A Look At The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

What Is The Truth About HAARP?

Is It A Defensive Shield As Alleged, An Offensive Weapon, Or Both?
NewsFocus.org, by Tim Watts - 031511

The U.S. government's infamous HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska. (Click on picture for larger image)

A lot has been said about the giant HAARP array in Gakona, Alaska. Begun in 1990 and "officially" completed in 2007, HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Their stated purpose, from the website FAQ... "The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth's ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems."

They also state, "The fundamental goal of research conducted at HAARP is knowledge; to explore and to understand natural phenomena occurring in the Earth's ionosphere and near-space environment. Information derived from this research will have major value in the design of future communication and navigation systems for both military and civilian use."

At one time, the site made the claim that the facility was "a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes."

You can see a satellite view of the facility by using Google maps or Google earth. The coordinates are 62°23'33.73"N 145° 9'2.61"W. The interesting thing is, much of the field is mysteriously blurred out.

The HAARP station is a highly secure facility and not open to the public. They have very limited open house sessions to the public. They state on their website, "Entry to the facility is normally restricted to those having a need to conduct business at the facility."

One of the most interesting admissions on the official HAARP site states that, "HAARP draws only housekeeping power, used for lighting, heating, and computers, from the local power grid. During research operations, the HAARP facility is taken off the local power grid completely."

That last line is the most interesting. It would seem that this facility does draw an inordinate amount of power and they do not want that information to become public, nor do they want a physical public utility trail for investigators to follow in tracking its operating schedule.

Another interesting statement on the official HAARP site is their response to a question regarding environmental safety and the on-site field strength of the array:

"The only points on the site that approach the EM safety standard are close to or directly under the antenna array itself. Numerous computer simulations, confirmed with measurements during tests show that the highest fields are actually near the edge of the ground screen, about 60 - 80 feet away from the nearest antenna element. A fence around the antenna gravel pad, about 60 feet farther out than the ground screen (about 150 feet away from the antennas all around), encloses the limited area under the antennas where fields might exceed the standard."

This response is certainly open for question. Look at the top picture on this page and take note of how far away the main building actually sits from the physical antenna field. If indeed it was that safe, the building would certainly be much closer to the actual system, if not simply for logistics, security, and observation purposes.

One of the hottest topics of internet conversation and speculation, HAARP has been linked to missile defense, weather control, military ELF communications, mind control, and lastly, as an earthquake instigator. HAARP has been reported to operate between 1 Hz and 10 Hz. The earth's Shumann Resonance just so happens to be 7.83 Hz. The human brain is thought to operate in similar ranges. (see table below)

Delta Range 0.5 Hz to 4 Hz (deep sleep)
Theta Range 4 Hz to 8 Hz (dreaming, daydreaming, imagination)
Alpha Range 8 Hz to 13 Hz (relaxed but awake)
Beta Range 13 Hz to 30 Hz (normal awake state/aware)
Gamma Range 30 Hz to 60 Hz (associated with consciousness)

Assessing the true capability and use for HAARP is clearly hard to ascertain. Given the history of government secrecy and disinformation (lying), it is impossible to believe the stated mission purpose, as provided on their website. The United States government is clearly renown for hiding its technological advancements for military advantage and technical superiority.

If indeed the project is for studying the ionosphere, or for communications studies, you have to ask yourself why there are so many similar installations scattered around the world, when one facility could easily handle this simple task.

Click on picture for a larger image.

Alleged to be based on Tesla technology, the HAARP system was supposedly first developed by the Russians. It is now rumored that the EU has such a system, with China also pursuing the advanced scalar technology.

In a 1997 DOD report, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen made an alarming keynote address at the Conference on Terrorism: Weapons of Mass Destruction and U.S. Strategy, held at the Georgia Center, in Mahler Auditorium, at the University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Cohen stated at that time, "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations."

Again, this was 14 years ago. God only knows how far that type of technology has come since.

Bernard J. Eastlund is the man best known for the patents involving the HAARP technology. The patents can be viewed at the following links.

It is interesting to note the last paragraph patent 4,686,605, which reads:

Still further, plumes in accordance with the present invention can be formed to simulate and/or perform the same functions as performed by the detonation of a “heave” type nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device. Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and
exceedingly varied in usefulness.

That last paragraph is indeed quite interesting. It understandably raises many questions for those that allege the technology is much more than publicly stated. It might very well be construed as an "eco-weapon" with weather altering abilities.

This reporter can not support the claims made by many regarding the HAARP array, however, I would offer this to the argument... who says, it is what it is... until you can  actually go and investigate it in person. The antennas could operate in a way that we do not have technical knowledge of. We know nothing about HAARP, until we get to go inside and examine the equipment. Period. We only know, what we've been told. We assume much just from looking at mere pictures.

Whatever the real story is, it may be years before the civilian public ever truly finds out the actual truth about HAARP.

