What Is The Truth About Comet Elenin?

Is It A Comet, Nibiru, Or A Cover Story For Eco-Weaponry?

Are We Done With The Elenin Hype Now?
Another Scare Tactic Vaporizes Just Like The Comet
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 111311

Finally, the window for the predicted Elenin catastrophe that wasn't is over. As pointed out on this website, the threat was more of a concoction than a reality. Still, many refused to give up, claiming doom and gloom to the very end. The worst of it was, so many kept falsely tying Elenin to the massive earthquakes of the world, pointing to planetary alignments for the Chile, New Zealand, and Japan earthquakes. There were two major problems with that theory... 1) comets are not large enough to cause planetary perturbations, and 2) there was no alignment with the Japan earthquakes. Check the JPL model below and you will note the alignment was many days off.

Many of the websites have now pulled down all mention of Elenin, as if out of supreme embarrassment over their false hype, offering no explanation, apology or "crow plate special."

You have to ask who started such false fear mongering and who stood to benefit. Fear is a powerful tool for politicians, governments and those who delve in occult practices.

Was there any gain from this unsubstantiated fear? Perhaps there may be residual harm, say for the still smoking Nibiru (Planet X) controversy. Perhaps the danger lies when a real threat actually is upon us, but no one takes it seriously. In that regard, maybe there was a nefarious method to the Elenin madness. Time will tell, but at least for now the doomsayers can finally give up on the Elenin BS. At least, let's hope so.

The Comet That Just Won't Die
The Internet Still Buzzes With Dire Warnings, Even After Comet Breakup

NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 092311

It is the comet that just won't die. After breaking up and disappearing from sight on Friday, September 2nd, the controversy over Elenin just won't go away. Despite its disappearance, the warnings continue as we reach another solar alignment. This time it will be the closest alignment since entering our solar system. What will be lining up is at question, considering that the comet is alleged to have broken up.

In the event that there is some mass left with Elenin, it will be making an alignment first with the sun and the earth on Sunday and Monday, the 25th and 26th of September. That isn't the end of it though because another larger alignment begins right after that, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 27th and 28th, as any leftover vestiges of the comet (if there are any) will align with Mercury, the sun and Earth.

Comets are not known to cause planetary disturbances, but the fervor and outcry over Elenin has reached an unusual crescendo as doomsayers proclaim it to be the doomsday comet. Many have attributed Elenin to the Christchurch and Haiti quakes, even though it was over 6AU from Earth, over 557-million miles away. That is an unbelievable distance to have an effect on planetary perturbations, specifically for a comet.

A large object such as the fabled Nibiru- yes. A comet- no.

Comets are too small to have any gravitational tug or effect on larger planetary bodies, but that has not stopped some from making claims that Elenin is causing massive earthquakes on our planet. The massive Japanese quake on March 11 has also been attributed to Elenin, even though the planetary alignment took place nearly five days before the quake.

So, unless there is an object out there that is planetary in size, such as Nibiru, there is no reason for Elenin, a simple comet, to be causing earthquakes here on earth. If there is indeed some uncanny timing with massive earthquakes and something in the orbit of Elenin, that something is either huge and being hidden from us, or we have an intel faction exploiting these alignments by perpetrating eco-warfare crimes, using the alignments as cover for advanced eco-weaponry attacks.

As we head into the end of September the alarm bells ring once again. So what will it be, another massive earthquake? Many have pointed out that there are major military drills being conducted near NORAD, with NASA already on hand, and President Obama soon to arrive. An eerie coincidence, or planning for something big?

We will know soon enough.

As far as Elenin goes, it would be nice if astronomers could tell us one way or the other if it indeed still exists. Until then, we will not hear the end of the comet, because on October 17 it will reach its perigee with Earth and on November 5th we pass through its debris field.

So hang onto your hats folks. The rest is yet to come.

NASA Scientist David Morrison On Elenin And Nibiru

Is NASA Preparing For An Outside Threat In 2011?

See also: What Is Nibiru? (Planet X) Morrison's negative comments on Nibiru are curious, since NASA has already admitted that Planet X does exist.

Comet Elenin Totally Disappears!
Controversy Over Alleged Doomsday Comet Ends With Its Disappearance

NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 090211

The Elenin controversy has taken a dramatic turn of events with the sudden  disappearance of the comet. Rumors had begun to circulate that the comet was starting to break up as its orbit brought it closer to perihelion, its closest approach to the sun. The comet showed signs of dimming early in the week. On Friday it was gone.

This now ends months of rabid speculation about Elenin being something other than a comet. Many had alleged that the object was as large as the planet Jupiter and was responsible for the large earthquakes that have been taking place over the last two years. Some have even claimed it to be a brown dwarf star, or the infamous planet x, known as Nibiru. NewsFocus weighed in on this hotbed of controversy in May, stating that Elenin was indeed nothing more than a comet. (see story below) The breakup of the comet should now put to rest the numerous doomsday predictions and earthquake allegations that have been running rampant since the comet was first observed by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin, for whom the object was named. Amateur astronomers still have the blacked out area of space by NASA to speculate about, so the Nibiru controversy itself is still alive, but at least is no longer connected to Elenin.

