The Occupy Movement

Dissing The Effort, Circumventing It, Or Supporting It?

The Message of the Occupy Protests is 'End the Federal Reserve'
The Concerted Attempts By Some To Neuter The 'End The Fed' Movement
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 102211

In case you've been sleeping under a rock lately, a protest movement has been sweeping the country, labeled as the "Occupy Movement." Like its Middle East Arab Spring counterparts, this is a people's movement against tyrannical oppression, only this time the enemy is big money.

The masses are fed up with Wall Street and how they recklessly tanked the economy. People are pissed off that they're losing their homes, their jobs, their pensions, and yet the criminals who perpetrated this fraud are the ones getting protected with bailout money. No one on Wall Street has been held responsible for this collapse. Not one person has been indicted or convicted. Wall Street has destroyed twenty percent of our national net worth. The Federal Reserve bankers have been 100 percent culpable in all of it.

Americans are rightfully pissed off. Many believe this collapse was not an accident. If this is true, we have treason of the highest order.

The U.S. version of Arab Spring originated in New York City by brave citizens who have been calling for an end to the Federal Reserve, but like its foreign counterparts, it is in danger of becoming irrelevant as a movement.

With so many protests popping up across the nation, how ever could such a movement become inconsequential?

Well, first off, these protesters are taking on one of the most formidable, well financed foes on the face of the planet, the Federal Reserve central bank cartel. That is nothing to sneeze at.

This is a group responsible for wars, worldwide famine, political assassinations, and every other manner of human suffering, all so that their privileged friends and family can live the good life, while wielding total power and control over the rest of us. They have access to the best of everything, from intelligence, military and political strategists, to perceptual behavior research analysts. They are extremely adept at psychological warfare and manipulation of the masses, routinely employing tactical psyop programs through a corporately controlled media system that they have great influence over. In short, this is the Goliath of biblical lore, complete with his giant brothers, the Rothschild central banks. This challenge is indeed a daunting task, one that, but for the grace of God, a single stone will not easily take down.

Secondly, and this is more than likely by design, the confusion over the genesis of the movement and its purpose is becoming as confused and diffused as the previous health care debate and its non-existent death panel threats.

Let's be clear about one thing... from the people's perspective, this movement started on Wall Street, and the theme from the get-go has been to end the strangle hold of the Federal Reserve on our economic and political system, however, to listen to the media, both corporate and alternative, you wouldn't know it.

So far, the outlandish has been suggested, that the occupy movement was started by communists and socialists and that their intent is to collapse our system of capitalism.

Excuse me, but it seems that if this ridiculous allegation were actually true, the commies are a little late to the party because the Wall Streeters and Federal Reserve cartel beat them to the punch with the wrecking ball. The system is already collapsing quite well without the aid of imaginary commies and so-called socialists.

The collapse of our capitalistic system began in 2008 and is the second such collapse in less than 80 years, both engineered and orchestrated by the Federal Reserve cabal and the ultra-wealthy oligarchs that control it.

This fact is illuminated quite well by the fact that the ultra-wealthy have been making money during this horrendous economic collapse. In addition, the top 500 corporations have increased their holdings by 60 percent since the 2008 depression began. This is indicative of a system that is rigged in their favor. In casino terminology, they are gaming the house. We bailed out those that have been responsible for this economic collapse, now thought by many to be engineered and orchestrated by those ultra-wealthy who are benefiting from it, the same way they did during the first great depression.

To begin with, very few Americans know that the Federal Reserve is not a Federal institution. It is a privately held corporation of filthy rich multibillionaires that charge the U.S. government large sums of money in order to provide their cartel with free money, instead of the treasury printing it freely on their own. If you think that sounds a little bit bassackwards, you're not alone. Since the Federal Reserve regulates the creation of our currency to begin with, this has created a never-ending spiral of government debt that has literally stolen the sovereignty of our nation.

Fortunately, a good number of those attending the protests understand the evil of the Federal Reserve System, and that's why they are there protesting. They know all too well about the stranglehold that this cabal of banksters has on our country, and our livelihood as an open society. Some are unfortunately not as well educated.

Getting back to my opening statement though, the movement is already in danger from three factors:

  • An unfocused message
  • Attacks on its integrity and intentions
  • The onset of winter

Regarding the unfocused message... the corporate media has been having a field day with this, all in an effort to discredit the movement. They purposefully go out of their way to put protesters on the air who have little or no idea of the background behind the cause of the movement, ending the Federal Reserve System. The media does not want to highlight that message, but rather instead they either claim that there is no focus, or else they elaborate on the unofficial 13 demands posted strangely enough by an anonymous poster. This all becomes quite confusing for couch potatoes and arm-chair TV lemmings sitting at home trying to understand what all the fuss is about.

The occupy movement should be focused on one theme alone, wresting control of our nation away from the ultra-wealthy puppet masters of the Federal Reserve System. The movement should be simple, with a tight focus on this one goal, ending the criminal Federal Reserve cartel.

