The 9.0 Japan Earthquake

A Special Report On The Disaster In Japan

Japan Nuke Plants Start Pumping Radioactive Water
Associated Press - Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The operator of Japan's crippled nuclear plant began pumping highly radioactive water from the basement of one of its buildings to a makeshift storage area Tuesday in a crucial step toward easing the nuclear crisis.

Removing the 25,000 metric tons (about 6.6 million gallons) of contaminated water that has collected in the basement of a turbine building at Unit 2 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant will help allow access for workers trying to restore vital cooling systems that were knocked out in the March 11 tsunami. ...

Cyber Terror Led to Japanese Nuclear Meltdown

Tom Heneghan's Explosive Intelligence Briefing, by Tom Heneghan - 032011

It can now be reported that the four nuclear reactors in Japan (one facing a meltdown) had their computer system hacked by a NSA computer virus, "Stuxnet", one month before the 9.1 earthquake and tsunami aka a meteorological "black op" hit the nation of Japan.

Note: Stuxnet is a U.S.-Israeli NSA computer virus that was developed to destabilize the nuclear program in the nation of Iran.

It directly attacks the coolant rods of a nuclear reactor.

Accordingly, this computer virus "Stuxnet" effectively disabled the fail-safe defense system of the Japanese nuclear reactors and was synchronized to take place at the time of the 9.1 quake.
We can also divulge that the 9.1 earthquake and tsunami that hit the nation of Japan was a meteorological terrorist attack launched against Japan by the out-of-control New World Order (NWO) elite who have decided that at least 25% of the world's population must be eliminated before the final financial meltdown collapses the world economy.

The technology used in these meteorological black ops are commonly known as HAARP and Tesla.

Note: HAARP and Tesla were WWII secret Nazi technology captured by both the U.S. and Soviet Union after WWII ended.

Security at Fukushima was set up by an Israeli firm

New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers 

Where Fukushima meets Stuxnet: The growing threat of cyber war

Was Japan Hit With An Earthquake Weapon?
Allegations Begin To Mount Regarding U.S. HAARP Array
NewsFocus - 033111

Much like 9/11, allegations have begun to fly in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake regarding possible nefarious exotic military technology. While NewsFocus hates to believe such a thing could ever be possible, our investigation of 9/11 has opened our eyes as to the ultimate lows that a secret ultra-rich cabal could sink to in furthering a long proposed plan for a new world order. There are people in this world who have the financial means, with vast wealth far beyond Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the rest of the Forbes Fortune 500 list; shady immoral people who are carrying out an agenda for a one world government, ruled by them.

There are many elements to the Honshu, Japan quake that have raised questions. The first is the quake itself, a phenomenal 9.0 that shook uncharacteristically for a staggering two minutes. The second is the unwavering tenacity of the aftershocks, most of them major quakes by themselves. Normally aftershocks diminish in severity over time, however the Japan quakes continually jump back into the mid to high six range on the Richter scale. This is not typical for earthquakes, at least not to the degree that has taken place in Japan. Toss in the report of Japan being threatened with an earthquake machine if they did not turn over their nation's finances to the ultra wealthy banking cartel.

All of this makes for interesting internet conspiracy banter, however, data collected from several magnetometers from Japan show a curious 2.5 Hz frequency that mysteriously began just a few hours before the first 7.3 quake on March 9th, and eerily enough ended just a few hours after the 9.0 and 7.7 quakes. Many are claiming this curious 2.5 Hz signal is the signature of the U.S. HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska. Coincidentally, one of the many magnetometers that recorded the strange frequency is also based at Gakona.

The thought alone of a premeditated strike such as this is uncomfortable to entertain for even the staunchest conspiracy advocate, however, a look at the magnetometer data reveals too many uncanny signal-to-quake correlations with unexplainable timing.

Nicola Tesla was said to have discovered technology over 80 years ago which allegedly could split the earth. Dubbed the earthquake machine, Tesla was said to have dropped his pursuit of the invention, for fear that it would fall into the hands of the wrong people. (Read More)

Open Mind? HAARP Data Says Japan Quake was Induced Deadline Live

Logical Assessment of Japan’s Nuke Disaster – FAQ Deadline Live

Yellow Rain Falls In Tokyo? Pollen Excuse Exact Same As Chernobyl Yellow Rain Lie Blacklisted News

Japan's nightmare gets even WORSE: All THREE damaged nuclear reactors now in 'meltdown' at tsunami-hit power station

Japan Struck By Temblor South of Tokyo As Kan Calls For Calm
Bloomberg - John Brinsley, Sachiko Sakamaki - ‎031511
March 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg reporter Stuart Biggs speaks about Japan's nuclear crisis after Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s stricken nuclear power plant was today rocked by two ...

Japan Earthquake Upgraded To Magnitude 9.0; Now The 4th Largest Ever
How much bigger is a magnitude 8.7 earthquake than a magnitude 5.8 earthquake?

Another explosion rocks the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

New Explosion Rocks Fukushima Nuclear Plant
New York Times - Peter Behr - ‎031511‎
Japan's nuclear crisis escalated ominously following a third and more dangerous hydrogen explosion early Tuesday local time that may have damaged part of the reactor's primary containment shell, and a fire at a fourth ...

NewsFocus: Concerns abound over radioactive material rising into the jet-stream and heading east towards the US, poisoning us with deadly radioactive rainfall, however, the contamination of the Pacific Ocean has to be as big a threat, if not bigger. The ocean currents carry a long way. How can we possibly eat fish now? It's bad enough that we can't eat out of the Gulf of Mexico now, but this will seriously compromise every living thing in our oceans, not to mention seriously jeopardize the fishing industry and the world food supply. Where is the media on this issue? And if they're so worried about radioactive material, why have they never reported on the horror that the U.S. has unleashed on Iraq with its nuclear depleted uranium weapons? Our government has polluted that country and damned its people for millions of years!

