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The Media Needs To Be Held Accountable
Silence Over 9/11 Should Warrant 'Accessory' Charges
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 110211

It's been ten years now since the attacks of 9/11. The truth movement has made many inroads, most specifically borne out in a 2006 CBS/New York Times poll that showed 81% of Americans feel the U.S. government is hiding the real truth when it comes to 9/11.

  • Telling the truth 16%

  • Hiding something 53%

  • Mostly lying 28%

  • Not sure 3%"

With numbers that large, it's quite frustrating for those participating in the 9/11 truth movement to not yet have any arrests or indictments of government officials.

So what is the hold up to reaching the critical mass of awareness?

That's a very simple answer. In two words, "the media."

Many Americans are still devout followers and worshippers of their television gods, not knowing that the fix is in, that their gods are but false idols of deception, in it for nothing more than ego satisfaction and a paycheck.

In case you didn't know, our media is controlled by a mere six corporations that own the whole ball of wax. Not only do we have six CEO's that tell us what news is, and isn't, their hired mouthpieces are in on the act as well, deceiving us on a daily basis.

As a former 25 year veteran of broadcasting, this reporter can testify firsthand to not only the ease with which the industry can be controlled from the top down, but also to the shallow personalities that it attracts, so desperate for attention and fame that they will say anything behind a mic or a camera just to keep their self-idolized careers.

In journalism, we were taught two things on the first day of school...

1) follow the truth, because it is the story.

2) do not hold entangling alliances that will prevent you from following rule one.

With this in mind, I am personally stunned by the number of large media mouthpieces who have blatantly ignored this code of ethical journalism through membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. A recent article I penned highlighted this disturbing phenomenon, and shows me that our media truly has more bias than people might have suspected. Personally, I was shocked at the extent and degree of the collusion.

Once you see the common CFR links that prevail, hopefully you will realize that the foundation has been laid for media control. With the current environment that exists, it is easy to see how the media is able to unify in selling a false pretext for war, non-existent weapons of mass destruction, or to cover-up the worst domestic attacks ever on American soil.

For me personally, to see so many major media figures as part of the CFR is a very disturbing and disappointing revelation. My gut instinct is that many feel it is a professional advantage to their careers, a necessary evil to get that top foreign news assignment, to get the next big media promotion, or to put themselves in line for the anchor job, but the stark reality is, that excuse is a cop out and a sell out to the integrity of their profession. (IMHO)

What this CFR-media alliance undeniably does is cast suspicion of bias, collusion and news control. Foreign relations is not a club to belong to. It is an entity to be covered impartially, as part of the news profession. An intimate media relationship with a group whose sole purpose is to shape foreign policy is a dangerous endeavor and a slippery slope to commit to, for all the obvious reasons.

Can a reporter succeed at their profession without this alliance? Absolutely.

Does a reporter need this alliance to get to the bottom of a story? Absolutely not.

As disturbing as this connection is, there is another aspect of the industry for those not involved in entangling alliances that is just as disturbing... media timidity and news silence. I'm tempted to use the term media ignorance, but I don't believe that, because the professionals involved are just that, professional, skilled and accomplished in their field, and bright enough to know better, to figure out the truth on their own.

There are a few topics that are so huge in our lives, absolutely mammoth in scope, yet our media refuses to cover them. To this reporter that is inexcusable, whether you are a CFR media member, or a non-member. Two of those topics would be, the new world order, and the 9/11 attacks.

The new world order has been spoken about openly by politicians and statesmen for years now, but the media rarely gives it the time of day, if any acknowledgement at all. This is quite intriguing, considering that the ramifications involved in such a plot are already well documented by professor Carroll Quigley, and publicly admitted to by multi-billionaire David Rockefeller, whose family funded the formation of the CFR.

To me, the most offensive silence is over the 9/11 attacks. The only thing the media ever does is to parrot the conspiracy theory charge, even though most of the media were the ones to initially raise many reservations on the day of 9/11, from explosives in the World Trade Center buildings, the inadequate air defense of our nation's skies, to the uncanny resemblance of controlled demolitions in towers one, two and seven. Since that day, the corporate news media have been gutlessly and ominously silent.

