How Our Election System Was Stolen From Us


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The Clint Curtis Story
Murder, Spies And Voting Lies

The Birth of HAVA And The Death of Free Elections In America

Please take the time to listen to the testimony of Clint Curtis, the software programmer who naively wrote vote flipping software in 2000 because he thought the politicians wanted to know how to protect against it. He was wrong. They used his code in the election that year and have been expanding on the vote flipping software to this very day.

With vote flipping proven in 2000, 2004 and now already well documented in four states so far for 2008 (W. Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and Missouri) what can we expect for this election?

Clint Curtis left Yang Enterprises in dispute over the vote flipping code. (YEI sanctioned this project.) When the company learned he was then going to work for the state of Florida, they quickly offered him $1-million dollars to come back to the company, even though he only made $60-thousand before leaving. He refused their bribe to return because he knew the company was corrupt.

A reward of $200,000 was later offered for anyone who could prove how the machines were hacked. Curtis realized it was his code that was used. He stepped forward to answer the $200,000 challenge, proving exactly how the vote flipping was carried out, however, he never accepted the money. All he wanted was for the story to finally be told.

Once he went public with the story, his dog was shot in an effort to intimidate Curtis from speaking further. He worked with noted investigative reporter Brad Friedman ( on the movie, "Murder Spies & Voting Lies," telling the story of how our election process has been stolen from us.

Clint Curtis then tried to run for Congress in Florida, against Tom Feeney, the Congressman who asked him to write the vote flipping code. Ironically, his own code was used against him to keep him from gaining office and upsetting Mr. Feeney from office.

Clint Curtis is a very brave, true American hero and people need to hear his story.

Please, forward this link onward so that those who have died to get this story out will not have passed in vain


Programmer Testifies To Congress He Wrote Vote Flipping Code For GOP

From the movie uncounted: Clint Curtis

The Clint Curtis Story
Murder Spies & Voting Lies (Trailer)
From 'Murder, Spies and Voting Lies'
Murder Spies & Voting Lies


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