Third Explosion Appears To Have Damaged Reactor 2 Containment
BBC News - Richard Black - ‎031511‎
It appears that for the first time, the containment system around one of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors has been breached. Officials have referred to a possible crack in the suppression chamber of reactor 2 - a large doughnut-shaped structure, ...

NewsFocus: These are GE reactors, "Bringing Good Things To Life." How many questions will be asked of General Electric about safety standards? Why was this only built to withstand an 8.0 earthquake? Why put it on the water where it can contaminate so much? You can bet the US media, especially NBC and MSNBC, will not dare question these companies. Let's watch and see. Most reactors around the world are GE or Westinghouse. Natural disasters are unavoidable, so these companies should rightfully be held responsible for placing unsafe reactors in absolutely stupid locations, fault lines and waterways. Will anyone go after these large companies and hold them accountable?

Fukushima: Mark 1 Nuclear Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist To Quit In Protest

Potassium Iodide Runs Low as Americans Seek It Out
Wall Street Journal - Jonathan D. Rockoff - ‎Mar 14, 2011‎
Supplies of potassium iodide, a preventive against radiation poisoning of the thyroid gland, are running low at some manufacturers, as Americans seek protection amid fears that radiation from Japan could head to the US, ...

NewsFocus: How do we buy consumer goods from Japan now with any confidence that they are not contaminated with radiation? Will the new car you buy blow radioactive dust from the interior vents, or the cars exhaust? Will the television, stereo, computer or other electronic goods be guaranteed to be free from toxic radiation? This is certainly something to think about that will undeniably affect large corporations such as Toyota, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic and others. In a twisted irony, GE, maker of the reactors, possibly stands to benefit as consumers seek an alternative from Japanese electronics manufacturers.

Why I Think the Extreme SuperMoon May Have Played Role in Earthquakes
The Power of the Supermoon

Panicked residents start to flee Tokyo as radiation levels rise after THIRD blast at stricken nuclear power plant
Daily Mail, by Daily Mail Reporter - 031511

  • Radiation leaking directly into the air from stricken Fukushima nuclear plant

  • Power station has now suffered three reactor explosions and one fire

  • One reactor core 'exposed to the atmosphere' through crack in containment wall

  • Radiation levels up to ten times higher than normal in Tokyo

  • Mass exodus as  thousands residents flee towns close to reactor

  • Experts warn of cancer risk

  • Japan seeks help from U.S. to spray water on over-heating reactors from helicopters

Scores of terrified residents began to flee Tokyo today as a nuclear power plant destroyed by the tsunami threatened to send a cloud of radioactive dust across Japan.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi plant suffered a third reactor explosion overnight, another reactor on the site caught fire  - and officials today announced the wall of one reactor was cracked.

Radiation levels are soaring across the country this afternoon as radioactive material is spewed directly into the atmosphere while emergency crews fight to avoid a catastrophic meltdown.

Levels of radiation were ten times higher than normal in the capital today, as experts warned that people in Japan could face an increased cancer risk even if the crisis does not deteriorate.

Japan Declares State of Emergency On Another Nuclear Power Plant As It Preps For Another Meltdown

More Video: Huge blast at Japan nuclear power plant

"If There Were a Reactor Meltdown or Major Leak at Fukushima, the Radioactive Cloud Would Likely be Blown Out ... Towards the US West Coast"

Quake Moved Japan Coast 8 Feet; Shifted Earth’s Axis - 031311
The powerful earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami Friday appears to have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.

Japan Declares Nuclear Emergency After Devastating Earthquake

Nuclear Plant Designer: Japanese Government Suppressing Scale Of Crisis

Japan Earthquake: before and after (Aerial Photos)

Japan Nuclear Fears As Systems Fail At Second Reactor
Officials warn of more radiation leaks as residents panic, jamming city's exit roads - 031311

Fears of another explosion at a Japanese nuclear plant are growing after officials said the cooling system in a second reactor had failed.

Thousands of people were evacuated on Saturday following an explosion and leak from the Fukushima Daiichi plant, 240 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo.

It was believed the first explosion had been contained and disaster avoided.

But on Sunday the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said radiation levels around the Fukushima Daiichi plant had risen above the safety limit and said the cooling system in the number three reactor had failed. ...

Japan Hit By Massive 8.9 Earthquake
BBC News - 031101
A powerful earthquake has struck off Japan, shaking buildings in Tokyo for several minutes and forcing people out of their homes, witnesses said.
Japan quake prompts tsunami warning
Major quake hits Japan CNN International
Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake BBC

UPDATE: Quake-hit nuclear reactor in Japan leaking radiation

Tsunami Follows Quake

See also: Environment Page... Friday Could Be Catastrophic Day

Why Do We Build Nuclear Plants In Stupid Places?
Hazardous Facilities In Hazardous Locations Is An Undeniable Threat To All, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 031611

For years, activists and anti-nuclear advocates alike have decried the ominous threat that nuclear power plants hold for society. Those groups were labeled as kooks and alarmists by the big money powers that personally benefit from the proliferation of nuclear energy. If you didn't get the message before from Three-Mile Island, or the Chernobyl disaster, it would seem that now after the Japanese disaster the truth is undeniably in front of us; nuclear power is a serious threat to life as we know it on planet earth. ... (Read More)

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