of terrorism, to be completely honest. I can only imagine what these crime and terrorism victims continue to go through. They deserve nothing but the complete, unfettered truth.”

Therefore, I fully support the 9/11 families, first responders, survivors and over 60,000 other New Yorkers who have endorsed a new 9/11 investigation in New York City as advanced by ballot referendum this coming November election. ...

Demolition Access To The World Trade Center Towers:
Part One - The Tenants, by Kevin R. Ryan, 7-09-09
On occasion, the public has been asked by George W. Bush to refrain from considering certain conspiracy theories. Bush has made such requests when people were looking into crimes in which he might be culpable. For example, when in 1994 Bush’s former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through several investors, Bush’s spokeswoman, Karen Hughes, shut down the inquiry by telling the Associated Press -- “We have no response to silly conspiracy theories.” On another occasion, Bush said in a televised speech -- “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.” ...

Demolition Access To The World Trade Center Towers:
Part Two - Security, by Kevin R. Ryan, 7-13-09
Who could have placed explosives in the World Trade Center (WTC) towers? This is the second essay in a series that attempts to answer that question. The first installment began by considering the tenants that occupied the impact zones and the other floors that might have played a useful role in the demolition of the WTC towers. [1] The result was a picture of connections to organizations that had access to explosive materials and to the expertise required to use explosives. Additionally it was seen that, in the years preceding 9/11, the impact zone tenants had all made structural modifications to the areas where the airliners struck the buildings. ...

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

 - Gandhi           


How The FBI And 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence About Hani Hanjour, Alleged Hijack Pilot of AAL 77
The 9/11 Mystery Plane, by Mark Gaffney - June 28, 2009

The evidence was crucial because it undermined the official explanation that Hani Hanjour crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon at high speed after executing an extremely difficult top gun maneuver. But to understand how all of this played out, let us review the case in bite-size pieces...

In August 2004 when the 9/11 Commission completed its official investigation of the September 11, 2001 attack, the commission transferred custody of its voluminous records to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).[1] There, the records remained under lock and key for four and a half years, until last January when NARA released a fraction of the total for public viewing. Each day, more of the released files are scanned and posted on the Internet, making them readily accessible. Although most of the newly-released documents are of little interest, the files I will discuss in this article contain important new information. ...

9/11 Commission Members Act To Finally Wrap It Up
CNN - Jeanne Meserve, Mike M. Ahlers - ‎Jul 25, 2009‎
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Key members of the original 9/11 Commission are banding together to rekindle the sense of urgency ..

Example of A Top Down Controlled Demolition

Anti-truth movement members say this isn't possible, yet here it is.

Judge: Airlines can't question FBI in 9/11 suits
The Associated Press - Harry R. Weber - ‎Jul 16, 2009‎
ATLANTA — A federal judge ruled Thursday that airlines and other companies in the industry that are being sued by families of terrorism victims can't ...

Airlines can't interview FBI about 9/11 -- US Judge
Reuters India - Grant McCool - ‎Jul 16, 2009‎
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Aviation companies may not interview six current and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who worked on ...

Euro Intel Experts Dismiss 'War On Terrorism' As Deception
American Free Press, by Christopher Bollyn - 120401
European intelligence experts dismiss the Bush "war on terrorism" as deception and reveal the Realpolitik behind the aggression against Afghanistan.

Berlin - In Germany, where war plans for Afghanistan were already being discussed in July and where several of the "Arab hijackers" lived and studied, intelligence experts say the terror attacks of September 11 could not have been carried out without the support of a state secret service.

Eckehardt Werthebach, former president of Germany's domestic intelligence service, Verfassungsschutz, told AFP that "the deathly precision" and "the magnitude of planning" behind the attacks of September 11 would have needed "years of planning."

Such a sophisticated operation, Werthebach said, would require the "fixed frame" of a state intelligence organization, something not found in a "loose group" of terrorists like the one allegedly led by Mohammed Atta while he studied in Hamburg. ...