NASA JPL Comet Projections Cause Dire Concern For Some
Comet Elenin
Being Used To Propagate Unsubstantiated Fear And Panic
NewsFocus, by Tim Watts - 052011

The great comet Elenin scare has been underway for some time now, ever since its discovery by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin (pictured left) on December 10th, 2010. Originally thought to be a hyperbolic comet, one that does not return, the comet is now thought by astrophysicists to be in a long elliptical orbit of 10,000 years. It is also thought to be entering our solar system for the first time and is arriving on a flat trajectory close to the ecliptic. The comet is expected to become visible to the naked eye sometime in August of this year.

The comet first gained infamous notoriety early this year with internet predictions of an alignment with the Earth and the sun, one that would trigger massive earthquakes on March 11th. The earthquakes did happen as predicted, with Honshu, Japan getting hit with the devastating 9.0, however, the much ballyhooed alignment never happened until four days later on March 15th. So much for the comet's alignment and the earthquake.

The comet's path, in conjunction with its occasional planetary alignments, has also been linked to the September 3, 2010 New Zealand 7.3 earthquake, as well as the February 27, 2010 Haiti 8.8 quake. On both on those days there was indeed a perfect planetary alignment with the comet, but technically that should not have any affect.

There are two problems with this Elenin-earthquake hypothesis. Number one, the comet was over 6 AU (astronomical units from the sun) away from the Earth during both of those earthquakes, and number two, comets are not generally known to cause planetary perturbations or have a seismic affect on planets.

One AU is roughly 92,955,807 miles in distance, so this is quite literally a physical impossibility for an alleged comet to cause effects from over 557-million miles away.

I use the word "alleged" because many have speculated that it is not a comet, but may indeed be a much larger elliptical orbiting planet, such as the fabled Planet X (Nibiru). Many astrophysicists have already verified Elenin's comet-like signature in space. If it was a huge planet the size of Jupiter or Saturn, we would surely be seeing planetary perturbations by now. (And a giant brown dwarf star, as claimed by some, is absolutely out of the question, because astronomers would undoubtedly be noticing its undeniable influence and resulting cosmic chaos by this point.)

This has not stopped many from making some very bold doomsday claims regarding Elenin's entry into our solar system. For starters, many are drawing similarities with the 1998 movie "Deep Impact." Contrary to what many are claiming, the comet in the movie was not named ELE, (extinction level event) it was Wolf-Biederman. The fact that the movie scientist's name was Leo is pure coincidence with the name of Leonid Elenin. Others claim it is responsible for the large earthquakes that the Earth has been experiencing. One thing is for certain, someone has gone out of their way to create a false fear to stir up the masses, but fear has always been the main control tool of the powers that be, so that they can keep their power.

Elenin does appear to be coming in on somewhat of a flat trajectory along the ecliptic, however, it is still well above Earth's orbit and ahead of Earth's orbit. The comet is not projected to hit the earth. Its closest point (perigee) with Earth will be roughly .232 AU, or 21,565,747 miles away. Many say this is very close, but we've had closer before. Comet 103P/Hartley was closer yet, at a distance of 0.1207 AU on October 20, 2010. Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Paradisaical is predicted to pass by at 0.06007 AU this year on August 15. These are both clearly much closer passes, so what's all the fuss about with comet Elenin?

Compare this to our own moon which sits at roughly a mere 238,857 miles from Earth. (This distance fluctuates between 225,622 to 252,088 miles because of the Moon's orbit.) The point is, these comets, including Elenin, will be millions of miles away, yet some are fear mongering with baseless claims that we will be hit. Unless NASA/JPL is lying, or tragically mistaken in their calculations, there is no justifiable concern with Elenin.

If there was cause for alarm, NASA would more than likely hide the evidence, as has been rumored with Nibiru. There is currently a large chuck of space that is being covered up on all space charts, with no explanation to date as to why there is missing data. (See picture below.) So why would NASA hide one set of space data, but then reveal Elenin, if indeed there was cause for alarm or concern?

Note the blacked out quadrant of space in the center. (Click for larger image)

The alleged Nibiru coordinates: 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 58 (Type into Google Earth Sky.)

Nibiru is thought to pass our solar system through every 3,553 to 3,600 years. It has been here before and our Earth is still here as well, so why is NASA so worried about blacking out the above image, if it is indeed Nibiru?

Unless NASA has doctored its trajectory tracker for Elenin, you have to wonder about the myriad internet claims of a serious planetary threat. By their own JPL model, there is no projected collision course and the comet's size is too small to cause planetary disturbances.

Please don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't think the government would lie to us if there was a disastrous ELE imminent. They simply wouldn't want to deal with the panic and mayhem, while they try to save their own asses. If Elenin was a vastly large object such as Jupiter or Saturn, other telescopes would surely be picking it up. If world governments were muzzling the large observatories, you would think that independent scopes would be noticing the telltale planetary perturbations by now.