A better attempt should also be made to structure the language of the message. As already stated, very few understand who truly owns the Federal Reserve. Using the term "End the Fed" is not a productive message to those unenlightened who may be viewing the protests from the outside. Many have already misunderstood the message, errantly thinking the call is for ending the federal government. That is not the call of this movement.

Writer Lew Rockwell did nothing but muddy the waters further with a recent column stating that it is "the state" that should be feared, as in "the government." In his article he gives far too much credit to our corporate overlords, while forgetting altogether that "the state" is supposed to be a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." He clearly appears to be missing the point of the occupy movement, for this is what the protests are all about, trying to take our government back from the Federal Reserve bankers.

Confusion about the movement is not only rampant, it is well orchestrated.

Per the attacks on the movement's integrity and intentions... the 13 points falsely attributed to the OWS movement are certainly legitimate ideals towards change for a utopian society, such as a single payer health care system, free college education at state funded schools, a living wage for all Americans, debt forgiveness, or shutting down America's nuclear power plants, however, these are all liberal progressive issues. The topper is a call for open borders.

Ay caramba.

These are not issues that staunch conservatives embrace, let alone the far right fascist conservatives that are in power today, those who openly support a corporatocracy, or oligarchal rule by the rich. 

Probably foremost of all, these 13 demands are not the official platform of the movement. They were merely suggestions submitted on an OWS forum. The media has simply seen fit to ignore that fundamental fact and run instead with the false 13 demands agenda, seemingly trying to alienate conservatives with an alleged liberal slant.

So it would appear that a division is being fomented through a false perception of what the movement stands for. A calculated attempt is already underway to discredit the movement through total disinformation, as they did with the health care debate and its fictitious death panels for the elderly.

Another hotbed topic appears to be the website, alleged to be the official site of the occupy movement, however, even that has become a source of contention, as many claim the site, like the movement, is being engineered and steered by greater powers.

The right-wing is saying that George Soros is behind the movement, funding a group known as, alleged to be the engine behind the protests.

Some within the movement itself are claiming that the official website is not from the movement, but very well may be a Trojan Horse funded by the Rupert Murdoch empire. With that same thought in mind, some feel as though the OWS effort is like the tea party, a movement being steered by the powers that be. The idea being, the best way to control the opposition is to own it.

This author cannot wholly discount that theory, however, if enough people are able to come together with a focused agenda, then "we the people" will commandeer and steer this ship, no matter who actually set sail to it.

The onset of winter... this is undeniably going to hinder the movement's efforts with the coming of a predicted brutally cold winter. What will happen to these protests then? Certainly the numbers are bound to fall off in the bitterly cold northern states, leaving the bulk of the protest to the southern and western states. The timing with winter could not be a worse impediment for the Occupy movement.

What the powers that be would like to see is to splinter this movement, as they always do, along political ideological lines, into a left-right divide. So far, for the most part, this is not happening among the active protesters. These are everyday Americans standing side by side, conservatives and liberals. These are people who have simply just had enough, and who recognize that the real evil isn't across party lines, but is instead from aristocratic class lines. This is about the filthy rich getting even richer, at the expense of the dirt poor and the middle class that is soon to join them.

The OWS website claims this is a leaderless resistance movement. This cannot be, for all great movements require leadership to execute a focused plan. It should also not be defined as a resistance movement, because that implies that we wait for force and then we push back. To the contrary, this movement needs to be an active opposition force that is offensive in nature, one that is willing to attack the Goliath that threatens us all.

Without leadership or a focused plan, this movement is destined to go the way of all other uprisings during the past year. This is something that we cannot allow, for the consequences will be dire for all of us, and long lasting for our children's children.

The lack of direction from within is clearly a cause for concern. No one that believes in this cause wants to see this turn into another Arab Spring.

The ominous elephant in the room is that not one of the people's uprisings around the world has amounted to anything good. From Tunisia, to Egypt, and even Wisconsin, in every case the opposition came out on top over the people. The powers that be were one step ahead of each uprising.

Our message must be clear and and it must be focused... we want one thing...
End the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Return the power to print and control interest free money to "we the people" and our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Do I think the banking cartel is going to give in to our demands? Absolutely not.

Does this mean we should give up? Absolutely not!

We outnumber these vermin by 310-million. Their only recourse if we stand together will be to fight, and that will not end well for them and their families. It will be far worse than the French Revolution for them.

Sadly, I see a fight coming, but as with all oppression of the people, a day of unrest and reckoning must happen. It must take place. It will take place. The question is, are you brave enough to stand in the face of tyranny and fight for your rights as a human being?

It all comes down to whether you value your cozy relationship with your TV and the trappings of corporate America, or whether you want the dream of our forefathers back.

You must make a choice. You must make a stand. You're either in or you're out.

The choice that you make will either be a burden for your children's children, or freedom to live the life that was intended for them by the almighty.

