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A Look at One of the Worst Presidential Campaigns Ever

Prepare for a Post-Election US Shift
More Change in Store for the Country, and Some Major Heartbreak
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After all the political fanfare, the Jerry Springer theatrics, and WWE rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign, there are many things that are for certain after this election... a lot of bitter heartache for some, more acrimonious, heated bitching from the pundits, waves of angry despair amongst "we the people," maybe a few overturned burning cars along the way, some angry protests high in vitriol, and complete with the gnashing of teeth ... and definitely more change for the US.

Specifically two things are guaranteed... half the country is going to be very pissed off and the rest of us are going to get royally screwed.

I know, I know... you're thinking, "Hey Mr. Frowny face, why all the political pessimism?"

Well... first off... I haven't met one person that thinks this is the best field that the DNC and the RNC could put together for the country.

Seriously... this is  what we get to choose from?

The Apprentice vs. Hillary Clinton?

So, right from the get go, you have to question the election itself and both parties in general, because this election has been a shit-show from day one, at a time when the US is being dismantled from the inside out, yet no one is focusing on the real issues at hand.

Secondly, the populace has been deliberately inflamed with the fear of election fraud, which has only raised the tension level in the country.

Oh gosh, the election might be stolen! There's a novel concept for American politics. (He said facetiously.)

Well, not to rain on anybody's 2016 election day angst, but there was that 2000 election awhile back.... remember, the one down in Florida?

That was the time when the Supreme Court arrogantly and illegally stopped a legitimate recount and selected a president, one who then literally did everything that he could not to investigate the attacks of 9/11, and then gave us the unconstitutional Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the bullshit War on Terror, among other unpatriotic, treasonous gifts.

And not to nitpick, but then we had that 2004 election where the new electronic voting machines were used to keep that "selected" president in office, so that the US could continue its illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and so they could sign the SPP agreement and continue to take the US apart bit by bit, from the inside out.

Don't forget that in 2000 and 2004 the winning presidential candidate's personal state campaign manager just so happened to also be the Secretary of State for the two key swing stakes in each presidential election... Katherine Harris (FL) and Ken Blackwell (OH). You literally couldn't possibly make up anything more damning.

Then, many of us figured out why all the effort to steal two elections, because we saw the dramatic post-9/11 aftereffects and immediately recognized it exactly for what it was (and still is)... a coup on the United States of America.

To this reporter, possibly the worst was 2008, when after eight years of tyrannical rule, a beleaguered and weary nation was promised a new direction, one with much new hope and change... but as history now shows us, that was all a lie.

We were bamboozled big time, promised relief from oppression, but instead the tyranny continued, the rug was mercilessly pulled from under our feet, and the only "change" we had was what was left in our pockets after the 2nd great engineered depression in US history. (A total of TWO depressions in just 79 years under the brilliant, vaunted stewardship of the criminal Federal Reserve brain trust.)

Then, in 2012 it was the same thing again, more dope and change.

Also, for what it's worth... the Republicans had a guy that could have upset the apple cart and beaten Obama, yet the party for some strange reason never once acknowledged the popularity of Ron Paul.

That was extremely bizarre behavior for any political party. Just sayin...

So excuse me if I don't have just the slightest amount of trepidation when it comes to election 2016.

When both sides are literally claiming that this is coming down to war... whether it be a domestic civil war or an all out world war... when that is what both sides are promising... you had better be worried.

This whole thing is set up for disaster. It has been that way from day one of this wretched campaign, just the way that the powers that be (TPTB) wanted it.

Make no mistake about it, this election chaos has been by design.

The fear porn has been ratcheted up to an all new level of perversity. People are voting for the "lesser of two evils" out of pure fear.

That's not an election. That's extortion.

The reason all of this is taking place is because this election is as pivotal as 2000 was, because this is where the change will more than likely continue to get worse for the United States as TPTB work to further dismantle the country.

If you haven't got the big picture by now, the overall theme in this country since 9/11 has been nothing but change.

The US now tortures. It openly starts wars without any provocation. It now claims the right to detain American citizens indefinitely without due process and Habeas Corpus. As if that isn't a big enough departure away from the America of our forefathers, the US government now claims the right to kill US citizens without a trial, if they are "suspected" of being a terrorist (a very subjective term post-9/11).

Right now there are at least four international trade agreements being secretly negotiated behind closed doors, away from prying eyes, yet everyone is fixated on the American political shit-show instead of paying attention to what treasonous globalist rich men are plotting behind our backs.

