America Has Been Stolen


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What You Seriously Need To Know About America
How The American Dream Has Been Usurped And Stolen From "We The People"
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts 090209

Vulnerable Through Arrogance

America is being divided and conquered, yet unfortunately most of the country is unaware that shots at our democracy have already been fired. This goes unnoticed because Americans are quite sadly as gullible as they come. If ever there was a name synonymous with sheeple, it would be Americans. Many will take issue with such a comment because we as a nation and a people have become undeniably arrogant and pompous with our republic and its democracy.

We boldly proclaim ourselves to be number one and the best at everything, out of a blind patriotic pride. We often claim to distrust our politicians, yet we naively swallow everything our misguided corporate media tries to feed us, until we're choking on a combination of disinformation and our own gullibility.

Our Achilles' Heel

We often complain bitterly about corporate abuses which infringe upon the world around us, yet we still support them financially because we just simply have to own the latest rage, the best there is, or even-- the cheapest bargains to be had. America has become a nation of consumers. If it's produced or manufactured, we'll gladly suck it up for the right price, but the one thing we seem to eagerly consume the most of is bullshit.

The old saying that "truth is stranger than fiction" couldn't be more accurate. If the lemmings of America could only remove the blinders that they have been shackled with for years now, they would truly see a world which has been hidden from them, all the while in plain view. We simply fail to recognize it when we see it, because we've been pre-conditioned to look for something else.

Americans have been handcuffed with an array of blinders, ranging from conspiracy theory, political, religious and even patriotic blinders. We have been conditioned and programmed to view the world through these opaque lenses, various shades of disillusionment that we're taught to embrace and filter our perceptions through, without ever truly looking outside the box or examining that which might seem obvious.

Obfuscating The Truth

Conspiracy theory in itself is perhaps one of the most widely employed tactical ruses. We're continually told that things can't be true because they deal with conspiracy theory. What possible sense does that make?

Conspiracy is a genuine definition of two or more parties entwined in collusion to commit a crime. Because the term conspiracy is used does not lessen a credible criminal case, nor the motives involved. It should be noted that conspiracies are embraced quite often by the DOJ and prosecuted every single day by our judicial system. They are only wholly disavowed when it is our government that has been implicated in such matters. A strange dichotomy when you think about it.

The conspiracy theory fallacy is nothing more than another set of intellectual blinders to keep us from exploring the real truth around us.

Staying Grounded

Critical thinking is a skill that seems to be lost these days, or is limited to only a select few who might dare to look beyond the blinders and actually reason facts on their own, accepting them for what they are, without preconceived notions to jade or sway their conclusions. At times it would seem that we let the trappings of technology lure us into a false sense of security because of our short-sided trust in our overrated technological advances.

What we forget in this myopic trust is that the nature of man is still the same as before, highly susceptible to enchantments, wants and temptations. Greed, lust and envy still try the souls of mankind, but we oftentimes tend to be dismissive of these character enticements because those are supposed to be age old entrapments from a long gone era of inferiority and antiquated beliefs. We get suckered into thinking that we're too smart or too advanced now to be fooled or misled by such relics of a less civilized society or less technological world.

We are, to a fault, ignorant, arrogant, naive and pathetically gullible.

The Nature Of Man

One thing mankind has yet to shed itself of is the fact that evil does exist. It is still  propagated in man through unbridled desire, a day to day challenge of moral restraint, and an inherent abundance of human spiritual weakness. We are not perfect beings by any stretch of the imagination, but for many, our technological advances are alleged evidence of man's evolution towards spiritual enlightenment. This is hardly true in the least. If anything, a case might be made to the contrary, showing that technology has loosened the moral compass of man by giving us a false impression of a divine intellect.

With all of that said, there are many instances in our recent history to prove that mankind has indeed been duplicitous, with underlying motives of imperialism and greed. We just need to look at and question these moments with our preconditioned blinders set aside, examining not only face value evidence, but also the more subtle or less obvious implications that at times beg for more scrutiny and a thorough reading between the lines.

Trifecta Of Deceit

For Americans to understand how they have been duped, they need to be aware of three critical topics of importance. Once you come to grips with these three topics, you will be well armed to forge ahead further into a real understanding of the world in which we live; a world which has been hidden from us in plain sight.

1) The Federal Reserve - a private corporation and not a government entity. I repeat, this is not a government run organization as most believe. It is, for all intents and purposes, a cabal of the powerful elite, perpetrated by the monolithic central banks that control everything about our world. Follow the preceding link to learn all about the Federal Reserve and the secret takeover that originated at Jekyll Island.

