The SPP Agreement

A Special Report On The Proposed North American Union

The Security and Prosperity Partnership
US, Canada Sign Domestic Emergencies Agreement

Lou Dobbs explains the North American Union (NAU),
allegedly signed illegally into law by President Bush.

And a report from CNBC's Steve Previs on the new
currency for the North American Union, the Amero.

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Towards a North American Security Perimeter
Global Research, by Dana Gabriel - 121110
There are numerous reports circulating that Canada and the U.S. are secretly negotiating a security and trade deal which could be signed as early as January 2011. The proposed agreement would establish a security perimeter as a means to better secure North America and stimulate trade. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), along with other U.S.-Canada initiatives have allowed the two countries to incrementally move towards creating a common security perimeter.

The idea of a Canada-U.S. security perimeter is not new. Various bilateral actions over the last number of years have further laid the groundwork for this concept to become a reality.

NewsFocus: Despite what some think about Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck, they have been the only mainstream media to cover the deal signed between the US, Canada and Mexico, during the Bush-Cheney administration, The North American Union. The Amero has already been proposed as a single currency between the three countries.

Official White House 2005 Signing Announcement

White House Presidential Speeches March 2005

 Joint Statement: Bush, Fox, and Martin

SPP of North America Prosperity Agenda

SPP of North America Security Agenda

Fact Sheet: SPP of North America

Personnel Announcement

VIDEO: Official White House Announcement of SPP

Official SPP Website

Opinion to the contrary...

Busting The Myth of The NAU
Busting Paranoid Right-Wing Fantasies of
Dissolving the Mexico-U.S.-Canada Borders

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