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Jon Stewart questions Marc Theissen's twisted soul
By John Amato Thursday Mar 11, 2010 5:00pm
This man is just f*&king sick and he's emblematic of the people that worked in George Bush's White House. All of a sudden lawyers are terrorists now. Conservatives will do and say anything for a vote and the media will regurgitate it because it's good for "Ratings." I think Liz Cheney is getting hammered pretty good over her demented ad even by other republicans, but you know most of them still enjoyed it. ...


Bill Clinton: Pushing Free Trade On Haiti Was A 'Mistake' That Contributed To Hunger

As I've noted before, Haiti's earthquake recovery problems were exacerbated by the economic and trade policies pushed on them by the United States. Now Bill Clinton has admitted as much:

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- The earthquake not only smashed markets, collapsed warehouses and left more than 2.5 million people without enough to eat. It may also have shaken up the way the developing world gets food.


Salon Bashes Kucinich Over Health Care Bill
Webzine Misinterprets Congressman's Stance, Owes Huge Apology
NewsFocus.org, Op/Ed by Tim Watts - 031010

UPDATE! Kucinich Will Support Bill, Even Though Flawed
Kucinich's health-care vote could be Obama's lucky charm Washington Post

Salon Magazine has attacked Ohio Democratic Congressional icon Dennis Kucinich for his stance on the pending health care bill, without understanding his true intent. Reporter Alex Koppleman has totally misinterpreted Kucinich's position, indicting him as the death vote on health care, even though it is the farthest thing from the truth.

What Koppleman fails to realize is that this is a bad bill, period. After all of the bullshit that has transpired with the GOP and blue-dog conserva-Dems doing everything they could to reward their big campaign contributors in the health insurance industry, you would think Koppleman might be able to see the integrity behind Kucinich's position.

Does Kucinich's complaint over the current bill mean that he is against health care? Not even close. Nothing could be farther from the truth and Koppleman should know that.

Kucinich, along with Michigan Congressman John Conyers, has been fighting the good fight for national health care as hard as anyone. Together, the two have sponsored bill HR 676, by far the hands down best health care policy for Americans because, 1) it's free to all American citizens, 2) it covers everyone and is all inclusive with no deductibles, premiums or co-pays, and 3) will cost this country far less than any of the other plans proposed, including the current plan being debated now.

What Koppleman misses is that this current legislation is not health care for Americans, but insurance care for the wealthy insurance companies. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is not our only chance at health care. We can vote on HR 676 anytime Congress develops a moral conscience and a spine. Kucinich is merely trying to keep these corporations from ripping us off by standing against a bad bill that would not be the true help we need. The logic that any bill is better than nothing is seriously flawed thinking because it caves in to the demands of the insurance giants and provides far more for them than it does for you and I. With so much at stake, Koppleman's piece has little merit and fails to address the deeper issues of this exhausting health debate (fiasco).

To see a hit piece like that, in Salon of all places, was most disturbing. Perhaps its time to give up on Koppleman instead, or even Salon, if they want to stand by trash like this.

Salon: The liberal case against Dennis Kucinich
Progressive hero wants to kill healthcare reform. Is it finally time to give up on him?

Kucinich Stands By Principled Vote On Health Care

See more on the Health care page

Guess Which Network Cut Off Obama Speech To America?

It's not a real news network, it's a political front for the far right-wing.

Justice For Well-Connected White Punks: Smear ACORN, Attempt Wiretapping and Still Get Off Scot Free?


Did NBC Give Sarah Palin's Stand-Up Debut A Little Audio Encouragement?

Palin's whole stand up routine the other night on The Tonight Show was more than a little surreal. But I thought it was odd how boisterous the audience was for such lame jokes.

Who needs teleprompters when a studio can simply insert canned laughter?

I've dealt with sound engineering for 30 years, as a film maker, interviewer, musician, working with master reel to reel tapes/decks at EMS Music in Seattle in the 80's as a sound duplication engineer, or setting sound levels for my and other bands in live situations at shows. I won a Hollywood award for animation in 2000. I know sound. And it's my opinion that audio portions of Sarah Palin's March 2nd appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight show were added or amplified, edited before broadcast to make it appear that Sarah Palin was more welcome than she was.

I know. I was there. ... (Read More)

NewsFocus: Her line about the media being broken was the best. "I think that the mainstream media is quite broken and I think that there needs to be the fairness, the balance in there. That's why I joined Fox." You can't make this stuff up.

Ron Paul Rocks CPAC
Daily Beast - ‎Feb 20, 2010‎
Take a back seat, Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck: The biggest star of CPAC so far has been Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Paul was the first speaker to fill ...

Ron Paul wins straw vote at CPAC
The Daily Inquirer - ‎Feb 22, 2010‎
Ron Paul, a libertarian who has railed against spending and the Federal Reserve. He was followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, while former ...

Libertarian messenger walks away with CPAC endorsement
Examiner.com - ‎Feb 20, 2010‎
Ron Paul's Saturday victory at the Conservative Political Action Conference may signal the tide is turning for libertarians and slightly against ...

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll New York Times (blog)
Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll Washington Post (blog)
Ron Paul wins CPAC presidential straw poll
USA Today
So Who Is The GOP Presidential Frontrunner Anyway? Palin, Romney, it's Paul (!) Huffington Post

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Endorsement

Full Ron Paul Speech To CPAC

NewsFocus: The one and only Republican with a real head on his shoulders. We do not agree on everything, but we agree on the biggest issue, get rid of the Federal Reserve.

Patrick Kennedy will not run again
Rep. Kennedy (D-RI), the last Kennedy to hold office, will not seek reelection. ...
Jon Stewart On CPAC 2010
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Landrieu Phone Plot: Men Arrested Have Links To Intelligence Community
Raw Story - Sahil Kapur - ‎Jan 27, 2010‎
Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) phones in her New Orleans office have ties to the United States intelligence community. The three accused by the FBI of "aiding and ...
Conservative activist admits to plot in Landrieu's office Washington Post
Sen. Mary Landrieu scolds US attorney's son Politico 
Democrats gloat as Right-wingers hit by 'Louisiana Watergate'
James Bond Wannabe Part of Right-Wing Plot to Tamper with Senator's Phones AlterNet

Watergate-Style Bugging Of Senator's Office

VeteransToday.com, by Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Last week’s breakin at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in the New Orleans Federal Building was more than it seemed, much more.  All of the 4 arrested had been trained by the CIA and, possibly, Israel.  One arrested, Stan Dai, is listed as an Operations Officer of the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Program and  a known expert and lecturer on, not only surveillance but explosives training, assassinations and “false flag operations.”  If you wanted a plane to crash, an enemy to get sick and die or a building to blow up, Dai would be the man to know how to make it happen.  Problem is, his skills were being used as part of a criminal conspiracy inside the United States against members of our own government.

Original reports on the “break-in” were also wrong.  One of those arrested was found blocks away with a covert receiver, managing the office bugs.  The man in the car is identified as Stan  Dai, Operations Officer for the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Program: ...

ACORN Antagonist Disowned By Conservatives Baltimore Sun
GOP senator says O'Keefe credibility 'tarnished' Politico
Conservatives distance themselves from arrested activist
Los Angeles Times

ACORN Smear Journalist Arrested for Alleged Attempt to Bug Sen. Mary Landrieu
AlterNet (blog) - Joshua Holland - ‎012610‎
James O'Keefe, the young right-wing activist who posed as a pimp to “break” the ACORN “scandal,” has been arrested by the FBI, along with three alleged ...

FBI says James O'Keefe part of group that posed as telephone repairmen...
Salon - Alex Koppelman - ‎‎012610
James O'Keefe, the 25-year-old who became a hero on the right by dressing as a pimp and filming himself and a female partner, Hannah Giles ...

Activist filmmaker arrested in senator's office
msnbc.com - ‎‎012610‎
NEW ORLEANS - A conservative filmmaker whose undercover videos shone a spotlight on alleged corruption by the liberal activist group ACORN was arrested with ...

