"We the People" Need Inside Help

There Are Good People In The Intel Community And We Need Them

Believe It Or Not, MAD Magazine Was Right All Along

It Has Been 'Spy Versus Spy' In This Country (And The World) For Many Generations Now
NewsFocus - by Tim Watts -123009

An Open Call For Help To The Real Good Guys
In The U.S. Intelligence Community

The United States has been involved in sponsoring "false flag" terrorism for years now, and that fact has already been proven by just about every major war we ever fought since the late 1800s. One undeniable event was the escalation of U.S. involvement in the Viet Nam War, allegedly provoked by the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident," now openly admitted as never happening by former DoD head Robert McNamara. Many suspect "false flag terrorism" on domestic soil as well, ranging from the first World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 event. What is undeniable in the latter domestic attacks, is that a high degree of intelligence and funding were required to pull these events off. Who exactly sponsored and orchestrated them is the big question.

It is also an undeniable fact that most Americans and the world do not trust the CIA, because of the terror that they have perpetrated on behalf of weak politicians and immoral ideology of the ruling elite. These rogue factions will argue that sometimes we need to do unpopular acts to maintain our superiority in the world. This concept in itself is an extreme oxymoron, for we have no "superiority" if we have to stoop to illegal and treacherous activities to sustain what is supposed to be the greatest superpower the world has ever known.

Intelligent and reasonable Americans have every right to be suspicious of such a clandestine operation that has perpetrated the overthrow of many legitimate democracies, while assassinating or deposing democratically elected leaders, all in the name of 'U.S. interests.'  

Ask yourself this... what are "U.S. interests" and how is it that they can possibly be based in foreign lands, not under U.S. rule?

A common, yet morbid joke has often been recited that essentially says, "What is all of our oil doing under your land?" (This can most certainly be equated to other valuable natural resources as well, including metals of wealth, such as gold, silver and platinum, or jewels like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the like.)

History has shown us the answer many times over. It is not the interests of the United States government, per se, or "We the People," but rather the greedy interests of ultra-wealthy individuals and crooked corporations that simply want to have it all, whether it belongs to them or not.

No truer story has ever been published than that of General Smedley D. Butler, author of "War Is A Racket." Butler was most discouraged upon leaving military service, telling an account of military misuse to protect the financial interests of corporations with foreign based factories. There are many more instances beyond Butler's tale of government complicity in corporate avarice, but that is truly not the gist of this piece.

This is a plea for help.

Americans in large part do not trust the feeble explanations fed to them regarding the JFK, RFK, MLK and JFK Jr. assassinations, and with very good reason. Facts and incongruities from the official stories are out there, in the open, available to those who have dared to search for the real truth.

Ask yourself another question, "If these are known examples of intelligence agencies gone awry, what other events remain secret that we know nothing about?"

Many Americans would say that we do not need the CIA, and they may very well have a case for that in light of the past transgressions of this tax-payer funded clandestine agency. This author would contend that foreign intelligence is indeed needed, because evil does exist in the world, however that evil need not be propagated by the U.S., or its intelligence services.

It is a known fact that terrorism is caused by our interference in foreign lands that we do not belong in, nor have any rights to. Since the 9/11 event, and the egregious and inhumane policies of the Bush-Cheney regime, terrorism has risen exponentially.

These machinations of desperation have come about in retaliation to our own instigated indiscretions. The intellectually starved excuse given by our intellectually deficient ex-President, that terrorists hate us for our freedoms, is laughable, not to mention patently absurd. This ridiculous notion is moronically insane. The Bush II administration will forever be noted in history for some outright humdingers, but blatant lies such as these are as nonsensical as they come, including the outlandishly ambiguous and open-ended "War on Terror."

For the record, many found it quite hard to keep a straight face whenever "W" continually mouthed the insipid phrase "evil-doers." This term was coined for the lemmings and old folks of America who scare quite easily and don't think on their own, but instead have their news, and what they should fear, spoon-fed to them by our complicit corporate controlled media.

The U.S. populace has a well founded and deep seated distrust of our alphabet agencies, but few understand that the entire barrel of apples is not all rotten. It is only a select evil few with power that give the rest a very bad name. With literally thousands of individuals employed by our intelligence services, it is unfathomable to possibly think that every single employee could all be corrupt, or be involved in illegal activities. They quite simply are not.

What most people fail to realize is that these agencies, much like the military and our government, are all run through a hierarchy of command, based on the concept of "compartmentalization," where most within the organization have no idea of what is planned or executed from the top. This is done for national security purposes, and the ability to maintain national secrets, but it is this same mechanism that has been used by others to enact and perpetrate the outrageous and inhuman atrocities that have become part of our history.

Understand this fully, the best and the brightest of our intelligence services are not all on the side of wrongdoing. Far from it. We have far more within the halls of intel who are noble, true patriots of integrity with moral values. The problem is, they are hamstrung with a simple yet damning catch-22, who do they trust from within?

It is not our government that has lost its way or become corrupt, it is those from within, small powerful factions, that now control the course of our nation.

And so it is with this premise in mind that "We the People" need to call upon these patriots of U.S. intel to help us in this dire time in our nation's history.

We the public cannot possibly fight against such well funded and highly armed rogue organizations, now possessing vast non-lethal technology to suppress uprisings of the populace. We desperately need the help and patriotic service of these good intelligence agents to ferret out those who have gone awry from our Constitution and the decency of humanity. Whistleblowers exist in these organizations (see Colleen Rowley or Sibel Edmonds) and it is in our best interest to encourage them to continue to courageously speak out.

If you're part of the alphabet agencies, government politics, our U.S. military or even local law enforcement, we need you desperately, now more than ever, to help preserve the vision that our forefathers laid out for all of us.

Make no mistake about it, this country is under assault. Powerful, well funded factions are dividing us all along ideological and political party lines. It's the old, "divided we fall" concept. We need to stop the left versus right vitriol and join together again as united Americans and fight together for our Constitutional rights.

While we vastly outnumber those of the unscrupulous in positions of financial and political power, by the hundreds of millions in the U.S. alone, we cannot counter these powerful criminal forces without your help.

We need you badly, and now!

As the old saying goes, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."