Hundreds upon thousands are waking up. We need it to be millions upon millions. This movement will not work unless it is en masse. Only when we threaten the powers that be and their political minions on Capitol Hill will we win this fight to restore our republic.

So far, there have been hints of division among some non-participating activist groups,  even though they all claim to want the same thing, to take our country back. It seems that some are casting a very suspicious eye towards the occupy movement, wary to the point where they are willing to ruin a historic chance, for the first time since 1913, to stand up to the cartel that stole our republic from us. To me, they are cutting their nose off to spite their face. They want the same thing as the protesters, yet they fixate on the negative aspects that they perceive, rather than trying to expound upon the good that is possible.

Who cares who started the movement, so long as we control it? Maybe it was Soros, or maybe it was Murdoch, but no matter who started it, we shall "occupy" it. We will take it for our own.

The mission is not to play into their hands. We must be peaceful and we must avoid violence at all costs.

The police brutality being perpetrated actually grows this movement more members by the minute. Let their violence be the fuel for our message, the police state has to end.

For those who don't recognize it, this is the new world order we are facing. This is what awaits us all, unless we stand up now. Oppression of the people must not be tolerated.

It's time to put away the divisive discourse of right and left. It's time to embrace the enemy of your enemy as your friend. We as a people are not enemies, but we have been brainwashed to believe so with the clever ruse of political divisions.

Our common enemy is the one percent that control our world. It's time that we all come together, liberals and conservatives, to pitch in on the bailing water effort of a rapidly sinking ship, before we all drown in our own divisive ignorance. United we shall stand, but divided we will fall.

This once in a lifetime opportunity won't go anywhere unless together we embrace the central core issue as one, ending the reign of the rich oligarchs and their Federal Reserve cartel. If we can't come together, we will have wasted a valuable opportunity.

Again, it matters not who started the rally, it's all about those who finish the rally. No one is holding anyone out of these protests by force, but it is happening through fear and suspicion. We can become the majority. The 99% are not commies and socialists, nor are they far right fascists, they are us.

Together, under one cause of ending the tyranny of the Federal Reserve System, "we the people" are the 99%.

If you don't have children to do it for, then do it for the only two Americans to ever stand up to the corrupt banking powers and actually won, Andrew Jackson and Smedley D. Butler.

Do it for those who tried to stand up, but were murdered defending our country and our right to a free republic, for Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, John Kennedy, and his brother Presidential contender Robert Kennedy.

Do it for those who fought the Federal Reserve System right from the start, for President William Howard Taft, Congressmen Charles A. Lindberg and Henry Cabot Lodge Sr., or perhaps do it for President Woodrow Wilson, who, even though he allowed this cabal into our country, was truly remorseful about doing so at the end.

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world--no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men." -President Woodrow Wilson

This movement can only succeed if the people come together to make it succeed. The powers that be know this all too well. They have an unlimited supply of money to muddy the water and scare off a vast number of the 99%. This movement is not about the 70% or the 56%, it is about the 99% that are being fleeced by the 1%.

The Federal Reserve has unlimited financial resources to fight the movement, but we have an overwhelming number of people that could squash them in a minute, if everyone would just take a chance and stand together as one, in solidarity for the freedom that our forefathers fought and died for.

We have an opportunity to take back that which is rightfully ours. We have had the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve and we've caught them red-handed dealing $16-trillion in bail-outs, to foreign entities no less. They bailed themselves out as they jailed us in.

No matter the origin of the movement, "we the people" must come together now and "occupy" this movement. We must come together not as left and right, but as center-oriented Americans, with one goal at hand, to take back the stolen sovereignty of our country and the integrity of our forefather's dream.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich approves. Congressman Ron Paul approves. Jack and Bobby Kennedy would approve, and so would our forefathers. It's time to end the Federal Reserve.

The 99% must overcome the 1% who do nothing but work to kill us and enslave us.

Be a part of the 99%.



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NewsFocus: Understand this... these police do not come here on their own. They are ordered by desk pushing city officials who are pressured by the money powers that control our politicians and our elected officials. The gutless "powers that be" never come to the front lines. Never. They always hide like the cowards that they truly are behind someone else.

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TPTB know full well that these type of unscrupulous individuals exist. They have been recruited with a purpose. The 1963 Stanley Milgram experiments proved this.

Ordinary people... can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.

All police are not this way. Neither are all CIA, FBI, or military personnel.

We the people desperately need the best of these people to come to the aid of their country now. We cannot possibly defend ourselves against immoral badges of dishonor. We need those that wear their uniforms and badges with honor to help us in our dire time of need.

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About The Author:
Tim Watts is a veteran San Francisco broadcaster with 25 years experience in the industry as an on-air talent, Program Director, and consultant. He is the creator and sole author of the websites, and He has been writing about U.S. corruption, while also investigating 9/11 from the moment that the first tower fell. He has documented his 9/11 research on a website called A September Coup

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