HAARP Home Page  |  HAARP Cam  |  HAARP Cam 2

Update: The official HAARP site has been taken down after allegations linking it to the devastating Honshu, Japan earthquakes.

Update: The HAARP site is finally now back up, however, with much missing data. (See the NewsFocus Arkansas Quake page)

This monitor is said to be best for watching actual HAARP activity:
Spectrum Monitor Waterfall Chart

Watch the "Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura" program on HAARP here.

Update: Air Force Prepares To Dismantle HAARP
They admit it is a "world-class" facility (ionospheric heater)... that does work.

Scientists Petition Department of Defense to Save HAARP Research Facility

According to DARPA: It's not an ongoing need. (Code for - We already have better.)

According to Dr. Walker of the Air Force:

The Air Force has gotten great value out of HAARP in the past. We took it over from the NAVY and managed it and actually did a number of experiment campaigns up there... and uh... have finished our work that we are interested in doing up there.

We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP is really designed to do... to inject energy into the ionosphere... to be able to actually control it.. and uh... but that work has been completed.

The main building for HAARP. (Click on picture for larger image.)

NewsFocus: This building has been added onto, meaning that the satellite photo above is clearly outdated and not showing the entire project. Note the corner roof section sticking up behind the ground level in the lower right, next to the larger building. It does not exist in the satellite photo.

Evidence of HAARP During Japan Earthquake?

HAARP Earthquakes

30 massive semi-trailers of operating equipment. Five rows of six trailers.

CBC Broadcasting Takes A Look At HAARP

A very interesting report from our good neighbors to the north.


Similar Installations:

1) HAARP - 3.6 megawatt facility in Gakona, Alaska (62°23'33.73"N 145° 9'2.61"W)

2) Mu Radar – 1 megawatt facility in Japan (34°51'14.80"N 136° 6'19.45"E).

3) Arecibo Observatory – 2 megawatt facility in Puerto Rico (18°20'38.97"N 66°45'9.77"W).

4) HIPAS – 70 megawatt facility east of Fairbanks, Alaska (64°52'21.18"N 146°50'18.78"W).

5) Sura – 190 megawatt facility in central Russia (56° 7'10.32"N 46° 2'4.41"E).

6) EISCAT – 1 gigawatt facility in Tromsø, Northern Norway (69°35'1.06"N 19°12'57.11"E).

(These facilities can be found by typing the coordinates into google maps)

See Also: Stanford VLF Map (Go to upper right corner and click on PROJECTS)

And Now... Just Some of the Allegations...
Ripley's Believe It Or Not:

Note: NewsFocus does not necessarily endorse the following allegations made concerning the HAARP system, nor do we dismiss them out of hand. We offer these links as an example of the myriad rumors that are currently circulating regarding this technology. As Aristotle once said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

One interesting story making the rounds, former Japanese Finance Minister Hazel Kakanaka is alleged to have claimed that Japan was threatened with "an earthquake machine" if they did not turn over their financial system to American and European members of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Supposedly, once the story became public, the Japanese city of Nigata was coincidentally hit with two powerful earthquakes.

Was Japan Hit By The Earthquake Machine?

Former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka - ''Japan Was Threatened With An Earthquake Machine''

Renowned Pakistani Columnist Nusrat Mirza Accuses U.S. Of Artificially Causing Japanese Earthquake: 'The U.S. has Carried Out a Second Nuclear Attack on Japan' Blacklisted News

Open Mind? HAARP Data Says Japan Quake was Induced Deadline Live

Ben Fulford: "The dark cabal’s desperate last minute efforts to stop their collapse will fail"

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Understanding Shumann Resonances
Schumann resonances occur because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acts as a closed waveguide. The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band. The lowest-frequency (and highest-intensity) mode of the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz, but this frequency can vary slightly from a variety of factors. A new field of interest using Schumann resonances is related to short-term earthquake prediction.

NewsFocus: It is interesting to note that the Wikipedia page on Shumann Resonances has just recently been updated since the Honshu quakes (3/26/11), amidst the myriad allegations of HAARP activity. Coincidentally, the earthquake page has also recently been updated as well (3/31/11). Interesting timing. The immediate question is why the data was suddenly updated at this time, and what data needed to be placed, or removed, from these pages? It is most curious as to the impetus for why these pages had to be changed following the recent quake activity.

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Update! After a 7.4 Japan quake, and a 4.0 Greenbrier, AR quake on Thursday, April 7th, the HAARP data page has mysteriously been blocked, or temporarily pulled. The timing of this "glitch" is highly questionable. With all of the myriad allegations floating about HAARP and earthquakes, this gives the impression that data is now being hidden, or possibly doctored until it can be put back up. To see this happen in conjunction with these already highly questionable quake areas is extremely disconcerting, to say the least. (See the NewsFocus Arkansas Quake page)

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