I don't expect the corporate controlled mainstream media to have the cajones to belly up to the truth, but I do expect the non-affiliated self professed truth seekers of the media to have the intestinal fortitude and the moral integrity to stand up for what is right. So far, it isn't happening.

Say all you want about the official government version of 9/11 and its aberrantly flawed 9/11 Commission report, but facts are facts, and the official version is wrong. Period. Anyone with a brain to reason with can spot the myriad flaws, discrepancies, incongruities and bald faced lies that are part of the official story.

A simple check of the facts is all you need to know that we are not being told the truth regarding 9/11. After ten years of research on 9/11, I challenge anyone in the media to allow a presentation of the research that has come forth from the truth movement. It just isn't allowed.

What the media does do is to prop up hacks like Jim Meigs and his horrendously flawed Popular Mechanics argument, to try and obfuscate the facts, hoping to drown out the truth by simply talking louder, or ridiculing those that offer the real truth.

The absurdity of the media 9/11 blackout is the arrogant dismissal of eyewitnesses and noted professional experts, such as FDNY fireman, first responders, trained pilots, or the 1,500-plus architects and structural engineers who truly know better and have an unbiased interpretation of the facts, as opposed to government paid shills of disinformation who desperately try to contradict the truth in an effort to support the official story. That's all the government version amounts to, simply a "story."

With all of the above said, it is time to call a spade a spade and point out the media's undeniably huge role as part of the 9/11 cover-up. This reporter says it is past time to recognize them for what they are, accessories to the crime.

These people are indeed bright enough to understand the implications of the evidence, yet they have failed their profession, and mankind as a whole, through their cowardly aversion and reluctance to man up and tell the truth. They have all the ability and the resources to look at the evidence, as noted scientists and academicians have, yet they steadfastly refuse to do so. 

We have too many good journalists who, for whatever reason, are unwilling to do the right thing for not only this country, but humanity as a whole.

Media members such as Amy Goodman, Bill Moyers, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Greenwald, Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, and Jon Stewart, as well as noted scholar Noam Chomsky, (to name but just a few) have all failed miserably as intrepid media members who allege to place the truth first. Sure, we expect this from Neil Cavuto and the faux news FOX crowd, but from these proclaimed pillars of truth, we expect more.

Oh sure, they'll argue, "but I'll lose my job?" That would be indicative of which is more important to them in life, liberty or money. For crying out loud, have some backbone for the truth. Grow a spine and make a stand for the truth.

Don't get me wrong, these particular media members have done some excellent work on the activism front, but for cryin' out loud, how obvious does the crime have to be before these people open their eyes and say something about it?

These so-called reporters of truth will point to the stories they cover, but they are all small potatoes compared to the huge stories that they are to scared to touch. Their pious reporting is inconsequential when compared to the bigger demons that they are simply too afraid to face. They are morally unwilling to sacrifice a paycheck or a top career job in order to report the truth that matters the most in this world. They refuse to address the huge stories as they instead cover the lesser evils, akin to a fireman that tries to put out the smoldering furniture as the entire house burns around him. They are at best rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

If these media members would just make even the slightest cursory look into 9/11 they might question the physical impossibility of the near free fall collapse of the towers, or maybe they would take notice of the 1,500 expert architects and structural engineers who say that the buildings could not have collapsed the way they did.

If they would just call upon the intellectual curiosity of their trade, perhaps they might  question the testimony of DOT Secretary Norman Mineta regarding the Pentagon attack craft that was never shot down, even though Dick Cheney and crew had been tracking it for well over 50 miles out. Perhaps they would rightfully ask why, with so much lead time, that Cheney didn't bother to evacuate the Pentagon to save the lives of those who were lost.

If they would only take a serious look at the facts and the evidence uncovered to date, they might raise an eyebrow to the military grade thermate that was found in the WTC dust samples.

The sad fact is, none of these progressive media members has ever taken the time to make a serious, in-depth, researched look into 9/11. How can I say that? Because if they had looked they would have recognized these clues and would still be looking. They would be doing honest journalism in pursuit of the truth.

