False Flags in the US

A Special Look at Covert-Intel Black-Op Programs

There is Much More to the Story than the Media is Telling
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 061416

The corporate media always lays out the "lone nut" theory, but eyewitnesses tell a different story. Why then doesn't the mainstream national media ever report this?

The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shootings


The Aurora, Co Theatre Shootings


The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings


The Boston Marathon Bombing


The Orlando Night Club Shootings

If you wonder why anyone would do such a thing, then think about the big rush to immediately ban guns after every mass shooting. It's the first line of recourse now for the national media in any shooting, and that to this reporter is quite telling, just like their silence on the real murder by gun statistics.

The FBI's UCR says murder by gun has been cut in half in the US since 1993, despite the fact that there have been millions of guns sold since that time.

The murder rate for murder by gun in the US is a diminutive .003%. That sounds like pretty responsible gun ownership to me.

Do you know how many deaths you would have to add just to move that decimal one place to the right? That is still a long way from even getting close to 1%.

The media doesn't tell you those statistics. Instead, they tell you there is a gun problem.

The only real gun problem we have appears to be rogue black-op intelligence units which are orchestrating chaos in order to move Congress, or the president, to crack down on, or ban guns in the US.

Guns are the one thing that the powers that be fear the most, an armed citizenry that can protect itself.

From the FBI's own Uniform Crime Report, we have absolute evidence that there is no gun problem in the US. It's about time the corporate media owns up to the real gun statistics in the US, and then takes an honest in-depth look at who actually is fomenting these mass murders.

There is another darker aspect to this realm that the media has never touched upon even once, and that is a black-op program known as the "Sound of Silence," or SSSS, which stands for Silent Sound Spread Spectrum. (Read about it here: The Sound of Silence)

This very much sounds like the S-Quad system at work.

With all likelihood, dark alphabet intelligence is at work here. There is always more than one accomplice, in every shooting, but the national corporate media remains silent. A true testament to their integrity.

Author Naomi Wolf on "Created Events" (Boston Bombing)

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