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Many Misinterpret No Major U.S. Quakes As A Null Moon Effect
Significant New Quakes Over Weekend Validates Super-Moon Warning
NewsFocus - 032311

The super-moon has passed, not to return again until 2016, however, for those tracking quake activity, it is readily apparent that there was new quake activity associated with its proximity. Honshu rose back to the 6.1 level on the first day of the full moon. On the 20th and the 21st, there were many significant new quakes, as well as a clear peak of large quakes on the 22nd. Normally after a large earthquake the severity of the quakes diminishes, but the Honshu quake magnitudes rose higher instead. There were also new quakes in Afghanistan, the Philippines, and Taiwan, plus the first significant large quake in the South Atlantic since the Japan quakes began.

All of this is just as noted former USGS geologist Jim Berkland described in detail to NewsFocus. He said that the quakes would more than likely get stronger as the full moon progressed, much the same way the tides do. Berkland also went out of his way to reiterate to NewsFocus that the weekend was merely an optimum window, and that we are still under a severe quake watch for the rest of March. NewsFocus urges people to stay prepared and be alert.

Saturday, 3/19 Sunday, 3/20 Monday, 3/21 Tuesday, 3/22
Japan  6.1 Philippines  5.9 Japan  5.9 Japan  6.6
Chile 5.4 Japan 5.8 Afghanistan  5.8 Japan  6.6
Argentina 4.5 Taiwan 5.5 Philippines  5.4 Japan  6.4
El Salvador 4.5 Chile 5.0 Vanuatu 4.9 Japan  6.1
Vancouver 4.4 Iran 4.5 Banda Sea 4.7 South Atlantic 6.1

2nd Day of Full Moon: Quake Activity Trending Up From Saturday
Number of Significant Quakes Rises Dramatically Over Saturday
NewsFocus - 032011

After the second day of the "super-moon," NewsFocus has noted that the number of significant quakes has risen tremendously. This should come as no surprise, for as forecasted by Jim Berkland, the full affect of the full moon on the tides is not until the second and third day. He told NewsFocus that their movement will also play a role in seismic activity. So far, he seems to be spot on.

As of 9:37pm the number of 4.5+ quakes has reached 45, with the number of 5.0+ earthquakes reaching 15 already.

The quake data for the last few days looks like this: (Adjusted for CDT)

Day Date 4.5+ Magnitude 5.0+ Magnitude
Sun 3/20 45 15
Sat 3/19 39 9
Fri 3/18 41 14
Thu 3/17 43 19
Wed 3/16 49 25
Tue 3/15 55 22
Mon 3/14 51 22


More to come...

First Day of Full Moon: Quakes Trend Down From Previous Days
Number of Significant Quakes Still High Overall, But Down For Saturday
NewsFocus - 032011

After the first full day of the "super-moon," NewsFocus can report that while quake activity was still abnormally high, it was down from previous days. This is indeed good news and we can only pray that the encouraging trend continues, but at the rate we're going, it could be awhile before we return to normal. NewsFocus has been trending the quakes and would like to keep the record straight.

The quake data for the last few days looks like this: (Adjusted for CDT)

Day Date 4.5+ Magnitude 5.0+ Magnitude
Sat 3/19 39 9
Fri 3/18 41 14
Thu 3/17 43 19
Wed 3/16 49 25
Tue 3/15 55 22
Mon 3/14 51 22



Saturday Update: (3/19) 11:50pm CDT

Update: As of 11:42pm CDT (3/19) there have been 39 significant earthquakes of 4.5 or greater around the world. Those quakes measuring above a five on the Richter scale:
6.1 Japan, 5.5 Japan, 5.4 Chile, 5.3 in the Ascension Islands, 5.3 Vanutu, 5.2 Papua New Guinea, 5.2 Japan, 5.0 Ethiopia, 5.0 Japan...

Quake Intensity Building All Across Pacific Rim
San Andreas, New Madrid Faults Highly Active; Extreme Caution Urged, by Tim Watts - 031411

UPDATED: The great Jim Berkland weighs in on the "super-moon" theory.

As predicted by many, Friday, March 11th was the start of horrendous earthquake activity throughout the Pacific rim. Japan had a 7.2 just days before the 8.9 hit. NewsFocus has been tracking volcanic and seismic activity since early last week. It has been building steadily. We issued an early alert before Friday the 11th, and we are now issuing an alert for everyone on the San Andreas and the New Madrid fault lines.

If you live in these areas, please take heed and prepare now, while you have the chance. Get your supplies early. (Food, water, medicines, first-aid, hygiene supplies, pet food, etc.) Even if you don't live in these areas, you should also stock up on these items as they will be in short supply immediately following a disaster such as Japan.

