How The Media Tries To Discredit 9/11 Truth


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A 21st Century Flat Earth
How 9/11-Truth Adversaries Miss The Obvious Reality In Our World

NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 061109

Not so long ago, many once believed our earth was flat and that if you sailed too far on the oceans you would literally fall off the face of the planet. The flat earth theory was eventually shown for what it was, a wrong assumption propagated by the powers that be of the time. In the same vein, just over 400 years ago, not really that long ago, many intellectuals and scientists of the day actually believed that the earth was the center of the universe. They thought that the sun revolved around the earth. This bankrupt intellect was sadly enough perpetuated well into the 17th century.

One man had a different idea, one based on scientific observations and not just theory. Nicolaus Copernicus maintained that the earth actually revolved around the sun, which of course flew in the face of the official theory of the ruling kings. The biggest problem was that the Catholic church was a huge proponent of the earth-centered universe theory, calling any other ideas blasphemy and heresy. It took the invention of the first telescope by Galileo to disprove this errant theory as insanely wrong. In 1632 Galileo published his paper supporting the Copernican system rather than the Ptolemaic system and brought about a new understanding in science and our universe. The church was most unhappy with this new revelation and brought Galileo before the Inquisition in Rome where he was forced to renounce his findings that backed the Copernican theory, but that didnít make the truth any less true. It simply delayed the inevitable revelation until it could finally no longer be denied.

The day I watched the World Trade Center towers fall, I knew then that another wise sage of old was being attacked. Sir Isaac Newton's laws were directly being challenged, at least that is, according to the "official story" on the 9/11 events. One only needs to time the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and realize that those buildings fell through the area of most resistance, through their own structural core, yet there was little or no resistance. Had these buildings fallen according to Newton's laws, they would have literally taken many minutes, not seconds to topple, and would not have dropped conveniently within their own footprints. (And for the record, there were three towers that fell on that fateful day, as WTC 7, a building not hit by an airplane, dropped in the exact same fashion, yet it is to this day still not widely known to everyone in this country.)

The fact that each 110-story building fell in less than :10-seconds time is the genesis for any intellectual or student of science to begin questioning just what really happened on 9/11. The fact that jet fuel is not capable of reaching temperatures hot enough to melt steel ought to be a salient enough point for those with an IQ to reason with. The fact that the towers did not burn for longer than 15 minutes before burning themselves down to a fire small enough to be put out with one or two fire hoses is concerning to many who have the intellect to question bad science. (This is one of the reasons the 9/11 emergency dispatch tapes were classified after the event, so that people would not know what the FDNY knew, that there was no top to bottom melting, no significant fires below the 78th floor.) Tower two was hit last and had most of the jet fuel burned off in a fireball outside the building upon the planeís impact. So how then did that building supposedly melt with no raging fires to compromise its structure? It dropped in less than an hour (:57-minutes), long before tower one, the WTC building that was hit first and which burned 45 minutes longer (102 minutes) than tower two . 

There are other outside events that highlight the discrepancies in the official 9/11 story. One need only look at the Madrid Windsor building fire or the recent China CCTV high-rise fire for startling evidence of contradiction with the official story that we have been spoon fed in this country. These buildings were roaring infernos, burning far longer than any among the WTC, yet neither building collapsed, as those in New York did. The Madrid Windsor fire burned for over 21 straight hours yet did not topple to the ground. Likewise, the Chinese CCTV fire burned much longer also, yet the high-rise structure did not fall, despite a top heavy angular configuration. These are alarming facts that no one can refute, yet many debunkers like to conveniently forget major details such as these.

Sadly though, there are many 9/11-truth debunkers today who cry heresy, without ever actually looking at the myriad discrepancies that are part of the official government conspiracy theory. They are willing to scream and shout, saying that anyone who scrutinizes the official theory is an ďAmerica hater.Ē They try their best to apply labels, sinking to a petty childish fallback when the argument doesnít weigh in their favor. Name calling is all they can do, because they are simply too lazy to look at the facts or to put some effort in and do research on their own.

This author originally thought that somehow the terrorists had found a way to bring those buildings down with explosives, and so a seven-year research crusade was initiated to find out the facts. Imagine my horror when the facts I found did not meet my initial point of view, but you canít run from the truth. You can turn away from it if you donít like the blinding glare of reality, or you can try to hide it if you donít want others to know about it, but facts are what they are. Truth has a way of rising up.

One day, those that were behind the event will have to deal with a public epiphany. That day of reckoning is near, but as that day comes closer, we are also faced with the overwhelming fear of the guilty and what they would do to keep from being caught for such a heinous crime.

According to a poll from Scripps Howard/Ohio University, more than a third of Americans suspect that government operatives helped or were complicit in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That means 100-million Americans think that shady, unscrupulous factions within the U.S. government were somehow involved in 9/11.

