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NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts 100609

One has to openly wonder why some people still listen to the lunatic rantings of Rush Limbaugh. This is a blowhard who clearly wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in his oversized fat ass. The propaganda and disinformation minister of the extreme far right is an embarrassment to humanity and arguably the worst slime that ever crawled from the sewers of broadcasting. Rush is the most foul of all rotting scum that a cesspool could ever fester. The most vile and odorous bile that could ever stink up a waste treatment facility or garbage dump. The sewage that flows from this insecure and pompous jerk is a diatribe of lies that would make Goebbels look like a rank amateur. If abortion was ever a moral imperative for society, it was most certainly missed opportunity in this case. That one person could ever make the three stooges look like Harvard intellectuals is surprising to most, but enough of the pleasantries.

Any savvy  journalism or communications major will tell you that the excrement spewing from the sewer that is Rush Limbaugh's mouth is, like this piece, an op/ed at best, or a calculated act of treason at its worst. Rush Limbaugh makes his fortune by disseminating outrageous lies and fomenting discourse. Anyone who could stoop to the subterranean depths that this human cancer does on a daily basis must truly be soulless or the bastard child of the devil himself. (My apologies to devil worshippers.)

Those that truly follow the news know that Rush has always been willing to disregard facts and reality in order to serve the overlords of a twisted far right political ideology. Many conservative commentators are willing to spin or massage the facts of a story to fit their brand of politics, but Limbaugh is an undeniable media slut, willing to whore himself out for cash no matter how big the lie. Rush is incapable of reasoning any compromise between left and right that might best serve the interests of our nation, possibly the result of years of oxycontin drug abuse which has fried what little brain he might have been born with. Rush only knows one thing, hate speech. Like Adolph Hitler, his agenda is to beguile those who dare to lend an ear, or might unwittingly listen to his message of political anger and hostility.

A great many Americans are starting to see the person behind the curtain for what he truly is, a divisive cockroach that does nothing but spread disease to society. Our great country is a melting pot of color and race, but Limbaugh chooses only to see white. America is made up of many political ideals, flowing from liberal to moderate to conservative, but Rush can only see the very far right. Blue does not exist in the color spectrum for the king of all wing-nuts, only red, which matches the anger that he readily dispenses in his perverted form of patriotism.

The FCC should have done its duty years ago and pulled this whack-job from the air, ending his reign of social terror on our public airwaves. For that matter, the American Psychiatric Association could also have stood up and made the case for his forced incarceration into the most secure nuthouse in the land. Sadly none of this has taken place, yet, but for now we still have the one option available to us all, as a nation that struggles to recover from bad capitalism and years of far right ideology and two horrid Bush administrations, turn the knob on your radio off! We will all be better off for it.

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