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Defense Oriented Website Stirs Internet With Population Drops

What in the World is
A Website With Too Much Sensitive Information, by Tim Watts - 070816

In October of 2015, the internet yielded another interesting nugget of curiosity from it vast mine of information and endless tunnels of deeply hidden data. This one would cause quite the stir.

A website came to light, named It originated August 31, 2003, as an international defense oriented website, coalescing extremely sensitive military infrastructure information, referenced from other military organizations, into one site.

The site raised internet concerns when it published predictions for a US population of just 65-million people in 2025, a decrease of over 245-million people!

It has been alleged to have ties with the NSA, NATO, UN, the World Bank, Stratfor, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCE, as well as the Russian Defense Procurement Agency.

One look at their website, and you understand how these connections might be possible, because there is a ton of sensitive information detailed on this one site.

Since its inception in 2003, the site has expanded into global economic information as well.

The excitement came about as discoverers of the site noticed that Deagel's prediction for 2025 US population is just 65-million people.

Since the US is estimated to be well over 310-million right now, that is quite an alarming decrease to be predicting.

As alarm started to spread across the internet, Deagel reportedly tried to say that it had been hacked, and the low US number was the result of that hack, but a careful examination of the website shows a different story that should raise a "Spock eyebrow" for some.

According to their own website, Deagel has been speculating on population since 2008. (No predictions previous to 2008 were found.)

Since that time, Deagel has been consistently predicting an ever diminishing US population, so for them to suggest that their site was hacked to lower their estimate is extremely disingenuous at the least, and a bald faced lie at the worst.

Here are the actual projections from Deagel for the last seven years:
2014 319M 65M (in 2025)
2013 316M 88M (in 2025)
2012 314M 182M (in 2025)
2011 314M 187M (in 2025)
2010 313M 248M (in 2020)
2009 307M 264M (in 2020)
2009 304M 271M (in 2020)


The interesting thing is, not all countries drop in population. Some do, while others don't. The US appears to show the worst drop of all.

China is one of those countries that continually shows growth, according to According to the site's predictions, China is set to become the new world economic leader.

Perhaps most surprising of all is the revelation of who is behind Deagel, and to find that answer, Whois was the solution. Early researchers were able to uncover that the person behind the website was none other than former government insider, Edwin Deagle.

Deagle was Undersecretary of the Air Force under President Bill Clinton. He later became Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense under Clinton in 1994.

Edwin Deagle is also listed as an active member of the CFR.

Perhaps most telling of all is the interesting fact that  Deagle is the Director for International Relations for the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the leading eugenic supporters in the world.

Just as interesting, it appears that once this information became public, in 2015 a concerted effort was made to hide Deagle's name from the Whois information directory, as shown below. It is no longer listed, as of October 2015.

This Whois registration change coincidentally took place at the same time when all the internet talk was going on over the discovery of the website, back in 2015.

Deagle held many positions under the Bill Clinton administration.

Deagle wrote the foreword to the book, World Energy Survey, by Ruth Sivard, 2nd edition (1981), in which he predicted a mass exodus from the US. (see the end of this article)

One thing is clear from looking at someone with highly placed connections has published a ton of highly sensitive military and economic information onto one website and is making dramatic predictions about world government.

For someone to be able to coalesce this kind of information takes incredible effort and vast government and military resources.

To forecast a dramatic drop-off in US population is no small feat. It certainly has garnered a great deal of world attention.

To this author though, perhaps the most important question might be, who the site was originally developed for and how this strategic information is used by those meant to receive it.

Given the public alarm over the Georgia Guidestones, which suggest to many a culling of the earth's population to the designated 500-million engraved on the stones, coupled with the concern over GMO food and government aerial spraying of our skies with toxic chemtrails, it is no wonder people are concerned about a predicted drop in population.

Now that the numbers are out, it will be interesting to watch population figures over the next decade.

For the present, a little more scrutiny of is certainly in order, as well as a close inspection of all others who are behind this bizarre defense related information website.

[From the book...World Energy Survey, by Ruth Sivard, 2nd edition (1981]

Foreword by Edwin A. Deagle, Jr.

"The massive energy transition the world has been undergoing since 1973 continues to be full of surprises. Past predictions of energy independence based on a diversity of supplies; of the unlikelihood that conservation based on higher energy prices would be much help; of the prospect that OPEC countries would drive prices higher and higher have all proven wrong. Many people now interpret the current surplus in he oil market as evidence that the power of OPEC is broken and the energy crisis is essentially over. This prediction is undoubtedly wrong too."

"What is true is that energy will remain high on the policy agenda of most countries for a decade and probably longer. New sources of supply require vast sums of capital and long periods of time to bring to the market. The promise of renewable sources of energy at reasonable prices remains in the future. conservation in reaction to high energy prices has been the most successful public response to the energy transition to date, greatly overshadowing the efforts of governments."

"Nevertheless, governments and international agencies have begun to act. We note that the United Nations is holding a Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy at Nairobi, in August 1981. It is the first international effort in some time to attempt to fashion strategies for international action; and we hope that it will be successful."

"In the belief that informed public opinion is both the prerequisite and the guarantee of effective public policy, The Rockefeller Foundation is pleased to support the work of Ruth Sivard in preparing this volume. Revised and expanded from an earlier version published in 1979, the volume is intended to provide an overview of the world energy situation and prospects for the future. Its merit, in our judgment, lies in the useful way it marshals complex facts and issues for the lay reader. The foundation takes no formal positions on matters of public policy and therefore does not, by its sponsorship, necessarily endorse the substantive views expressed in this report. We are pleased, however, to support this useful work with the hope that it will contribute greatly to public understanding of these complex and vexing issues."

Edwin A. Deagle, Jr., Ph.D.
Director, International Relations
The Rockefeller Foundation

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