Phone bug plotters have US intel links RawStory.com
FBI: Four tried to bug senator's phones UPI.com
FBI Arrests James O'Keefe At Landrieu's Office Atlantic Online
Conservatives Arrested In Attempted Bugging Of Landrieu Office NPR
4 men charged with US Senate office infiltration in New Orleans CNN
ACORN gotcha man arrested for attempting to bug Mary Landrieu's office NOLA.com
Watergate-Style Bugging in New Orleans Center for Media and Democracy

Makers of ACORN 'Documentary' Sued in Federal Court

Remember, James O'Keefe's partner on an abortion documentary stopped working with him. She said he edited the video in a misleading way to make it look like things happened that didn't. (Imagine that!) Anyway, now he and his newest collaborator can explain to a federal judge why he broke Pennsylvania's wiretap laws:

The Philadelphia-office director of the anti-poverty group ACORN filed a civil lawsuit late Thursday in federal district court alleging that two conservative filmmakers violated state law when they recorded an interview with her without her consent and then disseminated it. ... (Read More)

Phila. ACORN sues secret filmmakers Philadelphia Daily News
ACORN worker files suit against filmmakers on taping Philadelphia Inquirer

Democrats may take power from superdelegates
washingtonpost.com, By Chris Cillizza - 123109
Eighteen months removed from a protracted presidential primary fight, a group of Democrats gathered by President Obama has recommended that the party effectively eliminate the influence of so-called superdelegates by redefining their voting power.
The Democratic Change Commission, which was convened last August to examine the nominating process, is recommending that superdelegates -- also known as unpledged delegates -- be required to vote along with the electoral majority of their state. ...
A key feature of the 2008 presidential primaries may be on its way out Salon
Dems look at 2010 election season changes UPI.com

NewsFocus: This should not be decided by any political party. This regards our right to fair elections, thus "We the People" should be involved.

Call and write a good Congressman or Senator, if you can possibly find one. (Suggestions, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Al Franken, Bernie Sanders, Marcy Kaptur, Alan Grayson, Brad Sherman, or perhaps John Conyers. Good luck elsewhere.)

Franken's anti-rape amendment becomes law
RawStory.com, by Stephen C. Webster -122109
Over the unexplained objections of 30 Republican Senators, an anti-rape amendment authored by Senator Al Franken (D-MN) became law Monday with President Obama's signature on the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010.

The provision was sparked by the gang-rape of a 19-year-old Kellogg, Brown & Root employee by her coworkers in Iraq. After returning to the United States, Jamie Leigh Jones found she couldn't sue the company because of a clause in her employment contract.

Franken's amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act prohibits companies from using employment contracts to bar litigation over sexual assault or discrimination.

When the Senate took up Franken's measure, 30 Republicans voted against it. None cared to explain why, with some suggesting it's simply not the government's business to rewrite employment contracts. ...

Thanks Minnesota, for electing Sen. Al Franken (Reddit.com)

Palin Earns First Ever Lie of the Year Award
CafeSentido.com - ‎122309
But then also, this lie is rooted in the false claim that healthcare reform is a plot to ration care. And on top of that, there's the unsavory fact that ...
Kent Conrad Says That America is Run By The 'Senate" Is the House Listening?
CrooksandLiars.com, b
Did you know that the Congress is made up of only one elected body of representatives that crafts our legislation? I didn't know that. I thought we had two co-equal legislatures--a House and Senate.
Ed Schultz to Obama: 'Your base thinks you're nothing but a sellout
Raw Story - Sahil Kapur - ‎121809
"Right now, Mr. President," declared Ed Schultz on his 6 pm MSNBC show, "Your base thinks you're nothing but a sellout, a corporate sellout, out that. ...

Obama Year One: Betrayal and Failure (Part I)
IntelDaily.com - 122109
Promising change after eight George Bush and Republican dominated years, Barack Obama won the most sweeping non-incumbent victory in over 50 years along with congressional ...

Was Snubbing Howard Dean A Mistake?
msnbc.com - Mark Murray - ‎121609
Over the past few days, much of the political psycho-analysis has focused on Joe Lieberman, wondering if his drubbing in the 2004 presidential primaries and his defeat in the 2006 Senate primary helped shape his opposition to the public option and, ...

Dean won't 'vigorously support' Obama reelection RawStory

Gibbs Lashes Back At Dean, Suggests He's Irrational Huffington Post

Move On Trying To Raise One Million Dollars To Help Beat Joe Lieberman
CrooksandLiars.com, b
Senator Joe Lieberman is relishing the spotlight as he gleefully continues his assault on the American people and our health care. He is bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists and loves the thought that he, and he alone, can do so much damage to health care reform -- but he needs to be held responsible for his actions.

Move On has started a campaign to raise money to defeat Holy Joe, you can donate here if you like. Michael Moore has demanded the citizens of Connecticut immediately begin a recall of Lieberman or face a boycott of their state. (Read More)

NewsFocus Op/Ed: It's way past time to kick this political douche bag to the curb. Send him back to Israel to care for his real constituents, or let him get onto his new lucrative lobbying job. America needs Senators and Congressmen with moral integrity, people that actually give a damn about our country, instead of protecting a terrorist state.

Bush aides floated bogus Gore rumor
RawStory.com 121709
Revealed: Bush officials e-mailed bogus rumor blaming Gore for failure to kill Bin Laden
Palin: Questioning Obama's birth certicate legit
RawStory.com, Friday, December 4th, 2009 -- 8:32 am
In a radio appearance Thursday, former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said questions about President Obama's birth certificate -- a spurious attempt to argue that he's not a US citizen and thus ineligible for President -- are fair game for debate. ...

Sarah Palin's Fake Bus Tour
CrooksandLiars.com, b
Celtic Diva at Blue Oasis has this interesting bit of speculation on how Miss Palin has been getting around:

Sarah Palin arrived in North Carolina Sunday by way of Asheville. She was slated to have a much-touted dinner with Franklin Graham and his father Billy. While this is a video made by a fan (so pardon the drippiness) it does provide a good view of the plane she arrived on...and the call number. You may also see some "interesting" dynamics at play:

"Linda, Thought I would let you know. The plane Sarah flew in to Asheville had the N number 262SP. The SP does not stand for Sarah Palin but the plane is owned by Samaritans Purse. I checked it out at the FAA registry. Wonder if that plane is being used at Rochester and other book signing destinations? Samaritan donations being put to good use to haul Palin's carcass around."

As if that was not interesting enough, he wrote back later:

Tried to check the flight activity for this airplane (N262SP) at Flightwise.com. The flight activity for this plane is blocked by the owner. Guess he doesn't want anyone to know where he is flying. ...

Conyers: Obama Is Sucking Up To The Wrong People
CrooksandLiars.com, b
Just like we here outside the Beltway Bubble, sometimes you've just had enough and there's no more need for diplomacy:

President Barack Obama is “getting bad advice from… clowns” on Afghanistan and “sucking up to the wrong people” on health care, U.S. Rep. John Conyers told a Detroit radio audience this morning, ...

Math Is Hard: GOP Over-Inflates Audience Participation At Bachman's Teabaggery
CrooksandLiars.com, b
Today’s anti-health care reform rally has been much more sparsely attended (than the 9/12 protests, but) that hasn’t stopped conservatives from inflating the numbers again.
Maddow: Democrats may revoke leadership of anyone who filibusters healthcare
Raw Story - David Edwards, Diana Sweet - ‎100809‎
The following video is from the MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show that originally aired on Wed., Oct. 7, 2009. For a Democrat to lose their leadership duties on a

Dem Leadership Hits Back At Liberal Groups Pressuring Reid TPMDC

Op-Ed Columnist Daisy Chain of Cheneys
New York Times - Maureen Dowd - ‎Oct 13, 2009‎
It's hard to believe that the Bush dynasty, which limped away in disgrace after smashing our economy and the globe, has spawned another political dynasty.

Keep America Safe
Indict Dick Cheney!
InformationClearinghouse.info, by Scott Horton
If you enjoy fear-mongering, here’s a not-for-profit organization for you: Keep America Safe. William Kristol and Liz Cheney are the dynamic duo behind it.

Fire-Breathing Liberal Rep. Wexler Resigns From Congress For Mideast Think Tank

Jeez, all we need now is one less liberal to push those damn Blue Dogs into doing the right thing. From Rep. Wexler's site:

“Today, I am announcing that I will be accepting the position of president of the Center for Middle East Peace and will leave Congress effective in January of 2010." ...

NewsFocus: this is puzzling news to say the least. Did someone find pictures? This is disturbing and hard to understand.

Republican Crowd Goes After Senator Lindsey Graham

Wow! The town hall mentality turns against Republican Lindsey Graham.
Very good to see some conservatives wake up. Yay for the Ron Paul crowd.

Senate Passes Al Franken Amendment
Only Republicans Have The Lack of Moral Compassion To Vote No, 30 In All, Including Extramarital Affair Senators John Ensign And David Vitter
Post Chronicle - Mitch Marconi - ‎100809
Senate passes Franken amendment (VIDEO) - Senator Al Franken pushed through an amendment on Tuesday that is designed to withhold defense ...

