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An Open Letter to All On Control
How Society is Steered in Times of Crisis (Engineered or Natural), Op-Ed by Tim Watts - April 10, 2020

To all who are concerned about our dwindling / inconsistent food supply during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Understand that the powers that be (TPTB) own everything in this world of value to us. They have made epic investments into our food and water, because as Henry Kissinger once said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

One source of control has come from a very interesting group which I have been following for many years now, since they bought up the gun market. I have mentioned this group to many of you previously. For those that don't know, let me introduce to you... Cerberus.

If anyone is wondering about that name possibly sounding familiar, Cerberus is the mythical creature that guards the gates of Hell.

(What a great name for a company! Very family-oriented & people friendly.)

Long story short, this company was directly behind the ammo crisis we have had in this country. They bought up all the gun and ammo companies. A very interesting purchase at a time when people are on edge about their government. The basic premise being, it doesn't matter how many guns we have in this country, if we don't have any bullets.

Skipping ahead... shortly after Cerberus cornered the market on guns and ammunition, they then moved into the food distribution market - another very curious and extremely strategic acquisition. I have been watching as they purchased chains like Albertson's, Safeway and even Minnesota's own Super value.

Hopefully by now you are starting to the wonder about the dog that guards the gates to Hell.

The people behind Cerberus are actually some former HW Bush minions, such as Dan Quayle and Brent Scowcrowft. Co-founder, Stephen A. Feinberg is a very mysterious figure who travels in very private circles. The three of them together are seen by many as lapdogs for the infinitely wealthier powers that be. (Note: These people don't care about party allegiance as much as they care about an allegiance to the powers that be. Republican and Democrat have little value with organizations such as this.)

FYI... I just recently ran across an article that does a pretty good job of reporting on Cerberus. I don't see many of these often, so I thought I would share this and pass it along. Please peruse this piece at your convenience. (And send the link on to friends and family.)

For those that aren't aware... the uber-rich have controlled us for millennia in many different ways, but none more insidious than the Hegelian Dialectic

  • Create a problem, or exploit an existing problem, that causes great hardship, pain and agitation for the targeted populace.

  • Wait for the people to cry out en masse in agony and with great despair, begging for some form of relief.

  • Offer that relief with new unpopular reforms that people would never have accepted, but for their most recent crisis which motivates them to react.

Fear is the great motivator. Scare the shit out of everyone and they suddenly become one of two things... extremely agitated or more docile. Fear is how they control us. It is how they get us to react.
The one thing I know for a fact is that things are not as we think in this world. There is a power that has more expendable money than governments. That power works against all of us, each and every day. It is time for people to understand this important fact of life... and to recognize that we are being controlled. Perhaps more importantly, we are being divided  in order to obtain that control.
Trying to control 320-million people is a very formidable task, but... if you can cut that number in half, you have a much easier path to control.
Gee, how could we ever be divided in half?

Could it be race or religion?

How about perhaps, politics? Divide this country into Republicans and Democrats and then get the people to think about their common issues differently, in a new light, driven by an engineered, calculated, fomented fear of the other party's unsettling ideas of life for us all.

Ring any bells for anyone?

The bottom line is this... we all eat, sleep and breathe. We all piss, poop and fart. We all love our family and friends. As a matter of fact, we all generally like people who like the same things as us - have similar interests, hobbies, aspirations, and ideology. As a matter of fact, we form bonds with people over sports teams and even TV shows.
As a society, we are taught to be tolerant of others... until we get to politics.

At this point, the person who you truly have much in common with is now more than likely no longer worthy of friendship, simply because they watch MSNBC or FOX News. Because they follow a different political party suddenly changes everything.

Do you realize how @#%* bassackward stupid that is?

Especially in light of the fact that we don't control, nor lay out, the political issues / agendas that confront us on a daily basis. Those issues are contrived by the "party leaders" and big-money contributors. Our role in the whole sordid affair is to simply be good little lemmings and fight tooth and nail with our neighbors over the politically divisive issues presented to us.

Meanwhile, the uber-rich sit back in their high thrones and laugh amongst themselves... "Look, see how they are fighting amongst themselves and not coming after us. This is good for us. We have control."