The dreaded new world order is now upon us. It's not coming. It's already here. That's what 9/11 was all about. At this point they are still dotting I's and crossing T's, but the framework is pretty much in place. It is not an order with peace in mind, but an order of full control over all people.

Everything that we've seen in this country since 9/11 has been about the dissolution of the US, and moving the country to a one world global union, run by the ultra-wealthy, those that purposefully destroyed nationalism.

Many in the US are rightfully worried. The writing has been on the wall for some time now. The main question for many at this point... will this be the last election, as we know it, for the US?

If not, how else can TPTB get the populace to return to the election trough one more time, especially after the ugly shit-show of 2016?

When both sides are literally claiming that this is coming down to war... whether it be a domestic civil war or an all out world war... when that is what both sides are promising... you had better be worried.

There have been threats of martial law and loss of the internet, if there is widespread post-election protesting and chaos from the public, but this is all pretty much the same fear porn that we've been given with both Bush and Obama, "oh, they're going to cancel the election and declare martial law."


It's never happened, yet every election they throw that threat out there, just as they have for this election cycle.

So 2016 is no different than any other post-9/11 US election. It is fully based on the premise of voting with fear, not with the promise of righting a nation that has been seriously wounded, or of taking our country back.

Everything is all about fear.

This is the main control tool of TPTB. It's what they've done for centuries to influence and motivate the masses.

Don't think rationally. Think emotionally.

Think with fear.

FDR once said that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Nothing could be more true.

This time around however, there is the possibility that it could be quite different. We are at phase V in the takedown of the US. Things could indeed become quite violent, if allowed too, because there has been a concerted, deliberate effort all along on behalf of the TPTB and their corporate MSM minions to deliberately agitate the herd for a potential post-election stampede, so to speak.

That only happens if we allow them to let it happen.

It's about time that we as a people pull our big-boy pants up and look this engineered fear straight in the face and say, no more.

We're onto the game being played here, and "we the people" don't want to play it anymore. It's time to step away from the post-9/11 fear porn and go back to the era before 9/11, despite the defeatist lunatic raving of a gutless selected president who once said that we could never do that again.

Recognize the charade that has been played out in front of all of us since 9/11. Understand that there are ultra-rich people who have no morals or scruples in deciding your fate. They think only of themselves.

Whatever the outcome of this election, those in the know see much more change coming for the US. Whether that is good or bad depends on how much "we the people" actually get involved and start to demand positive change for all people, not just for the privileged.

The good thing is, thanks to the circus that was this year's presidential campaign, people are beginning to recognize the partisan chains of a two-party system that has failed them miserably.

Let the 2016 campaign be yet another example of the political charade that continues to exist in this country under these two parties.

Addendum: With a Trump victory now announced, the key campaign promise to keep an eye on is his pledge to clean up the criminal status quo and to jail those responsible for this country's downfall, particularly the Clinton's. One can only hope that this includes their number one partners in crime, the Bush's, as well as all of their associates, financial backers and geopolitical handlers. Prosecute all of them for treason to the US, and for international war crimes. If we're going to move forward and clean this country up, that means tossing out the garbage that made it bad.

One major question to be answered, how will a Trump presidential win affect any existing Continuity of Government (COG) plans that are in effect. What about Proclamation 7463, and will Trump actually rescind this post-9/11 State of Emergency Order (SOE)?

Trump has a very ambitious 100-Day Plan that, while not perfect, does present some things that can help undo the corruption in this country, such as political term limits, ending NAFTA, undoing unconstitutional executive orders, withdrawing from the TPP, a five-year ban on officials becoming lobbyists, end the off-shoring of US companies, and many more ideas for positive change. The question is, will he get it done.

(And God help us if TPTB decide to take Trump out, because then we're stuck with Mike Pence, a man that admittedly likens himself to Dick Cheney. Oy...)

As stated, the Trump 100-Day plan is not perfect, by any means. There are a number of issues that will cause many to lose some sleep. It will take much oversight, plus a great deal of lobbying by the American people to get what we really want. This process isn't over yet, by any means. Our work continues.

This country remembers a LOT of grandiose promises that went unfulfilled under the Obama administration. Let's hope that this time, for the sake of our forefathers vision, we don't get screwed again, and that once and for all "we the people" finally get the change that we all deserve and actually want

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