"I love this country," Franken says. "But you have to love your country like an adult loves somebody, not like a child loves its Mommy. And right-wing Republicans tend to love America like a child loves its Mommy, where everything Mommy does is okay. But adult love means you're not in denial, and you want the loved one to be the best they can be."

The Senators That Don't Think Sexual Assualt is a Big Deal For Women Contractors
From Stand-Up Comic to Stand-Up Guy: The Long, Strange Trip of Al Franken Huffington Post (blog)

Obama's Nobel makes wingnut heads explode. So why do right-wingers hate America?

You all remember how the wingnuts exploded in joy at the news that Chicago had been denied its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Well, now their heads are exploding at the news that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. ... (Read More)

The Far Right Goes Crazy Over Obama Nobel Peace Prize
First they celebrated the US loss of the Olympics. Now they berate a US win?

The Limbaugh Jubilation Over America Losing Out On The Olympics
Scarborough on Limbaugh: Swing Voters Will See That and Think Republicans Have Gone Off the Deep End
CrooksandLiars.com, bIt looks like Rush Limbaugh's glee over the United States losing the bid for the Olympics was even too much for Joe Scarborough to take. ...

Why Is Rush Limbaugh The Biggest Asshole In America? NewsFocus Op/Ed

Will the media ever report about how low in the polling Republicans have sunk?
CrooksandLiars.com, b
We constantly are seeing polling down from the major news services that follow President Obama's approval ratings and it is an important stat to keep track of, but can you tell me what the media is not covering? How low the Republicans have been polling ever since they became the party of "Waterloo."

The Democratic leaders do have terrible polling numbers, Nancy Pelosi has a 34% approval rating in DKOS's new poll and Harry Reid has a 31% approval rating, but let's take a look at the Republican leadership, shall we?


(Read More)

Ex-Dem fundraiser sentenced in NYC to 24 years
The Associated Press - Larry Neumeister - ‎092909
NEW YORK — Former Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu was sentenced Tuesday to more than 24 years in prison by a judge who accused him of funding his fraud by manipulating the political process in a way that "strikes at the very core of our democracy. ...
Conservatives Lie About the Size of Their March on Washington
Christian Science Monitor, By Matthew Shaer 

On Sept. 12, a group called FreedomWorks – with a little help from Glenn Beck at Fox News – organized a “taxpayer” rally in DC to protest the “irresponsible government takeover of our nation’s healthcare, devastating new energy taxes, and trillions of dollars in red ink.” When the mainstream media didn’t pick up on the story, several conservative bloggers began distributing a photo of protesters clogging the DC mall. Problem: the photo is from a totally different event.
Michelle Malkin and the anatomy of the 2 million protester lie Media Matters for America 

CNN: There Is A Dark Fringe To These Tea Party Events

When will these people wake up and realize they have been duped by FOX.

You Just Couldn't Make This Stuff Up Any Better
Newt Gingrich Inadvertently Gives "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award To Porn Executive

This week, Allison Vivas of Pink Visual received a fax from Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF) group, informing her that she’s been chosen for a 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year award by his Business Defense and Advisory Council. From the letter obtained by ThinkProgress:

Newt would like to arrange a private dinner with you at the historic Capitol Hill Club on the evening of October 7, 2009 in Washington. You’ll dine privately with Newt at this exclusive venue and he’ll take the occasion to present you with your well deserved award and have your photo taken together. (Read More)

The Real Reason Congressman Joe Wilson Shouted "You Lie"
No, It Wasn't A Spontaneous Act, It Was More likely A Premeditated Act
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts 091009
For South Carolina Repugnant Congressman (R) Joe Wilson to claim his disorderly conduct during a presidential address was spontaneous is a disingenuous accounting of his actions. Like the organized town hall disruptive protests, and like the concerted efforts to lie about death panels and threats to Medicare, this was once again the right-wing dirty tricks team employing a calculated effort to save face as Obama appealed to America in an effort to correct the lies told by key Republicans on health care reform. 

Many were relieved to hear President Obama set the record straight, but many died in the wool right wingers did not want to hear the truth. By having a member of their party shout out that Obama was lying, it gave validation to those who did not want to believe him anyway. Just like Congressman Boustany's GOP rebuttal after the presidential address, it too ignored Obama's attempt to correct the malicious falsehoods that were propagated by the far right. This in essence gives the die-hard faction of the right an open door to keep their misperceptions of the plan alive, by giving a false substantiation to their misguided views. There is thus no reason to believe Obama since their party openly denied his claims during and after the speech. This has the effect of neutering Obama's effort to enlighten a portion of Americans that have been deceived by the right.

If someone would have acted this way during any one of Bush's speeches, which did contain lies, it is safe to say they would have been immediately tasered and shipped off to a detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. As repulsive as it was for many on the left, Democrats had civility and applauded during Bush addresses, even standing for ovations, something Republicans failed miserably at for President Obama. Way to stay classy GOP.

Keith Olbermann Sets Joe Wilson Straight

Way to go Keith! Sick 'em boy!

Joe Wilson Shows The GOP's True Colors

Did Democrats ever stand up and call Bush a liar, even though he was?

The Right Has Gone Absolutely Bat Shit Crazy
The Wing-Nuts Are Proving They Are Hypocrites And Lunatics
Reagan Spoke To The School Kids. So Did Bush Sr. Why So Worried About Obama?

Keith Olbermann Exposes The Right-Wing Fear Mongering

The GOP looks pretty damn stupid right about now.

"The story of America isn't about people who quit when things got tough. It's about people who kept going, who tried harder, who loved their country too much to do anything less than their best," President Barack Obama.

Obama school speech text: What Glenn Beck may not like Christian Science Monitor
Obama to students: Work hard in school for a good career Bizjournals.com

Exclusive: School boards offer Obama speech 'opt-outs'

Duncan says furor over Obama speech 'silly' The Associated Press

John Harwood Calls This One As It Truly Is


Poll: GOP Unpopular, Majority Still Back Obama
CNN News, By Paul Steinhauser - 040909
WASHINGTON  -- Despite the drop in President Obama's approval ratings, Republican policies are still not as popular as Democratic policies, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday morning indicates the GOP has gained some ground in polls in recent months, but Democrats still hold the advantage on key issues such as the economy and health care.

Fifty-two percent of people questioned say the president's policies will move the country in the right direction. An equal percentage feel the same way about the policies of the Democrats in Congress.

What do Americans think of Republican policies? Forty-three percent say the GOP's policies will move the country in the right direction. Nearly half of those polled said congressional Republicans would move the country in the wrong direction. ...

MSNBC removes Buchanan column "defending Hitler"
MSNBC took down the Pat Buchanan column "defending Hitler"'s actions hours after a Jewish group urged its removal.

Pat Buchanan: Did Hitler Want War?
Why did Warsaw not negotiate with Berlin, which was hinting at an offer of compensatory territory in Slovakia? Because the Poles had a war guarantee from Britain that, should Germany attack, Britain and her empire would come to Poland's rescue.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy Dead At 77
Boston Globe - Martin F. Nolan - ‎082609
Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who carried aloft the torch of a Massachusetts dynasty and championed a liberal ideology during almost a half century in the Senate, but whose personal and political failings may have ...
Edward Kennedy, Senate Stalwart, Dies New York Times
Edward Kennedy dies at 77; 'liberal lion of the Senate' Los Angeles Times 
Loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy Is Incalculable to Liberals
About - News & Issues
BradBlog.com 082409
Conyers, Nadler 'applaud', call for 'broad mandate to investigate abuses... where[ever] it may lead'. ...

Congressman: Obama violating law by not investigating Bush officials
RawStory.com, By John Byrne August 24, 2009
President Barack Obama will be “violating the law” if his administration declines to investigate Bush officials for their role in torturing detainees, a prominent House Democrat said in a little noticed interview Friday. ...

Conyers calls for Bush criminal investigation
The Raw Story - 072409
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has called for both a criminal investigation and a blue-ribbon panel to look into "Bush administration abuses of power and misconduct."

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) told the National Press Club Friday that both avenues should be pursued because a criminal investigation would be done in private, while a blue-ribbon "9/11-type" panel would work publicly and would create a public record of the Bush administration's actions.

Rush Limbaugh has his fascism all backwards: Mussolini sent out blackshirts to attack unions

Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show:

Limbaugh: Folks, this is Mussolini-type stuff. This is the President of the United States -- who cannot deal with opposition, there will not be any, he is going to silence it -- sending his union thugs out to physically assault, and in some cases to, in all cases, intimidate average Americans who just want some answers.

