The Longest War

A Special Report On The Afghanistan War

Why Are We Still In Afghanistan If Osama Is Dead?
Does Heroin Trade Have Anything To Do With Occupation?,
Op-Ed by Tim Watts - 120112

I never thought that in my lifetime I would ever see a war that would outlast the Viet Nam War. How pitifully wrong I was.

Like all wars, you have to question the political and financial motivation, the latter being the most prominent impetus for war. With that said, we didn't attack Afghanistan because the Taliban wouldn't turn Osama bin Laden over. (They were prepared to, if we could provide proof of his involvement.) We attacked Afghanistan for pure imperial, capitalist exploitation.

The facts are glaring for those that care to look.

One of the first things that Bush and Cheney did after stealing office was to invite the Taliban to the US to discuss an oil and gas pipeline route across Afghanistan to the Caspian sea. The Taliban said no deal. For that reason they became enemies of the Bush-Cheney administration.

One thing should be noted about United States involvement in Afghanistan... the poppy crop now flourishes once again, and US soldiers now guard these lucrative opium and heroin producing fields, rather than burning them. You have to ask yourself, why?

Why are these soldiers guarding the fields, instead of
burning them to stop the opium production?

Perhaps the answer becomes more apparent when you realize that the "evil Taliban" had eradicated the Afghan supply of opium-poppy production in just one year. This was reported in May of 2001, a full four months before 9/11.

Opium production under the Taliban was dead in 2001.

Now, after over a decade of US and UK occupation, the opium and heroin market thrives once again in Afghanistan, supplying three fourths of the world's opium and most of the heroin to Europe.

The only reasonable conclusion that one can draw from this is that some US officials appear to want this crop intact.

It also doesn't hurt that Afghanistan has the world's foremost supply of lithium, a highly lucrative necessity for today's world of rechargeable batteries.

So as you can see, there are many reason$ to occupy Afghanistan.

In the end the obvious comes to the forefront, that this war isn't about al Qaeda and terror, because the US created al Qaeda.

No sir, this war (illegal invasion) is all about profit and power.

  • Opium

  • Lithium

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline

  • Middle east control

The opium statistics on their own are very damning and are hands-down irrefutable. It's clear that the Taliban did what the US and UK have refused to do, eradicate opium production.

That in itself should make you question Afghanistan, let alone the enormously valuable Lithium deposits just waiting for the corporate taking.

It's evidence like this that makes many question what is truly going on in Afghanistan, but for others it solidifies and punctuates the long suspected notion that the War On Terror is all a fraud, with its real intent and purpose being power and control in a new world order.

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