A Zogby poll found that 50% of all New Yorkers believe that unscrupulous factions within our government were complicit in the attacks of 9/11.

A CNN poll of 7,000 people found that 90% of those responding believed the US government was involved in a cover-up.

A 2007 Zogby poll nows says that 51% of Americans do not trust the official government story and now want a real investigation

What does all of this mean? Americans are waking up to a consensus that most of the world is already well aware of, that 9/11 is not what we were told. How do we know we are reaching a tipping point in mass understanding? When the debunkers coalesce their message to a concerted effort, vainly trying to rally a message of hate towards those who have done their homework regarding 9/11. Now they try to falsely claim that neo-Nazi murderers are part of the 9/11-truth movement, in an effort to demonize those that would support 9/11 truth.

Glenn Beck Goes Too Far To Discredit 9/11 Truth

This is a disgusting claim that even Beck says he can't prove.

So now we have reached a point where the debunkers are blaming cold blooded murder on 9/11-truth members. This is nothing but a pathetic attempt to falsely associate truth advocates with criminals. Tying neo-Nazi extremists to the 9/11-truth movement is disingenuous to say the very least. The 9/11-truth movement is all about exposing murder, not participating in it. To lump one extremist together with a larger group that doesn't share the narrow extreme viewpoint of a killer is simply not right. Some however apparently have no problem with this shameless tactic. This would seem to suggest that we are nearing that tipping point of mass public recognition, when debunkers have to resort to such feeble, underhanded tactics to discredit 9/11-truth members.

With six major corporations now controlling our media, it is all to easy to either fabricate and/or stifle stories in the mainstream press. Most people simply do not understand that, like the military or any large corporation, there is a hierarchy of authority and control to answer to in the media. It is imperative that people outside broadcasting, everyday consumers of media, understand implicitly just how our news is controlled. It doesn't take every journalist or broadcaster to be corrupt or to pollute the system, just those at the top. Itís really quite easy to do and it is being done right before our very eyes. Those, like this author, who have spent a good deal of time within corporate broadcasting, know all too well the dangers that exist within our mainstream press and the electronic media that many so blindly trust and revere.

The same is true of government, the CIA, NSA and the FBI, etc. Some conspiracy theorists like to lump all government employees en masse into the same cabal, but that is not an honest accounting of reality. It only takes a small group with power to control a larger entity. The government was not behind 9/11, but a small group with total power certainly could have controlled the event for their own purposes. Examine what came out of the ashes of 9/11 and you will begin to understand the impetus for some to stoop so low in order to achieve their morally decrepit goals.

The PNAC is a group that has openly talked of directing the course of the U.S. in order to achieve world domination. They (and others) want total control and even went so far as to publicly say that it would take a "new Pearl Harbor" to bring about the changes that they sought in a short amount of time. Coincidentally, shortly after their plan was published, we had 9/11.

Do a Google or Bing search into Operation Mockingbird. Consider that if someone went out of their way to take over newspapers way back when, then that same thought process surely must have spilled over to all other media as well, including software. It is all too easy to control the opinions of others when you control the outlets responsible for the most influence.

In the media and the corporate advertising world, weekly focus groups and research are conducted on a regular basis to discern and find out the opinions of the masses. Make no mistake, nor hold any doubt, that the powers that be also use this powerful tool to keep track of public perception. You can be quite certain that those behind the 9/11 cover-up are watching for a tipping point when it comes to 9/11 truth. When we reach that tipping point, a percentage of the population demanding answers, we will then, more than likely, have another event to scare the masses. Martial law could then be called and those deemed most dangerous in regards to spreading the truth will be rounded up. A sad thing to entertain, but the people behind this cabal are not only very wealthy, but also intelligent enough to follow public cognition treads.

A recent revelation by nine scientists and researchers has found that there is active thermate, a military grade of thermite, that is present in the dust samples collected from four separate areas around the WTC and New York. This is without a doubt, not just the smoking gun, but the loaded gun, regarding the demise of the World Trade Center. But shortly after this story broke, our attentions were quickly turned away by the media with mass scare stories of a dangerous swine flu epidemic that was about to jeopardize us all. (Correction: This story was first said to be not as prevalent as originally reported, however, it is now, according to the WHO, said to be moving to a pandemic scale.) The timing couldn't be worse for 9/11 truth. Just as the Sars virus scare did for WMD and other Bush administration crimes, this new virus story will sweep over the news media, essentially ensuring that the 9/11 super-thermite headline will be lost by the corporate news and the mainstream press.

Like Copernicus, the 9/11-truth movement is being renounced in fear of the far reaching repercussions and reality that will spring forth from the real truth in our world. Those with power do not want their official story to be questioned. Like the church, they will fight till the end against those who try to upset their inaccurate view of our world. The flat-earth crowd (9/11-truth debunkers) still want you to believe that the world is not round, when in all actuality, it is their own ideals that sail blindly, falling short, careening over the edge into the abyss.

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