Actually, Limbaugh has historical references exactly reversed. "Mussolini-type stuff" involves organizing gangs of thugs on behalf of established business interests to assault and intimidate union organizers. At least, that was what happened when Mussolini did it.

Rush Limbaugh sez: Democratic Party uses Adolf Hitler's playbook, are exactly like the Nazis

Rush Limbaugh went on an insane rant today that really is up there with his very best:

Limbaugh: It's right out of Adolph Hitler's playbook. Now, what are the similarities between the Democrat Party today and the Nazi Party in Germany? Well, the Nazis were against big business. They hated big business and of course we all know that they were opposed to Jewish capitalism. They were insanely, irrationally against pollution. They were for two years mandatory voluntary service to Germany. They had a whole bunch of make-work projects to keep people working, one of which was the Autobahn. They were against cruelty and vivisection of animals, but in the radical sense of devaluing human life, they banned smoking. They were totally against that. They were for abortion and euthanasia of the undesirables, as we all know, and they were for cradle-to-grave nationalized healthcare.

David Brooks: Limbaugh health care rhetoric 'insane'
Conservative columnist David Brooks thinks Rush Limbaugh has gone too far in comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler. Brooks was stunned by the comparison when he first saw it on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday. "I hadn't seen the Rush Limbaugh thing. That is insane. What he's saying is insane," said Brooks.

Brooks went on to criticize Sarah Palin for saying that health care reform would create a "death panel" to euthanize older Americans. "Again, that's crazy. The crazies are attacking the plan because it'll cut off granny, and that's simply not true. That simply is not going to happen," explained Brooks.

ADL: Limbaugh's Hitler analogy 'outrageous'

Hey, Did You Hear That Democrats Won The Election?!
InformationClearinghouse.info, by David Michael Green
That George Bush, man – what a monster, eh? I mean, could you even have imagined a president so destructive? It’s actually worse than you thought, though. Lately, there’s been a spate of fresh revelations about some of the incredibly disastrous policies that were executed by the Bush administration.  
Read More
Finally, It's Over! Franken MN Senator
Dems Reach 60 Votes; GOP Trembles

Recount Day 238: Coleman Finally Quits
Goshdarnit Al Franken's a senator

Los Angeles Times - ‎063009
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled 5-0 today that Democrat Al Franken won the more than 2.9-million vote Senate election there by a landslide 312 votes. ...

Court says Norm Coleman owes Al Franken $95,000 in legal expenses
Pioneer Press - Rachel E. Stassen-Berger - ‎Jun 10, 2009‎
Republican Norm Coleman owes Democrat Al Franken $95,000 for the US Senate trial, the court decided Wednesday. ...

Franken 'thrilled' over victory in Minnesota's long-running Senate ...
Minnesota Public Radio ‎063009
Coleman can use campaign funds for legal bills The Associated Press
FEC cuts Coleman a break Politico
FEC: Coleman can use campaign cash in lawsuits Minnesota Public Radio

State Supreme Court rules for Franken, 5-0
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Carlos GonzalezBob von Sternberg - ‎063009
The justices said Democrat Al Franken is entitled to an election certificate -- but they did not directly order Pawlenty to issue one. ...

Bombshell: Rep. Jane Harman Caught on Tape Agreeing to Lobby for Alleged AIPAC/Israel Spies?
Harman was allegedly heard saying she'd 'waddle into' the AIPAC case in return for support for her bid to become chair of the Intelligence Committee
Alernet, by Jeremy Scahill - April 20, 2009
This is a huge story: Representative Jane Harman, a hawkish, influential “Blue Dog” Democrat “was overheard on an NSA wiretap telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby the Justice Department reduce espionage-related charges against two officials of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful pro-Israel organization in Washington,” according to a report from CQ

Conservative Democrat Alleged To Support AIPAC For Intel Chairmanship

Democrats willing to call out their own when left is out of line.

Minnesota court rules in favor of Franken over Coleman
Think Progress - ‎Apr 13, 2009‎
One Response to “Minnesota court rules in favor of Franken over Coleman in US Senate race.” This race became a farce as soon as the recount started. ...

Franken Ruled Winner, Again
Huffington Post - ‎Apr 14, 2009
Yesterday's strongly worded ruling by the Minnesota Court that Franken won the election, not only puts Minnesota closer to getting a second Senator, ...
Minnesota Court: Franken Won The Election
Downballot: Franken increases lead msnbc.com
Franken leads by 312 votes in Senate recount In-Forum
Court: Franken won most votes; Coleman to appeal USA Today
Minn. court declares Franken leading vote-getter The Associated Press

Seat Al Franken
Sign the official petition asking Norm Coleman to give it up already!

ED NOTE: Weasel Hypocrisy At Work
Flashback- Remember When GOP Fought To Stop FL Statewide Recount In 2000?
Fast Forward to present... The GOP fought for a full statewide recount in the Coleman-Franken election. Not just a few counties as the Dems were only allowed in 2000, but a full statewide recount. They received their full statewide recount and still lost!  Now they want to go to Federal Court to hold the process of seating Franken up for years. <sigh>

Cornyn: GOP Prepared To Fight ‘World War III’ To Keep Franken Out Of The Senate For ‘Years’
Think Progress, Matt Corley 033009
John Cornyn is threatening “World War III” if Democrats try to seat Al Franken in the Senate before Norm Coleman can pursue his case through the federal ...

Coleman Versus Franken: Minnesotans Say Enough Already!
TIME, Jan 7, 2009
As Coleman contests a recount that gave Franken the win, the people throw up their hands. The process, they say, isn't funny anymore. ...

Over the past week, Obama has laid the Bush doctrine to rest ...
guardian.co.uk - ‎041009
President Obama, this is the world. World, meet President Obama. And so the working relationship between the new administration and the world's leading ...
Kucinich Wants House To Investigate Assassination Claims
Cleveland Congressman Wants Cheney And Bush Investigated
The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com - ‎031609‎
Dennis Kucinich wants the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to investigate allegations by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that the White House operated an 'executive assassination ring' during the presidency of George W. Bush. ...

Kucinich Calls For Investigation Into Claims Of Government Sanctioned Assassinations
90.3 WCPN ideastream® - ‎031609
Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is calling for an investigation into alleged assassinations sanctioned by the Bush administration. ...

Who Did Cheney Have Murdered? OpEdNews

A Bad Week For The GOP With Late Night TV

At least the comedians have the guts to speak out. So much for the news media.

Republicans Say Dems Trying To Divide Their Party
Let's Compare That Charge With Republicans Trying To Divide Our Country For The Last Eight Years (Karma has a way of coming around to bite GOP in the ass)

Poll: Attacks On Rush Limbaugh Are Working
San Francisco Chronicle - ‎Mar 13, 2009
Weeks ago, we were among the first to question the strategy of the Dems attacking Rush Limbaugh. What's the point of attacking a talk-show host who is

Dem Poll: Rush Limbaugh Is a Drag on the Republican Party
U.S. News & World Report - By Paul Bedard, Mar 11, 2009‎
By nearly 2 to 1, Americans view Rush Limbaugh negatively, according to a new Democracy Corps poll that pours gas on an ...

Why Do People Listen To Rush Limbaugh?
AlterNet - ‎8 hours ago‎ 031409
AlterNet readers had a lot to say about a recent article explaining the popularity of Rush Limbaugh. Despite the fact that he is batshit crazy, ...

Rush is challenged by listener

The View argues over Limbaugh

Is Rush Limbaugh Helping or Hurting Republicans' Chances ... HispanicBusiness.com
Limbaugh is inflexible and unhelpful Great Falls Tribune
Frum's Right on Limbaugh and GOP U.S. News & World Report
What Michael Steele should have said to Rush Limbaugh and his lemmings Examiner.com

GOP In-Fighting: First Rush Limbaugh, Now Ann Coulter US News & World Report
Rush Limbaugh versus Newt Gingrich ToTheCenter.com
Coulter Clash and Limbaugh Too US News & World Report

'Watchmen': Why Rush Limbaugh isn't gonna like it
Entertainment Weekly - ‎Mar 8, 2009
Pretty soon those people -- mighty Rush Limbaugh, perhaps? explodin' Bill O'Reilly? -- may come to see Watchmen as a ripe target. Me, I think it's just more ...