2) Operation Mockingbird - media control and disinformation/propaganda. The mission is to divide and conquer. United we stand, but divided we fall. (Operation Mockingbird)

3) False Flag Operations - A historical look at the genesis of war. Investigative examinations of the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks also suggest false flag operations.

A False History

The average American is tragically unaware of our country's history of covert false flag operations. Many don't even understand the term, which describes secret operations meant to deceive the public so that they think other outside entities are involved. Sadly enough, there are many instances of proven false flag operations.

  • Sinking of the Maine – (leading to the Spanish-American war) The new US excuse for the sinking of the Maine has been given as explosives stored near the hot steam room, not a Spanish mine which the US originally claimed as the impetus for the war. It would seem the conflict could now more appropriately be named the American-Spanish war.
  • Sinking of the Lusitania – (leading to World War I) The US is said to have given the Germans information that the Lusitania was carrying a secret cargo of weapons. A German U-boat then sank the ship, giving the US the excuse to enter into World War I.
  • Pearl Harbor – (leading to World War II) According to Admiral Kimmel, the US had broken the Japanese codes and knew in advance exactly when and where the attack would begin. The US moved key ships out to sea and is said to have allowed the attacks to take place, justifying its war presence and the eventual use of nuclear weapons which resulted in a long-sought place of world military prominence for the US.
  • Gulf of Tonkin – (expanding US involvement in the Viet Nam War) The US claimed that the North Vietnamese launched torpedoes at the destroyer Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara later admitted that the attack had never happened. Essentially, the LBJ expansion of U.S., involvement in the Viet Nam War was based on a lie.
  • First Iraq War – (leading to the Gulf War) The US told Saddam it was okay to take over Kuwait and seize their oil fields. We even sold them the poison gas to attack Kuwait with. The Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter in Washington falsely posed as an Iraqi nurse, claiming babies were taken from incubators and left to die on the cold floor. She was said to be coached by DC ad firm, Hill & Knowlton.
  • 1995 World Trade Center Bombing - The FBI was intimately involved, using Ramzi Youseff as bait to coerce a terrorist attack. The FBI supplied real bomb material, rather than fake explosives. Youseff became alarmed and contacted others in regards to this.
  • 9/11 Attacks – (leading to Afghanistan War and Iraq War) The Project For a New American Century (PNAC), a treatise detailing a plan for US dominance in the world. A neo-con group wrote that this plan would take years to achieve, unless of course there was a new Pearl Harbor-type event. Shortly after, we had the 9/11 attacks. This event has produced numerous evidentiary oddities that question how Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda could have pulled off the attacks and the controlled demolition of three WTC towers, one not hit by plane, none burning from top to bottom, yet all collapsing conveniently into their own basements at near free fall speed, through the path of most resistance. Note: The Afghanistan War and Iraq War were both planned long before 9/11.

Keeping Secrets

Do not be lulled into the false premise that large operations such as these could not be kept in confidence by those involved. Secrets are kept by hundreds and even thousands of people within government. A compartmentalized chain of command is all it takes to allow nefarious agendas and provide a sanctioned cover for dubious deeds. If you have even the slightest doubt that this could be true, you are encouraged to examine but only a small list of grandiose historical secrets which involved a great many individuals, all no doubt working within the implied notion of patriotic devotion, while hiding under the guise of national secrecy.

A False Security

Most Americans might think that a superpower such as the United States is impervious to a hostile takeover. They might readily proclaim our military superiority as testament to our formidable security, but they would be mistaken in their false sense of comfort. This country has already been taken over. We have already lost that which our forefathers gave to us, "a republic, if you can keep it." (Benjamin Franklin)

Many might take issue with the statement that our country has already been taken from us. Everything looks just the same they might say. Wal-Mart is still there for me. My expensive flat screen TV is still broadcasting my favorite reality shows, along with Bill O'Reilly and FOX News. I can still listen to Rush Limbaugh in my wonderful new gas guzzling SUV. How could our country possibly have been taken over? They wonder how such a feat could be accomplished in plain sight, yet what they fail to realize is that the trappings of life that they cling to are the very distractions that have kept them from opening their eyes to the truth.

A Complicit Media

Some of those distractions are by carefully crafted and calculated design, disseminated by many of the willing far-right conservative talking heads that claim to be neutral, yet propagate disinformation on a daily basis. People don't realize they're being lied to because of their very gullible and naive acceptance of the media. They fail to realize that they are no longer questioning their favorite media, nor do they see their own wholehearted acceptance and trust as the ingenuous myopia that it is. They have unwittingly accepted the precepts of Goebbels, that people find the biggest lies too unbelievable to question. They find it hard to fathom that some might possibly lie to us so openly. They also fail to realize what some would do for the value of money.

