The Koch Brothers

A Special Report On The Far Right Effort To Buy Out Our Democracy

Buying Fascism For America

The Koch Brothers' Vast Right-Wing Media Conspiracy

Democracy Now! Report On The Koch Brothers

Covert Operations
The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama
The New Yorker, by Jane Mayer - 083011

With his brother Charles, who is seventy-four, David Koch owns virtually all of Koch Industries, a conglomerate, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, whose annual revenues are estimated to be a hundred billion dollars. The company has grown spectacularly since their father, Fred, died, in 1967, and the brothers took charge. The Kochs operate oil refineries in Alaska, Texas, and Minnesota, and control some four thousand miles of pipeline. Koch Industries owns Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, Georgia-Pacific lumber, Stainmaster carpet, and Lycra, among other products. Forbes ranks it as the second-largest private company in the country, after Cargill, and its consistent profitability has made David and Charles Koch—who, years ago, bought out two other brothers—among the richest men in America. Their combined fortune of thirty-five billion dollars is exceeded only by those of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. ...

The Kochs Fight Back
Politico, by KENNETH P. VOGEL | 2/2/11 4:38 AM EST

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. – Faced with an avalanche of bad publicity after years of funding conservative causes in relative anonymity, the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, Charles and David, are fighting back.

They’ve hired a team of PR pros with experience working for top Republicans including Sarah Palin and Arnold Schwarzenegger to quietly engage reporters to try to shape their Koch coverage, and commissioned sophisticated polling to monitor any collateral damage to the image of their company, Koch Industries. ...

Koch Bros Spindoctor Up

NewsFocus: This right-wing billionaire family is arguably just as responsible for the discourse in America as Rupert Murdoch and FOX News.

Protestors demonstrate against the Kochs' meeting of New World Order billionaires. AP photo

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