Rush Limbaugh vs. Math
The Washington Independent - ‎Mar 11, 2009‎
First of all, the poll gives Limbaugh a 30 percent approval rating, which is less than a third. Second, the latest poll on Congress gives the body a 39 ...
On Economy, Republicans Trust Business; Dems Trust Gov’t. Gallup.com


Media Tries to Undermine Obama Agenda
Beyond Chron - ‎Mar 10, 2009
Consider a recent showing of Chris Matthews’ Hardball on MSNBC. Matthews has been criticized for pro-Obama comments, and seems to be using his show to prove ...
Bilderbergers Excite Conspiracists
Politico, Kenneth P. Vogel - March 16, 2009
The highest levels of the Obama administration are infested with members of a shadowy, elitist cabal intent on installing a one-world government that subverts the will of the American people.

It sounds crazy, but that’s what a group of very persistent conspiracy theorists insists, and they point to President Obama’s nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, as the latest piece of evidence supporting their claims.

Conspiracy Theorists Scrutinize Obama Ties
CBS News - ‎21 hours ago‎ 031609
Obama’s selection of numerous Bilderbergers for key posts “certainly would verify their suspicions,” said Paul, referring to fears of the group’s influence. ...
Majority of Government Actions Are Unconstitutional NewsWithViews.com
The Global Crisis and the ultimate secret of the Empire Petroleumworld.com
I don’t know what to say Online Journal

Franken sees 'light at end of tunnel' in Minnesota race
The Associated Press - ‎21 hours ago‎ 031009
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Al Franken said Tuesday he sees "a light at the end of the tunnel" and expects to be seated as Minnesota's next senator. The former "Saturday Night Live" comic and liberal satirist traveled to Washington for meetings, ...
Minnesota Senate race leaves voters tired of law drama
The Associated Press

Breaking: Coleman’s unsecured donor database revealed...
Minnesota Independent - ‎1 hour ago‎ 031109
By Paul Schmelzer 3/11/09 8:12 AM In late January, allegations were leveled that former Sen. Norm Coleman’s campaign faked the crash of its website, claiming droves of disenfranchised voters brought down the server seeking info on whether their votes

Coleman warns donors after purported data breach
Minneapolis Star Tribune - By BRIAN BAKST, 47 minutes ago‎ 031109
AP More excuses for the coleman people, now this is possibly a political dirty trick. The only dirty trick is you not conceding.
End near? Franken to rest in Minn. Senate case
The Associated Press

Fifty days in, Politifact says 17 promises kept and two broken
USA Today - ‎Mar 11, 2009‎
Reporter Bill Adair says Obama has kept 17 promises, compromised on seven, broken two and stalled on two others. He also rated 38 promises "in the works. ...

Hannity Ready To Pronounce Obama's Presidency A Failure
News Hounds - ‎Mar 10, 2009‎
Those “we like America” folks at FOX News were spreading a lot of hate on last night's (3/10/09) Hannity, “a special on President Obama's first 50 days! ...

The Obama first 100 days halftime report
Examiner.com - ‎Mar 10, 2009‎
All things considered, my halftime verdict is that, as yet another administration pick withdraws, it is still amateur hour as President Obama continues to ...

Why Rush is Wrong
Newsweek - By David Frum, ‎Mar 7, 2009‎
The party of Buckley and Reagan is now bereft and dominated by the politics of Limbaugh. A conservative's lament. ...
Poll: Rush Limbaugh Is a Drag on the Republican Party U.S. News & World Report

Obama vs. Limbaugh: Poll finds it's no contest
By Steven Thomma, McClatchy Newspapers 031109
WASHINGTON — The deepening recession is taking a slight toll on President Barack Obama's standing, but he's still twice as popular as arch nemesis Rush Limbaugh, according to a new McClatchy-Ipsos poll. ...

Obama spanks Limbaugh (in new poll)
Christian Science Monitor
Republicans Thinking Gingrich In 2012?
GOP Still Loves Hypocrite Who Had Affair While Prosecuting Clinton for Affair
The Associated Press - ‎3 hours ago‎ 030809
WASHINGTON (AP) - A new president is not yet two months into his term and already there's talk about who might run for the job in 2012.
Newt Gingrich in 2012? Got any better suggestions? Christian Science Monitor
Gee, how about someone that puts country first before their party?

Gingrich Floats Possibility of 2012 Presidential Run
Looks like anyone will now do, other than Sarah Palen or Bobby Jindal

Weekend update: GOP wants to get past Limbaugh ...
USA Today - ‎45 minutes ago‎ 030809
The theme of some Sunday talk shows today was that Republicans want to get past the week's furor over whether radio host Rush Limbaugh is the voice of their party.
GOP tussles over leadership, party's future path
The Associated Press
Rush Limbaugh is rich, nasty and now de facto don of Republican Party NY Daily News

Secret Coleman E-Mails Reveal Intentional Hiding Of Witness
Franken Camp Wants Double-Count Claim Thrown Out Completely

By Eric Kleefeld - February 27, 2009, 12:01PM
All hell just broke loose in the Minnesota courtroom, with Al Franken's lawyers catching Team Coleman in the act of yet more concealing of evidence -- and they've now made a motion to totally strike the Coleman camp's claims about double-counting of ballots, which the Coleman camp has hoped to use to subtract over 100 votes from Franken's lead. ...
Santelli Rant Against Obama On CNBC Was Staged
Right-Wing Group Alleged Behind Publicity Stunt For New Right-Wing Website
Playboy, by Mark Ames and Yasha Levine
What hasn’t been reported until now is evidence linking Santelli’s “tea party” rant with some very familiar names in the Republican rightwing machine, from PR operatives who specialize in imitation-grassroots PR campaigns (called “astroturfing”) to bigwig politicians and notorious billionaire funders. ...
Big-$ Corporate Lobbyists Line Up To Torpedo Obama Proposals
Health Care, Agribusiness, Mining and Defense Groups Raise War Chests to Sway Legislators and the Public
Wall Street Journal, by Brody Mullins and Scott Kilman 022609
WASHINGTON -- Industries from health care to agribusiness to mining that stand to lose under President Barack Obama's policy agenda are ramping up lobbying campaigns to derail or modify his plans. ...
Critics Rip Republican Party Response To Obama Speech
GOP Rising Star Plummets After Ill-Thought Rebuttal To Obama
Boston Globe - ‎022509
Critics say Republican Bobby Jindal's response to President Obama's speech Tuesday lacked style and substance. And those were some of the kinder comments ...
Jindal Whiffs Like Banker-Golfers: Margaret Carlson Bloomberg
Governor Jindal, Rising GOP Star, Plummets After Speech New York Times

Governor Jindal Response - Pt 1

Governor Jindal Response - Pt 2

GOP response only showcases party's failure
Boston Globe
 - ‎022509
Toward the end of his speech extolling the virtues of small government, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal shifted gears to criticize President Obama for his ...
Jindal flunks his national debut Google News
Republicans, Democrats criticize Jindal's speech The Associated Press

MSNBC Anchors Weigh In On Jindal Speech

David Brooks On Jindal Speech

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal's opposition speech garners opposition San Jose Mercury News

Burris admits he tried to raise cash for Blagojevich
Los Angeles Times, CA - Feb 17, 2009
Carlos T. Miranda / AP “I welcome the opportunity to go before any and all investigative bodies,” Sen. Roland Burris said. The Illinois senator says he did ...

Illinois comptroller says Burris should resign Chicago Tribune-
AP CHICAGO - Illinois' comptroller has joined the chorus of lawmakers calling on Sen. Roland Burris to resign. Dan Hynes sent a letter to newspapers on Thursday that said Burris has had an honorable career, but questions over his appointment would be a ...
Embattled Ill. Senator in Series of 'Private Meetings' Washington Post
Burris' support in black community begins to waver International Herald Tribune
Roland Burris feels the heat as questions swirl The Associated Press 

Minnesota Court Rejects Coleman Witness -- And Perhaps His Whole Argument
By Eric Kleefeld - February 18, 2009, 11:35PM
The Minnesota election court handed down another defeat for Norm Coleman tonight -- quite possibly a significant one -- ruling in favor of a Franken motion to forbid Coleman from bringing forward an expert witness he wanted. ...
Coleman Attorneys Paving Way for 'Do-Over' Appeal BradBlog

Obama Makes First Presidential Address To The Nation

Obama speaks about the state of the economy and the stimulus.

