Strange Bedfellows Or An Unholy Alliance?


An Interesting New York Alliance Formed After 9/11
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With the news regarding the indictment of former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, it is notable that not many, if any, have ever mentioned the interesting liaison between former New York City officials after 9/11. What may be surprising to some is that an alliance was formed between the major NYC security heads involved during the 9/11 attacks. The group, known as Giuliani partners, includes a cadre of NYC officials who all played major roles in the September 11th event. This in itself does not necessarily imply anything nefarious. It is, however, a most noteworthy association and should not be discounted out of hand.

The question in this relationship is, when was it originally fostered and could it possibly have been orchestrated in a criminal endeavor for a common purpose?

Given that Bernard Kerik was handpicked by Giuliani and is now up to his ears in criminal indictments, the preceding question may very well have legitimate merit.

(L-R) Rudy Giuliani, Bernard Kerik, Thomas Von Essen, Richard Sheier, Michael Hess

The Giuliani Partners includes former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, former NYC Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, former NYC Fire Commissioner, Thomas Von Essen, former NYC Office of Emergency Management Commissioner, Richard Sheirer, and former NYC Corporation Counsel, Michael Hess.

These men had some of the most interesting links with September 11th.

On 9/11, numerous policemen were video taped while ordering cameras out of the World Trade Center area, as shown in the Naudet film. As Police Commissioner, was Bernard Kerik responsible in any way for having videographers forced to leave the WTC site? Who told police to do this and for what reason? This was a concerted effort by many police officers, so who gave the order that affected his department?

WTC lease holder Larry Silverstein is on record as saying that he was called by the fire department commander: "And I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ya know, we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is.. is pull it. And they made that decision to pull, and then we watched the building collapse." Being the top ranking NYC fire official, did FDNY Chief Thomas Von Essen give the order to "pull" as Silverstein said? Was Von Essen involved in or aware of such a monumental decision coming from his department?

One of the more spectacular stories from 9/11 came from Barry Jennings, an employee of the New York City Housing Department, who along with Michael Hess was trapped inside WTC 7 while both men stepped over mysterious dead bodies, even though the building had already been completely evacuated. Sadly, Barry Jennings died unexpectedly and his death has never been adequately explained. Why has Michael Hess kept silent on Barry Jennings testimony about the dead bodies?

To top it all off, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani told ABC News' Peter Jennings that he was told the World Trade Center was going to collapse, even though this had never ever happened in the history of steel high-rise buildings. Who told Giuliani that the building was going to collapse? Was it OEM, FDNY or NYPD? Who else in authority could have made that determination? All of these department heads were present with Giuliani at the time. So who else could have made this call?

As for Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Richard Sheier, after the first plane hit, he raced to WTC tower one to oversee rescue efforts, but when the second plane hit he was told to join Giuliani and the others at 75 Barclay Street.

Giuliani says that he was in the building at 75 Barclay Street and that he was with the head of the Office of Emergency Management (Richard Sheirer), as well as the Police Commissioner (Bernie Kerik), and the Fire Commissioner (Thomas Von Essen). He says, "we were operating out of there, when we were told the World Trade Center was going to collapse." If Giuliani was already in a building with FDNY's Von Essen, OEM's Sheirer, and NYPD's Kerik, then who or what agency told them that WTC 2 was going to collapse? What authority figure was telling those in charge of New York City security that a never before previously experienced high-rise disaster was about to happen?

Every one of the major Giuliani Partners was together in one room on that fateful day, except for Michael Hess who was busy walking over mysterious dead bodies in World Trade Center 7 with Barry Jennings.

It's very interesting indeed that all of these men would later end up in business together, running a biological clean-up company that would profit from the anthrax attacks. Of all the ventures they could have entered into, bio-clean up just happened to be the one.

Kerik, Von Essen and Sheier testifying before Congress about 9/11.

From one disaster to the next, these men were intimately linked through 9/11 and then the ensuing anthrax attacks.

One could say that these partners were very enterprising businessmen, but one might also question the nature of their relationship and their joint exploitive bio-clean up business venture.

The mission statement from the Giuliani Partners website reads as follows:

Giuliani Partners LLC is dedicated to helping leaders solve critical strategic issues, accelerate growth, and enhance the reputation and brand of their organizations in the context of strongly held values. Giuliani Partners' professional guidance to leaders is based on six fundamental principles: Integrity, Optimism, Courage, Preparedness, Communication, Accountability.

