The Great Gun Lie in the US

A Special Report on the Gun Myth in America

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There is No Gun Problem in the United States
Our Only Problem is Black Op Agencies Who Have Them
NewsFocus, Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 022416

In 1993, murder by gun was 16,136 persons killed.

Today, it has literally been cut in half, to 8,124 persons.

The country has grown by millions of people during that time.

Gun sales have also grown, exponentially, by millions!

Yet, death by gun... has dropped... by an unbelievable 50%!

Murder by gun has literally been cut in half, despite a swelling population and exploding gun sales.

The current rate of death by gun is a paltry .003%, not even 1%!

These numbers are fact. They are from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR), considered the authoritative source for violent crime in the US.

Murder by Gun in 1993 was 16,136

FBI UCR - go to page 18

Murder by Gun in 2014 was 8,124

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With this knowledge in mind, the first obvious question should be, "Where's the gun problem?"

To many, the only real problem that we have is what you see on CNN and FOX, after a tragic gun death has happened. They sensationalize that one event 24/7, for days! The whores of media start immediately with CFR scripted fear porn, and they scream to the rafters that we have a gun problem here in the US - yet, all the while, they never, ever show you the real numbers.

Well, now you know, and as the telephone operator says, "Please make a note of it."

Once you see the numbers, you understand why they don't want you to know, because then you, more than likely, won't continue to buy the patently false narrative (blatant lie) that they've been wrongly pedaling for years on guns.

Cutting murder by gun by 50% is no small feat, yet most Americans have no clue of this extremely noteworthy societal achievement, because that's not the message the mainstream corporate media continually sells in regard to guns.

Do you realize how many deaths you would have to add per year just to move the decimal one place, (one decimal value to the right) in that diminutive .003% death rate number?

In order to move that number from .003 to .03 would mean increasing the death rate by a significantly much greater number, just to move one decimal place.

To move that decimal two places, and get the number of deaths up... to a meager 1% would take an extraordinary melee of shooting deaths in this country.

The bottom line is this... there is NO gun problem in the US, as the media tells it, however, there is undeniably, 100%, an orchestrated fraud being carried out on the American people regarding gun danger, and the FBI's UCR stats irrefutably corroborate that charge.

To repeat, the base numbers noted above are absolute fact, and they're literally right from the horse's mouth, the FBI's own Uniform Crime Report.

So ask yourself this... why hasn't the media told you this by now?

Why doesn't the media admit that there are much more favorable gun statistics, rather than fanning the flames for a government gun ban?

Why is the corporate media denying the obvious truth about US gun violence?

While we're at it, let's make one thing perfectly clear... the US government has been inciting mass public fear since 9/11 by constantly "crying wolf "when it comes to terror... yet, at the same time, they're trying to take away our guns and disarm the American people.

Given that context, does that make any possible sense to anyone of sentient reasoning?

Is that really a wise, prudent decision to make?

Is that truly looking out for the people's best interest, or does it perhaps serve another agenda? 

Truth be told, this is the work of puppet politicians and their malevolent marionettes, who pull all the strings secretly (gutlessly) from the shadows.

Let's be clear about one thing... the majority of "we the people" are not asking to overturn the 2nd amendment, nor are we asking for gun control. That message comes solely from the government and the corporate media, who have both been working tirelessly, and quite disingenuously, against the American people to mandate it.

Saying that we have a gun problem, when there is none... when in fact we have literally cut murder by gun in half, by 50%... is more than being disingenuous.

Again, in 1993 there were 16,136 gun deaths.

Today, it's down to 8,124.

So, where is the problem that the media and government keep crying about?

Seems to this researcher, that in going by the numbers, there is no problem.

Despite an ever burgeoning population, and a staggering increase in gun sales, it would appear from all the facts, that Americans are quite responsible with their firearms.

If we're going to ban firearms because of a few bad people, then under that same illogic, perhaps we need to ban Congress for its few (or many) bad politicians?

The bottom line is this... what we're hearing from the media and our government officials is not the truth.

It's a premeditated bald-faced lie. Plain and simple. No other way to parse it.

While we're talking about deceptive lies regarding gun violence, look into the events of many of the latest mass shootings. You will find many unsettling discrepancies, that once again, the corporate media has failed to tell you about.

Multiple accomplices were reported by eyewitnesses, but not by the media, in the Aurora, Colorado theater shootings, the Sikh Temple Shootings, and the Sandy Hook school shootings, to name but a few.

It's an uncomfortable thought, to think that the government and the corporate media would go out of their way to provide a false narrative about guns... manipulating, massaging and just plain fudging statistics the wrong way - and then leaving out glaring, factual evidence from actual, highly suspicious, gun-oriented (possible black-op) mass murders... but sadly enough, that's apparently what we have happening here in this country today.

Many have already had this same uncomfortable epiphany. It is not an uncommon revelation, post 9/11.

The allegation that there is collusion between the media and the government in regard to guns in the US, would seem to be fairly well substantiated, given the egregious actions of both entities in clearly misrepresenting the danger of guns in this country.

Once again, this appears to suggest a "private" agenda at work.

If history has ever shown us anything, it's the fact that those ill-fated countries that gave up their guns, oftentimes gave up their freedoms as well, because they also gave up the right to fight back and defend themselves.

It's pretty obvious to most why our forefathers had the foresight to make it law that we have the right to bear arms in this country, to protect ourselves should the government ever become tyrannical and turn against us again.

Unfortunately, US gun advocates now face an even greater threat, because the UN is being drawn into this outright attack on not just our 2nd amendment Constitutional right, but also our God given rights, when in fact the UN has no legal right given to it by "we the people" to deal within our domestic affairs.

The bottom line is this... government sanctioned terror groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS did not steal your freedom and your Constitutional rights.

Your government did that.

Treasonous government officials pushed for it.

Frightened politicians gave in to it.

All under the guise of "protecting your freedom!"

In all reality though, this came at the bidding of their big-money, central bank overlords, who, coincidentally enough, were the only people to increase their vast fortunes during the most recent orchestrated depression, in 2008 - many of them, the same ultra-wealthy families that profited from the first engineered depression that fleeced governments and people alike in 1929.

As hard as all of this may be for some to fathom, it is 100% fact.

Many people eventually do figure it out, but only after they finally quit listening to the corporate media disinformation/propaganda machine.

So, know where the real terror comes from in this world, and most of all, don't ever give up your guns, unless of course you'd like to fall victim to that terror.

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NewsFocus: in light of the evidence, it is glaringly transparent that the Obama administration is going all out to make it seem like we have a gun problem in the US, when in FACT, we don't. What we DO have is a problem with dark psyops in this country, killing innocent people for the sole agenda of disarming the US populace. They have aparently forgotten the FBI's own statistics.

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