Senator says he tried to raise campaign cash for Blagojevich
Chicago Tribune - 2 hours ago 021809
By Ray Long, John Chase and Monique Garcia | Tribune reporters Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., talks to the media about an affidavit that he filed Feb. 5 with the Illinois House committee.
Time For Coleman To Do The Right Thing And Admit Franken Won
MN Taxpayers Don't Need A Useless Legal Challenge During The Economic Crisis
Even Conservative Blogs Are Saying The Road Is Uphill For Coleman
TPM, By Eric Kleefeld, February 6, 2009, 1:53PM
The Coleman campaign appears to have found a genuine example of a particular type of absentee ballot being treated differently throughout the state, in their central claim of Equal Protection -- but it seems like they're effectively fishing for votes for Al Franken.
Twin Cities IndyMedia Creates New Documentary Film On RNC Protest Abuses
New Documentary Film Called "Terrorizing Dissent" Is Released
Independent film production tackles the ugly horror from the 2009 Republican National Convention. The abuse of power by authorities against innocent and unarmed citizens is disturbing. ...
Global Energy War: Washington's New Kissinger
The appointment of US Marine General James Jones
by Rick Rozoff Global Research, February 2, 2009
Lost amid the national and international fanfare accompanying the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States is attention to the person who is slated to be the next major foreign policy architect and executor, retired US Marine General James Jones. ...

Obama Signs First Piece of Legislation
Washington Post - 4 hours ago -12909
By Debbi Wilgoren and Amy Goldstein President Obama this morning signed a law that expanded the time frame in which workers can sue for discrimination they have experienced based on gender, race, national origin or religion.
Obama Signs Equal-Pay Legislation New York Times

Obama Signs Equal Pay Legislation

This is a bill that has been sorely overdue in America.

RNC Chairman calls for shakeup
The Hill 020509
Top staffers at Republican National Committee told to submit resignations.

New RNC chair Michael Steele lays out early GOP goals
Los Angeles Times Blogs, CA - Feb 2, 2009
So some of you may have missed the new chairman chatting with Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday." Steele indicates his early focus will be on recapturing ...

Michael Steele, First African-American Leader to Chair RNC
Emailwire - Jan 31, 2009
Steele is the first African-American to hold that post. The new RNC chairman won 91 votes to Katon Dawson's 77 – the GOP chairman of South Carolina.

New DNC AD Highlights Partisanship From GOP On Stimulus

Ad will likely raise a few eyebrows.

Backlash Against Bush Apparent in RNC
Washington Post - 12 hours ago 012809
By Perry Bacon Jr. As they begin meeting in Washington today, many members of the Republican National Committee are focusing their ire against what they considered George W. Bush's anti-conservative policies and trying to dump the man he tapped to run ...
Bush backlash seen at RNC meetings United Press International

RNC Chair Race: The Fix's Final Handicapping
Washington Post - 2 hours ago 012909
The 168-member Republican National Committee will gather tomorrow morning to choose its next chairman and yet even those closest to this most insider of votes acknowledge they have little idea who will emerge victorious.
Who Will Lead The Republican Party? CBS News
RNC race still wide open as members meet in Washington CNN

The President Orders Transparency
New York Times, United States - 9 hours ago 012209
In a welcome series of orders, Mr. Obama directed federal agencies to err on the side of transparency, not the Bush-era default of secrecy and delay, ...

Obama Overturns Bush Records Secrecy Order
President Barack Obama, in his first full day in office, revoked a controversial executive order signed by President Bush in 2001 that limited release of former presidents’ records.
The new order could expand public access to records of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in the years to come as well as other past leaders, said Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. …

Obama orders rollback of government secrecy
First Amendment Center, TN - 21 hours ago
A federal judge ruled parts of it invalid in 2007, while Obama's order revoked it entirely. Bush’s order was viewed as ushering in a new era of presidential ...
Obama moves quickly to open up government Seattle Post Intelligencer
Obama overturns Bush order on access to White House secret records Belfast Telegraph

On First Day, Obama Quickly Sets a New Tone
New York Times, United States - Jan 21, 2009
“For a long time now there’s been too much secrecy in this city,” Mr. Obama said at a swearing-in ceremony for senior officials at the Eisenhower Executive ...
Undoing Bush: Obama orders easier access to public records McClatchy Washington Bureau
Lobbying Rules Surpass Those of Previous Presidents, Experts Say Washington Post
Obama lifts Bush's veil of secrecy on presidential documents Economic Times

Obama appoints key hotspot envoys
BBC News - 29 minutes ago 012209
US President Barack Obama has named his two key envoys - to the Middle East, and Pakistan and Afghanistan. George Mitchell, who negotiated an end to Northern Ireland's Troubles, has been charged with moving forward the Middle East peace process.

After flub by Chief Justice, Obama is Sworn in Again
This Way The Folks At FOX News Can Move On

Obama freezing pay of top staff; signs tougher ethics rules
USA Today - 4 hours ago 012109
President Obama just announced that the pay of top White House employees is being frozen. The Associated Press says it will affect those in positions paying ...
Obama Freezes Pay For White House Employees CBS News
Obama Gets Tough With White House Staffers U.S. News & World Report
Obama freezes WH senior staff pay MSNBC

US economy tops Obama's agenda on first day at White House
guardian.co.uk, UK - 8 hours ago 012109
There is speculation the White House will name the former senator George Mitchell as his Middle East envoy. Within hours of taking office, Obama's ...

First things first; Obama puts hold on military tribunals
Examiner.com - 5 hours ago 012109
Word came late yesterday that the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, had put a hold on all of the last minute Bush Administration regulations to ...

First orders, Obama freezes Bush regulations, proclaims 'day of renewal'
Obama Halts New or Pending Bush Regulations Washington Post
WHouse stops pending Bush regulations for review Reuters

Obama 'to reverse Bush orders'
Plans to reverse executive orders on 'terror' policies, order Gitmo closure.

Before leaving office, Bush approved new Protective Action Guides (PAGs) for radiation releases
by Nuclear Information and Resource Service 2009-01-21
Rules dramatically weaken public protections ...

Obama warns of challenges
Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Caren Bohan PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Barack Obama warned on Saturday that America faces "a time of great challenge" as he launched pre-inauguration festivities with a special train trip to Washington, where in three days he will become president of

What Obama Must Do
A Letter to the New President
PAUL KRUGMAN Jan 14, 2009 Rolling Stone

Dear Mr. President:
Like FDR three-quarters of a century ago, you're taking charge at a moment when all the old certainties have vanished, all the conventional wisdom been proved wrong. We're not living in a world you or anyone else expected to see. Many presidents have to deal with crises, but very few have been forced to deal from Day One with a crisis on the scale America now faces ....

Krugman: Forgive and forget?
By Paul Krugman January 16, 2009
International Herald Tribune
(Global Edition of the New York Times)

Last Sunday President-elect Barack Obama was asked whether he would seek an investigation of possible crimes by the Bush administration.

"I don't believe that anybody is above the law," he responded, but "we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards."

I'm sorry, but if we don't have an inquest into what happened during the Bush years - and nearly everyone has taken Obama's remarks to mean that we won't - this means that those who hold power are indeed above the law because they don't face any consequences if they abuse their power.

Let's be clear what we're talking about here. It's not just torture and illegal wiretapping, whose perpetrators claim, however implausibly, that they were patriots acting to defend the nation's security. The fact is that the Bush administration's abuses extended from environmental policy to voting rights. And most of the abuses involved using the power of government to reward political friends and punish political enemies.

Ruling on Records Delivers a Win to Cheney
Washington Post, United States - 4 hours ago 012009
As a result, she granted summary judgment on the White House's behalf and lifted a five-month-old injunction mandating the preservation of Cheney's records. ...
Judge gives Cheney leeway on VP records United Press International
Court rules in favor of Cheney in lawsuit The Associated Press
Editorial: Cheney should release his records The Aurora Sentinel

White House opposes court order in e-mail case
The Associated Press - Jan 17, 2009
Besides the offices of Bush, Cheney and the NSC, the Presidential Records Act applies to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and the Council ...
Missing White House E-Mails Traced, Justice Aide Says Washington Post

14 Million "Missing" White House Emails Found The Young Turks

Obama Gives Historic Speech Before Leaving Philly For Washington DC

Philadelphia to DC train trip will have many onlookers along the way.

Hillary Clinton on hot seat in Senate
$500k fee to Bill Clinton for speech that was never given raises questions.
Analyst: Franken win is 'the bottom' for GOP

The Big Lie On Franken
The Nation., NY - 4 hours ago 010808
By John Nichols There is no one Republicans were more determined to keep out of the Senate than comedian Al Franken. It wasn't just that Franken had ...
St. Paul Journal Endless Vote Recounting Tests Minnesota Niceness New York Times
Franken on top for MN Senate; Coleman to Sue MSNBC

Stuart Smalley Saves The Senate!
CBS News, NY - 11 hours ago 010808
(MarketWatch) When I ponder the legacy of US Senator-to-be Al Franken, I find it hard not to laugh. And I mean that respectfully. ...
Minnesota, This Is Your Senator TIME

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 12 hours ago 010808
MINNEAPOLIS – (PTSD News) – Apparent Minnesota Senator-elect Al Franken said today that he has changed his mind about the legitimacy of the use of torture. ...

