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Proving that laughter is indeed always some of the best medicine...


Barack Obama Gets Stockholm Syndrome


A Little Christmas Satire From NewsFocus
Merry Christmas To All!

Click on picture for larger version.

Click here for raw uncensored version

Click on picture for larger version.

Click here for raw uncensored version

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George Soros Plans to Overthrow America
The Manchurian Lunatic
Comedy Central: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c

The Daily Show

Obama is the antichrist... or wait... maybe Hitler.


Letterman: Top 10 George Bush Moments

You just can't make this stuff up any better


Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Rumsfeld's Hands
Absolutely brilliant. Funny stuff.


Carlin on the real world

George Carlin on the Owners of the World.


Al Franken Outwits Ann Coulter... Again

New MN Senator will give Republicans something to think about.


The Roommates Get On McCain About The Phone Bill

Apparently John has been making lots of calls to Pennsylvania


McCain Is Feeling A Bit Down

The roommates stand behind John.


McCain Brings Palin To The Apartment

The roommates are worried McCain is rushing into this.


John McCain's Roommates

John can't get past the fact that he only had a chair to sit on.


Palin gets punked

Who's nailin' Palin? It's those whacky Canucks, eh.  :o)


More Letterman Top 10 Bush Moments

Dave's gonna miss the source material.



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Last modified: January 11, 2011