The Truth About al Qaeda

What We've Been Told Is A Complete Manipulation Of The Facts

Al Qaeda Is Of Our Own Creation
The Real Truth About Creating An Evil Entity And Its Feared Boogeyman
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 010910

What we've been brainwashed to know about al Qaeda and the war on terror is not quite as much reality as it is a complete fabrication of the facts, or at the very least, a spin on the real truth of the matter.

The origin of al Qaeda is well understood by true historians of the Afghan War with Russia, but for the many who never paid attention to the 1980s Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, they have been subjected to a contemporary fabrication of the real facts in order to foment an enemy for the alleged "War on Terror."

According to deceased British MP Robin Cook, "Al-Qaida, quite literally means the database." The term itself referred to a secret computer file of thousands of Mujahideen, Afghans who were recruited and trained in the 1980s by the CIA to defeat the Russians in their invasion of Afghanistan.

The U.S. was given support at that time by then Pakistani General Zia-ul-Haq as they recruited and trained Afghan refugees, the Mujahideen freedom fighters, as they were to be called by Ronald Reagan. Islamic mercenaries were also said to be recruited for the resistance effort against the Soviets. Among those joining the U.S. led effort was a wealthy Saudi by the name of Osama bin Laden, whose family has had direct ties to the Carlyle Group and the Bush family.

At the the time, the Reagan-Bush administration was involved in a variety of  assorted covert activity, ranging from the central America conflicts, all the way to the middle east, including Afghanistan.

Considered by U.S. oil companies to be a strategic pipeline route for oil and gas, the Reagan administration spent billions to keep the Russians from gaining a military foothold in Afghanistan. Much like the covert Contra war, the CIA, under William Casey, became the central coordinating body for the U.S. backed resistance in Afghanistan.

After the 9/11 event, the U.S. tried to downplay and deny any involvement, or the recruitment and support of Osama bin Laden, but after the trial regarding the U.S. embassy bombing in Kenya, it was discovered that the CIA had indeed supported bin Laden with weapons, a fact revealed by the Boston Globe and confirmed by the Tennessee rifle manufacturer involved in the operation.

With this U.S. led resistance force, the Soviets were finally defeated and driven from Afghanistan, but soon thereafter, total anarchy and civil war erupted in the country. Out of this chaos a new group rose to power in the mid 1990s, the Taliban, supported and funded by the United States and Britain, as well as Saudi Arabia. The creation of the Taliban is said to have been encouraged by the CIA and the Pakistani ISI.

Much like the Soviets, the United States recognized the strategic potential of Afghanistan. American oil interests, of which the Bush oil family had a stake, proposed a pipeline across the country to carry oil and gas to the Caspian Sea, or better yet, to ports on the Indian Ocean. Led by this oil consortium, which included California giant UnoCal, the U.S. began its courtship of the Taliban.

Prior to the Bush II regime, the U.S. led oil cartel's plan for the nearly $5-billion dollar pipeline was rebuffed by the Taliban. Unhappy with this decision, another way was needed to obtain the highly valued and lucrative pipeline. War plans were drawn up prior to 9/11 for the invasion of Afghanistan, much as they were for Iraq. All that was needed was a pretext for war.

With the advent of the 9/11 event and its immediate blame placed on Osama bin Laden, the wealthy U.S. oil interests found their excuse for going to war with the Afghans, even though bin Laden immediately denied any involvement with the attacks. With the U.S. demanding the extradition of bin Laden, the Taliban rejected the notion that he was behind the attacks, demanding proof of his involvement.

The rest, as they say, is history. The U.S. had its "boogeyman" and new terror group which they announced to the world as a vast network known as al Qaeda.

"Al-Qaida, quite literally means the database."

-British MP Robin Cook                

With a weak coalition, not entirely sanctioned by the UN, the U.S. went to war against Afghanistan, claiming an alleged legal retribution for the 9/11 attacks.

Of course, the 9/11 Commission Report gives a totally different account, but it is widely regarded by many as merely a ruse to substantiate the War on Terror, and the end goal of securing not only the Afghan pipeline, but also the valuable oil fields of Iraq. The Bush-Cheney regime was found to have had war plans already drawn up in advance of 9/11. Their immediate accusation of Osama's involvement, within mere moments of the attack, bore no evidence to support the U.S. claim, a fact reinforced by the FBI, which to this date claims it still has no conclusive proof that bin Laden was involved in the 9/11 event.

Despite weapons inspector Hans Blix's denial that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. pulled him from Iraq and began its preparation for a baseless war, culminating in the "Shock & Awe" invasion and the overthrow of former U.S. installed and long supported dictator Saddam Hussein.

Through it all, the false "War on Terror" had begun. The conjuring of an evil opponent was now in place and firmly brainwashed into the American mindset and world populace, spoon-fed by a complicit media who never once displayed any intellectual curiosity for facts or the truth.

For those that remember the 60's Mel Brooks sitcom "Get Smart," the fictional worldwide network known as KAOS is similar in many ways to the al Qaeda of the new millennium, the never before faced international network of evil. The U.S. origin of al Qaeda has been strongly disavowed and kept a secret from those with no understanding of the Russian-Afghan war that spawned the group.

Al Qaeda is, for all intents and purposes, the poster child for the "War On Terror," a manufactured enemy for a manufactured war.

As long as our government leaders continue to perpetrate this threat to us, the War On Terror will reign on forever, much to the delight and immoral profit of the defense industry, its private backers and the central banks.

And so the nebulous War on Terror rages on, against an opponent, confirmed by U.S. military accounts, to be less than 100 strong now in Afghanistan. Yet onward still we fight, against a figurehead believed by many to be long dead, and an organization not as vast and omnipotent as we have been led to believe. Many don't want you to know that though. The threat of Osama the boogeyman is the necessary fuel that drives the war machine and generates the blood stained profits of war. Without Osama and al Qaeda, there is no War On Terror.

Ironically enough, the single most effective recruitment tool for al Qaeda is the U.S. and its foreign policy. Once a former U.S. created support cell, al Qaeda now exists in large part due to its overwhelming hate and disgust for the country directly responsible for its birth.

As former news anchor Linda Ellerbe used to say, "and so it goes."

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