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A Special Report On The Chaos That Erupted In 2011


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What In The World Is Going On?
You Have To Question The Turmoil In The Middle East And North Africa In 2011
NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts - 112711

If you're not questioning the chaos and turmoil that has suddenly gripped the Middle East and North Africa, you seriously have to question your powers of observation, or your blinding indifference. The last year has been a year of adversity like no other. The entire region is being reshaped right before our eyes, yet our bought-and-paid-for corporate media has been woefully lacking in putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This is a key region of great oil wealth and valuable natural resources, yet our complicit media is okay with keeping their mouths shut and asking the big question, who is behind this upheaval?

This is no coincidence. Governments are toppling at the drop of a hat, some by CIA backed revolutions, others through war or economic collapse. The bottom line to it all, new governments are being installed that are favorable to the central bank cartels plan for a new world order run by them.

The US has already attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, and most recently Libya, all through unprovoked attacks. General Wesley Clark is on public record as saying that the US had already made up its mind to attack Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, and Iran right after 9/11, with no justification whatsoever. According to Clark, the plans were already drawn up by the Bush-Cheney regime. Did I mention that were bombing the hell out of Pakistan too?

Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt have brought about new governments there, with unrest also taking place in Yemen and Bahrain as well.

Add to this the recent political and economic upheaval in Italy and Greece with crises that have resulted in new leadership there, and you have a whole new power structure in place, or scheduled soon to be.

Once again, it is all too much to call a coincidence, especially with the long planned new world order now racing along at break neck speed. High crimes are taking place with millions being killed and impoverished, all the while the banksters divvy up the spoils of oil and gold, with no one bothering to question the absurd coincidence of all of this calamity in the year 2011. It's quite a conquest, yet the media is quite content to sit quietly through it all. Their silence is deafening. One can only hope that when someone finally comes for them we'll all look away and be just as silent.

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