If they would only take the time to investigate the cabal behind the Federal Reserve, or the Rothschild-Rockefeller cartel behind the central banking system that impoverishes this world, enslaves the people with debt, and perpetuates war for their own profit and power, they would see the biggest story of all, one that is the foundation for all the ills of this world. These are the backers of war and the military industrial complex, the main profiteers of 9/11 and the manufactured false "War On Terror."

This is all Pulitzer prize winning material to those with the guts to tackle it, but alas, none seems to have the moral integrity nor the spine to accept the challenge of their profession. If we had real journalists who were after the truth about corruption, they would not only report on these blockbuster topics, but would stay on the trail and keep reporting until the evil was exposed and those guilty were finally behind bars for good.

Not only did our CFR aligned corporate media fail us, but these alleged journalists and media stalwarts of truth have failed us as well. We have policemen and soldiers who step into the line of fire, staring death in the face on a weekly, if not daily basis, but we have no mainstream media members willing to go that same distance for the truth.

They can squirm in their seat and say all they want, but facts are facts, they have not addressed the truth about 9/11, nor the Federal Reserve. In a nutshell, those who have not explored these matters are either intellectually lazy, or simply too scared to give respect to these subjects for fear of losing their jobs. Owning up to the first charge is a disgrace to their professionalism, but admitting to the latter charge is a dishonor to not only their integrity, but also their morality as human beings.

Probably the worst of these is Bill Maher. He not only openly chastises members of the 9/11 movement, but has also gone so far as to assault and physically throw 9/11 truth members out of his audience. Granted they were being rude in the way they went about disrupting his show, tactics the movement needs to avoid, but he purposefully put on a disgraceful act of bravado and went out of his way to discount their message as he played the tough guy in tossing them from his audience. His actions were far more shameful than those who rudely interrupted the taping of his program.

Another prominent media member also used to chide 9/11 protesters, actually flipping them off with one-finger salutes during commercial breaks while on live-shoot TV locations, however, at least Geraldo Rivera had the integrity to man-up and admit he might be wrong after viewing the building 7 campaign commercials that ran in New York City.

On the opposite side of this spectrum, there are reputable reporters who have stepped forward to write about 9/11 truth, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Wayne Madsen, Jim Marr, James Corbett, and Danny Schechter, as well as scholar Michel Chossudovsky, but they alone cannot possibly handle the enormous task of informing a nation on their own.

To be fair, Amy Goodman did host an on-air debate over 9/11, between Loose Change producers Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, versus Jim Meigs and David Dunbar of Popular Mechanics, and Jon Stewart did stand up for 9/11 first responders and also broached the cover-up of 9/11 with a quick graphic that pointed to the controlled nature of the Bush-Cheney testimony to the 9/11 Commission, but sadly enough, in ten years time, that's just about the extent of it folks.

We need far more 9/11 curiosity from our media. We need them to do their jobs.

The 9/11 attacks are the single most critical event in the loss of liberty for Americans and for shaping our country into an oppressive state. This event has been the catalyst for it all, and yet so many in our media shy away from the elephant in the room.

The media is the main obstacle that stands in the way of 9/11 truth.

Other than the secretive shadow government and the dark side of the intel community, there is no other entity that plays a larger role in hiding 9/11 truth than the U.S. media. They are responsible for disillusioning one third of America. This fraction is based upon 101 million TV  viewers, which is the sizable hump that the truth movement needs to get past.

The media is clearly responsible and accountable for selling these people short on 9/11 truth, as well as being shamefully remiss in reporting about the big money entities behind the real evil in this world.

Television is a very powerful medium, even more so than most people are aware. As proven by both the McLuhan and Krugman studies, television has an obvious hypnotic influence on viewers, with documented psychological effects within 30-seconds of tuning in. The viewer's brain switches from a cognitive beta state to a highly suggestive alpha state within the first minute. The nefarious powers that be know this all too well and have used the medium to literally brainwash viewers for many years, much the same way they are dispelling 9/11 truth awareness.

According to the Nielsen ratings service, the average American watches 151 hours of TV per month and spends as much as 20 percent of their day in front of the tube. TV has an inescapable influence on people's perceptions.

