Did High-Tech Eco-Weapon Trigger Honshu Quake?

Allegations Run Rampant Over Uncharacteristic 9.0 Quake

Update: After many weeks of being missing, many magnetometer sites are now back online, however, they are back with missing data.

Update: It appears that many magnetic observation stations are mysteriously inaccessible. The Kiruna Magnetic research page will only show data from April 3rd, but nothing recent. NewsFocus cannot retrieve data from the UCLA ground magnetometers either. We are currently checking all known world magnetic research sites. More info to come.

Kiruna Magnetic
UCLA Ground Magnetometers

The USGS site has somehow fallen behind listing the most quake data on their website page showing seismic activity for the last 8 - 30 days. It currently ends on March 31st, however, you can get data for specific regions, if you look elsewhere within USGS. |  Honshu, Japan  | Greenbrier, Arkansas

Update: After a 7.4 Japan quake, and a 4.0 Greenbrier, AR quake on Thursday, April 7th, the HAARP data page has strangely enough been blocked, or temporarily pulled. The timing of this "glitch" is highly questionable. With all of the myriad allegations floating about HAARP and earthquakes, this gives the impression that data is now being hidden, or possibly doctored until it can be put back up. To see this happen in conjunction with these already highly questionable quake areas is extremely disconcerting, to say the least. Why not just post an explanation and thus challenge those making claims of a HAARP connection? To just pull the site gives the wrong impression at a time when many are concerned about the possibility of "eco-weaponry" in the wrong hands.

Was Japan Hit With An Earthquake Weapon?
Allegations Begin To Mount Regarding U.S. HAARP Array
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts  - 033111

Much like 9/11, allegations have begun to fly in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake, regarding possible nefarious exotic military technology. While NewsFocus hates to believe that such an atrocity could ever be possible, our investigation of 9/11 has opened our eyes as to the ultimate lows that a secret ultra-rich cabal could sink to in furthering a long proposed plan for a new world order. There are people in this world who have the unlimited financial resources, with vast wealth far beyond Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the rest of the Forbes Fortune 500 list; shady, immoral people who are carrying out an agenda for a one world government, ruled by them.

There are many elements to the Honshu, Japan earthquake that have raised questions. The first is the earthquake itself, a phenomenal 9.0 that shook uncharacteristically for a staggering two minutes. The second is the unwavering tenacity of the sizable aftershocks, most of them major quakes by themselves. Normally aftershocks diminish in severity over time, however the Japan quakes continually jump back into the mid to high six range on the Richter scale. This is not typical for earthquakes, at least not to the degree that has taken place in Japan. Toss in a report of Japan allegedly being threatened with an earthquake machine, if they did not turn over their nation's finances to the ultra wealthy international banking cartel, and you can see why some are taking a more discriminating look at the disaster. After 9/11, many are understandably now open to potential government conspiracies. An undeniable history of government deceit makes it all too easy.

All of this certainly makes for interesting internet conspiracy banter, however, data collected from several northern magnetometers shows a curious 2.5 Hz frequency that mysteriously began just a few hours before the first 7.3 quake on March 9th, and eerily enough ended just a few hours after the huge 9.0 and 7.7 quakes. Many are claiming that this curious 2.5 Hz signal is the signature of the U.S. HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska. Coincidentally, one of the many magnetometers that recorded the strange frequency is also based at Gakona.

The thought of a premeditated strike such as this is uncomfortable to entertain for even the staunchest conspiracy advocates, however, a closer look at the magnetometer data reveals too many uncanny signal-to-quake correlations, with unexplainable timing. To readily dismiss this correlation out of hand could very well be considered foolhardy, since the anomaly could very well be a reliable natural earthquake predictor that would be extremely beneficial in helping forecast such quakes, and thus saving lives.

Nicola Tesla was said to have discovered technology over 80 years ago which allegedly could split the earth. Dubbed "the earthquake machine," Tesla was said to have dropped his pursuit of the invention, for fear that it would fall into the hands of the wrong people. To think that others within the defense technologies industry haven't re-discovered this "eco-weaponry," or that Tesla alone was the only one capable of its fabrication, is quite naive.

Skeptics proclaim that HAARP is incapable of producing the energy to initiate an earthquake, but that skepticism would be based on second hand information which originates from the U.S. government, an entity well known for hiding its technological advancements for military advantage and technical superiority.

Proponents of the HAARP-quake relationship are quick to point out that even with the unknown nature and strength of the facility, it would not take as much energy to push or stimulate an active tectonic plate, one that has already built up a sizable amount of tectonic stress, just waiting for a release. A directed energy techno-nudge is all it might take to set loose these powerful seismic forces.

NewsFocus has uncovered much data since March 11th, while searching for a plausible explanation for the Gakona magnetometer readings, however, we have chosen to withhold posting until we had research in hand that might possibly support the charges being levied by many. A piezoelectric effect is one possible avenue as a natural explanation for the odd correlation between the quakes and magnetometer readings, however, after considerable research, we can find no quakes with such a defined signal, as was evident for Greenbrier and Honshu. 

There is a natural piezoelectric effect with many quakes, however, more often than not they are much broader, less defined signals. NewsFocus cannot hang a hat on a positive HAARP connection, but we do not rule out other possible hidden military technologies.