Talk about a nebulous business declaration.

The Giuliani Partners originally combined with Sabre Tech Services. In 2004 they formed a new subsidiary called BioOne, a company which (according to their website) "specializes in biological and chemical preparedness, response and remediation."

Sabre Tech Services is a company which received a lucrative contract to clean-up after the Washington DC anthrax attacks, thus benefiting from this post 9/11 disaster.

Also benefiting were Giuliani Partners and BioOne, because they decontaminated the very first building attacked, the American Media, Inc building, and then soon thereafter they took over the space as their new company headquarters.

A very convenient clean up endeavor for team Giuliani.

The BioOne website has this to say about Giuliani Partners:

About Giuliani Partners (
Giuliani Partners is a management consulting firm founded in January 2002 by former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. The firm draws upon its senior executives' experiences and expertise in security, public safety, emergency preparedness, business continuity, leadership and commitment to accountability, integrity and performance measurement to advise and assist its clients in protecting and enhancing their physical and intangible assets and maximizing the value of their brands.

The team includes former New York City Corporation Counsel, Michael Hess, former Vice Chairman of Ernst & Young, Steven D. Oesterle, New York City’s former Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, former Fire Commissioner, Thomas Von Essen and former Office of Emergency Management Commissioner, Richard Sheirer.

As for former Police Commissioner Kerik, the timing of his arrival at NYPD has always been intriguing, being named to the top cop post just one year prior to the 9/11 event. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani replaced his former police commissioner with what was seen then at the time as an arguably questionable character to be in charge of the city's security. The appointment was not exactly unanimous, as some described Mr. Kerik as a somewhat shady figure with numerous allegations of possible criminal connections. Kerik was a former policeman, but most notably was the personal body guard and chauffeur for Giuliani. Not exactly top cop qualifications.

Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik during better times.

What is apparent is that Kerik was someone that Rudy could trust and who was loyal to Giuliani. All in all, a very interesting pick for the highly prestigious post of NYPD Commissioner, just one year prior to the 9/11 event.

Also of note, Giuliani and Kerik both left together immediately after 2001, when Rudy was replaced by newly elected incoming Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bernie Kerik interupts Giuliani during 9/11 street press conference.

Kerik has now seemingly justified the heated reservations of those objecting to his appointment as commissioner, by being indicted six years later on 14 counts of criminal corruption and tax charges. He was tossed in jail as inmate 210717 by U.S. District Court Judge Stephen Robinson, for revealing confidential information for his trial by passing on secret pre-trial documents. Kerik's $500,000 bail was revoked for trying to influence potential jurors by disclosing those sealed documents.

Mr. Kerik can be seen in the following video with the face mask and white shirt, racing up the street during a Giuliani press interview where he impatiently grabbed Rudy's arm as Giuliani was starting to answer a question on what the current situation was. Kerik then peeled away, shaking his head no as he faded back into the street crowd.

It would be interesting to know what was so urgent that seemed to fluster Kerik.


Download this Windows media file video here: Kerik on the street with Giuliani

Kerik held the position of  Senior Vice President at Giuliani Partners, but also as Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani-Kerik LLC, another subsidiary of Giuliani Partners.

Kerik resigned from Giuliani Partners in December of 2004. He then formed his own company known as the Kerik Group. According to his website, "The Kerik Group LLC is an internationally respected global provider of Homeland Security and industrial security services."

Before his indictment, Kerik was consulting on national and international security and counter-terrorism, as well as speaking on such topics as the threat of international terror, crisis management and disaster recovery.  The Kerik Group  |  Kerik YouTube

All in all, the relationship of Kerik with Giuliani Partners is certainly something to be publicly recognized and perhaps scrutinized in much more detail.

(L-R) Richard Sheier (OEM) , Rudy Giuliani, Thomas Von Essen (FDNY), Bernard Kerik (NYPD)

It is intriguing that all of those officials in positions of New York City power during 9/11 would coalesce together to exploit the infamy of their relationship. Many 9/11 truthers might easily draw a connection with Giuliani Partners and make a case for collusion by this group during 9/11. Given the aforementioned instances of direct involvement on September 11th, perhaps it is not out of place to take note of this group and their mutual collaboration.

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