Powerpoint Presentation On WTC 7 Destruction - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke

911 Planes Both Hit Secure Computer Rooms In WTC
/11 Planes Flew Directly Into Secure Computer Rooms In Both Towers...

9/11 Planes Flew Into Secure Computer Rooms in WTC *PIC*
GPS Navigation Corridors In Place Prior To 9/11
Pre-9/11 Upgraded GPS Service Provided 243 Foot Wide Aerial Navigation Corridors
911Blogger, by Aidan Monaghan on Thu, 04/30/2009 - 5:04am

Enhanced GPS service (WAAS), now in use by the U.S. commercial aviation industry and activated 13 months prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, provided virtual aerial navigation corridors only 243 wide and a 95% confidence that an aircraft's true position will fall within such a corridor . Such corridors can be navigated entirely by autopilot and flight management systems scheduled in 1996 and 1998 to be contained by United and American airlines Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft like those used during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. ... (Read more)

Google Pulls Another 9/11 Video Production Off the Internet
This Time They Went After One From NewsFocus

NewsFocus - 053109
Google is at it again, once again pulling another 9/11 truth movement video off of their servers. This time they hit NewsFocus. (Read more and download the video)
Top court lets stand Saudi immunity in 9/11 case
Reuters - James ViciniDeborah Charles - ‎‎062909
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The US Supreme Court on Monday let stand a ruling that Saudi Arabia, four of its princes and other Saudi entities ...
Saudi links to 9/11 may never get into court St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists New York Times
Report: Saudi Royals May Have Financed Militants NPR

Sovereign Immunity or Cover-Up?
Obama wants to protect our Saudi “friends” — even when they fund our jihadi enemies
National Review, By David Yerushalmi

Full disclosure: I have a pony in this race. I am an American and, as an attorney, I am an officer of the court. I make this disclosure in the light of an amicus curiae brief recently filed with the U.S. Supreme Court...



On Behalf of the People of the United States of America, the undersigned people of the world hereby petition for, and demand, a truly independent and public investigation with subpoena power in order to uncover the full truth surrounding the events of 9/11/01 - specifically the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7.

We believe there is sufficient doubt about the official story and therefore the 9/11 investigation must be re-opened and must include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives that might have been the actual cause of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7.

Given the importance of the events of 9/11/01 and it's consequences, we believe it is our duty, as citizens of the world, to uncover the truth about this event and ensure that justice will be made.

We also are in full support of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( petition for a new independent investigation.

(Read more.... sign the petition)


Former 9/11 Commission Vice Chairman Makes Bizarre Comments about Intelligence Failures before Attacks
History Commons , by Kevin Fenton - April 20, 2009
Former 9/11 Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton recently made some bizarre comments about the Zacarias Moussaoui case in an interview for Vanity Fair.

We knew, for example—when I say we, I mean the F.B.I. in Minneapolis knew—that those guys in flight-training school were more interested in flying the airplane than they were in taking off and landing. They knew that. Who didn’t know it? The director of the F.B.I. didn’t know it. The director of the C.I.A. did know it. His response was that it was none of his business. Technically correct, because his business is foreign intelligence.

There are a number of glaring errors in Hamilton's statements. ...

A Chilling Comparison To Real Life

From the movie, "V For Vendetta"

Self-Confessed 9/11 "Mastermind" Also Falsely Confessed to Crimes He Didn't Commit
Under Extreme Physical Pain And Mental Duress, People Will Say What Captors Want
George Washington's Blog - April 23, 2009

As the Washington Post writes of Guantanamo Bay detainee Abu Zubaida:

President George W. Bush had publicly described him as "al-Qaeda's chief of operations," and other top officials called him a "trusted associate" of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and a major figure in the planning of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. None of that was accurate, the new evidence showed.

Okay, maybe they got that one wrong.

But certainly Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession that he was the mastermind of 9/11 proves his guilt, right?

