Arguably the Most Impactful JFK Speech

One of History's Best Ever Speeches On Peace

President Kennedy's Speech on Peace
Just Another Reason Why TPTB Wanted to Kill Kennedy in 1963
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 052016

This speech is outstanding in its simple yet beautiful wording and content. Absolutely one of the best speeches ever given by any president. It was delivered at American University, June 10, 1963.

This was Kennedy at his finest. Listen closely to the wording.

In particular, of all the powerful things said in this speech, Kennedy reiterates only one thing... he repeats his conviction to "continue" fighting for peace, something the military industrial complex surely didn't want to hear about. (See National Security Memorandum 263)

If Kennedy was killed for speeches like this, then it's up to us to resurrect that message and keep it alive, as a hope for all mankind.

(And if for anything else, just to piss off those who killed Kennedy for having the conviction to deliver a message such as this.)


Audio: You Give Me Fever (JFK Remix)  [MP3]

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