What Has The Far Right Unleashed On America?


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What Hell Hath The GOP Wrought? Discourse and Vitriol Are The Fruits Of Their Labor (You Reap What You Sow)
What Powerful Financial Group Is Behind This Movement? Follow The Money
NewsFocus Op/Ed 091509

After eight years of a tumultuous and arguably corrupt Bush-Cheney regime, a common theme throughout the 2008 presidential campaign was simply one word, "change." While all candidates promised to reform the doings of Washington, one person was able to slickly package and market the theme of hope and change and turn it into a decisive win in the November election. That election was a near landslide for Barack Obama, a mandate of sorts for a new direction in this country, moving away from the draconian ways of the previous administration.

Along with that win came a thorough drubbing of the Republican party, but as the GOP has proven time and time again, they don't die easy. They come back with a vengeance. Their animosity and disregard for the will of the people didn't take long to surface as the GOP attacked America's first ever African-American President within the first 30 days. While the previous administration claimed two terms in office under some highly suspicious voting irregularities, the Bush-Cheney team never ever encountered the degree of political ill will that was dealt from the start towards the new incoming Democrat elect President Obama. That's saying a lot! Bush and Cheney were also opposed from the start, but not quite like this.

While a large number of progressives have been unhappy to see many unpopular Bush policies remain in place, questioning how much change would actually take place in the Obama administration, the conservatives have been thankless, even though many of the called-for investigations by the Democrats of Bush-Cheney have been curtailed.

While a lack of change in many areas has left a great deal of progressives feeling somewhat cheated, there has apparently been enough of an attempt at change to stir the wrath of the far right. FOX has been behind much of this, with their minions of propaganda and deceit leading the way. Disinformation pundits such as O'Reilly and Hannity have been as predictable as ever in the onslaught, feigning independence while dripping with party line sweat and rhetoric, but surprisingly the newest Rupert Murdoch FOX mouthpiece, Glenn Beck, lured away from CNN, has done the most damage.

Beck is very much like a game of Russian roulette, but in reverse. With Beck there is only one chamber empty and harmless, while the others are loaded and ready to kill. There are some issues which Beck seems to have an inkling of such as the dangers of the Federal Reserve System or the New World Order, but the contrast of those issues with others where he seems to have no grip at all is a juxtaposition in reason and logic. (Obama origin of birth, Muslim faith, and alleged hatred of white people, etc.)

Like the infamous Joseph Goebbels, Beck has learned to pander to and manipulate an audience of followers with theater and emotion. His now almost regular national sniveling has become a routine part of his act, using it at will like a soap opera actress, as he works to sell a false sincerity in a desperate attempt to sway the opinions of gullible viewers, all for the pay-off of millions in Murdoch money. Not quite a Darth Vader to Murdoch's evil emperor status, for Bill O'Reilly holds that distinction, (apologies to dark lord of the Sith Dick Cheney) but perhaps maybe a Boba Fett the bounty hunter analogy as Beck targets his prey for the empire, whether it be Rahm Emanuel, Van Jones or even Obama himself. Beck is the new darling pawn of the right.

While the conservative media machine has launched a full scale attack, aiming the right wing media conglomeration of talk-radio, FOX News and countless publications squarely at Obama, it has been Beck who seems to have struck a resonant chord among the less educated and most gullible of conservatives and moderates. It's poetically ironic that the affable yet cerebrally challenged Beck should be the band leader for the naive far right lemmings of America. What's the old saying, "birds of a feather...?"

Together, these combined forces, all wielding party driven propaganda, have falsely misled others into many movements, from the tea baggers to the birthers, all seemingly hell bent on anarchy and an anti-government mentality.

With all of this said, one has to wonder where the extreme vehemence and anger from the right is coming from. The far right has unleashed a veritable barrage of hate and disinformation directed at Obama, an assault of the likes not seen in this country for quite some time.

So far to date they have fomented and encouraged the following false allegations on Obama : 1) he is a Muslim, 2) he is not a real American, and 3) he is a racist and hates white people, even though his mom and grandmother are white. All of these right wing charges have been proven to be false, but you wouldn't know it if you listen to the far right media machine that is openly lying on all of these accounts.

The message from the far right has been fear and hatred. They are encouraging violence with their speech. They openly tell protesters to bear arms. They encourage talk of seceding from the union, thus weakening the country. This is pure madness; for what reason?

It's starting to look as if many on the right simply don't want to believe the truth. They appear to be more comfortable rejecting this Democratic President for reasons that are starting to look as if they are beyond politics, reasons that are socially very disturbing.

Examine the crowds that you see at the tea bag gatherings or Beck's own 9/12 march. Aside from the many misspelled protest signs, one thing is quite glaring, the crowds are predominantly white. A search of the photos yields very few blacks at all (99.9% white). Maybe the photographers just happened to take pictures of white segments only, for every single photo. Then again, maybe we have a problem with a particular segment of society that is being driven with falsehoods from the far right.

You have to seriously question where anger like this is coming from. Policy issues are one thing, but the vitriol being displayed from the right is seemingly much deeper.