For instance, the average child will view 8,000 murders through television programs by the time they get through elementary school. By the time they reach the adult age of 18, they will have watched over 200,000 acts of violence, which includes 40,000 plus murders. As a matter of fact, millions of Americans are so hooked on television that they literally fit the definition of substance abuse, as officially defined by psychiatric metrics. Studies have revealed that endorphins are released through television viewing. These are naturally developing opiates that cause people to "jones" for their boob tube.

Make no mistake about it, the media, specifically television, has been used against us, to indoctrinate us and propagandize us with views that we might not have naturally arrived at on our own, if not for concerted efforts to brainwash us.

With 81% of people feeling that our government is hiding the real truth about 9/11, you have to ask yourself why the truth movement has not yet reached the tipping point of public consciousness. As a former media person involved heavily in research, a figure as high as 81% is pure gold, yet we have not struck pay dirt with any indictments or prosecutions. We languish in a state of limbo, unable to convince that last 19% that something is rotten in Denmark, or in this case, the U.S.

Not all of that 81% is convinced of government wrongdoing regarding 9/11. The greater portion of that figure, 53%, merely feels the government is hiding something from us. What that is, they do not know, but with one-third of Americans entrenched in the tube for 20 percent of their day, these brainwashed sheeple are a very hard group to reach. These are the people that defend their ignorance of 9/11 by saying, "well if it was true, I would have heard it on the TV news." (Yeah right. Good luck with that.)

Given the serious gravity of what the 9/11 event has meant to our freedoms, to our country, and to the world, it is imperative that we hold our media accountable for not even exploring 9/11 truth, let alone encouraging it.

The only time a 9/11 truth researcher ends up on television is when they are being used as a conspiracy scapegoat, to be thrown under the bus while fools such as Jim Meigs tries to discredit them by dispensing bullshit as fact.

We know that FOX and the other corporate networks will never embrace 9/11 truth because they are in on the cover-up. Their relationship to the CFR suggests nothing but an entangling alliance of disinformation to keep Americans from knowing the real truth.

If the corporate media were honest about the truth, we would hear more about the fictitious Gulf of Tonkin event that led to the Viet Nam war. We would all know more about the first great engineered depression, or how the Federal Reserve is not part of our government, but is a banking cartel that has seized control of our nation. We would know about arguably the greatest patriot this country has ever had, General Smedley D. Butler, and how he saved the country from a fascist coup by the ultra-wealthy.

Let's face it, an honest media would have never sold us a false story on weapons of mass destruction, or non-existent 9/11 ties to Iraq. Our media has indeed failed us miserably.

For this reason, they need to be held accountable as "accessories" to the crime. Not only those in lockstep with CFR ideology, but those that portend to be alternative bastions of truth. These are all people bright enough to figure out the truth. They've been educated to ferret out the facts of a story, yet for some reason, they refuse to investigate the one event that has pushed this world into perpetual war, and the brink of the new world order.

It is my hope and my prayer that these media people will have their souls tugged at enough to wake up and start fervently researching the truth. Their pulpit is a powerful platform to educate from. We desperately need their voices now, more so than ever before in our nation's history.

A "Niemoller Moment" is coming for this country. "First they came for (fill in group here)... but I didn't speak up." The media needs to speak up for all of us, and they need to do it now. If they don't see the horrendous "change" that is happening in this country, they either have their heads buried in the sand, or firmly up their ass.

The facts are there. All they have to do is look. If they did, they just might realize there is a story to 1,500 architects and structural engineers who say that 9/11 could not have happened as we were told.

Until then, the corporate media's refusal to look further is damning to their credibility and their integrity as professional journalists. Their silence is their betrayal to us all.

To these media lemmings I paraphrase the milk campaign by asking, "got balls?"

Time to "sack-up" folks. (If that's not asking too much of our media.)

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About The Author:
Tim Watts is a veteran San Francisco broadcaster with 25 years experience in the industry as an on-air talent, Program Director, and consultant. He is the creator and sole author of the websites NewsFocus.org, and TheAmericanTruthNetwork.com. He has been writing about U.S. corruption over the last decade, while also investigating 9/11 from the moment that the first tower fell. He has documented his 9/11 research on a website called A September Coup

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