Well, as the Telegraph notes today:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-confessed mastermind of 9/11, was waterboarded 183 times in one month, and “confessed” to murdering the journalist Daniel Pearl, which he did not. There could hardly be more compelling evidence that such techniques are neither swift, nor efficient, nor reliable

If one of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's major confessions (Pearl murder) was false, why should we believe his confession about 9/11? ... (read more)

Deconstructing Deceit: 9/11, The Media, and Myth Information
A Well Thought Out Article- Makes Excellent Points On Media Misinformation
Project Censored, by Mickey S. Huff and Dr. Paul W. Rea (with online revision research assistance from Project Censored intern Frances Capell)
This investigative report concerns itself with the ongoing phenomena of media myth making and the events of September 11th, 2001. Corporate mainstream media have resurrected powerful myths from America’s past to shape public perception in the present. Through the prism of 9/11 as case study, one can see how the corporate mass media are in fact doing more myth making than news reporting, which amounts to a form of censorship. Here, Professors Huff and Rea examine central historic American myths the corporate media and even much of the alternative independent media have extended into the post-9/11 era especially about the events of 9/11 themselves. This analysis looks at how media mythmaking surrounding the events of 9/11, exploiting the strong emotions these events aroused, has prevented a dispassionate inquiry of its causes or of those responsible. ... (read more)
Download the PDF file here: DeconstructingDeceitOnlineEd.pdf

Suppose Building Seven Was A Murder Victim
Top experts, like former Chief of NIST Fire Science Division, ... Five days after 9-11, NASA recorded temperatures below WTC-7 surpassing 1500 Fahrenheit! ..

A new way to look at the 9/11 investigation

A new perspective: 9/11 as a single murder investigation.

Top Counter-Terrorism Officials Question 9/11
GeorgeWashington's Blog 020709
Counter-terrorism experts presumably have some insight into terrorism, right? In fact, numerous high-level counter-terrorism experts question the government's investigation and explanation for 9/11. ...

Ignorance Is Indeed True Bliss
I literally could not stop laughing when I watched this. It was so funny I actually had to watch it twice! This is the FOX mentality we deal with in trying to educate people about what happened on 9/11. This guy tries to paint 9/11 activists as stupid pot heads, all the while giving an extremely uneducated 'crash course' in physics. Irony? One thing might be said, this guy probably couldn't spell physics, let alone stay awake in a class. It is so tragically moronic that it makes you wonder if a genius 9/11 activist did this in jest to highlight the ignorance of the 9/11 naysayers. No one could possibly be this stupid, except for, well... FOX viewers. Enjoy.

Absolutely Priceless. This Is Hysterically Funny (and pathetic)

A Non-Believer Tries To Debunk The 9/11 Truth Movement

Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden
'Devil's Advocate' jury finds no proof he was behind Sept. 11
By Scott Roxborough  031009
BERLIN -- A Dutch TV jury has found Osama bin Laden not guilty of the Sept. 11 attacks. In the conclusion Wednesday night to the show "Devil's Advocate" on Dutch public broadcaster Nederland 2, the jury of two men and three women, along with the studio audience, ruled there was no proof bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001.

TV Jury Finds Osama Bin Laden "Not Guilty" of 9/11
AlterNet - 031009
The implication, at least, is that any issue one finds in the 9/11 Commission Report is evidence in and of itself of dastardly intrigue on the part of Bush ...
Opinion: Dutch TV show exonerates Bin Laden for 9/11
Dutch TV show finds Osama bin Laden not guilty Entertainment Weekly
Dutch TV Show Believes bin Laden is Innocent

The Mysterious White Plane From 9/11

Said to be an E4B, who from the government was in this plane?

How could our government not scramble jets in time on September 11th, 2001, but yet they could get get an E4B emergency flying command post in the air on 9/11? This was of course unnoticed in the investigation by the 9/11 Commission. According to 9/11 co-chair Lee Hamilton, "When you're conducting a major investigation, there are thousands of things that come at you, you cannot possibly sort through them all"

Ed note: Had the 9/11 Commission truly been after the truth, they wouldn't have cut their investigation so pitifully short and instead would have been able to complete their assigned task in confronting all the available evidence. So much for a thorough 9/11 investigation.

9/11 Documentary: Grave Implications

Another 9/11 film for consideration

Former Accused Iraqi Agent Reveals Facts about 9/11 Warning, by Michael Collins 031509
I had decided to talk. In February, 2004 I approached the senior staff of Senators Trent Lott and John McCain and asked to testify in front of the new blue ribbon Presidential Commission on Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence. Within a month, I was astounded to wake up one morning to hear FBI agents pounding on the door of my house in Maryland with an arrest warrant. ...