A key cog to the deception is our formerly hallowed media. The only way to usurp a democracy is to fool the people. The only way to fool the people is to steal their media. That is what has happened in America. Through the Reagan-Bush era deregulation, our media has been bought up and taken over by the wealthy elites in order to hide their agenda and serve their own purpose. Most people naively believe that there are too many good reporters to keep a story hidden. They would be somewhat correct in that assumption, but what they forget is that like all corporations, the media is run in a hierarchy, with the station manager and the owner setting the news agenda, not the reporters. It is in this way that good reporters are held back and key stories are suppressed to dupe us all.

Internal Danger

The danger that many do not see is the danger that comes from within, from the greed in society that seeks more wealth and power. It won't be the Russians or the Chinese that take over our country, it will be from factions within, powers that we fail to recognize a danger from. One only needs to take a moment to look back into our short history and examine a couple lesser known events that took place, but never found their way into our text books.

The First Assault

The first event was the takeover of our financial system. It began in 1910 with a secret meeting on Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast. Senator Nelson Aldrich invited a small group of America's most wealthy, including the Morgans and Rockellers, to participate in a takeover of this country's financial system. They did so under the guise of a duck hunting trip; all of them refusing to use their last names in the hopes of not being found out or implicated in the takeover plan. They were able to keep the plan from the press and the public. As a result of this secret meeting, the Federal Reserve System was born, just a few years later in 1913.

Most Americans believe that the Federal Reserve is owned by the U.S. Government, but they would be sorely wrong. As Congressman Dennis Kucinich likes to say, "the Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express." He is absolutely correct. This takeover of our monetary system took away our national sovereignty and was the death of our republic and the democracy it stood for.

One President sought to rectify the damage inflicted on our country. John F. Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy were both determined to stop the charade, but unfortunately they were silenced by the powers that be before they could undo the Federal Reserve System. Today, brave Congressman such as Kucinich and Ron Paul speak loudly about the evils of this system, but sadly enough, with the media already in the pocket of those behind the cabal, it is hard to gain any traction against the system.

A Second Blow

The second event that most are unaware of is an attempted coup within this country that was perpetrated, not from a foreign enemy, but from enemies inside our borders who hold a different ideology of how this country should be run.

In the very early 30s, a group of very ultra-wealthy Americans tried to establish a fascist regime in the United States by attempting to overthrow President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They were unhappy with the New Deal and what they perceived as the socialist reform of America. So a cabal of the rich elite formed together to conspire against our government. Among those implicated in the treasonous coup were the Morgan, DuPont, Remington and Bush families. Many other wealthy American families were said to be intimately involved and were willing financial backers, yet the 1934 McCormack-Dickstein committee hearings allegedly were said to have concluded that the results of their investigation would be so unsettling that most Americans would find such a domestic cabal of the country's elite and wealthy simply too unbelievable to fathom. At least that's the official story. God only knows if they didn't find a way to fulfill their plan by actually doing in FDR and hide that from us too. The rich didn't like FDR's brand of socialism and the New Deal.

You are free to openly wonder in amazement on why this didn't make our school history books, but keep in mind the famous quote from former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, "the victor always writes the history." When you understand that these rich Americans owned our publishing houses and newspapers, you can then understand how this story has been stricken from the history books.

Much is hidden in the history of mankind, which simply corroborates the old saying that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. (See The 1934 Coup. See also video below.)

A Sleeping Giant

Don't think for one minute that these treasonous wealthy families went away and repented for their attempted crime. They merely took a different route to achieve their ideological goals, using their combined wealth to buy their way into seats of power, thereby usurping our republic from within, rather than through physical confrontation.

Why would wealthy families align against our country and the dream of our forefathers? Quite simply, for power. For rule by oligarchy. With that power also comes more money. Many believe the overall goal is a New World Order, run entirely by the global elite for their own profit.

A Global Plan

This author used to scoff when people talked of a new world order. It was often described as a cabal that was out to take over the world, to enslave the population, and make us servants to a one world government, destined for dictatorial world control. It all seemed so far fetched at first, but when one takes into account the myriad mentions of just such a plan for global order, mentioned over and over again by world leaders, you eventually have to sit up and take notice.

The numerous references to a new world order are startling if you just take the time to look. Whether it be Henry Kissinger, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, or CFR member Gary Hart, one thing is clear, there indeed appears to exist a dream for just such a plan and it transcends all political parties and all nations. The references are always the same, which in itself is quite telling, as if we are being conditioned to accept this plan as an eventual and natural evolution of government and society.