Al Franken Outwits Ann Coulter... Again

New MN Senator will give Republicans something to think about.

Coleman Sues over Minnesota Senate Recount Results
Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the recount results of the Minnesota Senate race that declared Democrat Al Franken the ...

New Dems worry defense firms
Defense contractors worry Democrats will leave them out
 Andrew McLemore Published: Friday January 9, 2009
With so many Democrats taking power, defense contractors are beginning to worry about their funding.

Many in the industry would like to see an increase in money for the military included in the roughly $800 billion stimulus package proposed by President-elect Barack Obama.
Bush May Be Gracious Toward Obama, but He's Still Divisive
U.S. News & World Report, DC - 21 hours ago 011009
By Kenneth T. Walsh In his final days as president, George W. Bush remains an extraordinarily divisive figure. My last column, which focused on Bush's ...
Group finds more than a dozen lies in Coulter's latest book
Clinton Helping Clinton Retire Debt
ABC News - 3 hours ago 122408
By RICK KLEIN Sen. Hillary Clinton's in-the-red campaign committee has found an innovative way to pay down a slice of its debt -- and is getting help from President Clinton's foundation, among other groups, in making it happen.

Clinton Reveals Donors
Former President Bill Clinton's charitable foundation has taken in more than $140 million in the past decade from foreign sources, including the Saudi royal family and leaders of a Middle Eastern government now negotiating a controversial deal with the U.S. government to procure nuclear-energy technologies.

List Of Clinton Foundation Donors
Former President Bill Clinton's charitable foundation disclosed the names of 205,000 donors on a Web site Thursday, ending a decade of resistance to identifying the sources of its money.

Md. seeks $8.5M for flawed voting machines
Houston Chronicle - 4 hours ago 122408
© 2008 AP ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Maryland's attorney general says $8.5 million spent to fix flaws in a touch screen voting system should be reimbursed to the state by the company that produced it.
Maryland seeks $8.5M for electronic voting machine problems Bizjournals.com
State files $8.5 million claim against voting system maker Baltimore Examiner
Five more members of Congress being probed in bribery affair
John Byrne
Published: Friday November 28, 2008
Five other members of Congress are being probed in association with the bribery scandal linked to former California Republican congressman "Duke" Cunningham, according to a little-noticed legal filing discovered Thursday.
The Custodians Of Empire
Obama's "New" National Security Team Is Not Very New
By Tom Engelhardt
The next secretary of state looks to be Hillary Clinton, a hawk on the Middle East. During the campaign, she spoke of our ability to "totally obliterate" Iran, should that country carry out a nuclear strike against Israel. She will evidently be allowed to bring her own (hawkish) subordinates into the State Department with her. Her prospective appointment is now being praised by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Henry Kissinger.

Democrats Cover Up Bush Era War Crimes - 2008-11-18
The Midnight De-Regulation Express
In His Last Days in Power, George W. Bush Wants to Change Some Rules
By Matthew Blake 11/11/08
It’s a Washington tradition. Outgoing administrations try to ram through a slew of new federal regulations. But the Bush administration has expanded on this, seeking to push through at least 90 changes that can affect the health and safety of millions. Here are five examples.

Bush Aides Rush to Enact a Safety Rule Obama Opposes
New York Times - 18 hours ago

By ROBERT PEAR WASHINGTON - The Labor Department is racing to complete a new rule, strenuously opposed by President-elect Barack Obama, that would make it much harder for the government to regulate toxic substances and hazardous chemicals to which ...

Obama, Bush dine with ex-presidents at White House
Reuters - Jan 7, 2009
By Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush and his successor, Barack Obama, joined all the living US presidents on Wednesday for a ...

Conversation Topics at the Presidential Power Lunch
ABC News - Jan 7, 2009 By SAM DONALDSON
Talk about a power lunch. The United States Senate likes to think its hundred members are in the most exclusive club in our political world ...

Congressional Black Caucus wants Burris seated
The Associated Press - Jan 7, 2009
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Congressional Black Caucus is calling for Illinois Democrat Roland Burris to be allowed to fill President-elect Barack Obama's vacant ...
Congressional Black Caucus Assesses Its Role Under a Black President New York Times
CBC unanimously backs Burris The Hill
Blagojevich Is Removed From Office As Illinois Governor
Unanimous Vote From Illinois State Senate, 59-0

Impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich removed from office Chicago Tribune

Transcript of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's closing argument
Chicago Tribune, United States - 3 hours ago 012909
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here today and present my closing argument and my chance to talk to you and talk to the people of Illinois and talk ...

The Man Who Will Replace Blagojevich
NPR - 43 minutes ago 012909
by Cheryl Corley and Michele Norris All Things Considered, January 29, 2009 · Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn is about to assume the governorship in Illinois. by Deborah ...

Illinois House impeaches Gov. Rod Blagojevich
The Illinois House voted overwhelmingly Friday to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich, an unprecedented action that sets up a Senate trial on whether he should be thrown out for abuse of power, including allegations that he tried to sell President-elect Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.

Sarah Palin on the media: 'Compare my treatment to Caroline Kennedy's'
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA - 2 hours ago
Sara Palin is wondering out loud — and on video — whether the media will give prospective New York senatorial designee Caroline Kennedy the same scrutiny ...
Palin: Caroline Kennedy Gets Free Pass From Media Huffington Post
Sarah Palin: Caroline Kennedy benefits from media's "class bias" Telegraph.co.uk
Huckabee, Palin top list of 2012 GOP contenders, poll says
CNN - 2 hours ago
By Paul Steinhauser Mike Huckabee comes out on top in a poll of support for potential 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls. Barack Obama is more than six weeks away from assuming the presidency, and the next Iowa caucuses are more than three years away.
CNN poll gives Palin slight advantage over others for 2012 GOP ... USA Today
Poll finds Romney in good shape for White House run Boston Herald
Dance, dance, dance! Obama will have 10 parties
The Associated Press - 4 hours ago 122408
WASHINGTON (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, will twirl their way through 10 official inaugural balls on Jan. 20.
10 Inaugural Balls For Obama CBS News
Dems Pushing for Return of Equal-Time Rules
Ask Your House Congressman To Co-Sponsor H.Res. 1531 Against The Bush Preemptive Pardons
Bill H.Res. 1531 puts the administration on clear notice that there will be strong push back from Congress if they should attempt such a scurrilous stunt. Please submit the following action page to ask your House member to sign on as a co-sponsor of this measure. Support H.Res. 1531 Action Page: http://www.usalone.com/hres1531.php
Why Al Franken Should NOT Be Riding Private Planes
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman:
The tragic and suspicious death of Karl Rove's election thief in chief should send a clear message to Al Franken and other key liberals: don't be riding in any small private planes. Death by air crash now seems to be the favored means of ridding the Rovian right of troublesome characters. ...

Franken in lead by 50 votes MSNBC

Franken likely Senate winner

Coleman campaign rejects election judge's ballot
Nick Juliano Published: Wednesday December 31, 2008
With Al Franken holding onto a 49-vote lead in the Minnesota Senate recount, incumbent Republican Norm Coleman seems to be pulling out the stops in his attempt to keep as many likely Democratic absentee ballots as possible out of the tally.

Minnesota High Court Extends Recount Deadline
USA Today - 1 hour ago  122408
By Dawn Villella, AP MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The Minnesota Supreme Court is giving counties a couple more days to sort as many as 1600 improperly rejected absentee ballots before sending them to the Secretary of State to be included in the US Senate recount ...

Minnesota's senator, whoever he is, will have a new nick-name
Examiner.com - 6 hours ago 122408
by Rob Shirk, South St. Paul Examiner Whoever wins the US Senate seat in Minnesota will, inevitably, have the nickname of "Landslide". ...

Franken opens first lead in Minn. Senate race
The Associated Press - 121908
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Democrat Al Franken has edged ahead of Republican incumbent Norm Coleman for the first time in Minnesota's long-running US Senate recount.

Ruling Favors Democrat in Contest in Minnesota
New York Times - 1 hour ago
By DIRK JOHNSON ST. PAUL - In a boost for Al Franken, a former comedian and talk show host running as a Democrat for the Senate, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Thursday that counties could count additional absentee ballots, despite objections from ...
Holidays, Court Ruling Will Further Extend Minn. Senate Recount Washington Post
Coleman's lead dwindles to single digits after Day 3 Minneapolis Star Tribune


GOP leaders endorse Blackwell for chair

Caroline Kennedy withdraws Senate bid
Washington Post, United States - 13 hours ago 012209
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of slain President John F. Kennedy, on Thursday withdrew her bid to fill the US Senate seat for New York ...

