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  Is Bushs statement about Saxe-Coburg leadership:

a regular diplomatic contact - 109

a US support for the cabinet - 96

a personal praise for the PM - 37


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Madrid Fire Heats up to 1500 Degrees Celsius

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Firefighters, battling a skyscraper office block blaze, have estimated that the temperature in the 106m-high Windsor skyscraper reaches 1500 Degrees Celsius. Photo by www.elpais.es
Politics: 13 February 2005, Sunday.

The fire described as the worst in Madrid's history has reportedly broke out because of a short circuit.

Firefighters, battling a skyscraper office block blaze, have estimated that the temperature in the 106m-high Windsor skyscraper reaches 1500 Degrees Celsius.

The tower, located in the heart of the capital's financial district, had been undergoing renovation since mid-2003. It is one of the most familiar buildings on the modern Madrid skyline, with the area having undergone major renovation over the past 30 years.

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Health: Carrots - Cancer Cure

Bulgaria's EU Entry at Stake with Non-Confidence Vote

Bulgaria's 2nd Nuke Among Romania's Major Problems

Car Bomb Injures over 40 in Madrid

Harry Potter Witchery Award Goes to Bulgarian Minister


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5 Bulgarians, 700 kg Cocaine Nabbed Abroad
Madrid Skyscraper at Risk of Collapse
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Madrid's Worst Fire Engulfs Skyscraper, Collapse Reported
Southern Bulgarian Town Restores Controversial Mayor
St Valentine Blamed for Harry Potter Theft in Bulgarian Town
Blast Rocks Paris Theater, 7 Injured
Delay in Libya's Indemnity Case against Bulgarians
US Relaxes Visa Regime for Foreign Scholars
Quake Registered on Bulgaria's Territory
Bulgarian Medics Trial May Linger 3 More Years
European Shuttle Drums up Support for Bulgaria's Accession Treaty
Elusive Al-Zarqawi Captured in Kirkuk Any Moment - Report
Ethnic Turkish Partner "Pulls Saxe-Coburg's Strings"
Bulgaria Joins Munich Security Conference
Bulgarian Troops in Charge of Echo Base Security
St Valentine Suicide Pact Foiled
Croatia's EU Talks Hinged on Hague War Tribunal
Student Corrects Bulgaria's FinMin over JRR Tolkien Quote
Mayoral Elections in Southern Bulgarian Town
CNN News Chief Quits over Remark on Iraq
Ireland to Open Sofia Embassy by End 2005
Bulgarian Cabinet Survives Non-Confidence Vote
Sofia Welcomes Irish PM
Yushchenko's Poisoners Revealed
Prosecution in Pursuit of Ministers, Deputies
Suspected Crime Lord Faces Trial over Money Laundry, Smuggling
More Money for Bulgaria's Nurses Defence
Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister to Resign "If Needed"
Bulgaria Blacklisted among World's Intellectual Pirates
US Top Official Wants Release of Bulgarians in Libya
Ireland's Premier Arrives in Bulgaria
Sofia Starts Non-Confidence Countdown
Bulgaria's Danube in Ice Grab
Harry Potter Witchery Award Goes to Bulgarian Minister
Ex-President Offers Coalition to Incumbents
New Timers Defend Support for Bulgarian Cabinet
Bulgarian Lawyer Optimistic about Tripoli Hearing
Bulgaria's Youth Critical of Local Statesmen
Calls for Bulgaria's Cabinet Resignation
Bulgarians Unite Efforts with Greenpeace against Belene Nuke
Sofia Governors Nominate Bank Supervisors
Bulgaria to Train 30 Iraqi Officers
Bush Seeks USD 400 M to Reward Allies
Sofia Seeks Examples of Successful Pension System Reforms
EU Warns against Piracy Sourcing from Bulgaria, Romania
Bulgaria Moves to Confiscate Property of Crime Bosses
Ethnic Turkish Partner "Bulgaria's Back Seat Ruler"
Cars in Bulgaria Drop in Number
Sofia "Ready" with Nurses Defence
Sofia Discusses Bee-Breeding National Program
Bulgaria Joins Informal NATO Meeting in Nice
Parliament Launches Non-Confidence Vote Debates

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