In researching natural phenomenon that might be responsible, we have found it most interesting that the Wikipedia page on Shumann Resonance, and a related earthquake prediction page, have both been recently updated since the Japan earthquakes. Why someone felt that a known entity such as the Shumann Resonance suddenly needed updating since the quakes is intriguing. We found the page to be quite illuminating with many ties that could be made to the HAARP technology. One can only wonder what information might have been hastily added, or removed, from those pages. Again, it's not like anyone has discovered new insights into this area of earth science since the recent Japan earthquakes. (see more on the HAARP page.)

The Christchurch, New Zealand 6.3 earthquake (02/22/11) does not show the same intensity magnetometer effect. The 8.8 Chile earthquake (02/27/10) also does not show the same anomalous magnetometer readings. To be fair, both events did show very slight readings, both around midnight, but nothing even remotely close to what showed up during the Honshu, Japan earthquakes.

If you look at the larger 7.3 Christchurch quake (09/03/10) there is a stronger signal, but it is somewhat scattered and not nearly as focused as the Japan quakes. It too shows up around midnight (UTC). Again, no positive correlation, unlike the Honshu readings, which began just a few hours before the 7.3 quake, extending through the 9.0 quake, and ending just a few hours right after the 7.7 earthquake. None of these other quakes has shown an uncanny, distinct, well defined correlation such as that at Honshu.

Strangely enough, we have found a few more instances of magnetometer-quake correlations which do match up with specific events. These appear to be as suspicious as those at Honshu. The New Years Eve mass bird kill in Beebe, Arkansas, and the February 28th Greenbrier, Arkansas quake are two such instances. Some claim to have witnessed strange HAARP frequency signatures showing up on weather radar in that same area of Arkansas, all the while this tiny tract of land has had hundreds of small earthquakes there for some time.

Some suggest that the same powers that be that supposedly orchestrated the Honshu quakes, might also be trying for a New Madrid fault tipping as well, thus provoking martial law in the U.S. and a forced ushering into the planned new world order, a one world government rule long advocated by the ultra-wealthy elite, such as the JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

The New Madrid fault is said to experience a large quake every 350 to 500 years. With the 200 year anniversary of the last quake coming upon us just this year, it is interesting to wonder about the impetus for a massive government drill being planned by FEMA for May of this year.

It is generally a good idea for our government to have developed emergency and contingency plans in place, however, after 9/11 and 7/7, many understandably become nervous now when such disaster drills are planned and conducted. History shows that you can't blame those that might worry or have concerns.

As an aside, NewsFocus has looked into other explanations for the Greenbrier quake activity, such as fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, a process that releases gas and oil from the ground by rupturing underground shale and rock formations. After a lengthy interview with the Arkansas Department of Oil & Gas, officials there claim that there is no relation to fracking and earthquakes. Considering that big oil and gas money is involved, it is hard for many to believe that opinion. It would be naive to assume that they are telling the truth, since corporations always tend to defer to their big money interests, rather than erring on the side of caution.

With all of that said, the magnetometer readings from Gakona, Alaska, the home of HAARP, are indeed an anomaly worth investigating further. Could they be nothing more than a phenomenon of nature, providing a potential earthquake warning system, or are they perhaps an indication of criminal undertakings, as alleged, utilizing a powerful eco-weapon technology held only by the military industrial complex and its ultra-wealthy owners?

The accusations have centered around HAARP itself, however, it may very well be a combination of technologies in conjunction with HAARP, such as the HIPAS array, also in Alaska, or another new technology altogether.

Again, due to the secretive nature of the military, this is all speculation, since we truly do not know the full power of these systems, nor do we have knowledge of still hidden programs which are available to only a select few at the top, due to the "need to know" hierarchy that exists within the military.

The argument remains that our government would never do such an immoral thing, but a quick check of our war history gives many pause for reflection. All of our wars from the Spanish-American war onward have been deliberate false flag operations. Understand that it does not take the entire government to engineer such acts, just those at the top, or the select few in the know.

Others argue that our government is too large and too vast to maintain secrets such as this, but again, the need to know environment that has existed for years within this system has proven that secrets are kept and continue to be held from the greater populace, even though thousands are employed and actively involved in their production. (The Manhattan Project was one such project.)

Like the corrupt Federal Reserve system, our military industrial complex is not owned by the U.S. government. These entities are controlled by outrageously wealthy individuals and key stockholders. Companies such as Raytheon,  Gruman-Northrup, Lockheed-Martin, and Boeing, to name but a few, are said to possess secret technology that is, at the least, twenty years ahead of what we currently know. Some have alleged fifty years.

The point being... as fast as today's electronic world moves in just two to three years, a hidden gap of twenty to fifty years is immense and is quite literally unimaginable for many. For all that we think we do know, there is an immense hidden world of much that we do not know.

The only thing we know for certain about military technology is what we are told. Those that claim to understand technologies such as HAARP have no way to take into account hidden systems that may work in conjunction with the array.

For instance, the chem-trail activity that takes place in our skies is just one such application. What agents might be dispersed to accentuate these technologies? What other unknown technologies of hidden systems might be used to focus and direct these energies? Large space mirrors have been proposed for years as part of missile defense strategies developed under SDI (Star Wars). Those technologies have been in development since the mid 70s, so what else might have been concocted since then, in over 30 years time?

The bottom line is, the true capability of systems such as HAARP or HIPAS are clearly unknown to us at this time. Without an understanding of potential support technologies, we have no way to assess their lethal potential.

One thing is for certain, more study is needed to assess the strange correlation between the well defined 2.5 Hz signal being picked up in Alaska, and the outrageous quake activity at Honshu, and also at Greenbrier, Arkansas.

Stay tuned, for more to come. This mystery is still far from being solved.

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