Paterson: Cuomo being considered for Senate seat
Newsday - 1 hour ago 012009
Paterson and Cuomo had refused since early December to say if Cuomo is in the running, even as the latest polls show New Yorkers favor Cuomo by a narrow margin over Caroline Kennedy.
NY gov: AG Cuomo being considered for Senate seat The Associated Press
Paterson now says Cuomo is potential senator Buffalo News

Report: Paterson To Pick Kennedy For Senate
MSNBC - Jan 3, 2009
Two people close to governor David Paterson say he will choose Caroline Kennedy to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton. ...

Paterson and Kennedy Meet to Discuss Senate
New York Times - 58 minutes ago 011009 By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE
Gov. David A. Paterson met with Caroline Kennedy on Saturday for their first formal discussion about her interest in being appointed to the United States Senate, according to two people with knowledge of the meeting, ...

Caroline Kennedy interviewed by Gov. Paterson for Hillary's Senate ... New York Daily News
Gov. Paterson meets with Caroline Kennedy Newsday

Gov. Paterson: Sen. Caroline Kennedy? Not so fast
Newsday, NY News
BY JAMES T. MADORE | james.madore@newsday.com ALBANY — - Caroline Kennedy's candidacy for US Senate received mixed reviews Thursday from Gov. ...
Kennedy seen as model for re-entry women The Associated Press
Paterson notes Kennedy's 'lack of experience' Buffalo News
New York Gov. David Paterson And Caroline Kennedy's Slowing Race ... CBS

Caroline Kennedy interested in NY Senate seat
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
WASHINGTON (AP) - Caroline Kennedy has spoken to New York Gov. David Paterson about the Senate seat that will come open when Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes secretary of state, according to a person familiar with the conversation.
NY Senate: Another Kennedy in the Senate? Washington Post
Report: Caroline Kennedy Asked to Take Hillary Clinton's Senate Seat FOXNews

Much Talk of Cuomo for Clinton’s Seat, but Who’s Talking?
By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE New York Times, United States - 1 hour ago
Few events in politics unleash as much raw ambition or unravel as many friendships as the sudden availability of a seat in the ...

Huckabee, Palin top list of 2012 GOP contenders, poll says
CNN - 2 hours ago
By Paul Steinhauser Mike Huckabee comes out on top in a poll of support for potential 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls. Barack Obama is more than six weeks away from assuming the presidency, and the next Iowa caucuses are more than three years away.
CNN poll gives Palin slight advantage over others for 2012 GOP ... USA Today
Poll finds Romney in good shape for White House run Boston Herald


Speaking Up For Liberal Bloggers

Neil Cavuto and Ben Stein Go At It

The Midnight De-Regulation Express
In His Last Days in Power, George W. Bush Wants to Change Some Rules
By Matthew Blake 11/11/08
It’s a Washington tradition. Outgoing administrations try to ram through a slew of new federal regulations. But the Bush administration has expanded on this, seeking to push through at least 90 changes that can affect the health and safety of millions. Here are five examples.

Bush Aides Rush to Enact a Safety Rule Obama Opposes
New York Times - 18 hours ago

By ROBERT PEAR WASHINGTON - The Labor Department is racing to complete a new rule, strenuously opposed by President-elect Barack Obama, that would make it much harder for the government to regulate toxic substances and hazardous chemicals to which ...

Democrats Cover Up Bush Era War Crimes - 2008-11-18

Dems Pushing for Return of Equal-Time Rules

Obama raises $750 million for campaign - ends up getting job
Christian Science Monitor - 4 hours ago
By Jimmy Orr | 12.05.08 Looking for a new job? You might want to try Barack Obama’s strategy: buying commercials, speaking at rallies, putting up a website - you know, doing a little PR for yourself.
Final Fundraising Figure: Obama's $750M ABC News
Obama T-shirt should have stayed Post Searchlight

Obama Names Clinton Sec. of State, Keeps Gates as Defense Secretary
Washington Post, United States - 7 hours ago
President-elect Barack Obama continued to fill out his cabinet today, naming Sen. Hillary Clinton his Secretary of State and retaining Defense Secretary ...

Who Will Protect Hillary Clinton?
Washington Post, United States - 6 hours ago
Hillary Clinton's nomination to serve as secretary of State creates an unique jurisdictional battle between the US Secret Service, which protects current ...

What should Bill Clinton do now? Salon

Send Bill Clinton to the Senate  (Really?)
Washington Post, United States - Nov 25, 2008
By Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac Amid the blizzard of résumés blanketing Washington as the Obama era dawns, there is a superbly qualified candidate ...

More staffers named to new administration
Boston Globe - 2 hours ago
Citing the economic crisis, Biden announced a new position -- chief economist and economic policy adviser -- and named Jared Bernstein of the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute to the post.

Big Personalities Join Obama Foreign-Policy Team
President-elect Says He Will Set Agenda
By Spencer Ackerman 12/1/08
The interplay between the outsized personalities on President-elect Barack Obama’s national-security team and his ability to set the agenda looks likely to be a key undercurrent of his entry onto the global stage.

The Custodians Of Empire
Obama's "New" National Security Team Is Not Very New
By Tom Engelhardt
The next secretary of state looks to be Hillary Clinton, a hawk on the Middle East. During the campaign, she spoke of our ability to "totally obliterate" Iran, should that country carry out a nuclear strike against Israel. She will evidently be allowed to bring her own (hawkish) subordinates into the State Department with her. Her prospective appointment is now being praised by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Henry Kissinger.

Biden's new role
Joe Biden says he wants a lower-key but important advisory role for himself as Barack Obama's number two man. Full Article

Legal eagles’ eyes trained on ballots in MN Senate recount
Minnesota Lawyer, MN - 2 hours ago
by Dan Heilman Associate Editor (Video can be viewed at the end of this article on Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome browsers.

Board keeps faulty ballots from Minn. Senate count
The Associated Press - 41 minutes ago
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — In a blow to Democrat Al Franken, a state board ruled Wednesday that absentee ballots that were rejected by poll workers won't be ...

Board Keeps Faulty Ballots From MN Sen. Recount
WCCO, MN - 2 hours ago
ST. PAUL (AP) ― In a blow to Democrat Al Franken, absentee ballots that were rejected by poll workers won't be included in Minnesota's Senate recount. ...

Farewell Dubya. Now to undo the damage done ...
Independent, UK - Nov 4, 2008
“Both McCain and Obama are quite close to each other.” From a European perspective, she says, the statements by both senators on working to ending torture ...

Claim: Matthews eyeing Senate
11/28/2008 @ 10:09 am Filed by RAW STORY
MSNBC's Chris Matthews is staffing up for a potential Senate run in Pennsylvania, according to the polling compilation site FiveThirtyEight.com. Nate Silver, who runs the site, initially reported that Matthews was "in," but changed his tone somewhat in an update to indicate that his "sources" say that Matthews is hiring a staff for a potential run and has not yet made a decision.

Five more members of Congress being probed in bribery affair
John Byrne Published: Friday November 28, 2008
Five other members of Congress are being probed in association with the bribery scandal linked to former California Republican congressman "Duke" Cunningham, according to a little-noticed legal filing discovered Thursday.

Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales Indicted in Private Prison Case ...
Democracy Now, NY - Nov 24, 2008
Evo Morales knows about “change you can believe in.” He also knows what happens when a powerful elite is forced to make changes it doesn’t want. ...

Prosecutor who had Cheney indicted yells at judge
The Associated Press - Nov 21, 2008
RAYMONDVILLE, Texas (AP) — A county prosecutor who brought indictments this week against Vice President Dick Cheney and others pounded his fist and shouted ...

Hearing set for Monday to oust judge in Cheney indictment
Houston Chronicle, United States - Nov 25, 2008
The indictment against Cheney alleges that his personal investment in the Vanguard Group, which invests in private prison companies, gives him culpability ...

Congress Opposes Bush Pardons: Bush Pardons of His Own Subordinates for Crimes He Authorized
By David Swanson - 2008-11-21
Nadler Introduces Resolution Opposing Bush Pardons

You Cannot Pardon a Crime you Authorized
By Lawrence Velvel - 2008-11-27
War Crimes of President Bush and His Subordinates

News Video

Rahm Emanuel Solicits GOP Help On Economy

News Video

President Elect Obama Weekly Address



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