What is clearly consistent is the terminology itself, a new world order. You don't hear it referred to as a better international way, or a global change for good. It is in every instance referred to as one thing, a new world order.  

How Could It Be?

How on earth could such a grandiose, unwieldy plan ever come to fruition? A global change of this magnitude is not possible overnight, nor within a year, certainly not without conflict and without revolution from the people. Unless worldwide anarchy and resistance is desired, a plan of such an overwhelming scale could only be attempted in secret and at a measured pace, so as not to alarm the people.

There has to be a constant that remains in place over time for such a plan to coalesce. Governments and political factions change over time and with them their militaries evolve. So what force with considerable geopolitical influence is capable of sustaining the long term ambitions of a global coup? One must consider the domineering influence of historical wealth. Not just the rich, but the mega-rich, the real rulers of the world since the dawn of time. Only the ultra-wealthy have the capacity to sustain political influence over time, the resources to outlast governments and militaries alike.


When examining such a scenario, one also has to ask what possible motive might possibly drive such a meticulous plan for domination among the ultra-rich? In doing so you will come to realize that with great wealth comes either a thirst for more wealth, to be the wealthiest of all, or to garner absolute power as an egocentric topper of conquest.

In all of this there is either avarice or altruism at its heart. It would seem that the only way to further such a plan within a large group over a long duration would be with a beneficent intent, for if indeed evil were at the root of the process, the consciences of some might become conflicted and the plan would unravel rather quickly, yet it is the latter scenario that sadly lends the most credence to such an enduring plan. An evil nature is likely the impetus for such a far reaching global plan, since the plan itself has admittedly been kept quiet, according to billionaire David Rockefeller.

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." --David Rockefeller Baden-Baden, Germany 1991 

Building A Consensus

While an evil nature is of obvious suspicion in this international conception of power, there almost certainly has to be another side, a veiled ruse to lure the wealthy altruistic at heart. Otherwise, cooperation from the majority of the wealthy elite would be sparse and hard to coalesce. The pitch, or dangling carrot, to the benevolent rich has to be enticing not only financially, but also morally. The claim of a better system of government, free of the entanglements of nationalistic war mongering, is the selling point to pull in people such as Bill Gates or Oprah.

When one realizes the inherent shortcomings of nationalism down through the ages and the resulting wars it has produced, it can be quite easy to understand the concept and socio-benefits of a one world government. It is an easy sell to those who wish for lasting piece.

You certainly don't have to look far to find American support for such an international plan of one world rule. (See The New World Order. See also the video below.)

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. " --David Rockefeller 

Target USA

The United States of America is the one true super power standing in the way of this plan for a new world order. The U.S. has to be a part of the equation or the plan will fail.  Since we have all been raised with nationalist pride for the red, white and blue, it is imperative that the American people are kept in the dark regarding a plan for a new world order. With capitalism and greed as the base for the wealthy elite's game, they need us along for the ride, as slaves to run the menial tasks of the capitalist system and to keep filling their coffers with cash. The last thing the powers that be want is a revolt on their hands. The French Revolution showed the wealthy all too well what happens when the populace turns against those in positions of power. Many lost their heads on the guillotine, including King Louis XVI. A peaceful transfer towards the new world order is preferable.

A one world rule has its merits, but considering those behind the scenes pulling the strings, its debatable whether this international alliance will bring about peace for the common man, or just prosperity for the chosen few.

Time will only tell where this infamous plan for global domination leads us to.

For now, we're all just along for the ride.

The 1934 Coup Against FDR And The U.S.

The Forgotten Coup On America

This was very big news at the time, but was withheld from our history books.

More On The 1934 Coup On America

When the ultra-wealthy own the media, these things can be hidden.

The Plan For World Domination

The New World Order

Deny it if you like, but the notion is clearly alive and well.

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Ed Note: Don't be a lemming! Do not take this author's word for it. Research for yourself and find out the truth. Think on your own. Find alternative press outside the corporate media. Don't be caught up in left versus right. Reason the facts. Big money controls the world and wants to fool you. Thanks for reading.


About The Author:
Tim Watts is a veteran San Francisco broadcaster with 25 years experience in the industry as an on-air talent, Program Director, and consultant. He is the creator and sole author of the websites, and He has been writing about U.S. corruption over the last decade, while also investigating 9/11 from the moment that the first tower fell. He has documented his 9/11 research on a website called A September Coup