A North American Union?

The SPP Agreement That Establishes A Foundation For The NAU

The SPP And The NAU
The Security & Prosperity Partnership; North American Union
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Update: Stephen Harper secretly going ahead with North American Initiative.

US, Canada Sign Domestic Emergencies Agreement

Most people know about the long planned European Union and its lengthy plan in coming together. With the EU now realized, much to the dismay of many in Europe, it might surprise some to know about the already established plans for a North American Union. The NAU would dissolve the national sovereignty of the United States, Canada and Mexico, rolling the three countries together as one. The bill was signed in 2005 by then President George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. It is well documented and a matter of public record.

Critics that claim the allegations for a North American Union are false, fail to address why the SPP was necessary to sign in the first place. Why not simply amend the preceding North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which was signed by New World Order proponent Bill Clinton, on December 8th, 1993. It then became a reality on January 1st, 1994.

For those that wonder why anyone would possibly do a drive-by shooting into the home of former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, perhaps his relentless efforts to go beyond his mainstream corporate news peers and report on the NAU is reason enough.

Make no mistake about it, this is a plan for the mega-billionaires and central banks to profit from, not for the benefit of the people of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico.

Canadians, like Americans, do not want the North American Union.


Stop The North American Union

Note the three stars, (U.S., Canada, Mexico) replacing the 50 U.S. state stars.

CNBC has reported on the Amero currency, but what is the real truth? Is someone trying to confuse the issue by obfuscating leaked evidence, or are the coins and bills currently being displayed on the internet nothing more than fakes? NewsFocus has done some investigating on the subject. You can see the alleged Amero currency on the following page. Is this the real Amero currency, or are they clever fakes?

Official White House 2005 Signing Announcement

White House Presidential Speeches March 2005

 Joint Statement: Bush, Fox, and Martin

SPP of North America Prosperity Agenda

SPP of North America Security Agenda

Fact Sheet: SPP of North America

Personnel Announcement

VIDEO: Official White House Announcement of SPP

Official SPP Website

Opinion to the contrary...

Busting The Myth of The NAU
Busting Paranoid Right-Wing Fantasies of
Dissolving the Mexico-U.S.-Canada Borders

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