The Amero

The Currency For The North American Union

Considering that many falsely claim the NAU to be a "conspiracy theory," it would seem that someone has gone out of there way to waste a lot of time, effort and casting for such an alleged fictitious entity.

The following coins have been rumored to be minted as denominations of the Amero. They are said to be minted by David Carr, allegedly as souvenirs to raise awareness of the impending North American Union. Is this the truth, or a cover story to allay fears of a forthcoming currency change?

It is interesting that the alleged creator had previously done work for the government and the U.S. mint.

Another red flag is that this individual was allegedly allowed to purchase a former U.S. coin press from the Denver Mint. One would think that such a machine would have been kept in secure storage, or else  destroyed, by the U.S. treasury or the Federal Reserve, in an effort to prevent counterfeiting. It seems odd that a private individual or company would actually be sold an official U.S. mint coin press.

It is also interesting that the alleged creator just so happened to choose occult symbolism for his coins, rather than iconic national imagery from the U.S., Canada, or Mexico.

If the creators intent was truly to draw awareness of the NAU, he apparently went entirely out of his way to make an entire series of coin denominations, rather than just one or two collectors coins. That is indeed an extraordinary effort.

Again, are these Amero coins a hoax, or is the story of David Carr a cover-up? You be the judge.

The "Great Harlot of Babylon" is featured prominently on the Amero coin

The Amero Coins
The Amero Bills

The Amero bills feature those figures that usurped the U.S. government and started the Federal Reserve system, the harbinger for the NAU and the New World Order.

$1 Amero - Charles S. Hamlin

$5 Amero - Nelson Aldrich

$10 Amero - William Gibbs McAdoo

$20 Amero - Edward Mandell House

$50 Amero - Paul Warburg

$100 Amero - John D. Rockefeller

$200 Amero - JP Morgan

Unless someone at the Federal Reserve has gone out of their way to doctor fake bills as a cover for the real bills, then someone else has purposefully gone out of their way to create these bills as a hoax. See the sheet below. It contains three things different from the above bills.

  1. The word "dollar," rather than Amero.

  2. The two dollar bill below with JP Morgan has been switched to a $200-dollar bill above.

  3. The word "specimen" is stamped on the following sheet, but not on the above sheet of bills.

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