Mainstream media vs. 9/11 Truth

So much for our vaunted protector of democracy


France To Air Italian 9/11 Film 'Zero' In Major Cities
Like Russia, Much of The Country Will Get To See The 9/11 Film, 022409
Thanks to the French Association for 911 Information ( which bought the rights for France: ZERO, the 911 film (with French subtitles) is to be projected in major cities in France. Russian leader Vladimir Putin allowed the film to be broadcast to millions of viewers on Russia's state TV Channel 1 earlier this year.
See the full documentary movie here on this website

Senior French Politician: Bush Was Behind The 9/11 Attacks

Russian TV Shows 9/11 Documentary To Nationwide Audience
September 16th, 2008
Russian State television aired an Italian documentary that questioned the official version of what happened on September 11th, 2001. Boris Sokolov questions the channel’s motives, asking why it chose to screen a one-sided film to 30 million viewers during prime time. The film, titled, “Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11,” was followed by a panel discussion with journalists, who accepted and built on its fundamental premise, that the terrorist attack was an inside job. Russian Media Story  |  More reading Here
Watch the full movie here MUST SEE!

9/11 Strange Facts

Millions of Americans want answers to these questions.

  9/11 ‘Truth Force’
Online Journal - ‎Feb 18, 2009‎
The strongest element in the campaign for 9/11 truth is the very fact that we have truth on our side (and however “9/11 truth” became the consensus slogan ...

New Film Tackles 9/11

The Cover-Up of 9/11

9/11 Cover-Up Connection: Black Boxes Found 15 Hours After...
Prison - ‎Feb 13, 2009‎
One of a plethora of cover-ups surrounding 9/11 is the FBI’s contention that the black boxes onboard the two planes that crashed into the World Trade Center ...

Eyewitness To First Plane Crash Speaks Out

Anthony Cipriano has the same questions that many Americans also have.

Company Hits The Jackpot On Both 9/11 And On 7/7 Disasters (What are the odds?)
SocGen Hits It Big With Enormous Profits On 9/11 And On 7/7
Was It Wild Coincidence Or Foreknowledge That Allowed Some To Profit Handsomely From These Disasters
Times Online, UK -
Jan 22, 2009

The trader made the confession as he told the newspaper Le Parisien how he had lost touch with reality in the pursuit of money-making at Société Générale, ...

Trader Says SocGen Bosses Knew of Wild Bets
The Australian, Australia - Jan 23, 2009
It was a day of carnage that left 56 people dead and a dark shadow forever cast over the history of London. But for Jerome Kerviel, the French rogue trader, ...

New French Film On 9/11

It may be in French, but this easily transcends the language barrier.

"A Second 9/11": An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine
By Michel Chossudovsky - 2008-10-31
For several years now, both the President and the Vice President have intimated that there will be "a Second 9/11." ...

Former ISI Chief: 9/11 And Mumbai Were Both Inside Jobs
General Hamid Gul, the former head of the Pakistani ISI, told CNN yesterday that both the Mumbai attacks and 9/11 were “inside jobs,” much to the chagrin of host and CFR luminary Fareed Zakaria, who told viewers that Gul’s opinions were “absolutely wrong and thoroughly discredited”. (Continue reading)

Former ISI Head Says 9/11 Was An Inside job

Fareed Zakaria of CNN interviews General Hamid Gul

NIST Report On WTC7 Fails To Answer Questions

The NIST Final WTC7 Report

NIST and the World Trade Center
Nov 20, 2008 ... NIST Releases Final WTC 7 Investigation Report (11/20/08); NIST NCSTAR 1A: Final Report on the Destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from »

Final Report on the Destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
THIS REPORT. This is the final report of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) investigation into the. destruction of WTC 7, ... - Similar pages
NIST and the World Trade Center

NIST Tech Beat - November 20, 2008
Nov 20, 2008 ... With the release of the final WTC 7 report, NIST has completed its federal building and fire safety investigation of the WTC disaster that ... - 9k - Cached -
Similar pages

NIST WTC 7 Investigation Finds Building Fires Caused Destruction, 08 ...
Aug 21, 2008 ... To reach the conclusions in its report, NIST complemented its ... Final Report on the Destruction of World Trade Center Building 7; NIST NCSTAR ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from »


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