Just for the sake of argument, if indeed comet Elenin is an extinction level event, why hide a portion of deep space that might contain evidence of a later arrival from Nibiru, one that would come after the alleged comet Elenin destruction? What would be the point in that?

So something is clearly not right when the two instances are considered together.

The correlation with the Japan earthquake is clearly reaching, to say the least. Also, the prediction that we will pass through the comet's tail on November 5th is another false fear. Number one, a comet's tail always points away from the sun, so we will not even come remotely close. Number two, comets are distinctly different from asteroids and are made of ice, not rock. There should be nothing threatening from its tail to even begin with.

It is humorous to note that one of the YouTube posters disseminating the doomsday fear also makes a pitch to sell you some silver near the close of his end of the world prophesy. Yeah, that's going to come in handy when the world has been annihilated.

This writer's opinion is that Elenin is a big smoke screen, to get people from looking at other earthquake related issues that are currently getting lots of attention, such as HAARP and other eco-weapon related systems. Whether you believe it or not, there is much corroborating evidence on eco-weaponry, so therefore there is an impetus for some to get people to look at other possible causes for the unprecedented major earthquakes that are gaining attention at this time.

Eco-weaponry has existed for some time now, as early as 1997, according to former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen. The fact of the matter is, earthquake, tornado, and hurricane producing eco-weapons are a sad new reality for nations to contend with. One unsavory thought is that those possessing such technology could exploit this Elenin excuse as a cover to use these weapons with impunity, with most being none the wiser. Many would readily accept the feeble excuse over the more viable technological explanation.

One other thought on comet Elenin, by putting up a false scare story now, one that eventually becomes nothing, it might hopefully dissuade people from entertaining their bigger fear, the return of Nibiru, or Planet X. People might more easily dismiss rumors and reports of Nibiru if the Elenin controversy turns out to be nothing. (Which it more than likely is.)

It is an undeniable fact that there is something being hidden on Google and Microsoft's telescope pages. Both have hidden the same area of space, but both in different ways, proving that this is not just a digital dropout. Google has blacked out the area, while Microsoft has coyly tried to paste over the spot with another image. Two different techniques of deception, rather than one image with the same uniform data loss.

A Google black out and a poor Microsoft paste job.

So perhaps there is indeed something to fear from deep space, but so far as one can reason, and see from JPL, there should be nothing to fear from Elenin. Nibiru on the other hand seems to have someone at NASA and our government quite concerned.

Stay tuned for more to come.

What Is NASA Hiding Through Google And Microsoft?

Something in the Orion system is clearly being blocked out.

Upcoming Dates Based On Comet Elenin
(Click on the events below to see the position of Earth and Elenin)

Date Event Comet Distance From Earth
Sep 25 Sun, Elenin, Earth alignment .412 AU
Sep 26 Sun, Elenin, Earth alignment .396 AU
Sep 27 Mercury, Sun, Elenin, Earth alignment .381 AU
Sep 28 Mercury, Sun, Elenin, Earth alignment .367 AU
Oct 17 Perigee with Earth .232 AU
Nov 05 Pass through comet's path .348 AU
Nov 11 Venus, Mercury, Earth, Elenin alignment .42 AU
Nov 23 Elenin, Earth, Sun alignment .596 AU

NASA / JPL Comet Tracker

Plot The Trajectory of Elenin

Elenin Alignments And Non-Alignments:

This NASA JPL projection shows that an alignment happened on March 15th, NOT the 11th with Japan.

This comet projection shows an alignment DID occur on September 3, 2010 for the New Zealand 7.3.

This comet projection shows that an alignment did NOT happen on April 4, 2010 for the Mexico 7.2.

This comet projection shows an alignment DID occur on February 27, 2010 for the Chile 8.8 earthquake.

This comet projection shows an alignment did NOT occur on January 12, 2010 for the Haiti 7.0 quake.

This comet projection shows an alignment did NOT occur on January 1, 2010 for Solomon Islands 7.3.

Major Earthquakes Since Late 2009

Earthquake Epicenter Date Mag
Honshu, Japan 03/11/11 9.0
Honshu, Japan 03/09/11 7.3
New Zealand 09/03/10 7.3
Philippines 07/23/10 7.6
Northern Sumatra 05/09/10 7.2
Baja, Mexico 04/04/10 7.2
Maule, Chile 02/27/10 8.8
Haiti 01/12/10 7.0
Solomon Islands 01/03/10 7.3
Samoa Islands region 09/29/09 8.1

 A Disturbing Video With Many Unfounded Claims For Comet Elenin

It is quite humorous to see threats of planetary destruction, along with a pitch to buy silver.

 Debunking The Elenin Threat: Part 1

 Debunking The Elenin Threat: Part 2

And then there's this from the EU Times: (More fear mongering?)

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