One thing seems to be very obvious, Obama has upset big money with his reform agenda. Only the big money interests have the wherewithal and financial deep pockets to plan and fund such a grandiose ruse on a gullible segment of society. As George W. Bush once said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." Someone is apparently concentrating very hard on a segment of the conservative right.

Who is it that Obama has apparently pissed off? ($$$)

One needs but only to follow the money:

Health Insurance Industry Reform (a trillion dollar annual jackpot)
Health Insurance Profit Statistics Daily Kos
Insurance industry isn't on patients' side South Florida Sun Sentinel
Healthcare reform wins over doctors lobby Los Angeles Times
When Wealthy Isn't Healthy - for-profit health care industry makes profit... BNet

Wendell Potter on Profits Before Patients Bill Moyers Journal

Wall Street and Bank Reform (the multi-trillion dollar shell game)
Obama Urges Bankers to Back Financial Overhaul Wall Street Journal
Bringing a Bitter Pill to Wall Street New York Times
Obama Gets Stern With Wall Street Washington Post
Two Banks That Should Fear Obama? CNBC
Obama to Wall Street: Get behind regulatory reform Reuters

Are you starting to see a motive for some to stir up animosity against a President pushing for reform? Trillions of dollars are at stake under health care and Wall Street change.

While this author was wholeheartedly behind a Kucinich campaign, I seriously have to wonder as I watch big money and the far right line up to tear the Obama agenda apart.

The crowds we see demonstrating are truly passionate about their beliefs, albeit they are grossly misguided and without legitimate foundation. They scream that they want their country back when it hasn't gone any further from them. Where does this reasoning come from? These crowds are being purposefully lied to and misled with disinformation by a much more powerful force that seeks to divide this country through racial and political division. It is apparently in someone's best financial interests to see us at each other's throats.

What the powers that be seem to fear is that people are starting to wake up from the Bush administration hangover, when we were drunk with disillusionment, blind patriotic faith and ignorance. It would seem that someone wouldn't mind seeing more domestic catastrophe to push us back to that easily manipulated place.

Then there's Glenn Beck, who would very much like to see us return to that day after 9/11. He readily admits it. We were scared then, ready to give up our Constitutional rights and accept the most horrible legislation in US history with the Patriot Act. Some would like us to return to a post-9/11 mentality of fearful lemmings, malleable and easily manipulated. Beck and the powers that be that guide him want us to return to that state of being frightened and angry. That is the professed goal of Beck's 9/12 Project.

How does this unite America when the tea bag events and Obama protests are clearly dividing people with racism and heated political acrimony?

Beck and the far right wing-nuts are organizing their disillusioned lemmings en masse, to portray a false perception that all of America is upset. Their march on Washington was but one example, although inaccurately misrepresented by Beck and the right. FOX News, Freedom works and Beck have estimated that between 1 to 2 million people showed up in the nation's capitol to protest, but more credible sources are giving a much different picture of those attending. Official estimates are for 60,000 protesters, still a significant number, yet woefully far short of the millions that the far right tries to claim.

60,000 Tea Party Protesters March On Washington ABC News
Conservatives Lie About the Size of Their March on Washington Examiner.com

Worse yet, it appears that Beck and company even stooped so low as to misrepresent the numbers of their gathering by using a picture of another larger past gathering in Washington, claiming it was their march when it clearly was not. That's desperation.

What is worse for those backing the lie is that a conservative publication actually caught them red handed in their unscrupulous deception.

That photo of the 9/12 march on Washington? It's fake. Christian Science Monitor

In regards to those that did show up to protest a government trying to give them better health care, you have to ask the question, where were these people under the Bush-Cheney regime when they were reigning in our Constitution with the heinous Patriot Act, blaming 9/11 on Saddam, selling a false tale of weapons of mass destruction and leading us into not one, but two full scale wars of aggression?

These people need to realize they are being duped for big money's interests. One would think that some of them might be asking why Beck, Mr. 9/12 organizer, wasn't even on hand when it was him who encouraged those people to drive far and wide to attend his event. He had all the time weeks before to whip up anger and encourage the FOX faithful to attend, but no time to show up or address those that actually showed up? The whole event was apparently just one big right wing photo op. That should tell people a lot about the true motives behind the escalation of animosity in this country. That should say a ton about those driving the bus to crazy town, steering this national dissent.

It's time to look deeper than the political left-right hatred and the racial discourse being perpetuated in this country. It's time to recognize where a national disunity will lead us all. It's time to take a look at those who benefit from organized chaos and disaster capitalism.

It's time to wake up and follow the money.

The Right Wing Conservative Media of Lies And Disinformation

The FOX crew is doing their best to divide "we the people."

CNN: There Is A Dark Fringe To These Tea Party Events

When will these people wake up and realize they have been duped by FOX.

Who Makes Up The Obama Protestors?
A Sad Reflection of White America Towards Our First Black President

This isn't meant to push a racist divide, just to highlight a segment
of society that has been pushed by the far right into a false sense of fear.


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