Quake intensity has been building steadily in the Pacific rim. NewsFocus has been charting the seismic activity and the data shows a steady build-up moving east of Japan across the Pacific. From Alaska, Oregon, California, and Mexico, all the way to South America. The quakes are getting much larger and the frequency is increasing. The only conclusion you can come to from looking at the data is that the San Andreas is likely for significant, if not major, earthquakes.

If you are in one of these earthquake zones, please take this warning seriously and prepare now, just in case. It's better to be safe than sorry. Californians know how to prepare for earthquakes, but if you are in the New Madrid fault zone (the largest in the US) you may not be as prepared, or perhaps as knowledgeable as those on the west coast. Educate yourself right now. Know what to do in an earthquake.

As a survivor of the 1989 7.1 San Francisco quake, I can tell you as a matter of fact that you will have only seconds to get to safety. The best thing is to get outside immediately and away from anything that can fall on top of you, especially power lines. If you cannot get outside, get inside an interior doorway. They have a header that will help support the load in case the house should collapse. If you get underneath anything, make sure it is strong enough to support the ceiling above, if it should collapse on top of you.

Know where your gas shut off valve is, just in case. Be prepared for no phone service, or electricity. If you have anything that needs to be charged up, plug it in now. A generator is a good thing to have. A charcoal grill to cook on is also a good idea. After a quake and power disruption, get your frozen foods and ice into coolers immediately. Put other perishables on top, so the frozen items underneath keep them cold. Fill all of your sealable water containers. Think ahead now. Make plans with your family on where to meet in case of a strong earthquake.

Watch your pets. They will sense and hear the quake coming long before people do.

If you are on the coast and a strong quake hits, have gas in your car beforehand, so that you can move inland immediately in case of a Tsunami.

Just as Friday the 11th was predicted, March 15th is also said to be a day to be wary of. (Update: Two more 6+ quakes happened in Japan on 3/15.)

The most important period to be concerned with is March 19th through the 26th, due to the coming full moon, which will be at its closest point to earth in years. This is being called a "super moon," because of its close proximity to the earth, also known as perigee, when the moon is at its closest. This will have a significant tug on the earth, the tides, and the tectonic plates. This is also known as a "worm" moon. Couple that with the vernal equinox and the equinoctial tides, and this will also give an added stress on March 20th. A third element to the equation will be the alignment of the sun, earth and moon, known as syzygy. All of this will have an effect on our earth.

In all honesty, the entire month of March is very suspect. Please, be on guard.

One person who has recently been sounding the warning, and has endorsed the above theory, is former USGS geologist Jim Berkland, the only person to predict the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. I was lucky enough to become acquainted with Jim and his work while broadcasting in San Francisco. Jim would give interviews to anyone who would listen, and God only knows how many lives Jim may have saved because of his warnings. Even though he correctly predicted that 7.1 earthquake, he was suspended by the USGS for correctly forecasting that earthquake. You'd think they would have patted him on the back and given him a raise. When Jim speaks about quakes, this writer listens intently. You can hear Jim talk about the potential quake window here.

Long story short, this is a warning to heed and give serious attention and caution to.

If you have a smartphone, download the app "Earthquake Alert" or Earthquake." They will give you real-time data from USGS on all quake activity in the world. You can even set the alarm to warn you when the quakes are close to your area. Great apps to have which could give you the extra time to get to safety. From your PC or laptop, you can also go to the USGS site... This isn't as good for tracking as the above mentioned specialized apps, because the USGS site doesn't appear to show the concentric strength lines, which are important to see with multiple epicenters.

Again... if you are in one of these quake areas... TAKE PRECAUTIONS NOW.

And look folks, if nothing happens, absolutely great! However, with that said, it would be foolish to ignore this warning. It does not hurt you to prepare, just in case, but it will hurt you if you do not prepare. Enough said.

The other side of the story: Supermoon will not cause natural disasters

NewsFocus thinks it would be a good precautionary move for the U.S. to take steps now to prepare its nuclear facilities. Diablo and San Onofre, both on critical fault lines, are only built to withstand a 7.0 and 7.5 respectively. (see: Nuclear Stupidity)

For those worried about nuclear particulate in the jet stream, it might be a good idea to buy 3M N-95 masks now. A good precaution to take. They're using them in Japan. And potassium iodide pills are virtually impossible to find at this point, but you can try. (See stories further down.)

I truly hate to say this, but the reason to do so has valid precedent...think long and hard about what you hear from the government on radiation warnings. Please remember... they lied to us about the toxic air quality at ground zero after 9/11.

As a side note, this website is served from TecWorx in the the Silicon Valley, so do not be surprised to see this site go down, in the event of large quakes in California.

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