So, with all good intent meant... get a clue folks!

Start realizing that we all put our pants on the same way. We all have common interests in our lives that have no business, nor any reason, to be painted as red or blue. A solution to a problem either works for all the people, or it doesn't. Sadly, we have all been ingrained with the notion that this isn't possible. We have truly been divided.

We, as people on this planet, all have common needs together - each of us struggling for some form of survival and comfort - some form of life. When those needs are challenged, people will and do react. Understand how you are being made to react. It may be easier said than done, but once you are truly informed, it does get much easier. The key is, don't let your information be left or right. Know that the truth is not partisan. Sadly, in today's world, you have to search hard to find the real truth, but as TV's Fox Mulder was known for saying, "The truth is out there."

We all desperately need to start figuring out how we can actually co-exist together, instead of being torn apart and purposefully divided by those that have it all - those with the insatiable greed for gaining even more.

For the record, there is no such thing as the one-percent! That is a myth. The truth of the matter is this... the number is actually much smaller than the 1%. All it takes to figure it out is some simple math.
If one was to just look at billionaires alone (because they control the world, not the millionaires)... the number is actually .00003%. That is a lonnnnnnng way from 1% folks.

Note: This graphic was created in 2012, using statistics from that time.
As the population continues to grow, the numbers above get smaller.

Do you see the disparity now?

On top of this... the world does have trillionaires, they are just kept a secret from the rest of society, because people would be outraged that there are possibly at least a half a dozen families, or more, on this planet that are worth trillions. (And forget checking Forbes. Their wealth ranking is a lie, because they do not account for trusts. That is where the rich hide all of their money!)

Make no mistake about it, there is great wealth behind everything that happens on this planet. Everything. Their MO is to capitalize on disaster, as many ways as possible. Bet on both sides of the proposition. (Just as they do for war.)

The bottom line is this... we as people are being driven by issues in our lives that we are not looking at critically, in the proper light. (Especially so right now.) We are allowing our opinions to be formed by others, with an R or a D associated, in red or in blue.

This realization should be troubling to those with enough common sense to recognize that this is indeed our current reality. (FYI... those at the top may play along with this game, but they have no real aspirations of Republican or Democrat. Their color is not red or blue, it is all green, because it's all about one thing only to them... money. (And the power and control that comes with it.) And please don't naively or ignorantly scream the names Soros or Koch, because they operate the exact same way. They are merely loyal lapdogs to TPTB, helping to perpetuate the fraud that is Democrat and Republican.

If there are any epiphanies to come from we the people over this latest perceived threat to society, let it be the fact that it's time to get our collective shit together as a people and start thinking realistically about how we are all  controlled... and why we have the world we have today.

Know who your real enemy is in this world. It is BIG money.

Big money is the only thing that can support huge drug markets, sex markets and all other well funded perversities of this world. These things only happen through the auspices of really big money. (See the opium wars.)

FYI... a society toppled from the outside can always rise again by those from the inside who used to cherish it, however, a society toppled from the inside, is truly at the greatest peril of all. I have seen too much of this since 9/11.

For those who might not have noticed, the Marvel movies have been parroting this theme for some time now. The cry of the new world order is very prevalent in each movie by echoing the line, "the world is changing."

Perhaps the most interesting is a derivation of the previous paragraph... "An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but an empire that is toppled from within is dead." (Interesting that that particular thought was presented at this time.)

In closing... it would seem as if someone is steering us once again, just like lemmings, with repeated messages in our movies and television programming. (It's called "programming" for a reason. I do realize this from many years of broadcast programming experience.)

The bottom line is this... while the coronavirus seems to have its own lethality, it very much appears to fall far short of more recent viruses that have killed exponentially more people. My opinion is, there appears to be a rat in the wood pile folks.

Fear is being driven at pandemic levels. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the analogy.) And we know what happens when they drive us to fear... bad things happen.

Powerful stuff to think about as we wait for the other shoe to drop in this latest episode of the Hegelian Dialectic.

Be watchful, be informed and stay safe.

And please don't trust the corporate media. They are owned lock, stock and barrel by the uber-rich. You will only get misinformation and fear from them.

Best regards to all,


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